Chapter 64

A.J. rolled out of the bunk and headed for the table.  “What the hell is so funny this early in the morning?”  Mary grinned at him as she got up to get him some coffee.

“Nothing Alex, really,” Mary answered for all of them.  Mary handed him his cup of coffee and he grumbled a little. 

“Where’s Train?” he asked.

“In the back,” Nick answered as A.J. got up to go find him.  A.J. waited for Kevin to get off the phone and pulled him towards the front.  Howie had now joined the group.  A.J. went to his bunk and then came back.  He tossed a pile of bills on the table.

“Here’s your cash dude,” A.J. spoke as he pushed the wad of bills towards Kevin.

Mary looked at him, “What the hell is that?”

“The pool,” Kevin grinned.

Mary glared at Kevin and he quickly became uncomfortable, all of the fellas did.  “You bet on my friend,” Mary spit at them.

A. J. coughed, “Not exactly, come with me.”  He quickly grabbed Mary’s hand and led her to the back.  “Alex,” Mary hissed at him.

“Calm down baby, it’s not what you think.”  He spoke as he tried to calm her down.

“It better not be,” she hissed at him.

“No, No, listen…” as he began to stare at the floor.

“Then what is it?” as she slapped him up side the head.

A.J. grabbed her hand.  “Whether they would get married or not,” he said with embarrassment.

“Oh,” Mary exclaimed.  “And whose idea was this?”  A.J. looked at her like a kid who was in serious trouble with his mother and squeezed his eyes shut, “Kev’s”

Figures Mary thought, “Well you better go back and get that money she hasn’t said yes.  Hell he hasn’t even asked her yet.”

A.J. looked at her, “She will.”

Mary shook her head, “Maybe.  Alex trust me in the end she probably will but I have to tell you something.”  She waited to see if A.J. wanted to hear it or not. 

“What?” he asked.

Mary was upset over it still, “Kevin signed papers in Chicago that took Bron’s house and everything she owns and put it in his name.”

A.J. was shocked, “No way, why would he do that?  He’s not like that.”

“He took everything she owns and she doesn’t even know it yet,” Mary added.

A.J.’s head fell back, “Oh man that was stupid.  Why would he do that to her?”

Mary shook her head, “It wasn’t all his doing.  Mc left him a choice either Mc or him.  What hell was he supposed to do?  But when she finds out all hell is going to break lose and you know it.”

“We will fix it then,” A.J. chimed.

“How?”  Mary answered.

“I don’t know, will figure something out.”  Mary watched A.J. go up front, grab the money from Kevin’s hand, and walk back up to her.  Naturally, Kevin was going to follow his money.  “Hey Bone, what the hell?” as he tried to grab the cash back.

“Did you take Bron’s stuff?”  A.J. asked accusingly.

Kevin looked at him, “What stuff?”

“Her house and shit.”  A.J. said with an uneasy tone. 

“Oh that,” Kevin scrunched up his nose.  Somebody knows something they aren’t suppose too, he mumbled under his breath.

“Did you?”  A.J. asked again.

“Yes,” Kevin answered him.  A groan of disgust came from A.J. 

“But I gave it back already,” Kevin added.

Mary studied him and was doubting him the entire time.  Kevin looked at her, “Being stuck in L.A. was productive.”

Mary jumped across the space and hugged him, “Smart man you are.”

Kevin returned the hug, “Not my style, besides I already know her weaknesses,” he snickered and waved is tongue at her.

Kevin turned hearing Bron call his name.  He walked to the bunk; she was covered up to her chin with the blankets.  He chuckled a little at the sight.  “I need my clothes,” she whispered.  Kevin left and came back with her clothes.  He waited for her to dress and listened her cussing and swearing about being stuck in a cramped space.  Bron opened the curtain and he held her hand as she slid down to the floor.  “Thanks,” she kissed his hand. 

“Morning,” he spoke as he kissed her cheek.

“Not yet,” she smiled as she headed for the kitchen to join the rest of the people.  She walked directly to Nick, who was now sitting on the outside of the booth.  She grabbed his face in both of her hands.  Bron slammed her lips to his mouth and ran her tongue across his lips.  She started to press harder with her mouth as she watched him with his eyes wide open.  Nick opened his mouth to speak and Bron thought about it but backed off.  She saw the shocked looked on his face. 

Nick was horrified and began pushing her away.  Their lips separated and Nick started to scream, “Kev get her off of me!”  Bron backed off him and stood up with a smirk on her face.  Everyone but Kevin and Mary were in shock.  They were laughing at her assault on Nick.

“Thank you Nick,” Bron said and she smiled sweetly at him.

Nick’s face was blood red, “Why the hell did you do that?” he yelled at her.  Nick glanced at Kevin who was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk. 

“That’s how I say Thank you,” she grinned at him.

Nick pushed Bron further away from him, “No wonder Kevin’s so freakin’ happy.” 

Howie and the rest of the boys joined in, laughing at the comment.  Brian couldn’t believe that Bron just kissed Nick like that and Kevin didn’t mind.

Kevin got control of himself and with a slight chuckle, “I think you have been properly thanked.”

Bron reached over and ruffled Nick’s hair and he batted her hand away.  “You’ll get over it,” she announced as she walked towards Kevin. 

Nick started laughing.  In a couple more hours you’ll be sorry you did that.  “Ya know Bron paybacks are a bitch,” he laughed.

Kevin grabbed Bron’s hand as she drew closer to him, “We need to talk.”

Bron shook her head, “After my coffee.”  He stood and watched her drink three cups of coffee in row.  Damn that’s sick he thought.

As she poured her fourth he asked if she was ready and she shook her head yes.  They listen to everyone talk around them.  “Privately?” he asked.  Everyone stopped talking around them.

“Why, I don’t keep secrets from my family.”  She answered him and smiled.

Kevin grabbed her hand and looked to the others, “You heard her, but it’s too crowded here.”  They headed to the back and everyone followed.

They all tensed at first but Bron started the conversation.  “I owe all of you an apology.  I’m really sorry for dumping all of this stuff on you guys.”  The guys insisted that it wasn’t necessary that they really cared about her and wouldn’t accept it. 

Bron looked at the back of Kevin’s head, who sat on the floor between her legs.  “Do you really think it was a good idea to send Bounce to your mom’s?” she asked.

“She’s fine, she’s having a blast.”  Kevin answered as he reached up and stroked her arms with his hands.  “Okay,” Bron said as she glanced at Brian for reassurance.

Brian had a funny expression on his face.  “What Bri?”  Bron asked as all eyes turned to him in the room.

“Nothing,” and he shook his head.

“Brian, say it,” Bron demanded.

Brian looked at them both sitting there.  “Do you love Kevin?”

“Yes,” she answered as she felt Kevin’s hands gently squeeze her arms.

“Are you sure?” he asked her.

“Yes Brian I am very sure,” she answered.

“Will Mc leave you alone now?”  Brian inquired.

Bron sighed she didn’t know what to say.  It was Kevin who answered him, “No.”

Nobody fully understood the relationship that Mc and Bron had except Mary and Kevin.  “Why not?”  Brian asked his cousin.

Kevin wanted to explain tactfully, “Because Mc loves her.  But not the same way that I do, they also have other ties.”

Bron sighed, finally somebody understood besides Mary what Mc was all about.  She leaned forward and kissed his ear and whispered, “I love you.”

Nick was happy now because they were happy, “Yeah but what are you guys going to do now?”

Howie and A.J. groaned they knew where he was going to go with this.  Bron laughed, “Oh Nick I don’t know.  We really haven’t had a chance to talk.”

A.J. quickly changed the subject.  “Hey Bron, what were you two talking about last night that was so funny?”

Bron’s face turned red and Mary snickered in the corner.  “Ask Kevin,” she said with a fluster.

“We weren’t talking, we were going at it,” he grinned from ear to ear.

“God!”  Brian exclaimed.

Howie looked at Kevin and laughed, he turned to Bron.  “Have you talked to Gillian?” he asked her.

“No, why should I?”  Bron giggled.

“No that’s okay,” Howie smirked at her.

Bron glanced out the window, “Does this bus ever stop?”

“Only for food and gas,” Kevin answered her.

“This sucks, I’m bored,” she whined.

Kevin got up and went to Brian’s bunk.  He grabbed something and headed up front.  He unrolled the plans, set them out, and called her to come up front.

Bron went to him and he showed her what he had.  She was fascinated, enthralled, and delighted all at the same time.  She motioned him to move and he did.  She sat at the table and read everything he placed in front of her.

“Damn Kev this is nice, but you need to fix some things in this kitchen and master bath,” She said as she didn’t pick her head up.

“Well Mare said your dad was a contractor.  I figured you could help me out.”  Kevin tried to suppress his smile and the pure happiness that was running through him.  Okay so you’re the contractor, but I’m not suppose to know that.  Now you have something to do darlin’.  You plan it just like you want it he snickered to himself.

“I need a pencil and a pad please?” she asked as she continued to read.  Kevin leaned over her and pulled them from the cabinet above her head.

Kevin asked her a question three times and she ignored him.  He smiled inside, yep she’s happy and he walked to the back of the bus.

Kevin sat back down in the back and watched her read and flip pages.  For some unknown reason, he was completely satisfied just watching her.

“I’m happy for you,” he heard Mary say.

“Thanks.  Think she’ll figure it out?” as he continued to watch Bron work.

Jake smacked Kevin in the arm, “Not unless you put it on a billboard.”

The rest of the guys heard the comment and laughed.

The bus pulled into the parking lot of the hotel awhile later.  Everyone shuffled off the bus and settled into their suites.

Bron took over the desk and left the suite door open.  She watched Nick and Brain scurry up and down the hall.  Every now and then they would peek in the suite and laugh.

Kevin lay on the couch wishing he had never given her the damn plans.  They finally could be alone and she wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence let alone pay him any attention.






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