Chapter 69

Bron knew while walking all the way to the elevator that Kevin was angry.  Once out of sight, he would explode.  She prayed the elevator would have people in it.  They walked into the elevator, no such luck, and the doors slammed shut.  Kevin turned to her and yelled, “What the hell was that all about?”

Bron shook at first due to the amount of anger that came out of him.  “I don’t understand why you are so upset,” she looked at him half scared and half angry herself.

Kevin backed her against the wall in the elevator.  “I told you that you were staying with me.  I told you that I loved you and you said you loved me,” he hissed at her.

“Kevin I do love you, but what was I suppose to say.  What am I suppose to do, blindly follow you around on this tour while your mother watches my kid.  That’s assine!” she shouted at him as her anger built.

“Bronwyn No!”  Kevin shouted.

“No Kevin, it’s time for me to go home.  It’s obvious that your family doesn’t approve.”  She yelled at him.

“Approve of what?” he bellowed at her as the elevator reached the floor and the doors opened.

Bron bolted out of it.  She was so angry right now.  “Me!” she shouted without turning around and headed for Stevie’s room.

Bron reached Stevie’s door and she heard Kevin’s voice from behind her.  “That’s not true, you didn’t even give them a chance.”

Bron whirled around to face him, “Oh that’s right, my daughter has an attitude and a discipline problem,” she growled at him.  Bron opened the door and let herself in Stevie’s room.  Kevin didn’t dare follow her.  He was so mad he wanted to strangle her.  She knew those comments weren’t meant to hurt her.  He waited outside until she came out, pacing back and forth.

Bron walked out and he started again, as he followed her, “They didn’t mean it like that,” he spoke to her.

Bron reached the door to Carlos’s room and opened it.  “Well somebody doesn’t approve or I’d be in your bed tonight!” she yelled at him.  Bron stood inside the suite just behind the door.  She saw Jake and Carlos watching everything that was going on.  But she was ignoring them, she was too upset right now.  She narrowed her eyes at Kevin, “Why don’t you be a man?” she screamed as she slammed the door in his face.

Bron stood on the other side of the door a few feet away.  A fist slammed into the suite door.  “Get out here!” he shouted through the door.

“Kiss my ass Kevin!” she screamed back at him.

Jake looked at Carlos, got up, and went to the door.  Upon opening it he found Kevin in such a rage he almost stepped back.

“Stop it,” Jake spoke softly.

“Stop it!  Stop it!”  Kevin repeated as he tried to brush past Jake to get to Bron.  “Excuse me,” Kevin glared at him.  So help me God if one more person interferes between us I will not be responsible for my actions, he screamed in his head.

“No I won’t,” Jake replied, refusing to move.

“You work for me,” Kevin barked at him.

“And she is my family,” Jake warned him as he stepped closer to Kevin.  There is no way in hell he is getting near her when he is this angry.

Carlos got up and grabbed Kevin by the arm, “Come on Kev, let’s take a little walk.”  It took everything Carlos had to shove Kevin back out the door. 

“Get your damn hands off me,” Kevin roared at him. 

“Shut up and walk,” Carlos growled back as he led Kevin back down to the other suite.

Once in his own suite, Kevin let his emotions and thoughts fly.  He was screaming as loud as he could.  Carlos was sure if there was anyone on the floor that wouldn’t be missing this rant.  Of course, most of them were used to Kevin’s little temper fits by now.

“I don’t get it Carlos.  I swear to God that woman is so bull headed.  Ya know sometimes I just wish she were a man for five minutes.  ERR!!!  How many times have I told her I loved her?  I told her she is staying with me.  Dammit!”  He yelled.

Stevie heard the commotion and decided to check it out since if it kept up it would wake Bounce.  Carlos and Stevie stood there watching Kevin rant and rave.  They were both trying their best not to laugh at him. 

“It’s not that God damn funny!”  Kevin shouted at them.

“What did you expect?  You’re with her twenty-four and seven for the last three weeks.  Your family shows up and you don’t want to even go near her.”  Stevie said with an amused grin.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be near her.  I can’t be near her,” Kevin frowned as he paced.

“Oh why not?”  Carlos asked.

“Because if I go near her I lose control.  Besides she told my mom she’s going home,” Kevin whined.

Carlos laughed, Kevin always had to be in control of everything and everyone.  However, since Bronwyn was the same way this was a real problem for both of them.

Stevie stood there shaking his head, “I don’t believe this shit.”

“Believe what?” as Kevin leaned back against the countertop in the kitchen and crossed his legs.  His temper had slowed down to just above simmer now.

“You’re mad at Bron because she told your mom she’s going home,” Stevie replied with a giggle.

“Yes I’m mad at her.  She knows she not going home,” Kevin spat out.

Stevie pushed Kevin’s buttons even more, “Why isn’t she going home Kevin?”

“Because we’re going to get married and then she can go home, to our home,” He huffed out.

Carlos and Stevie had to hide their pleasure.  “Oh I see.  I did hear some thing about marriage.  Mc said you mentioned in Chicago and Jake and Carlos said you told Mary and the guys.  Who else did you tell?”  Stevie inquired.

“My brother Jerald.  So What?”  Kevin was fed up with the conversation.  Everyone knew what his intentions were since Chicago.

“Mmmm, did you happen to tell or should I say ask Bron?  She should know where she fits into this besides your bed warmer,” Stevie smirked and Carlos followed suit.

Kevin just groaned he hadn’t forgotten, the right time to ask her hadn’t come up yet.  He was working on it.  He wanted to do it right.

“Forgot something didn’t you Mr. Pop star.”  Kevin’s head shot up, “Don’t call me that.  I don’t like it!”  Kevin yelled at him.

“Yeah I know.  Mc told me that,” Stevie laughed even harder at Kevin.

Kevin kicked the stool in front of him out of frustration.  “I didn’t forget.  I just haven’t asked her yet.  I was afraid she would say no.”

“I’m sure she will now,” Stevie frowned at him. 

Kevin grinned slightly he still had Mc on his side, “She can’t.  Mc won’t stand for it.”

“Oh yes she can and then she’ll call Mc and tell him what happened.  The shit will hit the fan and you’re going to pay the price for it, just like I did.”  Stevie warned him.

Kevin thought about it, “Nope, Mc won’t interfere.  He wants me to have her.”

Stevie shook his head, you arrogant self centered prick he thought.  “Yeah, he is all for it, but you hurt her.  He warned you in Pittsburgh not to.  I was there remember.”

Carlos watched Kevin go into distress.  “Oh shit!”  Kevin exclaimed, “I have to call him and explain.”

“You better do something fast.  She can’t leave, but he will take her from you.”  Stevie enlighten him.

Kevin’s temper went to boil.  I am sick of this shit; if everyone would just leave us the fuck alone we would be fine.  Dammit he would take her from me.  She’s so mad she would go too.  He heard Carlos say, such a stubborn man still after all this time.  Think, what do I do, Kevin’s thoughts were flipping through his head.  Kevin eyes followed Stevie to the phone.  The receiver was promptly handed to him.  “Start explaining,” Stevie told him.

“Hello,” Kevin spoke into the phone with a solemn voice.

“Hello Mr. Pop Star.  I hear you got yourself in some deep shit,” came out of the phone.

“I don’t know what to do?”  Kevin whined to back to him, ignoring the smart remark.

“Don’t bother asking her right now.  Jake is trying to peel her off the ceiling.  I’ve already talked to her and she begged me to let her come home.  Maybe I made a mistake with you.  I thought you could take care of my little girl.”  Mc said quietly to him.

“Oh,” Kevin spoke.  Carlos watched Kevin’s face fill with anguish.  Well I guess he does love her as much as I thought he did. 

 “I told her no to ease your mind a little,” Mc told him.

“Thanks,” Kevin said.

“I won’t next time,” Mc said flatly into the phone.

“Understood, I don’t know what to do,” Kevin groaned in frustration.

“Well you made her feel ashamed at dinner,” Mc spoke.

“I did not!”  Kevin yelled into the phone.

Carlos and Stevie really wanted to know what was being said on the other end of that phone.  Whatever Mc was saying to Kevin was certainly getting a rise out of him.

“Not directly, but it could have been handled differently.  How was she supposed to answer that question.  Gee I’m sorry Anne, but your son has been holding me prisoner for the last few weeks, and Mc and everyone around you have been letting him do it.”

Kevin knew Mc was right, what the hell was Bron going to say to that.  It was time to move on to something else, “I just don’t know how to ask her and get the answer I want.  I don’t want the no and the zillion excuses she is going to give me of why she can’t.”

Mc understood, Bron had her difficult moments.  Even if something was perfect for her, if someone pushed her she would pull away from it.  They seemed to be sailing along until the surprise had arrived of Kevin’s family.  Okay Kevin needs some prompting to help him out.

Kevin began to stare at the phone intently Mc wasn’t saying a word.  Then he heard him but couldn’t believe what he said, “Come again,” Kevin said.

“I said when is Bronwyn the most agreeable?”  Mc repeated with amusement.

Kevin chuckled into the phone.  He wasn’t going to answer that, that is between her and I. 

“I thought so,” came out of the phone with a giggle.

“So,” Kevin laughed.

“So why don’t you combine that with Bron’s favorite trick and I’m sure you’ll get the answer you want.”  Mc was out right laughing now.

“She’ll kill me!”  Kevin shouted at the phone.

Stevie rolled his eyes at Carlos, “Talk about dramatic.”  Carlos snickered at him.

“No she’ll be mad but you’ll have a lifetime to make it up to her.  You have to understand Bron never goes back on her word.  A deal is a deal with her,” Mc giggled.

“I can’t do that now my family is here,” as Kevin tried to reason with Mc and look for support at the same time.

“I think you have to, she thinks you are ashamed of her,” Mc told him.

“I’m not,” Kevin replied quickly.

“I know that, she doesn’t,” Mc reminded him.

Kevin shook his head, how can I pull this off.  Everyone has their nose up my ass.  I can’t even breathe.  “I’ll be in touch,” as he hung up the phone.

Kevin walked to the door and opened it, “Goodnight,” he announced.  Kevin didn’t wait for them to leave he needed to think.  He walked into the bedroom and changed clothes, grabbing a pillow and blanket.

When he came back out, they were gone, but his mother and brothers were back.  “Kevin did I say something to you at dinner to upset you?” his mom asked him.

“No mom you didn’t,” he answered half lost in his own thoughts as he made himself comfortable on the couch.  Anne walked to her youngest and tucked the blanket under him.  She bent down and kissed his cheek, “Okay, good night dear.”

“Night mom,” he sighed.

As soon as Anne shut the bedroom door, Tim and Jerald started laughing quietly. 

“Something funny?”  Kevin asked them as he rolled away from them.

“No,” Jerald smirked as he headed to bed.






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