Chapter 61

Kevin woke up Thursday morning and began his day.  Jake stayed with Bron and grabbed a quick nap in the afternoon while Mary kept an eye on her.  Kevin and Jake ate dinner together in the room. 

Jake spent most of the time talking about Bron and how they grew up together.  Kevin traded stories about high school and his family.  Kevin had come to see why Bron viewed Jake as her big brother.  They had been friends forever.  He even followed Bron into Mc’s fold just so he could be with her.  They discussed the fact that Jake had grown up in a primarily white neighborhood and that Bron had befriended him right off the bat.  She protected him from the kids they went to school with before he began to protect her. 

Jake said that he felt a lot of guilt over Bron’s relationship with Mc.  Kevin finally got the full story of how the relationship was.  It was rocky, very volatile, and abusive.  Mc abused Bron heavily towards the end and that was one of the reasons that Jake encouraged her not to go back.  Mc told Jake it was just frustration.  Mc wanted Bron but couldn’t have her, it was tearing him apart, and he took it out on her.

Kevin repeated to Jake the conversation he had with Mary earlier in the afternoon.  Bron slept the entire time never waking up once.  Kevin was upset and voiced it to Mary.  Mary said that it was to be expected but tomorrow afternoon he would have to wake her up and get her to eat something.  If she didn’t eat, Mary would have to intercede again and that wasn’t something she wanted to do.

Finally saying goodnight Jake left and Kevin went to bed.  He cuddled next to Bron and silently prayed that she would forgive him when she woke up.

Morning came and Kevin went to rehearsals, they had a concert tonight.  Kevin came back from the venue and met Mary.  Mary had ordered a light lunch for Bron and waited for it to arrive.  She knew she couldn’t take much but she needed something in her system.

Once the food arrived Mary looked at Kevin and smiled, “Good Luck.”

Bron felt something shaking her, “Bron come on time to wake up.  You need to eat.”  Bron’s eyes fluttered opened half awake.  “I’m not hungry,” she hissed as she started to recall what he had done to her.

Kevin stood next to the bed glaring at her.  Well it looks like she’s feeling better she wants to fight.  “I don’t care if you’re not hungry; it’s time to eat.”

Bron began to roll over and was yanked out of the bed and led to the table.  Kevin unceremoniously shoved her into the chair. 

“EAT!” he yelled at her as he sat down across from her.  “Fuck You!” she said without raising her head.  Kevin’s hand flew up to her face, she winced as he grabbed her by the jaw and jerked her head to meet his icy glare.  “You eat that right now or I will stuff it down your throat myself.”

Bron studied his face as he dropped his hand to his side.  The more she looked at him the more her hair stood up on the back of her neck.  She surmised by that feeling alone he would do it.  Bron picked up the fork and pushed the food around the plate for a few minutes.  She was famished but her stomach was turning at the same time.  “I said eat it, not play with it.”  Kevin barked at her.

Bron began to eat albeit slowly.  It had been days since she had eaten and she didn’t want to get sick.  Kevin sat across from her glaring at her the entire time.  Once he was satisfied that she had finished he sighed slightly and closed his eyes. 

Bron finished eating and placed the dishes on the cart.  She began to walk back to the bedroom and Kevin’s arm snaked out snagging her by her shoulder.  “No, you’re not hiding in there any more,” Kevin announced as he steered her to a chair.  Bron sat and Kevin sat down on the floor in front of her.  Bron shook her head, what the hell is this all about?  Afraid you can’t catch me if I decide to run.

In time the guys started to trickle in the room.  They all asked how she was doing and she repeated fine.  Kevin sat on the floor watching the guys trying to elicit a conversation from her, but it didn’t happen.  After a couple of hours they had to get ready for the show and a quick out.

They had to leave early for the venue so Kevin made sure he had ordered something for her and Jake to eat on the bus.  He knew she wouldn’t do it.  Hell she probably wouldn’t touch it unless he was there to threaten her with bodily harm if she didn’t eat.

The food arrived around dinnertime to the bus.  Bron stared at it.  Jake shook his head at her, “Bron he is really pissed now that you are doing this to yourself.  You better eat it.”  Bron shoved the plate away and went and sat on the couch.  She flicked the television on and began to watch it.  Jake was relieved that she didn’t go immediately to hide in the bunk.

Jake sat in the chair waiting for Kevin to come back.  A movie played for a couple of hours.  Bron retreated to the bunk.  Jake glanced at his watch and grinned.  Trying to avoid the man is not going to work little sister, he mused.

Bron changed clothes and drifted off to sleep.  She was awakened by someone pulling on her arm, she realized Kevin was back.  She wasn’t in the mood and began to pull away from the tugging.  “Tough shit,” she heard in the dark and her eyes snapped open.  Bron was dragged back next to his body.  He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder.

Bron closed her eyes and drifted off to a natural sleep.  Kevin saw that she had fallen asleep on her own and he did the same. 

The bus arrived in Tacoma in the middle of the night.  They were rousted from their slumber and booked into the hotel.  They both fell into the bed and went back to sleep for a couple of hours. 

Kevin woke up and immediately went into his hard ass mode.  His anger was coming to a boil over her rebuking his advances the night before.  He ordered breakfast for both them and waited for it to arrive.  Once it arrived he went to wake Bron up. 

Bron was woken up Saturday morning and rudely informed that breakfast was ready.  When she made no effort to move Kevin became infuriated.  “Don’t make me drag your ass out of there.  Get up and eat.”

Bron got up and ate without saying a word to him.  She knew better than to even head for the bedroom with the mood he was in.  She sat on the couch and stared out the window for hours.  Kevin prowled, left, and came back for lunch.  Kevin called her to the table and motioned her to sit.  He was fed up with this, “When is this going to stop?”  Bron didn’t answer him.  “Eat your damn lunch!” he screamed at her and then walked out the door.

Mary heard Kevin yelling from down the hall and decided maybe he needed a break.  Kevin stormed out and Mary glided into the suite.  She went and sat across from Bron.  “Do you want to talk?”  Mary asked her.

“No,” Bron answered her.

“Bron why are you doing this to him?”  Mary asked with an intent gaze settled on Bron.

“I’m not doing anything.  He tells me to eat; I eat.  He tells me to sleep; I sleep.  What’s the problem?”  Bron shrugged her shoulders.

Mary shook her head,  “You’re the problem.  You are not being yourself.”  Mary grinned as she thought of what Bron had just said.  “Pissing him off even more is not going to be your ticket home.  He isn’t like Mc.  You’ll just push to do something stupid.”

Bron clenched her jaw in anger.  Mary knew she had guessed correctly after she saw the fury in Bron’s face.

“Where are we?” Bron spoke.

“Tacoma,” Mary chuckled.

“Then where?” Bron asked as she tried to figure out what day it was.

“Portland and then off to California,” Mary answered her with a smirk.

“Knock it off Mary,” Bron bellowed at her.

Nick heard Bron yell as he went to the hallway and smiled.  I guess somebody is doing a little better.  Nick decided it was time he watched Kevin and Bron to see what was actually going on.  Kevin wasn’t sharing with the guys and neither was Bron.

Nick watched Bron and Kevin interact for almost three days.  It was the same thing played over and over.  Unless Kevin barked orders at her, she completely ignored all of them.  It was finally time to leave for Portland.  It was going to be a quick out again.  Nick hated quick outs.  Kevin wasn’t sharing but he was miserable with everyone.  Mr. Moody was back.  Bron wasn’t much better, trying to have a conversation with her was like trying to pull teeth out of a horse.  Bron sat in the dressing room waiting for the show to be over.  Nick watched Kevin track down Keith and have a conversation with him that was serious.  Then he did the same with Jake and Carlos.

Nick got Brian and Jake together before the show.  “What did he say to you Jake?” Nick asked him. 

Jake shrugged.  “He was telling us that if he found anybody on his bus besides us he was going to whoop somebody’s ass for it,” Jake chuckled.

Nick smiled at Brian, “I’ve been thinking.” 

Jake laughed loudly, “I think he knows that and that is why he had his little talk with us.”

Brian asked Jake, “What’s going on with Bron?”  Jake looked at him, “Sparky has lost her spark.  She’s so submissive I want to smack her.  I am thinking about calling Mc.”

Nick glanced at Brian, “He isn’t doing much better.  He had to force her to talk to Bounce.  This is wearing on him and I’m worried.”

“So what do we do?”  Brian asked.

“Well, we need to get on that bus,” Nick grinned. 

Jake groaned.  He shook his head trying to make a decision and then he grinned at them, “When he throws a punch, does he lead with his left or his right?”

Nick and Brian broke out in giggles as Carlos walked over.  The three were up to something and he was going to stop it.  “What’s up gentlemen?”

Jake looked at Carlos, “Brian and Nick want to help with Kevin’s little problem.”

Carlos shook his head no, “Stay out of this.  He will go insane, he has already warned us that you guys might try something.”

Nick grinned, “Carlos do you like Bron?”

“It’s not going to work Nick.”  Carlos warned him.

“Come on we just want to get on the bus.”  Nick whined. 

The last call came for the boys to head for the stage.  Kevin walked in and over to Bron.  He kissed her forward and told her to wait for him he was going to shower before they left.

The show went well and Bron waited for Kevin.  Kevin watched, all of the fellas were like a whirlwind once off the stage.  He kept thinking where’s the fire.  They showered and beat him out of the venue. 

The buses were idling waiting for everyone to board.  Kevin walked slowly to the bus holding Bron’s hand.  There were a few fans who had snuck into the garage but not many.  Kevin didn’t really pay them any mind he didn’t care.  He was finally relaxing at the thought that they would finally be alone.  No fellas just him and her.  Maybe they could finally talk this out or at least fight it.






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