Chapter 56

Arriving at the club, Bron began to walk to the bar.  She felt Kevin’s arm come around her, “Whoa, whoa, slow down.”  Bron turned and looked at him as he grabbed her hand and led her to the VIP section.  “We go up here and they’ll bring us something.”

Everyone sat and chatted for a while and had a drink.  Bron stood up, “Well see ya,” as she grabbed Nick’s hand.

“Where are you going?”  Kevin asked her.

“Dancing, that’s why I’m here,” she chimed.  Kevin shook his head and watched them head to the dance floor.

Kevin looked at Mary, “I should tell her maybe she’d be easier on him.” 

Mary shook her head no wildly, “No don’t, it would make things much worse.”  Kevin raised his eyebrows and Mary laughed.  “Did you like being teased?” she asked him. 

“No,” and he laughed. 

“Don’t tell her,” Mary giggled.

Jake’s cell rang and Kevin dropped his head.  Everyone watched Jake have a two-minute conversation.  Kevin knew who it was and why he was calling.  Jake smacked the phone on the table angrily and looked at Kevin.  “You could’ve told me,” he glared at him.

Kevin never pulled his eyes off of her, “I haven’t had a chance.”

“What time?”  Jake asked in a fury.

“Eight tomorrow,” Kevin looked at him.  I should have told him he is very upset about this.  He is her best friend.  He doesn’t like this idea at all, but I don’t know why.

“Fine, I’m going back to the hotel.  I have something to do,” Jake spat him.

“Go ahead,” Kevin answered him.  Kevin glanced over his shoulder at Carlos and the rest of the security and Carlos nodded at him.

Jake left in a huff.  Mary looked at Kevin waiting for him to explain.  Kevin ignored her and ordered another beer.  Brian glanced at him, okay he wants to talk but not in front of us.  “I’m going to dance with your present, see ya.” 

Kevin looked at him and chuckled, “You better knock that shit off Brian.  She’ll kill you if she hears you.”

“I know,” Brian laughed.

Howie interjected, “Me too.  Can we share her?” he grinned. 

Kevin cocked his head to the side and looked at both of them, “Just try.”

Kevin’s beer came to the table and he took a chug, not wanting to really have to explain just yet.  But on the other hand, he needed Alex and Mary there in the morning. 

“Well,” came out of Mary.

“Well what?” he asked her and looked at the bottle in his hand.

“What the hell is going on?  Jake is really pissed at you.”  Mary said rather loudly.

Kevin leaned back in the chair, “They caught the bastard and I didn’t tell him.”

“Oh!”  Mary’s head backed up.

“But there are no charges that can hold him,” Kevin added.

“Huh?”  Mary exclaimed.

“No evidence,” Kevin said sadly as his eyes came to rest on Bron.

“Shit!”  A.J. spat out.

Kevin sat for a minute and then decided to ask Mary what she felt about what they were going to do and if she would be there for them.  He asked her if Bron confronted him would it help her or hurt her.  Mary said she really wasn’t sure that it had worked once.  But to actually see him could set Bron off. 

Kevin looked at her, “I can’t move forward with us until this is finished.”

A.J. grinned at him, “Thinking of saying I do?”

Kevin smiled, “Not thinking Alex, I am.”

“Oh,” Mary was shocked.  Then she laughed, “Does Bron know?”

Kevin flashed her his famous smirk, “Not yet.”

Mary’s head bobbed up and down.  “Are you sure she’ll say yes?  She doesn’t like this lifestyle by choice. 

A.J. broke in on the conversation.  “Hell, I didn’t think she liked Kevin,” he snickered.

Kevin bit his bottom lip, “I’m not giving her a choice.”  Kevin was waiting for the reaction from Mary.  It would be strong.  He knew that.

“Kevin!”  Mary shouted at him.

“Look, you know she won’t say yes.  She doesn’t even believe me when I tell her I love her.  She’ll walk away, she has all ready, twice.”  Kevin glanced at Mary.

“What are you going to do hold a gun to her head?”  Mary said through gritted teeth.  “You are so much like Mc it isn’t funny.”

“No, I don’t know what to do.  I talked to Mc about it and he’s all for it.” he sighed and drained his beer.

Mary sat there astonished, “Get in the right century Kevin.”

Kevin asked if both A.J. and Mary could be down to their room by eight tomorrow.  Mary and A.J. readily agreed that they would both be there for support.

Kevin glanced and then stood up for a better view, “Dammit look at them.”  Mary and A.J. looked at the dance floor.  Bron was in the middle of a circle of Backstreet Boys being twirled around and loving every minute of it.  Kevin watched Brian pinch Bron in the ass and then wink at Kevin. 

“Little shit,” he growled and headed for the dance floor.  A.J. laughed, “Look out.  Don’t play with his present.”  Mary broke out in laughter.

Kevin walked to the middle of the circle and the fellas began to whine.  “Having fun?” he asked her with a not to happy tone. 

“I was,” she giggled.  She stopped and slid her coat off, “Can you take this for me it’s getting awful warm in here.”  Bron flashed him a grin as she handed it to him. 

Kevin tossed the coat to Brain, “Take care of this.” 

He grabbed Bron by the waist and spun her out of the circle.  “That was rude Kev,” Nick whined.

“Tough shit,” He laughed as the song change to a slow dance.

Bron looked up at him, “I was waiting for you save me.”

“Good,” as he hands drifted down from her waist to her back side and rested there.

They swayed back and forth, “Did I tell you how sexy and beautiful you look?”

“No,” Bron whispered.

“Well you do,” as his hand ran across her butt.

Bron sighed, “Kevin behave yourself.”

“I’m trying,” he snickered.  “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes,” she answered as she squirmed under his touches.  At first, they were soft and inquisitive now that were out right bold and searching.

“Why are you not wearing underwear?” he asked directly into her ear.

Bron pulled her head back and looked at him, “Leave it to you to notice.”  Bron placed her head back on his shoulder.  “Panty lines and silk are a No-No,” she spoke.

“Great,” he laughed and scowled at Brian.  “No wonder Brian was so happy.”  Kevin’s hands seem to have a mind of their own as they were roaming across her backside.

“Kev stop it, you’re getting way to happy,” she reprimanded him, as she felt the bulge pressing into her stomach.

Kevin rested his chin on her head, “I can’t help it.  When my woman is dancing with my brothers and they’re grabbing at her, I don’t like it.  Especially when she forgot her panties.”

The track changed quickly to a fast song and Kevin felt a tap on his shoulder from behind upon hearing, “Excuse Me.”  Kevin turned both of them. 

“May I?”  A.J. asked. 

“No,” Kevin answered him as he pulled Bron closer. 

A.J. grabbed Mary’s hand, “Here switch.” 

Kevin smiled, “Hi Mare, you still mad at me?” 

Mary gave him hug, “No I’m just worried like you.”  They began dancing. 

A.J. and Bron caught the groove and didn’t hold back.  Brian and Nick were laughing.  “I got an idea,” Nick exclaimed and ran up to the DJ, and put in a request without a problem.  He came back to stand next to Brian who was joined by Howie.  The track changed and Kevin walked up A.J. and Bron.

“Forget it,” A.J. waved him off.  The first three notes hit and A.J. smiled at Nick and gave him thumbs up. 

Kevin and Mary looked at Nick, “No!”

Bron started her grinding and A.J. was right with her.  They swayed and shimmied.  Bron backed into A.J. and wrapped her arms around his neck.  A.J. looked at Kevin and mouthed, “Gotta love Prince,”

Kevin stood there watching with Mary and so did half of the club.  Mary whispered, “It’s just dancing, relax.” 

Kevin looked at her, “Yeah right.”

The song ended and A.J. and Bron were surprised to hear clapping when they stopped.  Kevin stormed over and grabbed her hand, “That’s it.”  He dragged her back up to the table and dropped her in her chair.  “You need to sit down and cool off.”  Kevin walked to get her a drink.  The rest of the boys followed and took their seats.  “He’s the one that needs to cool off,” Howie cackled.

“Ahh, it’s just dancing,” Bron said as Kevin came back and set a drink in front of her and sat down.

People had noticed who was in the club after A.J. and Bron’s little display.  A few people started to come over to the raised platform.  Bron was getting edgy and she moved closer to Kevin.  He reached over and put an arm around her to reassure her. 

A man came up to A.J. and asked if he could dance with his lady.  Before he could answer Kevin gave him a loud no.  The young man was taken back with the tone the taller man used.  Nick spoke up, “Sorry we don’t share.”  The man was shocked and quickly left the table. 

“That was rude,” both A.J. and Bron glared at Kevin and Nick.  

Kevin smirked and took a swig of his beer, “He didn’t feel like dancing either.”  Nick walked away laughing, Kevin heard Nick mutter to himself, “And they say I’m blonde.”  Kevin laughed aloud but no one knew why.

Brian watched Nick walk away.  Brian was so wound up being able to go out he couldn’t resist edging on his cousin.  “Hey Kev, did you know that Bron’s isn’t wearing underwear,” he laughed. 

“BRIAN!”  Bron screeched at him.

“Yeah Bri, I know,” he laughed.

“That was my idea,” A.J. grinned.

Kevin took a swig of his beer, “I will pay you back for that too.”

Bron sat there shaking her head, “You’re a bunch of pigs.”  They all laughed at her.

A group of ladies walked over and Carlos stood up.  Bron turned to him, “Relax they’re not killers.”  The girls told the boys they had went to the concert and how much they enjoyed it.  They asked for autographs, which the boys kindly supplied.  As they were walking away one girl turned around to Mary, “Are you A.J.’s doctor lady?” she asked.  Mary was shocked, she didn’t know what to say, how did they know? 

A.J. piped up, “Yes she is.”  The ladies giggled, “Take good care of him.” 

“She does,” A.J. smiled warmly at Mary.

One of the girls got up the nerve to ask, “Where’s Nick?”  Bron smiled, “Don’t worry he’ll be back.”  The same girl who asked who Mary was turned to Bron, “Who are you?”  Brian quickly opened his mouth and Kevin shot him a look that said you better not.  “That’s Bronwyn, she’s an author,” and he grinned.  Kevin laughed as he dropped his hand between the chair and Bron’s butt and squeezed it gently but unnoticed by the others.  He picked up his beer, “And my girlfriend,” he added.

“Ohh,” the young woman looked at Bron and with a sly smile.  Bron knew what she was thinking, she had thought about it herself for so long it wasn’t funny.  “Yes, he does have the tatt,” she laughed. 

Kevin choked on his beer.  “Do you mind?” as he squeezed her even harder and she almost jumped out of the chair.  The ladies giggled and a couple of them even blushed, that squeeze didn’t go unnoticed.  Bron was just grinning at them as they walked away.  “Sorry it can’t be helped they want to know.”  Kevin just sat there, unreal he thought.

Nick came back and the ladies were watching him, but wouldn’t come back over.  Carlos and the rest of the security had made their presence known.  Bron grabbed Nick’s hand, “Come on Sunshine.” 

Nick balked at her, “No way the last time you did this I ended up with a girlfriend.”  Bron was insistent and he followed.  She made the introductions and quickly departed.  Once back at the table Howie looked at her, “Amy wouldn’t like that.”  Bron shook her head.  “Amy and Nick won’t last and if you don’t believe me ask Mary.”  The boys were taken back by Bron’s comment and they all looked at Mary for confirmation,  “She’s right.” 

The D.J. came across the sound system and announced that a special request had been made for two special people.  Bron smiled, “That’s sweet.”  Nick walked up to Kevin and winked.  The song began and Kevin stood up and walked Bron directly to the dance floor.  The dance floor cleared, it wasn’t to often you they had celebrities in and everyone wanted to see.  Kevin and Bron danced slowly by themselves caught up in each other and ignoring everyone around them.  He leaned and whispered to her, “I like to dance with you to this song, now that you don’t cry.” 

Bron gazed at those green eyes, “I don’t need to cry anymore.” 

Kevin held her tightly to him as the song played.  A.J. tapped Nick on the shoulder, “Nice touch.” 

Nick huffed up his chest, extremely proud of himself, “I thought so.”  He beamed a smile at Kevin, who returned it.

The song ended and Bron walked back and grabbed her coat, and he grabbed his as they waved goodbye.  Kevin motioned Carlos to stay.  They quietly rode back to the hotel in a cab.  Not a word was spoken between them all the way to the suite.  Bron opened the door and Kevin brushed past her.  She walked in, and turned to close the door.  Bron slipped her boots off and stood up when she turned back she was shoved against the door.

Kevin reached up and tugged her head back by her hair.  His mouth descended on hers savagely.  “Oh Witch,” he groaned as he teased and tasted her mouth and his hips began to grind into her.  Kevin reached behind and untied the tie around her neck that held her blouse on and watched it fall forward.  An expression of pure hunger crossed his face as her breasts were exposed to him.  His hand grabbed her breast roughly and squeezed hard.  He was rewarded with a deep moan from her.

Kevin’s mouth eagerly went to one sucking and nipping, tugging with his teeth.  While with the other hand he rolled her nipple in his fingers.  Bron was moaning aloud and pushing up against him wanting more.

“This is all I’ve thought about all night,” he practically screamed.  His hands left her body momentarily and met at the zipper on the back of her pants.  Slowly he lowered the zipper and pushed her pants down over her hips and they puddle around her calves.  His hands grabbed her bare bottom and squeezed pulling her into him and she quivered at his touch. 

Kevin’s hands went to her hips and he held her to the door as he slid his tongue down her body.  He buried his face into the juncture of her thighs.  Her pants were a hindrance that annoyed him as they rested on her legs.  Slowly he raised her feet off the floor holding her to the door.  “Kick’em off Bron!” he barked at her.  Bron did as she was told and kicked them off.  Kevin set her feet back on the floor.

Bron tried to get a grip on him and he wouldn’t allow it.  She grabbed at him and he shrugged her hands away while he lowered himself to her center.  He pinned her to the door with his hands, now having access to what he wanted to taste.  She finally settled her hands on his head as he thrust his tongue across her.  Bron bucked against his face and screamed his name as her climax washed over her, making her shake in his hands.

Kevin sunk to the floor and dragged her with him.  He rolled on top of her as her hands grabbed for the zipper and button on his pants.  Once undone her hands were out of control.  She kept trying to push his pants and boxers down.  Kevin was going out of his mind; She wants me now like she has never before.  This is raw, kept running through his head.  I’m in control and she isn’t fighting me.  “Oh Bron you want me so bad don’t you,” he panted.

“Yes, please, I need you,” she almost cried.

She pushed his pants and boxers to his knees and he quickly grabbed the back of her thighs and jerked her towards him.  “Kevin please,” she pleaded with him.

“Hold on baby, hold on,” he groaned as he entered her and began to thrust.  Bron was blown away as he slammed into her with a force she had never seen him use before and brought her to another orgasm.  She felt him tighten his muscles and she reached down and squeezed him hard.  “Oh shit!” he growled as he drove one more time deeply into her and his body quaked.  He came down on her and held her to him.  They lay there not speaking or moving while they caught their breath.

Kevin was the first to move.  He propped himself up on his elbows on either side of her, removing his weight from her body.  “You are not wearing those pants again,” he said shakily as he still tried to catch his breath.

Bron looked at him innocently.  Kevin gazed at her like he had just de-flowered a virgin.  “I kind of like the results,” she grinned.

Kevin smirked at her as his breath steadied, “Not funny.”

Bron looked at him, “It’s gonna be a long night isn’t it?”

Kevin rolled to the side and finished removing his clothes.  He stood up and offered her a hand up, “You can sleep on the bus tomorrow,” as he led her back to the bedroom.






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