Chapter 7

Stevie came back to Mary's room, he'd baby-sat Bounce this morning for Bron.  He figured it was Bron’s last hurrah and then they could go home.

Amy was babbling and running around.  Stevie looked at her, "What's up with you?"

"We're going to Pittsburgh for two days," she told him. 

Gillian was bubbling over, "The boys made the arrangements for us."

Stevie looked at Bron sitting on the couch covered with Orange Juice,  "What the hell happened to you?" 

Mary glanced over her shoulder, "Just a Train wreck."  The girls burst out laughing and so did Bron she couldn't help it. 

"Come on I will explain on the way, I need a shower."  Bron grabbed his arm, Bounce's hand, and they left. 

Once out of the shower she started to explain the Pittsburgh travel plans. 

"No way, you are not going.  I can't let you, he'll kill me!”  Stevie railed at her. 

"Don't tell him then," Bron simply said. 

"What do you mean don't tell him?" stunned at what she just said to him. 

Bron repeated,  "Don't tell him."

"Jesus are you insane.  I can't protect you there.  I've never been there."

Bron chuckled as she looked him straight in the eye, "I'll blend in." 

"Yeah right, you’re going to blend in hanging with the Backstreet Boys," he said dryly.

Bounce came twirling in the room, "Stevie I get to go see the Boys again, I'm so excited," she gushed.

Stevie looked at Bounce, he hadn't seen her that happy in months.  "Fine, but if he finds out that I let you go, we are both in serious trouble and you will be the one to deal with the consequences," speaking in a lowered voice to Bron.


It was a long ride to Pittsburgh on the boy's bus.  They had all decided to ride together in one bus, instead of on their own buses.  Their relatives had flown home for a while to take a break from the tour.  Nick was rampaging around and kept asking are we there yet.  Howie and A.J. decided to grab some sleep in the bunks.  Kevin sat staring out the window in the back lounge area.  Finally Kevin yelled at Nick to settle down, which he promptly did.  Next time the little shit is going to ride on his bus not mine, he said to himself.

Howie awoke with Kevin shouting at Nick.  "God don't they ever stop," he groaned.  Crawling out of the bunk he went up front and sat on the couch.

Howie directed his question to Kevin, "Ok, that's it, spit it out, what's up with you?"

"Nothing," Kevin continued to stare out the window.

Poking Kevin in the ribs, "Bull, I see it in your face, come on tell me Kev," Howie pleaded.  If Kevin’s mood didn’t turn around the entire weekend was going to be trashed. 

"She's is getting to me.  I can't stand it and I can't control it."

Howie's eyebrows did a Grouch Marx routine.  A.J. tumbled in from the bunks, "Hey dudes!"

Howie motioned him to sit down. 

"I warned her, she just keeps coming on," never taking his eyes away from the landscape. 

"Yeah, well she's just got a thing for ya," A.J. smirked. 

"This never bothered you before.  How come it does now?"  Howie asked him. 

"Because she sees inside of me that's why," Kevin sighed.  "I snuck in her room last night and kissed her.  I figured she wouldn't write anymore if she had a taste, Dammit," as he shook his head.  “This morning she was right back at it.”

Brian walked in and heard the confession and his jaw dropped along with everyone else's, "Whose room did you sneak into?" he exclaimed. 

"A really cute fic writer," Nick grinned.  All eyes turned on Nick.  "What?  He did it not me," he exclaimed.

Nick sat back listening, he knew what was bugging Kevin, but Kevin needed to figure it out himself.

A.J. shook his head "She has a lot of baggage Kev....  I don't know."

"What did you find out?"  Kevin asked him. 

"She is a widow, before she got married she was with a guy, this guy has some enemies."  A.J. halted judging Kevin's reaction.  "Her husband was shot in a drive by shooting supposedly by this guys rivals when he came out of work."

"Whoa Kev!  This is not something you want to get into Kevin.  Not even a one night stand."  Brian said. 

"He must be the one that signs Stevie's paycheck," Kevin uttered. 

"Hey Kev," Nick looked upset, "We invited the ladies to spend a couple days with us.  Is that gonna be a problem for you?"

"No, I figured that out Nick when you told Amy you would see her later."  Kevin turned back to the window thinking you did me a big favor bro; Mz. Bronwyn and I are going to have a little chat again.






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