Chapter 57

Kevin awoke even earlier than usual the next morning, nerves he assumed.  He gazed at the ceiling and contemplated on what was going to happen today.  I hope I’m doing the right thing, it could push her over the edge, he thought internally.  As he lay on his back he realized that no matter what, he wasn’t letting her go.  If she needed help he would get it for her, even if she didn’t want it.

He glanced over to her; she lay there on her side sleeping.  Her butt was tucked next to his hip, her head resting in the crook of his shoulder and the sheet resting on her hips.  Kevin thought about last night.  It seemed that they were both insatiable.  Something happened last night.  Bron lost control for the first time.  The need was there and they took and gave to each other.  He rolled on his side careful not to wake her.  He ran his index finger up and down her spine.

“Oh Kev, no I can’t,” she said quietly.

“That’s okay, I don’t think I could if I wanted to,” as he gently kissed her shoulder.

Bron began to stretch, “Oh that hurts,” she groaned.  “I’m to old for this shit.”

“Never to old to make love,” he whispered on the back of her neck.

Bron sighed, “Oh that’s what you call what happened out there last night.”

Kevin chuckled softly, “No, that was animalistic sex.”

Bron giggled and so did he.  “I’ll make the coffee, while you go shower.”  He slowly sat up and then stood up.  “Ohh,” he mumbled as he stretched.

Bron laughed as she lay on her side, facing away from him, “Sounds like I’m not the only one getting old.”

Kevin turned and popped his hand on her ass, “Shower Witch.”

Bron grumbled and sat up, “This isn’t funny.”  She stood up and dragged herself to the shower, with the sheet trailing behind her.  Once in the shower the hot water worked it’s magic and she felt better.  She quickly dressed and headed for her coffee.

She walked back out into the suite and he handed her a coffee cup.  “What time is it?” she asked.  “Seven,” he said with one eye open.  Bron yawned at him, “I’d make you breakfast but there is nothing left.”

“We’ll get something on the road,” he informed her.  “Go take a shower, you’ll feel better,” she told him.  Kevin glanced at his watch again might as well he thought, I have time. 

Kevin took a shower and dressed.  They quickly packed up the remaining items and placed them by the door to leave.  The bags were picked up by a Carlos and put on the bus.  Bron settled to read the paper.  “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere,” he told her.  Bron frowned at him, like I’d get that far anyway, she thought as she watched people milling around in the hallway.

Kevin walked down to A.J. and Mary’s room and the door was open.  He glanced at his watch it was now quarter to eight and his anxiety was rising.  Kevin walked in sat in a chair but never said a word.  He watched them finish packing and kept checking his watch.  “Are you almost ready?” as he checked his watch again. 

“Yes,” Mary answered as she watched Kevin take on a different personality.  A.J. looked at her as enough to say leave him alone and she did.  Kevin watched as the hallway cleared and people went to their buses.  It didn’t take long for the floor to empty, they had to leave.  Kevin had timed it this way for just that reason.  His thoughts were interrupted as he heard Bron screaming his name over and over again.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” he yelled as he tore out the door with A.J. and Mary behind him. 

“I told you eight,” Kevin yelled as he hit the suite door and saw Mc.  “Kevin I tried, she won’t let me near her.”  Mc was speaking to him as he followed Kevin in the room.  “It’s too late, she’s too scared, make her mad.”

Bron had backed herself to the far end of the room and was shaking and still screaming for him.  She was watching the man on the couch.  Kevin headed towards her slowly; as he approached he spoke softly to her.  “Hey darlin’ I’m here.”  Bron stopped yelling for him but didn’t look at him and she was still shaking. 

“Come on Bron it’s okay,” he spoke as he reached for her.  Oh my God she loosing it, this was a mistake.  I did this, it’s my fault.

“Don’t touch me,” she screamed as she shoved his hand away, but never looked at him.  Bron’s eyes were locked on the man sitting on the couch.  He leered at her with a menacing smile and she began to cry.

Kevin couldn’t stand this, “Come on baby,” as he stepped forward.  The closer he got, the more she backed herself further into the corner and away from him.  Mc’s words rattled through his head Kevin leapt for her and grabbed her by the shoulder, clamping down as hard as he could.  “You stop this right now!” he yelled in her face as he shook her.  Bron tried to wrestle away from him.  “Bron stop!  You’re acting like a child!” as he fought to capture her hands.  “Grow up!” he screamed at her.

Bron raised her face to his, “How dare you,” she hissed at him. 

Kevin scowled at her, “What, you’re acting like a baby dammit!”  Bron raised her hand to slap him.  “Don’t you hit me, I didn’t do anything to you,” he growled at her.

“You’re right,” as she broke away from him flying to the couch.  Bron swung her arm back and hit the man directly in the face with everything she had.  She watched his head roll back and the blood come from his nose.  Bron felt a sudden rush of adrenaline.  She was getting ready to do it again when Webster yelled at her, “Stop!  You can’t hit him.”

Bron stopped and looked at her worst nightmare.  “What’s the matter Chica?  Did you miss me?”  Bron growled and doubled up her fist.  Kevin ran up behind her and grabbed her in a bear hug.  “Let me go!” she yelled at him. 

“NO!”  Kevin yelled trying to gain control of her flailing limbs.  He physically lifted her off the floor trying to restrain her.

“Let me please!” she screamed at him trying to kick him to break his hold.

The man looked at Kevin, “She likes it rough.”  Kevin lost it, dropped Bron, and doubled up his fist.  “ENOUGH!” was shouted from the open suite door. 

Everyone in the room froze.  Lenny dropped his head and Mc looked at the door, “What the fuck are you doing here?” 

The man walked into the room, “I’m here to get my brother.”

“You bastard!”  Bron screamed.  Kevin grabbed both of her arms, restricting her movements, unsure of her next action.  He had figured out who it was by just the one sentence the man spoke.

Two other men followed the man into the room with Jake behind them.  The man went and stood in front of Bron.  She was immediately flanked by Mc and Kevin holding her in her place.  Jake stood behind the other two men.

“Solarez, what are you doing here?”  Mc growled at him, trying to control the anger building in him.

“Jake called me last night, he said that my brother was in town and wouldn’t leave your property alone.”  Solarez answered him.

Bron surged forward slightly, but Kevin wasn’t letting go of his grip on her, Solarez never flinched.  “I am not his property.  I don’t belong to him anymore.  I belong to him,” she yelled as she backed up into Kevin.  “

So I see Chica,” Solarez smiled at her.  “Don’t call me that you prick,” she growled at him.

Mary and A.J. stood back on the wall, this was too unreal for either one of them to comprehend.  Not to mention the fact that they both were scared out of their minds.

Solarez turned to Lenny who was sitting on the couch.  “You took this woman by force in her own home.  You did it on the day she was to bury her husband.  You killed her husband.  I told you to stay away from her and her family along time ago.  You did it to hurt Mc and not for any other reason.”

Mike interrupted Solarez, “Sir, I suggest you stop.  I am a police officer.”

Solarez turned to Mike, “I know that Detective Webster.”

Solarez turned back to Lenny, “You threatened an innocent little girl…  Bron’s gentleman friend had to send her child away from her to his mother’s because of you.”

Lenny snarled at his brother, “She is Mc’s, not his.  I want her.”

Kevin went crazy at the remark, “She is mine, Mc gave her to me.”

Bron shook off Kevin’s grip and stepped up to Lenny.  “I will never be yours Lenny, not by force or any other way,” she hissed.  Bron pointed to Kevin, “That man rules me.  I do what he wants me to do.  I sleep with him and only him.  I will only make love to him.  He saved me from you and I will thank him for that till the day I die.”

Lenny’s face went red with rage.  Bitch you will be mine one way or another, he thought.  He sat up quickly and Kevin shoved him back down.  “You heard her, she’s mine and always will be.”  Lenny narrowed his eyes at Kevin, “Not if she is dead.”

Solarez hauled off and punched his brother in the face, knocking his head back to the couch.  He motioned one of the gentlemen forward.  Grabbing an envelope that the man offered him, Solarez handed the envelope to Mike.  “There is enough documentation in that envelope to put this man away for murder, rape, stalking, and attempted murder.”

Webster was shocked, “But how?”  Solarez glanced at Mike, “My brother has a big mouth, and people talk to me.”

Lenny shook the haze off from the last punch he had received.  “I’m your brother,” he spoke as his voice cracked.  “Not anymore.  Get him out of here.”  Mike and the two men that came in with Solarez ushered Lenny out of the suite.

Bron began to shake and Kevin wrapped himself around her like he normally did.  Solarez turned to her.  “I know you are hurt and I can’t fix the broken things, but you’ll not have to fear him anymore.”

“You’re no better,” she looked at him, feeling Kevin around her gave her courage.

“Scaring a woman was wrong and I’m sorry.  Mc and I will reach an agreement to no longer include families.”

Bron glared at him, “I hope you can stick to it.”

Solarez dropped his head and then reached into his pocket, “I have something for you.”  Jake jumped forward and Mc called him off, “Easy Jake.”

“This is for your daughter,” as he handed to her.  Bron gave it to Kevin to open and she looked at it.  “I don’t want it, it’s dirty,” and she handed it back to him.

“No, it’s not mine, it’s Lenny’s.  My father left it to him.  It is only fair that it should go to your daughter, her father can leave her nothing now.” 

Solarez tried to hand it back to Bron and she shoved it away as the tears ran down her face.  Bron looked at Mary who was gently crying along with Bron.  She grabbed the envelope and walked to Mary.  “This should take care of what you really want to do.”  As Bron tried to give it to her, Mary pushed it way.  “Please for me, take it,” Bron begged her.  Mary opened it and looked at it, “Are you sure Bron?”  Bron nodded as more tears fell, “Yeah I’m sure.”

Solarez walked to the door and then turned to Bron.  “I’m sorry, very sorry,” he spoke and left.

Everyone stood there for a minute, trying to absorb what happened.  A.J. broke the silence, “We have a bus to catch.”  He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but it would at least shock everyone back to reality. 

Bron never said anything as she stood there.  Jake walked up to her, half crying.  “I’m going to miss you little sister.”  Bron was emotionless at the remark.  Kevin walked up behind her, “Why?”

Jake looked at Kevin, “Lenny is over with, and my job is done.”  Kevin shook his head no and mouthed bus, with no voice.  Mary quickly walked over and pulled Jake towards A.J. and her by the door.  “Kevin needs you, Bron needs you.  Go get on the bus,” she whispered to him.

Bron turned to Mc and the sobs came full force.  He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her.  “I’m sorry little girl.  I love you so much.”  Mc kissed her forehead when she didn’t answer him.  He glanced at Kevin who was standing behind Bron.  They both were scared.  They had expected the tears and the anger but not this.  “I want you to go with Kevin now.”  Bron looked at him with a blank expression.  “Home,” she muttered softly.

“No, not home you are going to go with Kevin,” he said softly to her.  “Okay,” was her reply.

Mc was becoming frightened at Bron’s lack of anger.  This is not her normal reaction at being told what to do.  He looked over at Mary and she frowned.  Mc closed his eyes a minute and thought about what to do.  I can push her, but I don’t want to make this any worse.  It has already started.  Mary will be with her and she will be fine.  “Go with Kevin Bron.  I will call you later,” Mc gently pushed her hand towards Kevin’s.

Kevin grabbed her hand and led her down the hall and out of the hotel to the bus.  They walked on to a bus full of people.  Kevin wasn’t pleased; this wasn’t supposed to be like this.  He wasn’t going to argue with them now he had no choice.  All of the other buses had left.  Nick looked at Kevin as Bron walked by him and headed for Kevin’s bunk.  “Is she okay?” he asked Kevin. 

“I don’t know yet,” Kevin answered him.  They watched Bron crawl up to Kevin’s bunk, her jacket and boots came were dropped out of it to the floor.

Kevin took his boots and coat off tossing them in the booth.  He went to his bunk and crawled in.  Lying down next to her, she curled up as close as she could to him.  “Just hold me,” she whispered, as she pushed closer to him.

  “Sure darlin’,” he answered as he wrapped himself around her and she began to cry herself to sleep.  Kevin couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Where is the anger, he thought as he held her to him and let her cry it out.






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