Chapter 63

Bron curled up next to Kevin, “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to do that.  It was an accident.”

Kevin wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer.  “I know it was,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused,” she said as her body shivered.

Kevin reached down and pulled the blanket over both of them.  Unconsciously he rubbed her back to send the chills away. 

Bron reached under his shirt and began to caress his chest.  Kevin shook slightly as a result of the contact.  Contact that he had missed for too long.  Silently he was thanking Nick for doing something that he couldn’t do himself.  “It’s a good thing I have good brothers,” He sighed as Bron’s hands continued their roaming.

Bron picked her head up and looked at him and smiled, “Yes your brothers are fantastic.”

Kevin felt Bron tugging at his t-shirt and sat up slightly to remove it.  Tossing it to the end of the bunk.  “Better,” he smiled.

“Almost,” as her hand drifted to the front of his jeans.  “Oh,” he sighed and then smirked, as he wiggled his jeans and boxers down and then tossed them with the t-shirt.

“That’s much better,” as she crawled on top of him.  Bron lay there content with the full body connection for a minute.

They both heard a noise outside the bunk.  Kevin pushed Bron to the side and rolled over.  He peeked out the curtain it was Nick.

Kevin watched him bend down and pick up Bron’s clothes.  Nick was totally mesmerized by the top article of clothing.  You dawg he thought.  Kevin leaned out, just a little to see A.J. at the top of the aisle watching Nick.  I don’t know what the hell you two are up too, but it ain’t gonna happen.  Kevin leaned out of the bunk and grabbed Bron’s underwear and bra off of the top of the pile.  “I’ll take those,” he chuckled.

“What!  I’m just picking up,” he blushed profusely. 

Kevin shook his head, “Yeah right,” and closed the curtain.  A.J. was heard laughing hysterically in the back of the bus.

Kevin turned back to Bron as he tossed her clothes with his.  “No more strip tease acts when they’re around,” he warned her.  “Where were we before we were interrupted?” he whispered to her.

Bron grinned as she slid on top of him and straddled his hips.  “Oh I was here and you were going to show me how much you missed me.”

Kevin reached up and placed his hands on her waist.  “I don’t remember that,” he told her.

“Well let me refresh your memory,” she spoke as she reached down between them and began stoking him gently.

Kevin groaned slightly, “I think I’m beginning to remember.”

Bron grinned and increased the pressure, “I forgot you’re the slow one of the bunch.”

Kevin gave her a lop sided smile, “Slow darlin’.  I’ll show you slow.”  He gently rolled her over and nestled himself between her legs.  Bron looked at him in shock as he entered her at a crawling pace.  She started to laugh she couldn’t help it.  Kevin was proving a point once again.  This was the arena that was his domain and he was going to remind her of it.  Such an ape, she giggled to herself.

Kevin gazed at her, “You better stop laughing like that or I won’t last,” as a case of the giggles hit him also.

“I like slow,” she giggled even harder watching the tormented look on his face.  Every time she laughed her muscles would tighten around him.

Kevin started to move inside her while she laughing, “This isn’t funny.” 

“But it feels good,” he grinned.

“Yes it does,” as squeals of delight overtook her.

Kevin chuckled out loud and then whispered, “This is weird, even for me.” 

Bron smiled at him, “Yeah but you’re likin’ it.”

“Yes I am,” he said as he lowered his head, he kissed her lips and drove his tongue in her mouth.  “Ummm,” he groaned as he pulled away.  He reached down and stroked her, “I want you to be with me,” he whispered as pushed himself into her deeper and her hips rose to meet him.  Quietly they settled into a rhythm as old as time.  He felt her hit her peak and a quiet groan escape her lips.  He quickly followed her with a soft moan as he buried his head in her shoulder and neck.

Gently he lifted himself off her and pulled her to him.  “I love you Bronwyn Cooper,” he whispered as he wrapped himself around her.  “I love you Kevin Richardson,” she returned to him.  Bron wiggled her self closer to him.  “Do you want to talk or sleep?” he asked tenderly.  “Sleep now, we’ll talk tomorrow,” she whispered.  Kevin pulled her even closer as they drifted off to sleep. 

As Kevin drifted off to sleep he thought about how quiet their lovemaking had been; except for the laughing part that is.  It’s been so quite lately.  There are too many people around us all the time.  I want it to be like that night we went out in Chicago.  But she’s back with me and I’m happy with that for now.

Kevin woke around eight and Bron was still sleeping.  He could hear noises up front but he couldn’t tell who it was.  He wanted to wake her and make love to her but he knew she was still catching up on her lost sleep.  Kevin gently slid away from her and grabbed his boxers.  He slid them on then grabbed his jeans and shirt.  Slowly he backed out of the bunk.  He covered her up to her chin and closed the curtain.

 Kevin stood in the aisle and slid his jeans on.  He walked back to the bathroom to wash up and finish getting dressed.  He went to the booth in front and found Nick and Brian playing dominos. 

“Morning,” he said as he poured some coffee and went and sat down next to Nick.  “Morning,” they said softly concentrating on the game.

“Nick thanks for helping her, helping us.”  Kevin spoke as he sipped his coffee.

“I told you, no problem anytime.”  Nick answered as he made his move.  Kevin set his cup down, reached over, and gave his baby brother a hug.  He owed Nick so much now.

“Kev get the hell off me,” Nick threw his arms up, trying to push him away.

“Isn’t that sweet,” Brian grinned.  “He loves you,” he added.

“Cute Bri, cute,” Nick was flustered with the attention.

Nick looked at Kevin pensively, “Is she mad at me?  Is she going to be okay?”

Kevin smiled, “No she’s not mad at you and yes she is going to be okay now.”

Brian asked Kevin, “What are you going to do now.”

Kevin answered, “We’ll get married.”

The table was silent for a minute as Brain watched for Nick’s reaction to the statement.  Nick smiled broadly, “Good then I get a sexy fic writer for a sister in law or should I say mommy?”  They all laughed at his statement.

Mary crawled out of her bunk sleepily and headed for the coffee pot.  Her eyes were half closed and she was well aware that this was the first time they had ever seen her look like this in the morning.  Brian moved over for her to sit next to him.  She took a sip of her coffee and smiled as her eyes opened.  “Morning,” she grinned.

Kevin shook his head, “You’re as bad as Bronwyn.  I really need to get her off that coffee.”

Mary grinned at him, “You try and you’ll see a whole ‘nother side of that woman.”

Kevin smirked at her, “Not nice huh?”

“PMS twenty four and seven,” Mary snickered.

Kevin dropped his head to hide his smile.  “Forget it, after all this.  She can keep the coffee.”

Mary finished her cup and got up to pour another one.  She was slightly worried that maybe Nick’s comments had brought the past back to Bron.  “How is she?”  Mary asked Kevin as she rejoined the group.

Kevin continued to drink his coffee, “Sound asleep.”

“Good because I owe her an apology for what we did to her.”  Mary dropped her head, more out of embarrassment than anything else.  Strong-arming her best friend was not her style.

Kevin reached across the table and grabbed Mary’s hand, “She’ll forgive you.  Don’t worry.”

Mary sighed out of relief.  She had been carrying a shit load of guilt about what they had done.

“So what are your plans now?”  Mary asked Kevin.

“Man, you guys are a nosey bunch,” he quipped.

“Oh, already been asked that this morning?” as she looked at Nick and Brian.

“Yes and my plan hasn’t changed.”  Kevin mused out loud.

Mary laughed.  Talk about a one-track mind, he hasn’t even asked her yet.

“You had better improve on your plan.  She’s not a push over.”  Mary said as she drank her coffee.

“I know that,” Kevin laughed loudly.

The conversation turned to Bounce.  Mary asked Kevin how she was doing at his mothers.  Kevin said that they were getting along great.  Mary chastised him for sending her there.  She knew Bron wouldn’t like it.  Bounce was a typical six year old and repeated every conversation she heard around adults.  Especially Bounce since she was always around adults.  The statement hit home with Kevin and he jumped up from the table.  “I gotta call my mom,” as he dashed off to find his cell phone.

Nick and Brian laughed at the urgency in Kevin’s voice.  They watched him frantically search the bus for the cell phone.

Brian looked at Mary, “I wonder if Aunt Ann is going to mention Night Train to him, since he is awaiting her response?” 

Mary let the words sink and her coffee cup almost dropped out of her hand, “Oh shit!” 

Brian was snickering at Mary’s response.  “When did you find out about that?”  Mary asked him.

“My mom called me and told me Kaylin sent it from Nick’s e mail to Aunt Ann.”  Brian chuckled.

“Oh!”  Mary laughed aloud.  “I would love to be there the day they were introduced.  This is my fic writer mom she writes about sex and me.  You know what I love her too.”  The three of them burst out in peels of laughter.  Kevin turned from up front, as he was talking to his mom and frowned at them.

Brian straightened himself up and leaned towards Mary since Kevin was still watching them.  “You will be.”  Broad smiles were plastered all over Brian and Nick’s faces.

“Huh?”  Mary looked at them with confusion.

“We invited Aunt Ann, Jerald, and Tim to the Oakland concerts,” Brian giggled.

Mary’s mouth fell open slowly, “Oh you bad boys,” she giggled.

“Don’t tell them,” Nick begged.

Mary couldn’t believe this.  This was going to be totally entertaining, excitement crackled in the air.  “I won’t.  Is Bounce coming too?” she asked.

“Of course, she was our back up plan.”  Nick laughed.  “Besides Kevin’s being selfish by keeping them apart.  Bron needs to see her.”  Nick turned to Brian, “When he was little did he have trouble sharing his presents?” as they burst out in laughter again. 

Kevin pulled the cell phone away from his ear, “Shut up!  I’m on the phone,” as he turned his back to them.

Mary figured this was the first fun they had in years and for a change it was at Bron’s expense.  “What did you tell his mom?  She is so ah Oh…”  Mary stuttered.

“A fine upstanding woman,” Nick looked at her with a smile.

“I told her that her son is very much in love with the author of Night Train.  She already knew obviously that Bounce belonged to Kevin’s girlfriend.  Stevie filled them in on most of it but not all of it.”  Brian filled her in.

Mary shook her head, “Don’t you think you should have let him tell his mother?”

“No,” they chimed. 

“Why?”  Mary asked.

Nick shrugged his shoulders, “He’s very conservative around his family.  Bron’s a chicken.  He would have them elope rather than her become upset and embarrassed.”

Mary bit her bottom lip, you little sneaks.  “So what you’re saying is that you want the big party after the I do’s”

“Yep,” Nick smiled.  “They deserve it.”

Mary glanced up towards Kevin, “She won’t say anything to him will she?”

Brian answered her question, “No she is too excited.  She is talking to him on her cell he just doesn’t know it.  She’s on her way to the airport now.  She is too excited to meet the mom of a well mannered little six year old.”  Brian began to laugh.

Mary raised her eyebrows, “Bounce has been running her mouth?”

“In overdrive,” Nick laughed.

“This is going to be so good.  I owe her for a few of her stunts in the past.”  Mary snickered.

“Hey wait a minute.  What about sleeping arrangements?”  Mary looked at both of them not trusting either of them.  She knew that Kevin’s mom was as straight laced as they came.

Nick chuckled, “Well that’s not our problem.  They have to work that out themselves.  We were nice enough to get them there.”  Nick tried to contain his grin.

Mary shook her head, “He’s gonna be so pissed.  They just got back together.”

“We know,” they both laughed as tears came streaming down their faces.






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