Chapter 62

Bron boarded the bus followed by Kevin.  The bus started to move and he heard a noise in the back.  He glanced back at the curtain to the bedroom.  Jake and Carlos sat in the booth looking out the window.  “Wassup?” he eyed both of them suspiciously.  Carlos opened his mouth to answer and Nick’s voice came from the back.  “Brian!”

“Son of a bitch!”  Kevin spat out as he stormed to the back of the bus and yanked the curtain open.  He saw the fellas and Mary sitting there waiting for his response at them being there.

Bron crawled in Kevin’s bunk knowing that there was going to be a fight and she didn’t want to be involved.  She closed her eyes and shielded out all the noise.

“KEITH!”  Kevin yelled as he turned and headed for the front of the bus.  Keith heard him and flinched, as he was driving. 

Before Keith knew it Kevin was standing next to him huffing.  “What the hell are they doing on my bus?” he bellowed at him. 

Keith glanced in rear view mirror.  “Hi bud how are you?”  Keith smiled nervously. 

“I told you no one gets on my bus anymore,” he ground out.

Man Kev was pissed at him.  It had been awhile since they mixed it up.  He really didn’t want to do it while driving the bus.  Keith cleared his throat, “They said you needed them but you just didn’t know it yet.”

Kevin stood there glaring at him, I really want to drag him out of that seat and punch his lights out right now, he groaned in his head.  “Do it again and I’ll fire your ass.  I’m not kidding either,” he spoke as he retreated to the back of the bus.

“Shit, he’s serious,” Keith exclaimed to himself.  “Those idiots owe me big time.  I almost lost my best friend and my damn job.”

As Kevin stomped back he halted in front of Jake and Carlos.  He looked at Carlos, “I can’t fire your ass, but I could make it very uncomfortable for you.”  Turning his icy glare to Jake, “You I can fire.  This is the last time you will cross me.” 

Kevin walked to his bunk and glanced into it.  He couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or faking him out again.  He proceeded to the back of the bus and glared at all of them.  He sat down refusing to talk to any of them.  You assholes, I could kill you right now.  I wanted to be alone with her to talk this out.

Carlos went to a bunk; he could feel the anger coming off Kevin from the back of the bus.  Jake sat up front not wanting to be confronted again and starting another argument.

Nick sat watching Kevin who refused to speak to them.  He glanced over to Brian as they watched Carlos head for a bunk.  Nick looked at Brian and motioned him up front away from Kevin.  Kevin watched the two of them leave but didn’t really think anything was up.  They probably figured out how pissed was and wanted to get away from him.

Nick and Brian settled into the booth across from Jake.  Nick looked at Jake, “Sorry man.”  Jake looked at him with his back to Kevin and grinned.  Nick and Brian were both relived that Jake could take a brow beating from Kevin and not let it affect him.  Most people couldn’t, even Nick couldn’t.

“Man he is pissed,” Brian spoke as glanced to the back of the bus. 

“Yeah well, how do you think Bron feels?  All he does is scream at her,” Nick added to the conversation.

Jake sighed, “He’s just trying to push her buttons and get a reaction out of her.  Don’t pay attention to it, he doesn’t mean anything buy it.”  Jake understood Nick feeling sorry for Bron, it was kind of hard for him to understand the relationship that Bron and Kevin had.

Nick snickered at Jake, “It’s not working.”

A sheepish grin came across Brian’s face.  “He’s so frustrated too.”

Jake gave him an impish smile,  “Considering how this entire relationship got started, I’m sure he is.”

Nick was clueless, Jake and Brian knew it.  It was quite entertaining to both of them. 

“What?”  Nick interjected.

Jake coughed and rolled his eyes at Brian.  Brian smiled at Nick discreetly, “Kevin needs to get laid,” he chuckled.

“Oh,” Nick grinned.

“Kinda hard to sleep next to something like that and not get past cuddling,” Brian quipped.

Jake snorted at him, “I don’t think he’s even getting that.”

Nick couldn’t believe these two morons.  He rolled his eyes around in his head, “Get real.  I would guess it’s only been since Chicago.  What that three weeks?  He ain’t gonna die.”

Brian looked at Jake and back to Nick.  “How many times did she thank him in one night?”  Brian laughed discreetly at the inside joke. 

Nick still was confused and then the light bulb went on.  Shit the hotel in Chicago, that is what she meant by that, how times they had had sex.  Brian was trying very hard to contain his laughter as he watched Nick finally figure it out.  “Shit it may as well be six months with those too.”  Nick grinned after he said it.

“Exactly,” Brian proclaimed as he glanced at Kevin who was watching the television and still not speaking to anyone. 

Nick smiled warmly, “Think it would help the problem if they got back together?  Maybe we should help Kev out.”

Brian was shocked and didn’t quite understand where Nick was going with this.  “What the hell are you talking about?”

Nick giggled, “No, no, no.  I didn’t mean anything weird.  Not like that.”  Brian’s face relaxed, for a minute he thought maybe Nick had been reading too many fics lately for a second.

Nick playfully slapped at Brian’s head,  “You little freak.  What did you think I was thinking?”

Brian just shook his head at him.  “I wasn’t sure at first.  So what’s your idea?”

Jake was beginning to get uncomfortable with the conversation.  Nick looked at Jake and asked.  “Do you think she’ s sleeping?” Jake shook his head no.

“Let’s go in back and follow my lead.”  He glanced at Jake, “Whatever happens please don’t let him hurt me.”

As they got up he turned to Brian, “You keep Howie and Alex out of it.”

“What are you up too?”  Brian asked.

“You’ll see,” and Nick smiled broadly.

The three of them walked in the back.  Kevin got up and moved to the chair.  He didn’t want anything to do with any of them.  Peckerheads, he thought.  You are messing with my personal life and you know better. 

Brian went and sat on the couch next to A.J. and Mary who were cuddling.  Nick went to lie on the floor in front of the television.  Howie was on the floor too, Jake remained standing in the aisle.

Nick rolled over and looked at Kevin.  “Kevin why don’t you wake up, send her home,” he spoke to him.  He waited to see the reaction from Kevin.  Nick saw it coming. 

“What the hell are you talking about?”  Kevin shot at him.  He was furious, this was none of his damn business.

“Shit man, she doesn’t want you anymore,” Nick added and raised his eyebrows.  He glanced at Jake as to say watch him he’s gonna take a swing at me.

Kevin’s fist started to clench and unclench in the chair.  Jake saw it and went to stand next to the chair.  Jake couldn’t believe how right Nick was.  Kevin was really going to pound the hell out of Nick if he couldn’t stop him.

Howie turned to Nick, “Are you nuts?”

Nick laughed he must be for doing this he thought.  “Well so much for being a man Kev,” Nick laughed out loud even more.

“What the fuck you are saying?  Shut up!”  A.J. whispered.  Kevin didn’t need shit from Nick right now just because he had a friggin’ crush on Bron.

Bron was laying in the bunk listening to the conversation and thinking to herself.  What the hell is wrong with Nick?  Why doesn’t he just leave Kevin alone?  This is between him and I.  Your ass isn’t even supposed to be on this bus.  If it wasn’t I could a couple of swats at Kevin and feel better.

“Chalk it up to tour sex,” Nick said with a haughty attitude as he rolled on his side.  He figured if Kevin was going to come after him.  That would do it.

Kevin started to come out of the chair and Jake clamped a hand on his shoulder.  “You need to hear this,” Jake whispered.  Jake hadn’t completely understood why Nick was intentionally pissing Kevin off even more.

Nick rolled back over and glared at Kevin, “I’m fed up with Bron and her shit.  Why couldn’t you have just poked a dancer?”  Nick heard Mary hiss his name totally pissed at him. 

Bron lay in the bunk getting more and more angry at each word Nick spoke.  You little creep.  Open your mouth one more time and I will come out there and smack the shit out of you.  How dare you, she thought inside her head.

A.J. began to come off the couch and Brian stopped him.

Nick smirked at Kevin.  He knew if Bron was listening this would put the icing on the cake and he braced himself for it.  “Oh that’s right.  Train’s the man.  So tell us Kev did you have to pry her thighs apart that first night in Pittsburgh, just like Lenny?”

Nick felt something hit him full force in the back.  It was punching and smacking him.  He rolled on his stomach and covered his head.  Holy shit she can fight, she’s gonna kill me.  Kev said she fought like a girl, bullshit.

“You little bastard!  Don’t you ever say something like that about him again.  What happened in Pittsburgh is none of your damn business,” Bron was screaming at Nick and pounding on him.

Nick’s shoulders began to rise and fall Bron realized what she was doing and stopped immediately.  “Oh God Nick I’m sorry,” she said as she half sat on him and half on the floor.

Kevin sat in the chair recognizing what Nick was doing.  He was getting the reaction from Bron that he had tried getting from her since Chicago.  A flight or fight response.  Flight wasn’t an option at this point.

“Please Nick tell me you’re okay, I’m sorry,” Bron pleaded with him to answer her as her eyes misted over.

Nick rolled over dumping her to the floor of the bus.  Bron looked at him, he wasn’t crying, the jackass was laughing at her.  It just turned her anger up a notch.  “You!” she screeched as she raised her hand to hit him again.  Nick raised his hands to protect himself and laughed,  “Welcome back Bron.”

Nick saw the anger leave her eyes.  Kevin was right, he had told him that Bron’s feelings were always reflected in her eyes.  Nick lowered his voice so nobody could hear him but her.  “It’s time to come back to us.  Is it true?  Mary said your mood improves when Kev screws your brains out,” he chuckled at her and waited to see the reaction.  He was either going to get thumped or kissed, he was hoping for a kiss.

Bron looked at him and laughed aloud for the first time in weeks.  “You are a very bad boy Nickolas Gene Carter,” she dropped her hands.

Nick was laughing so hard he held his stomach as he whispered to her, “You know what you need to bring you all the way back.”

Bron looked at him wickedly.  It was okay they really didn’t hate her.  They wanted to help her.  “Yes I do.”  Bron jumped up and walked to the bunk.  Jumping in they all waited for the crying to start.  Nick and Kevin were the only ones who knew it wouldn’t. 

Kevin sat in the chair, “Thanks Nick.”

“Anytime Bro, anytime,” Nick answered him.

They watched the bunk intently and suddenly a pair of jeans were tossed out.  Jake laughed and A.J. got up to see what was so funny.  As he reached the aisle a t-shirt flew out followed by a bra. 

A.J. looked at Kevin and started to chuckle.  “Shit,” he laughed out loud as a pair of panties landed on the pile and Brian’s mouth dropped open upon seeing them. 

Bron stripped in the bunk and threw everything out.  Her mind was racing, everyone was on the bus but she wanted Kevin and didn’t care.  You guys aren’t supposed to be here so the hell with you.  But thank you so much Little Man for making me feel better, she thought to herself.  “Master I need you!” she shouted from the bunk followed by a series of giggles.

Kevin had the biggest smirk on his face.  My virgin is back and she wants me, he mused.  “Coming Darling,” he answered her as he stood up.

“Not yet, but you will be,” Nick rolled on the floor laughing.  Kevin walked by him and purposely stepped on him for that remark. 

“I heard that Carter,” came from the bunk.

“Ow!”  Nick squealed and laughed even harder.

Kevin got to the bunk and turned back to the crowd.  “Might want to turn that TV up,” he laughed as he crawled in the bunk.  Kevin was talking louder than normal so everyone heard him.  “Hey darlin’, I missed you.”

Everyone settled while they listened, they heard Kevin yell.  “Hey take it easy, that hurt!”

Brian shook his head and made a grab for the headphones.  Well they’re back together and just in time.  Howie turned the television up even louder.  Mary reached down hugged Nick, “When did you get so smart?”






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