Chapter 55

The fellas headed for the venue and left Jake, Mary, and Bron behind.  Bron walked down to the suite and banged on the door.  “Hey Chickie, I need my clothes,” as Mary told here to come in.  Bron carried her boots in one hand and her make up bag in another.

“Oh Mary you look beautiful!”  Bron exclaimed.

Mary glanced in the mirror, “Like it?”

Bron couldn’t believe it was Mary, “Like it.  Love it.  Did he see it?”

“See it, he picked it out,” Mary told her.

“I guess I can’t bust on A.J. for taste anymore.  He sure does like to play dress up.”  Bron grinned at her.

Jake walked in and was in utter shock.  “Wow Mare!” his eyes lit up and he just stood there.

Bron saw that he was slightly spell bound, “Jake, Jake, hey Jake!”  Bron yelled.

Jake lowered his head in embarrassment as Mary walked over to him.  “Thank you Jake, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Shit I’m sorry,” he laughed

“That’s okay, wait until you see Bron,” Mary grinned.

“Mare, I’ve been thinking about that.  I don’t know,” Bron began doubting herself looking at her very stunning friend.

Mary eyed Bron, “Oh no, you’re wearing that outfit.  Come on let’s go.”  Mary dragged Bron to the bedroom.

“I’m wearing my boots,” Bron informed her.  Mary laughed, “Of course.  Alex said you need to just relax and breathe when he looks at you.”

Bron shook her head, “I can’t do this.  That is not me, he knows it, I know it.”

“Yes you can and while you’re here I want to check your head.  Come in the bathroom,” Mary stood there in a gorgeous dress with her Doctor’s face on.

Bron shook her finger at her, “I knew you had an ulterior motive.”

Mary checked her out and told her that in a couple more days they could come out.  Mary smiled at her, “And now that you’re here, it’s your turn.”  Bron just automatically began putting her make up on.  Bron began to laugh as Mary played around with Bron’s hair.  “Why didn’t you become a hair dresser?  It could be a second career for you,” Bron said with a smirk. 

“Funny Bron, real funny,” Mary answered her.

Bron dressed and walked out into the suite.  Jake saw her and shook his head, “Ahh, he didn’t see that did he?”  Jake asked. 

“No he didn’t,” Mary answered for her. 

Jake blinked, “This is the worse show they’re ever going to do,”

“What!  That’s it I’m changing,” Bron turned around.

Jake yelled, “Wait!  You misunderstood me.  I meant that when he sees you, the show is going to be over.”

“Jake Enough!”  Mary reprimanded him. 

Jake looked at Bron, “You look wonderful.  You’re usually a little more conservative.  You can almost see through that blouse you know.”

Bron gave Jake a wilily grin, “I know A.J. said it was fine.”

“Oh, and now A.J. is the testament to fashion as long as you can tease Kevin.”  Jake laughed.  Bron and Mary busted out laughing at the remark.

They arrived during Krystal’s act, but Bron and Mary waited to make their entrance.  They waited as the boys took the stage. 

A.J. and Kevin kept searching the row and looking towards the aisle for the two women, their eyes darting back and forth to each other and then the audience.  Suddenly from the end of the aisle came Mary.  Kevin was searching for Bron and trying to sing.  Mary walked to her seat and Kevin smiled at her.  Wow, what a knock out, he mused.  He nodded at her and gave A.J. a smirk.

When Kevin turned back, he watched a diminutive figure make its way to the seat next to Mary.  Kevin continued to dance and sing.  He knew it was her but she wouldn’t turn around, she had her back to him.  She slowly she slid her coat off and turned around and smiled.

“Oh, My,” came softly through his microphone.  The fellas all turned to see what had interrupted the song and why all of sudden their bass voice was much softer.  A.J. danced around the stage like a fool, so happy to nail Kevin finally.  Nick and Howie were distracted but still hanging in there.  Brian was laughing as he walked up to a frozen Kevin.  “Hello!” he yelled at the back of Kevin.  Kevin jumped and started to laugh as he returned to what he was suppose to be doing.

As the songs changed Nick walked over and whispered to him, “You can almost see through that.  Why did you let her wear that?”  Kevin shook his head and groaned, “I know, talk to A.J.”  They finished the set and went down for the costume change.  Carlos came to Bron and delivered a note.  He bent down to Bron and whispered, “You don’t know how much Alex is enjoying is.”  Carlos walked away.

Bron unfolded the note; her and Mary read it together.

Put your coat on he’s in rough shape.  He can’t change his pants.  He’s ready to kill Bone.  Love Brian

They both laughed as Bron put her coat back on.  Kevin was the first one back on stage, with the correct costume on.  He leaned over the stage, “I have A.J. to thank for this don’t I?” he asked.  Mary nodded her head up and down while Bron just smiled.  Kevin waved is finger at her, “Don’t take your coat off again.” 

Mary and Bron sat and watched the rest of the show.  The guys were in a good mood and cutting it up on stage.  As the show finished, Carlos and Jake came to retrieve Mary and Bron out of the crowd.  They were escorted to the greeting room.  The girls waited for the guys to change. 

Brian and Howie were the first ones done.  Brian looked at her, “You look fantastic, but you’re so bad,” he grinned. 

“Thank you, I think,” Bron laughed.  She felt arms come around her waist and she was pulled back against a rock hard chest.  “Don’t ever do that to me again,” she heard growled in her ear.  Bron didn’t say a word or look at him.  A.J. came into the room and danced over to Mary, “Are you ready for some dancing with the Bone Sweetie?”  He grabbed her hand and twirled her around.

Nick barreled into the room and promptly jumped on and off the couch.  “Let’s go dancing,” he sang.  Kevin groaned, “Let’s go back to the hotel.  I can’t deal with Hyperman.”

Bron spun away from Kevin and went to stand by Nick, “You promised,” she pouted.

The guys laughed, nothing like a pouting Bron.  “All right, but we’re not staying late.” Kevin sighed.  Bron opened her mouth.  “Don’t say it,” Kevin warned her.  Bron shrugged her shoulders.

A.J. wanted to change the subject before they got into an argument and nobody went out.  “So Kev what do you think of the outfit I picked out for your lady?”  A.J. smiled.

“You’re very nasty A.J.,” he chuckled.  “That is the last time you go shopping with her.”

“Men,” Bron groaned and she grabbed Nick’s hand.  “Come on, let’s go give the little ones a thrill.”  Nick blushed a little and she dropped is hand.  “Last one to the van doesn’t get to dance,” she yelled as she booked out the door for the van.  Bron heard the thunder of footsteps behind her.  The only thing she could think of was if I stop now they’ll mow me over.  Howie broke past her and beat her.  She followed with Brian right behind her.  Mary, A.J., and Nick were next with Kevin bringing up the rear.  Carlos and Jake took another van with the rest of the security team.

Kevin got in the van in the only seat left, up front.  The guys laughed.  “Some thing is wrong with this picture,” Kevin said as he turned around and looked behind him.

Brian grinned at his older cousin, “What?” as he brought his arm around to rest on Bron’s shoulder.  “It’s fine with me,” as Howie put his hand on Bron’s knee.  Bron didn’t say a word she sat there smiling at him.

“Funny, real, funny, touch her and I’ll smack both of you,” Kevin turned around in the seat.  Bron looked at Brian, “Is he always like that?” 

“No,” Brian answered her.






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