Chapter 73

Bron slowly woke up; someone was tickling her foot, “Stop,” she grumbled as she pulled her leg back under the blanket.

“I will but as much as I love looking at my sister’s naked backside you will give Carlos a stroke,” she heard.

“Shit!”  Bron sat up, grabbing the sheets and blanket. 

Jake stood their grinning at her, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.  Go get dressed he’s not up yet.”

“Thanks Jake,” she smiled as he walked to the bathroom clutching the sheet.

Bron turned the shower on and waited for the hot water.  She dropped the sheet and stepped in.  The hot water and steam felt so good.  She stood in the shower talking to herself, “I’m getting married,” she groaned.  “I can’t believe I told him yes.  What am I going to do?  I can’t marry him, he’s to young.  Oh, they would have a field day with this.  Once the press starts digging.  Shit!”  Bron washed her hair and continued to talk to herself.  “But I’m not marrying Kevin the Backstreet Boy, I’m marrying Kevin Richardson.  The man that has helped so much and he is the one I love.  I really am going to kill him for that little stunt he pulled last night,” she groaned.

By the time she got out of the shower she was more confused than when she got in it.  She walked out into the suite after getting dressed and smiled slightly embarrassed over the last night’s events.  Bron waited to see if either one of them were going to give her a hard time about it, but they didn’t.  After exchanging good mornings, she grabbed her coffee cup and headed for the door.  “Breakfast in a half,” she said as she left.

Jake and Carlos exchanged looks as she walked out the door, “Happy girl?”  Carlos asked. 

“Give her time he blew her mind last night,” Jake chuckled.

The hall was silent as she walked down to Kevin’s room and tried the doorknob.  She let herself in finding it unlocked.  Once in she headed straight for the coffee pot and filled her cup.  Bron glanced around the room; Kevin’s mother and brothers were only half awake and slightly startled by Bron’s appearance so early.

“Morning Bronwyn,” Anne spoke to her. 

Bron smiled, “Good Morning.  How did you sleep?”  Bron asked as she watched Kevin sprawled out on the couch. 

Anne smiled and followed Bron’s gaze to the couch.  “Wonderful and you?”

“Never better,” Bron almost sang, she still wouldn’t take her eyes of the couch. 

The brothers exchanged glances and both of them looked at Kevin on the couch, wondering if he did or not.

Bron caught a glimpse of Kevin trying to bury his face from their view, you fake you’re not sleeping, she mumbled to herself.  “Would you like some breakfast?”  Bron asked them.

“Sure,” Jerald answered with a big grin, “But there’s no cook.”

“Don’t you worry about that,” Bron giggled.  Kevin moved his hand under his head and turned.  Yeah you lay there and let me hang myself in front of your family.  Bron hit the fridge and started her routine as she did every morning.  She turned to Anne who sat in her bathrobe, “I’ll warn you, we usually have the troops descend on us for breakfast.  I don’t know why?”  Bron quickly closed her mouth realizing she just stuck both of her feet in it.  She looked towards the couch and saw his shoulders shake a little.  Oh yeah get your jollies now Kevin, she groaned to herself.  Jesus Bron why don’t you just come out and tell them, she moaned to herself.

“Well in that case I’m going to go and get dressed.”  Anne spoke as she quickly went to the bedroom. 

Bron was tossing stuff in pans and cooking away.  Tim and Jerald watched with curiosity.  “What are you making breakfast Bron?”  Tim asked her.

“Bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes,” she answered while not picking her head up.  “That is a lot of food,” Jerald said to her.

“Eh, it all gets eaten eventually,” Bron laughed.  The suite door was knocked on, opened, and in marched Carlos and Jake, just as Anne came out of the bedroom.  “Morning,” they said to her.

“Sshh boys, Kevin’s still sleeping,” she reprimanded them.  Bron started to laugh a little to loud.  “Did I say something funny Bronwyn?”  Anne asked with a tone that said she wasn’t happy with her.

“No, but he isn’t sleeping,” Bron giggled again.

“Yes he is, look at him,” his mother sighed as she looked at her son on the couch, with the face of a mom who loved her child.

“He hasn’t been sleeping since I walked in here.  He’s playing games again,” Bron informed her.

Anne shook her head in disbelief at the young woman.  Bron held her finger up to her mouth and winked at his mom.  “Lurch get off the couch and get your butt in the shower,” Bron spoke loudly to the couch.

A self-gratifying grin crossed Anne’s face when he didn’t move.

Bron shook her head, “Okay I guess you have to get your cook back and I bet he doesn’t do strawberries like I do,” she chuckled.

Kevin rolled off the couch and stood up, “I’m goin’,” as he headed for the shower.  Jake and Carlos were giggling off to the side.  By now everyone knew the strawberry story, or at least they thought they did.

Anne looked at her son in disbelief as he walked by her.  “Morning ma,” he smiled at her.

“Got to watch that one, he’s sneaky,” Bron said to his brothers. 

“Strawberries?”  Tim looked at Jerald who just shrugged.

Bounce came flying in the door and to her mom’s side.  “Morning mom,” she grinned. 

“Morning baby,” as she bent down to deliver her morning kiss.  “Grab a seat breakfast is ready,” as she pointed to the dining room table.

Bron started to assemble bigger plates of food after seeing the amount of people.  “Do you want some help Bron?”  Anne asked her.

Bounce piped up from the table, “Mom doesn’t like anyone in her kitchen.”  Bron shook her head thank you sweetie she thought.  I’m nervous enough I don’t need everyone on top of me.  Bron glanced at the door to see Nick and Brian standing at it and she laughed.  Chickens she thought.

“Where’s Kev?”  Nick asked watching Bron fix Bounce’s plate. 

“Right here,” Kevin announced from the bathroom door.

“Oh,” Nick answered as he shuffled his weight from one foot to another. 

Bron giggled at him, afraid aren’t you.  “Come on Little Man breakfast is ready,” Bron called to him as she delivered Bounce her plate. 

Nick walked in still unsure of himself.  Kevin chuckled, “You must be forgiven,” as he handed him a plate.  Brian stood back at the door.  “Come on Bri,” Kevin said to him as Bron came back to stand next to Kevin. 

Brian came in and stood across from Kevin.  “Thanks Bron,” he smiled. 

Bron grabbed the plate from Kevin’s hand, filled it, and handed it back to him.  “Thanks wife,” he grinned and her face flushed. 

Brian stood for a second not quite sure if he heard him right.  “What did you just call her?” he said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“None of your business,” Kevin answered him.

“You just called her wife.  I heard you.”  Brian was stunned and excited.

Everyone turned to look at Kevin and Bron.  Bron had backed up and was basically hiding behind him.  “Yes I called her wife because we are getting married when we get to Las Vegas,” he announced.

Nick and Bounce were yelling cool and yeah-s as Bron leaned back on the counter behind him.  I did not hear him say that.  This is a joke.  You idiot, she screamed in her head as she slammed her coffee cup to the counter. 

Kevin heard the coffee cup slammed to the counter.  That was Bron’s way of saying she was pissed.  She was next to him in a split second.  “We need to talk right now before this goes any further,” she spoke loudly with her eyes flashing at him.

The entire room grew silent as they watched Bron, who was so furious she could hardly contain it.  Stevie walked in right in the middle of it.  He knew that she was angry but he didn’t know why.  He was just bringing Kevin a package that was delivered to Brian’s room for him.

Kevin sized her up, I need a second to think he said to himself.  “After I finish breakfast,” he said calmly.  Damn she’s flipped and this is going to be hard to deal with.  There isn’t an ounce of privacy, he thought to himself.  “I said now!” she yelled at him as they began to exchange glares.  Kevin watched her intently, you wouldn’t be this pissed if my gut instinct about this wasn’t right.  You were going to run from me.  Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t do what I’m about to do either, but you left me no choice. This is going to happen darlin’ he contemplated to himself.

Bron glared at him, how dare he.  First last night, now this.  I told him yes but I need time to think about this.  I need to figure out…”

Bron’s thoughts were interrupted by Kevin’s voice.  “Okay now, come on,” he said as he grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom.  He somewhat pushed her through the door.  “Excuse a moment,” he said to the room of shocked people, and then proceeded to shut the door.

The minute the door shut she started.  “I’m not getting married in Vegas,” she hissed a him. 

“Yes you are,” he said he leaned on the bedroom door and folded his arms across his chest.

“This is not going to happen,” she announced as she paced the room in a rage.

“Stop pacing and sit down,” he commanded her.

Bron sat on the bed and rested her elbows on her thighs; she bent her head and stared at the floor.  This can’t happen she said to herself, as she tried to regain control of her temper.

Kevin pushed himself off the door and walked up to her.  He couldn’t get mad he had to control himself right now.  He bent down and looked at her.  Bringing his hand up he grabbed her face to look at him.  Her eyes were closed tightly, “Open your damn eyes and look at me.  I hate when you do that, you’re ignoring me.” 

Bron opened her eyes and she was in a rage but controlling it rather well he thought.  “I have had nothing but a hard time since they got here, from you and everyone else.  I have had enough.  I’m telling you we are getting married in Vegas and we are,” Kevin said through clenched teeth.  He saw the defiance in her face and it angered him.  He watched her as his anger went up and Bron’s was replaced with fear.  So much for self-control slammed in his head.

Bron gazed at him as the hair stood up on the back of her neck.  A feeling of fear began to creep into her body slowly.  She bit her lower lip and recognized the same face that she saw in Pittsburgh when she had told him no the first time in his room.  His eyes were full of determination, will power, and very little self-control, not to mention anger.  Bron remembered where her defiance had gotten her that night…  Bron took a gulp for air she was scared of this side of Kevin.  He still hadn’t removed his hand from her face.  “Kevin, it’s not enough time.  I need…”

Kevin knew what she was going to say, she needed more time.  Sorry darlin’ not going to happen, he ground out in his head.  “Yes it is, we have four days.  Knowing you the fluff would be dropped anyway.  At this point I don’t care.  I want you as my wife.  I want my wife in my bed every night with me, that is all I care about,” he growled at her.

Bron went postal in her head as he dropped his hand from her face.  He wasn’t going to let her go.  She loved him but it wouldn’t work she had to bail.  Okay think, he’s a lot like Mc, it might work.  “Oh so you’re just trying to legitimized the sex in your family’s eyes,” she mocked him with her statement.

Oh, you little witch he thought as he stood in front of her.  You’re just pissed because I figured out what you were up to before you could set your little plan in action.  Kevin grabbed her quickly and shoved her back on the bed.  “NO!” he shouted at her as he landed on her.  “I want this for the rest of my life and I don’t feel like waiting anymore.”  He kissed her brutally. 

Bron panicked thinking of that first night in Pittsburgh.  Please don’t do that again with them just on the other side of the door.  The more she fought him the more agitated he became with her.  Finally he pinned her hands above her head and sat on her.  “I want you now and forever.  I’m not waiting while that little head of yours figures out a way to leave me.  We have been through too much together.  We have a lot more to sort out.  I will not let you walk away from me.  We are getting married before that happens.”

Bron began to thrash under him as he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her tenderly.  “I’m not going to lose you ever,” as he deepened his kiss.  Kevin kissed and caressed her to a smoldering state and would continue until he heard what he wanted to here.  He knew if she agreed she wouldn’t back out.  He also knew from talking to Jake and Mc that Bron thought marriage was sacred and would do everything in her power to keep it that way.  She couldn’t leave him if she said yes.

Bron couldn’t think he was throwing her off track again.  Her mind was beginning to get clouded as well as her judgment.  She knew if she did this, it would be forever.  “Stop fighting me Bron,” she heard whispered in her ear as he began nibbling the sensitive tissue around it.

“Please stop,” she almost cried.  “I’m scared.”

“There is nothing to be scared of, I love you and you love me, that’s all that matters,” as he moved down her neck kissing and licking her.

“But,” she said afraid to breathe.  She couldn’t think straight he was doing again; he was taking her control away.

“We can deal with the buts later,” he said calmly as he picked his head up and looked at her. 

He watched her close her eyes and then open them again and sigh, “We’ll get married in Vegas.”  Kevin knew with that declaration that he had won the battle temporarily.  He also knew he had to keep her calm and busy for the next week.  They still had things that had to be worked out, but those things could only be worked out as man and wife.  She was scared and he didn’t blame her, but she was his future.

Kevin got off her and stood up, “Good,” he smiled at her.

Bron lay there she was in such an emotional state.  She couldn’t think half full of desire and need.  The other half full of fear knowing that she had just given this man her word.  Bron wanted Kevin to make love to her and tell her everything would be okay.  She slowly sat up and looked at him and he flashed her a sly smile as he followed her gaze to the front of his pants.

Kevin bit the side of his cheek, “It’s amazing how much self-control I have when my family is around.  After we say I do, I won’t have too.”  He chuckled as he watched her face scrunch up with anger.  “Now lets go play nice and tell everyone thank you.”

“You’re such a jerk,” she said flatly.

“Aww, now Witch you just don’t like to lose,” he laughed at her.

Bron crossed her arms and stood in front of him.  “When we get married the Richardson torture routine is going to stop,” she said with authority.

Kevin giggled at her, “That’s the Cooper torture routine.  I have my own.”  He grabbed her hand walked towards the door with her in tow.  Kevin opened the door with a wide grin on his face to see everyone worried sick over what was going on with them.






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