Chapter 54

Once back at the hotel A.J. insisted everything be put in his suite, he didn’t want his surprise ruined.  Bron walked to the door and Carlos unlocked it then walked away.  Bron walked in and saw Kevin sleeping on the couch.  She stepped out of her boots and glanced at him.  That’s weird as she glanced at him, they both had white t-shirts on and old jeans.  Why didn’t I notice that before.  Kevin laid there with one leg bent leaning on the back of the couch and one leg bent on the cushions his one arm behind his head and one on his chest.

“Well Kev, I’m tired too,” she whispered as he crawled between his legs and placed her head on his chest.  Bron yawned and closed her eyes, sleep came quickly to her.

After a while, Kevin started to shift but couldn’t he felt weight on his lower body.  His eyes fluttered open and he saw the top of her head on his chest.  She was holding his hand with one of hers to her cheek and sound asleep on her side.  “Mmm,” he mumbled as he brought his hand from behind his head and rested it on her shoulder.  Slowly he wrapped his leg over her body.  Following a deep sigh and the fleeting thought of mine, he fell back to sleep.

Nick walked down to Kevin’s suite to give Bron her robes.  Quietly he knocked on the door and no one answered.  Turning the knob, it was unlocked and he pushed the door open.  Nick saw the two of them sound asleep on the couch, tangled around each other.  They’re both happy he thought.  Nick couldn’t think of the last time he had actually saw Kevin that relaxed even in sleep.

Brian came up behind Nick and started to speak.  “Shhh,” Nick said and pointed into the suite.  Brian glanced and then quickly left heading for his room.  When he returned he had his camera.  Nick looked at him, “No.” 

Brian smiled, “Why not?”

Nick shook his head, “It’s private.  He’ll be pissed, you know how he is.”

Brian smiled, “It’s special and he’ll love it.”  Brian took his picture and they both left to go back to their own rooms, after locking and shutting the door.

After a few hours, Bron heard him calling her but she was still so tired.  “Hey baby,” she heard.  Bron felt a gentle rubbing on her back, “Hmm,” she mumbled.

“Come on darlin, time to get up,” as his voice rang through her body.

Bron tried to roll but she was trapped between his legs, until he let go.  “No,” she grumbled.

“Come on Bron,” she heard again.  Bron rolled and climbed up his body.  Placing her head on his shoulder, she whispered into his neck, “More sleep.”

“No, time to get up,” he said.

“Ohhh,” Bron groaned.

“Come on.  We have to pack up to leave early tomorrow morning, and get ready for the show,” he spoke

Bron grumbled again and yawned.  “Can I just go home?” she whined.

Bron felt Kevin’s body tense at her request.  “No, I want you with me,” Kevin answered her.

“Why?” she asked.

Kevin sighed and thought here we go again, “Because I love you.”

“Okay,” she spoke as she pulled herself up off of him and walked to the kitchen.  Bron was half awake as she made a pot of coffee.

Kevin lay there thinking that was a move in the right direction.  She didn’t even pitch a fit about it.

Bron watched the pot and when it finished brewing she poured two cups.  She set one on the counter figuring if I have to get up so do you.  Kevin rolled off the couch and went to the cup.  They silently stood their drinking their coffee.  Two cups later they began to feel awake.  Without a word exchanged between them, Kevin headed for the bedroom and Bron followed. 

By the time most of the packing was finished Kevin became aware of Bron’s growing agitation.  The more she packed the more agitated she became. 

Bron was getting upset and angry, but couldn’t figure out why.  “I don’t like this shit,” she finally yelled at him.

Kevin looked at her, “I know it’s a pain, but it’s part of it,” he reassured her.  “Don’t forget to leave clothes out for tonight and tomorrow.” 

Kevin watched her bring her palms up and cover her eyes, “I just packed everything.  Dammit!”  Bron’s irritation was turning to anger quickly.  “God this is driving me nuts and I don’t know why.”

He sighed, she feels safe and now we have to leave, that’s the problem.  She doesn’t know that I make her feel safe, not this room.  “Settle down, getting mad isn’t going to help,” he said in a tender voice.

“Look you’re used to people telling you where to go and what to do.  I’m not.”  She shouted at his back as he was looking at the dresser.

Kevin figured he wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole.  Bron was always being told what to do.  He stood by the dresser and glanced at her wedding rings.  He thought it odd that she hadn’t put them on today, she hadn’t even really looked at them.  Kevin slipped the rings in his pocket so they wouldn’t get lost.  Kevin was wondering what he should do about tomorrow.  If she didn’t calm down, tomorrow would be worse than what he was anticipating.  She needed to unwind.  He thought for a minute and decided a shower was in order, a shower for two.

Kevin went into the bathroom and turned the shower on.  Once inside he waited, then called her to the bathroom, “Bron!”

“What?” she returned

“Come here!” he shouted.

He heard her come in and she opened the shower door.  “What?” she hissed at him.

“I dropped the soap,” he grinned and glanced down to the shower floor.  Bron shook her head, bent down, picked it up, and then handed it to him.  As she handed it to him, he dropped it again, “Ooops,” he smiled.

Bron looked at him and shut the door.  Kevin stood in the shower grinning when he heard clothes rustling on the other side of the shower door.  She opened the door and stepped in.  “Why don’t I just hold that soap for you,” she told him.

“Good idea,” he grinned.

Bron grabbed a washcloth and the soap.  She soaped up the washcloth, “Turn around.”

“I like it this way,” he whispered gutturally.

“Turn around,” she commanded and he did.

She washed his neck, back, butt, the back of his thighs, and calves.  She tapped his foot, he picked it up, and she washed it and then repeated the same with the other.  “Turn around please,” she told him

“Oh the good part,” he chuckled.  Suddenly he felt a stinging sensation on his ass.  “No whipping me in the shower woman,” came flying out of him, surprised at what she just did.

“You would love it,” she laughed.

As he turned around, he laughed and reached for her, “Probably if it was you.”

Bron pushed his hands away from her body.  “Bronwyn,” he griped.

“Not yet, I’m not done,” as she washed his face, neck, chest, and arms.  Kevin was being pushed beyond the limits of his control and Bron knew it, so she continued her assault on his stomach and went directly to his thighs.

“Hey, you missed a spot,” he looked down to her.  Bron raised her head and squinted from the water spraying on her.  “No, that requires special attention,” she answered him.  Kevin’s hips jerked forward and he moaned involuntarily at her statement.  He remembered telling her those same words and what he had done to her.

Bron worked her way down his legs and then set the washcloth down on the shelf, “All done,” she announced with a grin.  She reached for the door and he grabbed her hand.  “Excuse me,” he stated with a hint of anger.  She’s freaking teasing me again, flashed through his head.

“All done,” she repeated and giggled again.

“But,” he spoke as his anger began to flare, thinking she was pulling one of her games again.

Bron understood why he was getting upset, “But I’ll meet you in the bedroom.”

The prospects were good and he was excited.  “Oh,” he almost squealed as he jumped out and ran to the bedroom.  He sailed onto to the bed and rolled over.  Kevin could hear Bron laughing as she slowly came behind him.

Bron looked at him, he was grinning from ear to ear.  “Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, you are acting like a sixteen year old.  What am I going to do with you?”  She grinned as she stood at the bottom of the bed.

“Finish it, I hope,” as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down at her.  Sixteen yeah right, the only sixteen year old in here lady is you, he giggled to himself.

“Oh I will,” as she crawled up the bed and knelt before him between his legs.  Bron quickly lowered her lips to him and flicked the tip with her tongue.

“Ohh,” he groaned.

Bron nibbled the tip and stroked gently up and down.  Slowly again, and again she repeated her motions.  Kevin reached down and grabbed for her hair.  This was too agonizing for him, it had started in the shower and now he needed it to end.  “Oh Bron, please more,” he begged her.  Bron understood and took almost all of him in her mouth and throat, her hand stroking him.  Not so gently, she cupped and squeezed him with her other hand.

Bron glanced up he was rocking with desire.  He was grabbing the sheet with his free hand and his eyes were closed.  His head was rolling from side to side.  “Jesus Bron I’m so close,” he groaned.  Bron caught his cue and concentrated on what she was doing for him.  She quickened her pace and strokes.  His hips came off the mattress and he groaned loudly.  He quickly grabbed her head with both hands and held her there until he was empty.  Kevin continued to hold her there for the aftershocks enjoying the sensation as she continued to pleasure him well after.

Kevin released his hold on her and she slowly backed off of him.  “I love you,” he said as she crawled up to him.

Bron laid next to him, “You keep telling me that and I’m going to start believing it.”  Bron placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and rolled off the bed.

Kevin was miffed at her sudden departure, “Hey come back here.”

Bron glanced at the clock as she headed to the bathroom, “I can’t, look what time it is.” 

“Shit!” he exclaimed as he swung his legs to the floor.  He sat there thinking about tonight and tomorrow morning.  He kept telling himself to have a good time tonight and worry about tomorrow in the morning, but it wasn’t working.  He was still sitting there when she came back out of the bathroom cleaned and dressed.  “Come here,” he called her to him.

“Yes Master,” she bent down to look in his eyes.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” he asked casually.

“Out!  Out!  You mean like around other people?” she squealed.  I just want to go out and dance.  I need to blow off some steam, she screamed in her head.

“Yes out.  I was thinking maybe a little dancing,” he smirked.

“YES!” she screamed as she jumped on him and knocked him back on the bed.

Kevin caught has breathe after just having it knocked out of him.  “Damn, Bron if I’d known I would get that kind of reaction we would’ve went out days ago.”

Bron sat on him and showered his face with kisses and “I love you-s.”

Kevin struggled to sit up and gently pushed her off him.  Not enough time to finish this, he muttered to himself.  “Okay down girl or we’re gonna be late.”

Bron popped off him and ran to the telephone.  First call will be to Mary he thought, as he headed for the bathroom to clean up and shave.  He started humming that old sweet sixteen song.  “If we were sixteen and still in love…”

He was halfway done shaving when Bron came bouncing back into the bathroom.  Bron looked in the mirror and her eyes grew wide.  “What the hell did you do?” she laughed.  Kevin shook his head, “I slipped.”

Bron frowned, “You’re growing that back, you’ll ruin my whole storyline.”

Kevin glanced at her reflection in the mirror, “What a shame,” he said dryly.

“I’m going to go call Nick,” she laughed as she left. 

Kevin looked in the mirror as he finished shaving “This night is going to be very interesting,” he spoke to himself in the mirror.  He toweled off his face and went to get dressed.  He looked through his clothes and figured he wouldn’t have time to change after the concert so he would wear what he wanted to wear out.

As he slid on the black leather pants, Bron came buzzing back through.  “Slow down Bron, you’re going to hurt yourself.”  Kevin slipped his shirt on and went to search for his belt. 

Bron was continuously chattering to him as he got dressed, “Mare’s going, Nick’s going, even Brian’s going.” Bron walked over to him, “I’m likin’ that look Mr. Richardson.”

“Do I pass,” he chuckled as he bent over to get his boot.  “Oww,” he yelled as he felt her pinch his ass.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” she giggled.

Kevin shook his head at her, “Get dressed, we’ll be late.”

“Mare and I are going to hang back for awhile,” she told him.

“Bron,” he warned her, as he slipped his other boot on.

“I’m going,” she interrupted him before he started pulling his controlling Kevin routine with her.  “I just need extra time.”

“Oh Why?” he stood up and looked down at her with a questioning glare.

“Cuz I’m going dancing,” she sang, as she twirled out of the room.

Kevin grabbed his coat and walked to the living room.  “Hey you, I want my kiss.”

Bron walked over and looked at him, “Yes Master,” she smiled.

“Stop that,” as he lowered his lips to hers.  Bron poked his lips with tongue; he was pleasantly surprised at her gesture.  He opened his mouth and she immediately went for his tongue and sucked on it.  He pulled away and heard her whimper.  “I hate to go, but I have to,” he spoke to her.

“I know.  I’ll see you in a little while,” she kissed one more time.






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