Chapter 71

Bron walked into the restaurant beaming with Jake on her arm.  They were escorted to the table and Bounce was the first to see them.  “You look beautiful Mom!”  Bounce said with excitement.

“Thank you baby,” as she walked over and dropped a kiss on her cheek.  Kevin watched, don’t bend over again or what’s in that sweater is going to fall out.  He didn’t know whether to be pissed or happy about the way she was dressed.  His eyes quickly moved to his brothers, well those asses don’t miss much.  Tim’s married too.

Stevie was watching Kevin, who didn’t know what to say as his jaw hung open when Bron bent over to kiss Bounce. 

Anne giggled to herself and looked at her son, “Close your mouth dear.”

Bron grinned at Kevin, as the gentlemen stood up while she took her seat next to him.  Bron looked a Kevin, “Are you in a better mood today?”  She asked sweetly.

“I am now,” he stuttered out.  He was stunned by those clothes.  Those pants, she’s got those pants on.  She knows those pants get to me.  I told her she couldn’t wear them anymore.  His mind was set off in a different direction just over a pair of pants.

Bron leveled her eyes at Kevin who was staring at her intently lost in his own thoughts.  “That’s good.  So, what is so damn important that you have the audacity to command my presence at a meal?  Who the hell do you think you are?”

Bounce winced at the use of the bad words again, “Mom you promised!” 

Bron looked at Bounce, “I’m sorry Bounce I’m just very angry with Kevin right now.”

Bron felt the fingers on her face and pressure; her head was force to turn to face Kevin.  He had actually grabbed hold of her face and forced her to look at him.  Kevin fingers were biting into her jaw.  “I commanded your presence at a meal so I could tell my family how important you are to me and that I love you.”  It came out as a matter-of-fact statement with a controlled fury behind it.  You witch I will get you for this, he thought to himself.

Jake knew it was coming and Carlos knew it too.  They exchanged looks to see if they should break it up before one of them took a swing at each other.  Stevie was amused.  Kevin was back and not managing any self-control.

Jerald, Tim, and Anne were taken aback by the exchange.  There was enough anger between the two that you could feel it resonating through the room.  “Well now that we know that Kevin you can let go of Bronwyn,” his mother spoke in an angry voice.

Kevin’s hand dropped immediately from Bron’s face upon hearing his mother’s words.  She hadn’t talked to him like that since he was in school.  It was loud and crystal clear.

Anne pushed her chair back as Kevin and Bron both looked at her.  Now they were upset that their anger had gotten the best of both them in public.  “It seems Kaylin was right.  My son does have a dark side.”  Anne watched Kevin’s eyes grow dark in his head.  Bron grabbed for her glass of ice water at the statement.  “Right Kaylin or should I say Bronwyn.”

Kevin turned swiftly to Bron, “What did you do?” came flying out of him.

Bron lowered her head slightly.  She didn’t want to tell him but she knew there was no way out of it now.  “I sent Night Train to your mom when we were in Chicago?”

Kevin’s face contorted with anger and Bron raised her head to look at him.  He could see the fear in her face as he ground his jaw together and waited for the explanation.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered at him.  Her anger was gone and now she felt like a fool.  The anger on his face made her somewhat relieved that they were at least surrounded by people; it was the dark side of Kevin.

“No you’re not, you did it get even with me,” Kevin spat at her.

Everyone was watching the two of them work this out of their system.  Anne could tell that these two had been simmering since just after she got there.  Jerald was amused, Bron would challenge Kevin until it was a physical challenge and then she would back down.  This marriage should be real interesting when we get home, he mused.

“Why did she feel she had to get even Kevin?”  Anne inquired.

Oh no, Bron panicked, she’s going to find out.  I don’t want the woman to know I was just given to her son like a piece of fucking luggage and he accepted me.  “Nothing Mrs. Richardson, I was being childish.  I was upset over a comment he made that’s all.”  Bron was almost in tears.  This isn’t right, I didn’t ask for this.  I can’t take anymore.  She felt Kevin’s arm come around her and his lips were at her ear.  “I said I was sorry then and that it would never ever happen again.  It won’t, I’m sorry.”

Bron picked her head up, locked her eyes on his, and whispered, “I’m sorry too.  This is stupid and immature.  I came down here to bring you down a peg or two.  Will you forgive me?”

“Depends,” Kevin replied as he watched her shocked expression.

“On what now?” she said as she continued to stare at his eyes.

“If you’ll forgive me too,” as he leaned over and kissed her forehead. 

“I do,” she whispered on his neck.

“Can we eat now?”  Bounce whined.  Everyone laughed realizing that Bounce didn’t really understand what was going on.  As they began to eat, Bounce winked at her mom who returned it with a smile.  I’ll never get one over on you kiddo, Bron thought.

Jerald spoke while everyone ate.  “I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been sprung on you guys.”

“Probably not,” Kevin laughed as his arm drifted down between the back of Bron’s seat and her bottom.  Bron gave Kevin a wily smile, and what are you trying to find out Lurch, she thought to herself.

“So Kaylin,” Jerald laughed. 

“Don’t call me that please,” Bron squeaked out.

“Sorry Bronwyn, my mom wanted to know if you plan on changing that last chapter of Night Train?” he asked.  Bron choked on her food and blushed.  Kevin removed his hand and set it in his own lap temporarily.  It slowly moved over to Bron’s lap under the table.

Kevin figured it was time to turn the tables on Bron, she wore the clothes and she knew what the possibilities were, that’s why she wore them.  He snaked his hand between her legs and began rubbing her the inside of her thigh with his thumb.  He slowly moved up her leg to his target.  Kevin looked at Stevie with a smirk.  If anyone could tell it would be him.  Stevie peeked at Bron and then gave Kevin a big smile.  Yep he knew.

“I’m sure I will, as soon as I have time,” she said mildly.  She couldn’t think.  What the frig is he doing?  I’m ready to jump out of this damn chair.  I think he’s lost his mind.

“Mom I have to go” Bounce said quietly while looking at her mom.  Bron popped out of the chair as soon as she said it.  “Ok, come on I’ll take you.”  She pushed out of her throat. 

Kevin chuckled at Bron’s sudden departure and so did Stevie.  Everyone else was clueless and he liked it that way.  Kevin turned to Jerald to see a grin tugging at his face.  Well maybe everyone else and he grinned at him.  Bron wasn’t gone from the table for two minutes when the same question came out of Jerald, Tim, and Stevie.  “Are you going to ask her?” he heard.

Kevin chuckled, “Not with all of you here.  I have something special in mind.” 

Stevie began to laugh.  “Talk to Mc today Stevie?”  Kevin asked with a slight laugh.

“Yes I did,” as he settled down.

“Well when are you going to ask her?  You almost killed each other a half hour ago.”  Jerald was annoyed at not knowing what Kevin had planned.  He usually wasn’t that secretive.

“You’ll know by sometime tomorrow,” Kevin answered with amusement, as Bron and Bounce came back.

Bron sat back down and Kevin announced he had to leave.  He called the waitress over and signed the check.  As he stood up he grabbed Bron’s hand and pulled her out of the chair.  “Walk with me,” he whispered to her.  Carlos knew better than follow.  When Kevin was ready to leave Bron would come back to the table.

They walked to just outside the restaurant door to a small alcove with a pay phone it in.  “I want my kiss,” he grinned.

“After what you just did in there, no kisses for you,” Bron frowned at him.

“Why not?” as he leaned closer and pushed her into the wall, “You liked what I did in there.”

“No I didn’t.  Besides your family is here,” she sighed as she tried to figure out away to get out from under him.

Kevin figured she couldn’t take anymore, now he was being a tease.  “So I can’t kiss you until they leave?” he questioned her.

“That’s right,” as she hugged him and walked back in the restaurant.  He watched her walk; I’m putting them on a plane tomorrow night he yelled in his head.  I’ll get my kisses later tonight darlin, he grinned as his body shuddered and he felt that aching need between his legs.

“You look awful damn happy.”  Carlos smirked as he walked up to him. 

“I am, I am,” he repeated with delight and anticipation as they went to meet the rest of the guys.

Bron finished the meal with both families and enjoyed herself immensely, then they headed to the concert.  The show was fantastic.  The fellas were back to normal including Kevin.  On the way back to the hotel, Anne turned to Jerald and whispered to him.  “I’m disappointed.  I thought he would ask her at dinner or at the concert.”

Jerald whispered back, “I am too, but I think he wants it to be private.  You know how he is.”

When they got back to the hotel, Bron put Bounce to bed.  Stevie noticed Bron’s growing frustration as they had come to call it, thanks to Kevin.  “Hey Bron are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes I’m fine.  Why don’t I look okay?” she asked with curiosity.

“Yeah I guess so.  You just seem a little frustrated,” he chuckled.

Bron spun around, “You guys spend too much time talking to each other.  I know you figured out what was going on downstairs too.  If he ever does that to me again, I’m going to slap him right up side the head.”

Stevie laughed as he walked over and hugged her, “I’m sorry.”

Bron returned the hug, “It just feels good to want someone again and to know that you are wanted.  It’s been along time.”  Bron kissed his cheek.  “Good night,” she turned and left, quietly shutting the door.

Bron knocked on Kevin’s door and went in.  “Hey darlin’ come sit with me,” he said from the couch with a wicked grin on his face.

“No, I’m going to bed.  I just stopped to say good night,” she smiled.  Tim and Jerald responded the same back to her.  “Where’s your mom?”  Bron asked as she searched the room with her eyes. 

Kevin patted the seat next to him on the couch, “She went to bed.”

“Oh,” Bron smiled, “Well goodnight Lurch,” and she blew him a kiss.  Oh, the look of disappointment was written all over his face, as she closed the door.

“Witch,” Kevin groaned as he looked at the closed door and tossed himself back on the couch.  Kevin heard his brothers laughing and it was irritating. 

“Hey Kev we’re sorry,” Jerald laughed. 

“You look real sorry,” as he turned his head to look at them.  “Why don’t you go to bed?” he huffed out.

“Nah, it’s to early,” Tim snickered at him.

Go to freaking bed, Kevin groaned in his head.  “Well I’m tired and I need my sleep,” as he turned the television off.

“I wouldn’t exactly call you tired bro,” Jerald chuckled.

“Yes I am,” he groaned as he rolled on the couch away from them.  He closed his eyes and began working on his plans again.  He knew he could outlast them but he dozed off a little.

He did wake up when he heard Tim say, “Think he’s sleeping?” 

“Yeah he’s out, no alley cat struttin’ for him tonight,” Jerald laughed.  Kevin heard them go to bed after they turned the lights off and locked the door.

Kevin rolled over and grinned in the dark after awhile.  Time to deliver my kisses as he crawled off the couch and snuck out the door.






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