Chapter 65

Bron watched the hall that is weird, she pondered.  “Kevin,” she called him

“What?” he snapped at her.

“Something is up with Frick and Frack,” Bron said as she continued to watch the hall.

Kevin sat up on the couch and looked over the back of it at her, “How the hell would you know?” he snapped.

Bron smiled and looked at her watch and then him.  “What’s the matter Kev?” she asked sweetly.

“Nothing,” he grumbled at her as he watched Nick go down the hall laughing.

Bron put her pen and pad down.  Somebody is feeling neglected I think, she mused.  She got up from the desk and shut the suite door.  Kevin had already lain back down and was staring at the T.V.  Bron snuck up behind the couch and grinned.  She jumped over the back of the couch and landed on him.

“Uhhh,” he grunted as he absorbed the shock of Bron’s body and rolled her next to him.

“Hey baby,” she grinned at him as she began to unbutton her blouse.  “Got time for a quickie?”

Kevin looked at her with a smirk, “Depends.”  He began to help her with her shirt.

Bron groaned, “Depends on what?”

Kevin scrunched up his nose and grinned, “If you can survive,” he chuckled.

“Don’t you worry about me,” she giggled.  Bron wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her sweetly the first time.  He opened his eyes and glanced at her.  I bet I could make you do anything just for kisses he chuckled to himself.  Her kissed again, this time more roughly, pushing his tongue in her mouth and teasing her with it. 

Bron started rubbing the front of his jeans, Oh somebody wants this as bad as I do, she groaned.

Kevin stopped kissing her and she whimpered.  Bron heard him laugh softly.  He lowered his head to her neck and planted soft little kisses all around that on little sensitive spot on her neck, just above her collarbone.  My spot, he thought.  Bron moaned loudly as he went to his magic spot and one of his hands began to caress her breast.  As he squeezed her breast, he nibbled on her neck with little bites on his spot.

“God Kevin, this was suppose to be a quickie,” she whined not wanting to wait anymore.

“Sorry darlin’,” he whispered to her as he reached down and unfastened her jeans.  Just as he unzipped her pants a knock came at the door.  Bron’s eyes flew open in shock and disappointment.  “It’s okay.  It’s just Frick and Frack.  This is what they were waiting for, to interrupt.”

Kevin ignored the knock as he pushed his hand down the front of her pants.  Kevin desperately needed Bron and he wasn’t going to be interrupted.  He heard the doorknob turn and he looked at Bron who was stretched out underneath him.  “I’m gonna kill those two.”  He sat up on the couch a little to quickly, damn that hurt.

Bron fixed her pants hastily and buttoned her blouse.  “I’m sorry,” she looked at him slightly upset.  Kevin bent over and kissed her hard, “Not you’re fault.”  The door swung open as Kevin was deepening his kiss again.  She loves my kisses he said to himself with satisfaction.

“Hi dear.  Are you surprised?” came from the door.

He heard it, he didn’t believe.  “Oh shit,” he muttered as he pulled away from Bron and sat back up quickly.  “Mom!” he exclaimed.  He glanced at Bron and saw the fear in her face.  She didn’t know what to do.  Kevin held his hand out as he stood up and surveyed Bron quickly.  She’s dressed thank God.  Bron grabbed his hand and stood up next to him.

Bron quickly looked down and then back at the door.  Hmm, mom cooled him off pretty quick she snickered to herself.  Bron saw two men come in, Oh shit, she muttered under her breath. 

“Hey Bro,” came from both of the men.  Bron and Kevin were at a loss for words and uncomfortable at being caught in a clench.

“Oh dear, it’s so good to see you.”  His mother exclaimed as she crossed the room and gave him hug.  Kevin wrapped his arms around her and returned the hug.  “It’s good to see you too,” he smiled.

Bron and Kevin both turned to the hallway, they heard loud laughter.  Kevin’s brothers had walked into the suite and stood bordering the doorway.  Watching the two in the hallway have a good laugh.

Nick and Brian stood in the hallway laughing hysterically at a very embarrassed Kevin and Bron. 

Bron looked at Jerald and Tim.  They were smirking the same way Kevin did, they knew.  Boy can you tell they’re family, she grumbled to herself.

Nick looked at Bron and started making kissing noises and Brian joined in.  The noises continued and they added some sound effects along with it.

Bron looked at Kevin.  He saw the look in her eyes.  The anger was there and the embarrassment was on her face.  Kevin knew what she wanted.  She was seeking his permission to kick some ass, but she didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his family.  He listened to the two in hallway who were going way overboard again and then gave Bron a huge smile.

Bron grinned back; she knew he had given her the okay.  “I’m gonna kill you two,” she yelled as she ran out of the suite door.  Nick yelled, “Damn,” and ran down the hall.  Brian ran the other way.  Neither one of them expected that Kevin would let Bron come after them.  Bron was screaming down the hall, “You better find cardboard cut outs for these guys for tomorrow.”  Laughter erupted from the hallway.

Kevin’s laughter was interrupted by his mother, “Is that Bronwyn Kevin?” she asked him.

Kevin bit his bottom lip and nodded a yes.

“Sweet Girl,” his mother smiled.

His brothers burst out with laughter at the door.  Then Kevin heard Bron scream, “BOUNCE!” and jumped slightly for the door.

“Relax dear, she needs to see her little girl,” his mother said to him calmly.

Bron came running back into the suite with Bounce in tow.  She ran straight to Kevin’s mother and gave her hug, “Thank you Mrs. Richardson.”

“You’re welcome dear, Kevin said you needed some help.  We always help when we can.”  She reassured Bron.

“Mom let go, you’re hurting my hand,” came out of Bounce.

Bron dropped her hand, “I’m sorry baby, I missed you.”  Bron walked to the couch and Bounce followed.  Kevin watched the mother and daughter chatter away and catch up.  Stevie wandered into the suite.  “Hey Kev,” he smiled.  “Hey Stevie,” he forced a smile back.

Stevie started to grin.  He knew that this was an unplanned and unwelcome surprise at the moment.  He could read the look on Kevin’s face.  It basically said, I’m happy to see you, I’m glad you’re here, but somebody is in deep shit for doing this. 

Jerald walked over and set his bags down by Kevin, “She’s cute,” he whispered as he watched the two on the couch.

“So you ready to bunk up, just like the old times,” Tim spoke to Kevin with a sly grin on his face.  Kevin turned quickly to Bron as her head snapped up from her conversation with Bounce.  Inwardly he was hoping she wouldn’t let her temper blow.  Oh no, she said to herself.

Kevin was stuck he didn’t know what to do.  He couldn’t sleep with Bron with his family here.  That stuff didn’t fly with them.  I want my woman.  I want them to go home, he whined in his head.

Bron watched the emotions play across Kevin’s face he was very upset.  Bron knew why, she had done enough research on him.  He wanted her to be with him.  They had only been together one time since Chicago and only slept apart one time in the past few weeks.

“Kevin, Tim is speaking to you,” his mother reminded him.

“Of course he is.  He wouldn’t want you to stay anywhere else,” Bron said genuinely.

As Jerald stood next to Kevin, he was the only one who heard the slight sigh come out of his brother.  Kevin knew she was doing this for him.  Jerald smiled at his mom and then Bron.

The uneasy silence was interrupted by Bounce who whined she was hungry.  They explained that none of them had eaten.  Bron informed them that she would make something for lunch for everyone.  Mrs. Richardson wanted to help and Bron insisted that she didn’t.  Bron walked into the kitchen and began her daily routine that she had set for Kevin back in Chicago.  It didn’t go unnoticed by his family that she was comfortable with this.  Knowing where everything was and not searching for a single thing in any of the boxes. 

Jerald and Tim exchanged glances and they both looked at Kevin who dropped his head slightly and shrugged his shoulders.  Jerald wasn’t the only one musing in his head.  Uh-huh, somebody has been playing house for a while now.  Anne just smiled at her son.  Well she is taking good care of my baby.  She ignored her other two sons knowing they were being very rude in their thoughts.

Bron picked her head up as she handed Bounce a sandwich, “Where’s Carlos and Jake?” she asked Kevin.

“We’re here,” Jake answered her from the door. 

Bron looked at Anne, “They smell it three miles away.  They don’t miss a meal,” Bron grinned.  She was nervous, but at least having something to do was helping.

Everyone ate and the conversation centered around Bounce.  Everyone was steering clear of Kevin and Bron’s relationship for the moment.

Brian walked in the suite with his country bumpkin smile plastered on his face.  He wanted to see what was going on, “Hey guys.” 

“Yes Choirboy,” Bron answered him rudely.  Kevin heard his family laugh at the remark. 

“Mare needs you,” Brian smiled.  Man, she’s holding up pretty well he thought.

Anne looked at Brian, “Brian you sweetie you, how are you?”

“Fine Aunt Anne and how are you?” he asked with much revere for his aunt.

Anne smiled, “I’m fine.  It was so nice of you and Nick to invite us to visit Kevin.  I missed him so much,” she grinned.  Anne knew that this was surprise and she thought maybe her son needed to know who has initiated this for him.

Brian looked at Kevin and then Bron.  He was wondering who was going to pounce on him first.  Bron got up and walked towards Brian.  She had the biggest shit-eating grin on her face and Brian became worried.  “Yes Brian, it was very nice of you and Nick.  I think I need to thank you properly,” she giggled.

Kevin began laughing he knew what was coming, “You better run Cuz.”  Brian flew out the door calling for Nick to help him. 

Bron looked at Kevin and laughed, “Chicken.”

For the first time Kevin relaxed as he walked over to her and kissed her cheek, “You’re evil,” he whispered and then chuckled.

They closeness was broken up by a six year old.  “Mom, Mary wants you,” Bounce stood in front of them.  Kevin had to grin at her as he watched her.  Just like her mommy, eyes flashing away.  Definitely a happy little girl to see her mom, he thought, but jealous as hell.

“Well hello Bounce,” Kevin smiled down at her.

“Hi Kev,” Bounce giggled.

“Did you have fun at my mom’s?”  He asked her.

“Yes and she makes great cookies!” she uttered.

“Yeah, I know,” Kevin laughed.

“We’ll be right back,” Kevin told the crowd in the room.  “Bounce can you stay here with Uncle Stevie while we go see what Mary needs?”  Bounce shook her head up and down.  Bron watched bounce, it seems like Bron might not be the only one smitten with Kevin Richardson and she smiled.  “Thank you,” Kevin answered her with a smile.







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