Chapter 66

As they entered the hallway and the door shut to the suite, Bron started.  “What are we going to do?” she hissed.

Kevin grabbed her hand as he stopped.  “Relax, I will get a room for you and Bounce.”

“But,” Bron whined.

“I can’t Bron, not now,” he informed her.  As they passed by Nick’s door Bron halted.  “I am going to kick his ass for this right now,” she spat out.

“Not now, I have to get you settled,” Kevin spoke with an edgy voice.

They walked into Mary and A.J.’s suite to find the rest of the fellas.  Bron headed for Nick but Kevin held her hand and wouldn’t let go.  “No,” he told her and pulled her back towards him.

Bron was flustered as she turned to Mary, “What do you need Mare?”

Mary grinned, “Nothing I thought you may have needed an out.”

Kevin was glaring at Nick and Brian, when he asked Mary if he could use their phone.  Bron sighed, “Thanks Mare, I did.”

They listen to Kevin on the phone and then he hung it up in disgust, “They’re booked.”  Bron was almost in tears as she looked at Kevin, “What am I suppose to do?”

Nick and Brian exchanged nervous looks with one another, Kevin’s voice boomed through the room as he walked towards them.  “You went to far!”  Kevin yelled at them.

Jake and Stevie came rushing into the room.  “Hey Kevin, relax, it’s all worked out.  We have a bed for Bron.”  Stevie hastily spoke. 

“Not mine!” he screamed at Stevie.

Stevie shook his head, “No Kevin, you can blame those two for that,” as he pointed out the two guilty parties on the couch.  Kevin ambled over to the couch.  Brian and Nick jumped off it and went in opposite directions.  “Nervous fellas?” he asked as he sat down.  Kevin watched Bron; she would go after one of them if given the chance.

Bron was well aware she had better not make a move on them.  Kevin was watching every move she made.  He was already upset and angry.  She knew she didn’t need to make matters worse.  In a way, she was very happy because they had brought Bounce back to her.  Bron walked up to Kevin and spoke to him, “Look your family is here, let’s make the best of this.  The boys did bring Bounce to see me and I have a place to sleep.”

Jake spoke up, “Bron is going to stay with Carlos and I.  Stevie and Bounce are going to stay with one of the dancers.”  Kevin had to grin; he knew which dancer Stevie had probably hooked up with already too.  The one he introduced him to in Pittsburgh.

Bron turned to Stevie, “No way, not my kid.”  Bron turned to Mary, “Can she stay with you and A.J.?”  Mary wasn’t comfortable answering that question.  She wasn’t sure if that was to Alex’s liking.  A.J. kind of wrinkled up his nose he wasn’t liking the idea. 

“Bron I don’t know,” Mary replied.

Brian stepped up to Bron, unsure of her reaction to his close proximity,  “Bounce and Stevie can stay with me again.  I owe you Bron.  I’m sorry.”  He flashed that innocent smile he used to usually get himself out of trouble. 

Bron wasn’t buying the grin, but accepted the offer, “Thank you Brian.”

Nick was surprised Bron wasn’t mad.  Then he smiled hoping he could make amends and maybe more.  “Bron you can stay with me,” he said hastily.

Kevin looked at Nick, “Not going to happen Kaos.”  Some of the guys, including Jake and Stevie had little grins tugging on their faces. 

Howie shook his head, “You’re an idiot Nick.”

“All right it’s getting late.  Everyone is going downstairs together for dinner, on me, at eight.”  Kevin walked to the phone again and made the reservations.

Bron glanced at Kevin, “I need my clothes.” 

Kevin sighed they were already in their bedroom, “Let’s go get them.”

“Kevin everyone is in there,” Bron reminded him.

“Bron, they may not like it but they aren’t that stupid,” as he led her out the door and back to their room.  Jake followed behind them a few feet. 

Once there Kevin went into the bedroom and grabbed her duffel and handed it to Jake.  Nothing was said as the luggage was handed off to Jake and he left.

Bron stood there uneasy as hell.  Kevin spoke first.  “Everyone is going to dinner downstairs tonight at eight,” he announced.

Anne smiled noticing Bron’s uneasiness, “Oh great dear.  I would like to lie down if you don’t mind.  It’s been a long trip.”

“Sure Ma go ahead,” as he pointed to the bedroom.  As she left the room Kevin heard Bron mutter, “I want to too,” under her breath.  Kevin reached around, grabbed her hand, and squeezed it. 

The only thing that went through Bron’s mind was the fact that she had to get out of here and fast.  Bron sighed, “Come on Bounce let’s go lay down for a little while.  You’ve had a long trip.”

“You tired too mom?”  Bounce asked.  Bron looked at her, “No baby, I’m just a little frustrated right now.”  Kevin snickered at what she said.  The remark wasn’t missed by his brothers either as Kevin watched Bron’s butt as she strolled out the door.  One thought slammed through his mind.  If I don’t get some of that soon I’m gonna scream.

Kevin was slapped on the back into reality.  “Don’t let ma catch ya thinking like that,” Jerald laughed at him.  Kevin frowned at him as he went and turned the television on.  Tim said he was taking shower. 

Jerald grinned, perfect opportunity to question Kevin.  “Hey Kevin?”  Jerald asked. 

“Don’t start,” was Kevin’s answer to him without taking his eyes off the Television.

Jerald was determined, “You’re not getting off that easy.  It’s not everyday you send a lady’s kid home for us to take care of.”

“I’ve never done that before,” Kevin replied as he looked him straight in the face. 

“I know, so tell me why?”  Jerald continued.

The conversation went casually at first.  Kevin was upset thinking that maybe his family had pumped a six year old for information.  Jerald told them that Bounce freely coughed up the information.  She was comfortable with them.  Kevin was wondering just exactly what she had told them.  Jerald repeated what Bounce had told them.  Stevie, Jake, and Mc weren’t her uncles.  Kevin let Jerald know that in fact Stevie was Bounce’s security and had been for almost a year now.  Jake was Bron’s security.

“Why does a six year old need security?  Why did you separate them?  Stevie told us that this was your idea.”  Jerald asked not relenting.  He wanted to know what the hell his little brother had gotten himself into.

 “Jake works for me now, he used to work for Mc.  Stevie still works for Mc.”  Kevin answered.

“The kid has a lot of uncles,” Jerald laughed and Kevin grinned at him. 

“Listen, I wouldn’t have sent her to you guys if it wasn’t important to me,” Kevin said with a lowered voice.

“I know, but how important are these two to you?  You just met them three weeks ago.”  Jerald asked even though he knew what the answer would be.  Kevin had danced around the previous questions and did not answer him.  Kevin smiled warmly, “I’m getting married.”

Jerald was still a little stunned at the announcement, “That important huh?”

“Yep, that important,” Kevin said, still smiling but with merriment in his eyes.

Jerald still knew he didn’t have the entire puzzle and pressed on for more information.  “So what exactly happened to Bron?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”  Kevin looked at him. 

“Try me,” Jerald answered him.

“Someone tried to kill her,” Kevin simply stated as he looked at his hands that were clenched together in his lap.

“Ah what?” came out of Jerald.

“You heard me.”

Jerald looked at him as all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  Bounce had done nothing but chatter to them for the last three weeks.

Jerald groaned, “So that would be the bad man?”

“What the hell do you know about him?”  Kevin exclaimed.

“Not much.  Bounce said the bad man was in her house and hurt her mommy,” Jerald answered him wanting to kick himself in the ass for not telling Kevin sooner.

Kevin’s mind was spinning.  He was trying to recall if he had ever heard Bron mention Bounce being there or around her during her rape.  “Oh God, I don’t think Bron knows about this.”

“Kevin I’m sorry we should have told you.  I don’t think she does either.  Bounce said she would never tell anyone.  She had a nightmare the second night she was with us.  Mom took care of it with Stevie’s help.”  Jerald grew quiet.

“Damn, why didn’t you people tell us.  Bron and I have called so many times to talk to you guys,” Kevin was angry by the secret they had kept.  This is Bron’s kid and soon to be his and they needed to know about this.

Jerald was at a loss as he tried to explain.  “Mom thought you were stressed out enough.  She said she would handle it.  You know how mom can be.”  Jerald continued, “Besides it only happened the one night and it hasn’t happened since.”

Kevin put his back on the sofa and brought his hands up to rub his face.  “Well the bad man is now in jail.  His name is Lenny and he won’t be getting out any time soon,” Kevin was scowling at Jerald by the end of his sentence.

Jerald still knew he was missing information.  “Kevin what are you not telling me?” he asked.

Kevin’s head bobbed around, “A whole lot, but Bron…  I have to wait for Bron.  She isn’t ready to share yet.”  Kevin looked at his brother knowing that he would understand that he couldn’t share anymore than he already had.  “I need you to run interference for me.  I need to go talk to Bron about this.”

“Sure go head,” Jerald nodded to him.

Jerald watched Kevin walk out the door and Tim came in the room from his shower.  “Where’s Kev?” he asked him. 

Jerald grinned at him, “He went to talk to his wife.”

Tim clapped his hands together, “Ha-ha, I knew it.”

Jerald shook his head, “Yep, you called that one.”

“How could you miss it?  Mr. Privacy sends a kid to us.  You knew this was serious.”  Tim grinned back at Jerald.

“You’re just happy because you get to keep the kid in the family,” Jerald laughed.

“Come on, you like Bounce as much as I do,” Tim smiled.

“Yeah I do.  Such an attitude on her too,” Jerald answered him as he walked to his suitcase.

“Aww, come on she’s had it rough and she’s getting better.  Besides we know where she gets it from,” Tim chuckled.  The brothers looked at each other and chimed, “Mama,” and broke out in laughter.

“Kevin is going to have his hands full with those two,” Tim added.

Jerald found he was looking for and went back to the couch, “He’ll manage.  Bron doesn’t seem to impressed by his money or lifestyle.”

“I agree.  What are you reading?”  Tim asked.

“Night Train,” Jerald laughed.

Tim shook his head, “You’re sick.  Kev seems to be having a hard time with us being here.”

Jerald snickered, “Oh yes he is.”

“I wonder if we should be nice brothers or his real brothers?”  Tim asked Jerald with a gleam in his eye.

Jerald coughed, “I’m surprised you brought that up.”

“Well it does have its benefits.  We can make him feel like our tormented baby brother again,” Tim grinned.

Jerald was smirking at him, “Yeah why don’t we do that.”

Tim was giggling by now.  He was reminiscing on the beatings that poor Kevin took from both of them.  But Kevin wasn’t a little boy anymore.  He was a man now, so you have to get at him a different way.  “Wouldn’t want him to go sneaking around while mom is here would we.”

Jerald flashed him smile, “Nope, guess we’ll have to keep him very busy.”






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