Chapter 6

The boys had interrupted the girls breakfast and story meeting.† However, the girls didnít complain.

"I have an idea," they heard and all heads turned to Nick.†

Nick had been kicking the idea around in his head since last night.† He wasnít to sure how the ladies would react.† He didnít want them to get the impression that this was something the boys did all the time.† "Why don't you ladies go to Pittsburgh with us, we could spend a couple days together."

Everyone was in agreement but Bron, "I can't go Bounce has school and Stevie will say no."

Mary started to speak but Bron interrupted, "We're low on cash, no tickets, no reservations, are you guys nuts?"

Nick grinned grabbing Amy's hand for support.† Bronwyn would be the tough one to sway.† Kevin and her didnít hit it off and he assumed the last thing she wanted to do was spend more time around him.† "I got the tickets," he chirped.† Turning to A.J. he silently pleaded with him for support.

"I got the reservations," A.J. spoke and looked at Howie.†

"I got the Cash," Howie answered.†

"Done deal!" the three of them chimed grinning from ear to ear.†

"Ah, what about transportation guys?"† Bron asked sarcastically.

The girls huddled up without Bron who was busy pacing.† The boys knew Bron could squash their plans if she didn't give in.

Mary stood up from the huddle, "Done!"

Bron threw her hands up in the air, "Fine you guys go, I'll go home."

Amy looked at her, "Please come, it won't be the same without you."†

Mary spoke up, "You'll be fine."† Bron shook her head no.

Mary looked at her friends, then the boys and finally Bron.† She had enough.† They all wanted to go and she would blow it for them.† This was a once in a life time chance to party with the Backstreet Boys.† "Why can't you go?" she asked Bron.

Bron frowned, "Because."

Mary wasn't letting her off the hook, "Because why Bron?"

Bron glared at her, "You know why Mare!"

"Oh, I see Mc wouldn't allow it," Mary turned and quickly winked at A.J.

Amy and Gillian sucked in their breath; Mary was treading in dangerous water.

Bron turned in a flash, stopped, and glared at Mary.† "Bullshit!† Not allow it!" she yelled at Mary as her pacing turned into a pounding of her feet into the floor.

Mary shook her head, "Yep, should've known, you have to be a good girl don't you Bron."

Bron stopped in her tracks from pacing.† She was fuming and muttering out loud bullshit not allow it. "Fine we're going!" she yelled at Mary.†

"Oh, Okay."† Mary said with a twinkle in her eye as she turned and winked at the boys again.

"Can we get back to work now?"† Bron said sarcastically.


Kevin's bed started to shake "Get up were leaving." he heard Brian tell him.†

"No," he answered. †

"Yes," Brian demanded.† Brian received another no from Kevin.† Still bouncing the corner of the mattress up and down.

"Come on we gotta go and I can't find the guys."†

"Don't whine Bri I know where they're at," Kevin just wanted to sleep. They never let me sleep.

It took him a few minutes to shake the fog.† Once he righted himself, he grabbed his coat and turned to Brian, "Let's go get'em."

When the elevator doors closed Kevin punched the number four.† Brian just looked at him clueless.

The doors opened on the fourth floor and you could hear laughter already.† A door was open down the hall.† Brian and Kevin walked down the hall, halting not to far from the door to listen in, smirking at each other.


The story meeting had started.† Bron walked around with her pad and pen, and then sat on the couch.† She wrote feverishly for a few minutes.† They gathering of people just watched her.† Mary came and sat next to her.† Bron handed the pad to her, "Read it."

Mary kept gasping and saying oh no, oh Lord, oh my Lord, she handed it back to Bron. "He will kill you if you do that!" she exclaimed.†

"Ya think?" her eyes lit up with a mischievous grin on her face.†

"Oh Yeah, I think he'll be hunting you down for that one."† Mary looked at raising an eyebrow.† Bron liked to push peoples buttons even if they were complete strangers.

Nick looked at Bron sheepishly, "Can I read it?" he asked.†

"Yeah sure, here," Bron handed him the tablet.

Nick read it; his face fell to the floor and turned red.

A.J. and Howie looked at him.† "That good?" they asked in unison.†

"That good," as Nick cleared his throat.†

"I wanna read it," A.J. said.†

Nick turned to him quickly, "No you don't."

A.J. knew nothing about this fic before yesterday, now he was more than into it.

Bron snagged the pad and settled in the middle of the couch between Mary and Nick.† "Because it isn't done yet," she told A.J.

Nick laughed so hard he fell off the couch.† As he was lying on the floor, "Ya know he is gonna kill you," he told Bron.

Bron started writing like a mad man.† Nick took his spot back next to Bron.† Bron glanced up at A.J., Mary, and Nick were giggling.†

"What's so damn funny?"† A.J. asked them.†

"I'm writing a sex scene that's all," Bron chuckled.†

A.J. was up for that.† That he wouldnít mind reading but they are up to something.† "Why are you looking at me then?" he questioned cautiously.†

"Because you're my inspiration honey," she replied sweetly.

A.J. just grinned, full of pride, "Thanks!"

Nick began snickering, "I don't think so."

Bron jabbed Nick in the ribs then grabbed for her glass of juice.† She picked up her glass, "I gave him the orgasm of the century!"

That was it Nick lost it and fell off the couch hitting the floor again.

The rest of the group watched the door as Kevin snuck in quietly and stood there.† He had been lurking at the doorway and heard the entire conversation.† The two on the couch and the one on the floor were oblivious to him.† They were caught up in a fit of laughter.

Nick croaked out, "The orgasm is with you A.J.," continuing to laugh hysterically on the floor.

The rest of the room couldn't decide which was funnier Kevin's face turning blood red with anger or the other three who just couldn't stop laughing when A.J. screamed, "What!"

A voice came from behind Bron's head, "Whoís orgasm?"

Bron jumped off the couch spilling the juice all over the front of her T-shirt and pad.

"Arrrr" she screamed, "You ass, look what you've done."† Looking down her whole front was soaked and so was her tablet.

"I asked you a question," he spoke in a monotone voice trying to contain his anger.†

"Nobody," she replied her face turning bright red.† Great itís one thing to get caught, but this is really getting caught.†

"Bullshit, I warned you!" he screamed at her and started to step towards her.†

Brian figured it was time to step in, placing a hand on Kevin's shoulder "We gotta go fellas."† A chorus of "Aw, man-s" came from the guys.†

"Come on we really gotta go," Brian glared at them still holding onto Kevin.† He was afraid to let him go not knowing what would happen.

Nick went over to Amy picking up her hand, gently he kissed it.† "See you later beautiful," flashing her a beguiling smile.

"Yes you will dream man," she replied in a breathy voice.† Trying to imagine why Nick had issued the invitation in the first place.† She was so hoping it was for the same reasons she wanted to go.

Gillian looked at Mary, "That's sick."†

"Yep," Mary groaned.

Kevin smiled at Bron realizing that they were going to meet again.† "We'll talk again."

Bron stood there ready rip his head off.† She wasn't sure what she was so angry about the juice spilling on her or the veiled threat that Kevin had just delivered to her.†

His smile increased three fold seeing that what he had just said registered in her brain.

Brian ushered the boys out of the room.

The girls waved goodbye and started running around like rats in a maze.† They were chanting two more days incessantly.† Bron just sat back on the couch in her soaked clothes.†† I will stay so far away from the man he wonít even know I am alive, she thought to herself.† Iím not talking to him I have nothing to say.†






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