Chapter 60

Bron watched Kevin leave and then she got up and went to lie on the couch.  I can’t lay in that bed again.  If I do I will fall asleep.  If I sleep the nightmares will come back.  Everyone will hear it again.  I don’t want them to hear it anymore.  Bron rolled on her side and stared at the back of the couch.  Oh God I want to go home.  I want Mc to come get me.  I want Bounce with me.

Kevin was getting angrier with every step he made.  He was being shadowed by his friends and felt suffocated.  He couldn’t think.  He didn’t know why she was doing this to herself.  She refused any communication with him physical and otherwise.  She hadn’t slept in nine days nor had she eaten.  She’s wasting away in front of me and it’s my fault.  He ended his conversation in his head as he walked into A.J.’s suite followed by the fellas.  Kevin spun on his heel and turned.  “Will you people leave me alone!” he bellowed at the three following him.

A simple “No,” came from the far side of the room, from A.J.  Kevin exploded throwing things, tipping things over, and pounding his fist into anything he could that wasn’t human.

“Feeling better?”  Brian asked.

“A little,” Kevin answered with a frown.

Brian shook his head as he surveyed the now trashed room.  “Kev, when is the last time Bron slept?”  Brian asked.

Kevin couldn’t bring himself to say what he had said in his own head, “Chicago.”

“Nine days hmmm,” Brian answered as though he already knew the answer.

“Eaten?”  Brian asked pushing Kevin to answer.  Kevin needed to acknowledge that his partner needed some help from someone besides him.

“Same,” Kevin huffed at him, as his anger was beginning to simmer again.

Brian deliberated about his next question but figured he would have to change it.  Kevin would go postal at being question on something so personal as to when was the last time they were together.  “Spoke to you?”

Kevin glared at Brian, “Stop making me repeat myself.  You’re pissing me off.”

Brian flashed Kevin a big grin, “Good.  Are you mad enough now to take care of her?”

Nick looked at Kevin, “You caused this mess playing shrink with Mary and now you have to fix it.”

Kevin looked at both of them and Brian spoke first.  “Bron needs to get some sleep and to eat.  I think maybe you need to force the issue and talk to Mary.  Stop kicking yourself in the ass for what you did and take care of it.”

It took a minute for Kevin to understand Brian’s obscure remark and then it hit him.  “You’re right,” as he turned to A.J.

“I don’t know if that is a good idea Brian,” A.J. looked at everyone glaring at him.  “Fine I’ll go get her, she’s down the hall.”  A.J. shrugged his shoulders.  He knew this was going to be ugly.  When he came back he had Mary with him.

Kevin bit the side of his bottom lip and then spoke, “Why isn’t she sleeping?”  Kevin asked her as the fellas started to leave.

Mary turned to Brian, Howie, and Nick, “Wait!  This has to do with you I think.  She’s afraid to sleep.  She afraid of the nightmares, but more importantly she’s afraid they will hear her again.  Bron is ashamed of herself and blames herself for what happened.”

“No way!”  Howie exclaimed. 

“It wasn’t her fault!”  Nick yelled.  No one was shocked by Nick’s reaction anymore.  Everyone knew that he had feelings for Bron that he tried to hide.

“We know that Nick but sometimes they feel they brought it on themselves.  They did something wrong or forgot to do something.”  Mary explained.

“DAMMIT!”  Kevin yelled and then sighed.  By doing what he had done, he had a feeling he triggered her guilt all over again.  “Eating?” he looked at Mary with his question. 

“Might make her sleepy,” Mary replied.

“Me?”  Kevin said softly.

Mary shook her head, “I don’t know, either she is mad at you but doesn’t have the energy to fight with you or she is still ashamed.  I am leaning towards her being ashamed.  Bronwyn has a lot of pride.”

“She needs to sleep,” Nick stated.

Mary looked at him, “I know Nick.  I can help her with that but I know she won’t let me.”

Kevin raised his head at Mary and looked at her incredulously.

“Sedative, but it would knock her out for a couple of days,” Mary answered his unasked question.

A pensive look crossed Kevin’s face.  He exhaled deeply and began to think to himself.  I don’t want to force her again but if I do at least maybe she would get some rest.  He couldn’t stand this empty shell he was dragging around with him and he was responsible for it.  Kevin looked at Mary still unsure of his decision.  Finally he spoke, “Need some help?”

Mary smiled soothingly knowing this was hard a decision for him to make.  But medically Bron need food and rest, she would do neither at the rate she was going.  “I could use it.  The delivery method is not on her list of favorites,” Mary answered him.

“Get what you need.  You guys stay here,” Kevin announced and then left.  He walked down to the suite and she was lying on the couch.  “You need to sleep,” he said to her as he walked to her. 

As he stood over her, next to the couch Bron got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.  Bron rolled away from him to face the back of the couch.  Kevin watched Mary come in out of the corner of his eye and Jake leave.

“Bronwyn, Mary’s going to give you something to so you can sleep,” he spoke to her back.

“NO SHE ISN’T!” was the first word she had spoken to him in days.  The words were spoken with defiance and determination.  She wasn’t going to sleep, the nightmare would come back and someone would hear her.

“Yes she is!” as he grabbed her arms and dragged her off the couch heading to the bedroom. 

“No I don’t want to,” she screamed.  The scream was echoed down the hall due to its volume.  “I don’t want to sleep,” she cried.  Bron put what little energy she had into trying to punch and kick at him. 

It wasn’t that hard for him to tolerate the blows, Bron didn’t have that much energy left.  He never said a word as he forced her through the bedroom door throwing her on the bed and sitting on her. 

“Stop it,” she cried.  “I don’t want to sleep.  Please Kevin no sleep.”  She begged him as he rolled her on her stomach and placed his hands on her shoulder blades then shoving her into the mattress.

“Sorry darlin it’s not your decision anymore.  This is going to stop,” as he grabbed the waistband of her sweats and pulled it down slightly.  Mary came out of nowhere and the next thing heard was Bron yelling “Owww,” as she felt a sharp piercing pain.

“I’m sorry darlin’,” he spoke as Mary walked away.  He started to rub Bron’s back and Mary flashed him five fingers as she went and sat in the chair.

“I hate you.  This isn’t right,” she screamed trying to roll over.  Kevin refused too let her turn he didn’t want to see the hurt in her eyes.

“Bron stop.  You don’t hate me and you know it.  I am not going to stand by and watch you kill yourself.”  Kevin barked at her.  Bron quieted and softly started to cry.  Slowly he got off her and sat down on the edge of the bed.  He pulled her up by her waist and sat her in his lap.  “Baby you have to sleep,” he said as he lightly stroked her hair.

“I don’t want to sleep,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Why?” he asked her.

“The nightmares will come back.  Everyone will hear me.  They are already ashamed of me.  They’ll hate me even more,” she babbled out.

Kevin sighed, Mary was right.  “No one will hear you.  It’s just you and me for a couple of days.  The fellas could never hate you.  They love you too.”

Slowly he began to rock her in his arms and hum softly to her.  Mary sat watching as Bron’s body starting to relax from the effects of the sedative.  Mary wanted to leave and not interrupt the two of them, but it was such a large dose she was afraid to.

Kevin raised his head and started to speak.  Mary raised her index finger to her lips and he didn’t say another word.

Both of them watched as Bron was fighting it but slowly she started to give in, her eyes fluttered closed, and her head dropped to Kevin’s shoulder.  Kevin sighed loudly as he set her on the bed. 

Mary walked over and pulled the blankets back on the other side of the bed.  She then went to the nearest suitcase and grabbed one of Kevin’s t-shirts.

Kevin began to undress Bron.  He pulled her socks and sweats off as Mary came over and handed him the shirt.  After removing her shirt and bra he replaced it with his shirt.  Picking her up he carried her to the other side of the bed.  He set her down, pulled the blankets over her, and tucked her in, much the way you would a small child.  He kissed her cheek.  “You can hate me when you wake up, but I love you.  I’ll be back in a little while.”  Kevin walked back into the suite and Jake was there.  He nodded to Jake and walked out the door. 

Jake stood in the doorway of the bedroom for a minute watching Mary tend to Bron.  Mary wanted to double check Bron’s vitals before she left.  Mary looked up at Jake, “God Jake I hated doing this.”

Jake looked at her with a forgiving smile, “Almost as much as he did.  It’s okay Mary both of you did the right thing.”

Mary stood up and watched Bron as she finally slept.  Jake walked up and gave Mary a hug and it confused her for a minute.  Jake grinned at her.  “You don’t know this, but you have saved her from herself.  You weren’t there last time.  It was horrible.  Thank you so much.”

Mary smiled back, “Thank you I feel much better hearing that coming from you.  Mc is going to be furious at Kevin and I.” 

Jake squeezed Mary even harder, “No.  He would have done the same thing for his little girl.  Why don’t you go and I’ll stay with her.  It doesn’t look like she is going to wake up anytime soon.  Take Bron’s key in case the door is locked and you need to get in here to see her.”

Mary looked at Jake; she had finally won Jake’s trust back.  “Thanks,” as she grabbed the key and left.

Jake played door attendant the rest of the day.  Everyone was checking on Bron.  The only ones that didn’t need a key were Kevin and Mary.  Finally Jake just left the door to the suite open.  The boys had interviews and work to be done and they had to leave soon.  Mary reassured Kevin constantly as he would show up at the door every now and then and check on Bron.  Nobody was allowed to venture into the bedroom, but they were allowed to check with Jake

After the day was done dinner was ordered in and eaten in Kevin’s room.  Mary had to smile slightly and Jake was grinning.  They both knew that Kevin and Bron had more support than either of them realized.

Kevin sat at the table and looked at Brian, “I should call Mc.”  Brian nodded a yes.  Jake turned to Kevin, “You don’t have to.  I already did and he is fine with it.” 

Kevin smiled, “Thanks.”

“I figured you had enough to deal with.  You didn’t need him on your ass too.  But so you know he wanted to know what took you so long,” Jake chuckled. 

Kevin laughed for the first time in days, “Blame Brian he was the slow thinker.”

“Hey, She’s your girlfriend.”  Brian laughed. 

Howie watched Kevin finally relax and it was getting late.  “Come on guys let’s get going.”  Without a word the rest of the group stood up, said there good nights, and left.  Mary stayed behind with Alex.

Mary went in and checked on Bron again.  Kevin came in and Mary left the bedroom.  Mary, A.J., and Jake stood in the suite for a minute.  They heard a loud deep sigh come from the bedroom as the door was left slightly open.

Jake smirked at Mary, “I think they both will sleep better tonight.”

“I hope so,” A.J. added.  “He’s been a real ass, since she got sick.”

In the bedroom Kevin settled next to Bron.  He watched her for a minute and then pulled her into a spoon.  “I love you Witch.  Sweet dreams, baby.”  A contented sigh escaped him as he drifted off to sleep.






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