Chapter 74

Bron walked out and Stevie looked at her and howled with laughter, “So Bron where exactly are you getting married in Vegas?”

“Shut up Steven,” she exclaimed in a huff.

Stevie’s laughter went up by two decibels and was joined with Jake’s.  Kevin was highly amused at the confused faces looking at him and then Stevie, who they thought had lost his mind.  Everyone heard Kevin shouting no behind the closed door, but then it had become quiet again.

“You owe Kevin.  Mc said it would work,” Stevie laughed.  Kevin shot him a look and he quickly closed his mouth. 

Bron glanced at Kevin.  “I should have known…” she was speaking as Kevin’s cell phone rang on the table.  “I bet I know who that is too,” she yelled as she jumped for the phone.  Stevie grabbed the phone and tossed it across the room to Kevin.

Bron turned to Kevin as he held it up high and answered it.  “Give it to me!” she yelled at Kevin.  Kevin has the biggest grin his face.  “Hello, yep, yep, Vegas,” he said into it.

“Give me that phone.  I want to talk to that weasel!” she yelled as she desperately tried to jump up and reach the phone.  Kevin looked down at her.  “You need a ladder babe,” he winked at her.

Kevin was laughing at his own statement and Mc who was talking to him.  “Yeah she’s fine.  She’s just a little frustrated right now,” he chuckled into the phone.  Bron could hear Mc laughing through the phone.  This is just pissing me right off.  Kevin patted the top of her head like you would a child as he spoke to her, “He said he would talk to you later and see you in Vegas.” 

“Talk to you later,” Kevin smirked as he spoke into the cell and then hung it up the phone.

The entire room was left wondering what in the world was going on, that is except Jake and Stevie.  The fellas were trying not to be amused.  Kevin and Bron had got into some kind of fight over getting married.  But they could tell Bron had lost to Kevin yet again.

Kevin’s family was very confused, but obviously the two were getting married in Vegas.  Kevin’s mother walked over and gave Bron a hug, “Welcome to the family Bronwyn.  I am so delighted.”

Bron actually blushed, she felt overwhelmed.  Her thoughts were banging around in her head as she returned the hug.  Lady if you knew what your precious baby boy just pulled on me in that bedroom you would die, she mused to herself.

“Kevin if you asked Bron to marry you how come she doesn’t have a ring on her finger?  I raised you better then that,” his mother eyed him up and down with disappointment in her face.

“Oh well,” Kevin started to speak as “Hey guys,” came from the door.  Mary and A.J. shuffled in.  Stevie walked over and passed a package to Kevin as everyone exchanged pleasantries.  Kevin ditched the wrapping and held a black velvet box in his hand.

“Because it wasn’t ready yet,” he spoke as he removed a ring from the box and slid it on Bron’s finger.  “I love you,” he proclaimed as he kissed her cheek quickly.  He had become slightly embarrassed at everyone being there.

“Oh my God!”  Bron squealed with delight.  She reached up and grabbed his face; giving him a deep passionate kiss, regardless of the audience.  Kevin pulled back even more embarrassed then before by her reaction.  He knew it wasn’t the size, cut, or clarity that counted in her eyes; it was the meaning.

Anne looked at the ring,  “Bron that is beautiful.  But it already looks like a wedding band is attached.”

Bron beamed at Kevin, “There is, these were my mother’s rings.  She was married for 37 years before my dad died.  Kevin added the emeralds around the outside.”  Bron was blown away her favorite rings and her favorite stones had been added.  Bron said almost breathless to Kevin, “But how?” she glanced at him.  “Later,” he smiled to her.

“How sweet of you dear,” Anne said as he patted her son’s face and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Bron studied the emeralds on her hand.  She raised her hand to Kevin’s face.  The stones were a perfect match to his eyes.  “I’ll be damned,” she exclaimed as he gave her a gentle smile. 

“That’s why they weren’t ready,” he simply said. 

“I love you,” she said openly and honestly for the first time in front of his family and kissed him again.  She was to overwhelmed, she had pushed the fear to the back of her mind.

“There’s gonna be a PARTAY!!!,” Nick uttered Kevin’s favorite line.  Brian chimed in, “A Backstreet party!”  A.J. and was next and then followed by Howie.  The fellas began to sing as Kevin joined it with the chorus.

“Okay, everyone has had their fun, now shut up and eat,” Bron announced.

Kevin knew she was upset so he tried to settle everyone down to a quiet din.  The boys finished eating and left to do their promo work.

Bron sat staring at Mary, Bounce, Jake, Stevie, and Kevin’s family.  She quietly got up and began cleaning up the mess the boys had left.  Mary joined her knowing Bron wanted to talk but wouldn’t, “Come on I’ll help you.” 

“Me too,” Anne spoke.  Wonderful, Bron groaned to herself.

Kevin’s brothers and Stevie had planned an outing that day with Bounce.  They were out the door quickly sensing the melancholy mood that had taken over Bron.

Bron listened to Mary and Anne shoot questions to her about the wedding, which she didn’t answer.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested, she just had bigger things on her mind; the press and her past being the main thing.  The chatter was driving her nuts.  Bron threw the dishtowel down and went to sit at the table. 

“What’s wrong?”  Mary asked as she walked over to her.

“I can’t do this,” she almost cried.

“Yes you can and I’ll help you.”  Mary told her.

Bron watched Anne who was trying very hard not to pay attention to the conversation.  Bron glanced at Mary,  “How’s your dream coming along?”

Mary sighed, “Don’t change the subject.”

“How can I pull this off?  I’m trying to finish his house.  Plus I have my own house and business.  I have Bounce and Mc to worry about.  I can’t do this,” Bron spoke to her.  Mary knew what Bron was talking about and it wasn’t just the wedding.  Bron was searching for an excuse to call it off.

Anne finally spoke from the other side of the room, “May I interrupt ladies?”

Bron smiled at the gentle natured woman, “Sure.”

“I think if we put our heads together we can do this right.  If you don’t mind my help?”  She smiled.

Bron returned the smile, “I could use it.”  Aww God now I am sunk she screamed to herself.

Jake walked back in the suite, “Your meeting,” he announced.

“Oh shit!”  Bron exclaimed as she jumped up and ran into the bedroom and grabbed her plans and ran down the hall.

“What’s that about?”  Anne asked Mary.

“Kevin’s house,” Mary chuckled.

Anne shook her head in astonishment, “But the wedding!”

“Forget it.  She won’t touch it with a ten foot pole,” Jake informed her.

“That’s crazy,” Anne exclaimed.

“No that’s Bron,” Mary laughed as she looked at Jake.

“But why?  I know it was sudden, but we can manage.”  Anne looked at Mary questioningly. 

“Because it scares her so she will ignore it.  If there is going to be a wedding it will be up to you and me to handle it.”  Mary spoke to her.

Anne was slightly confused but she would accept it until she spoke with her son, “Okay then we have a lot of work to do.”

“Well let’s start making some calls because she won’t and Kevin doesn’t have time.”  Mary shrugged her shoulders as she looked at Jake.  Jake was smiling, Mary was going to take over this party.

All day long it went on, Bron would come grab something from Kevin’s room and leave.  Mary would carefully ask her a question on her way in or out so as not to set her off.  Bron finally just grabbed the briefcase and shouted as she left, “Handle it.  I’m busy.”

Anne shook her head; she needed to talk to Kevin as soon as he came back.  This disinterest in getting married was bothering her.  Finally, about a half hour before the boys were due back Anne got on the phone.  Something wasn’t right and she was staying until she got to the bottom of it. 

Mary listened to her talk and her face blanched.  Oh lord they are going to pitch a fit about this, Mary said internally. 

Anne was on the phone for over twenty-five minutes.  She hung up and looked at Mary.  She gave her a ‘I’m mom and this how it’s going to be’ face.  “This will help them out so much.”

“What is going to help mom?”  Kevin asked as he came in the door.

“Well I just made the arrangements.  Your brothers and I are staying with you all the way to Vegas,” she grinned at him.

“What!” he shouted out loud.

“I knew you would be happy,” she giggled at him.

A.J. walked in, heard it, and walked right back out again.  There was no way he was getting into this one.  Mary cleared her throat,  “I need to talk to Alex.  Excuse me,” she giggled as she watched Kevin who looked like he wanted to cry.

Kevin stood there, oh no this can’t happen not five more days, no way, he cried inside.  “Mom really it’s not necessary,” Kevin said sweetly.  “You can go home and then everyone can fly to Vegas when we get there.”

“Kevin honey, my future daughter-in-law wants nothing to do with this wedding.  Why?”  Anne asked her mothers voice.

“She’s just not comfortable planning parties,” Kevin lied to her.

Anne studied him, “Don’t lie to me Kevin.  You couldn’t as a little boy and you still can’t.”

Kevin dropped his head and spoke to his shoes, “I can’t explain right now.  After we are married and settled I promise I will.  She’s just scared right now.”

Anne paced in front of her son.  Kevin watched her.  Why do I feel like I’m eight years old.  I feel like I’m waiting for dad to come in the door and kick my butt for doing something.

Anne surmised that this had something to do with Bounce’s nightmare.  She still hadn’t gotten the full story.  She knew that Bron’s husband was killed and something happened to Bron and that was it.  “If you promise to fill us in on this relationship after your married, I’ll wait.  But understand one thing my son, I’m staying.  I will not have that young woman or you embarrassed because something isn’t right between the two of you.”

Kevin sighed, give it up Kev they ain’t goin’ home, he groaned to himself.  “It’s not that it isn’t right mom.  It’s just the circumstances that’s all.  We do love each other.”

Kevin was startled as Bron came flying in the room screaming into the cell phone, “You’re fired!”  Bron halted in her steps seeing the mother and son in a private conversation, “Ooops, I’m sorry Mrs. Richardson.”

Anne looked at her totally puzzled by this young woman and grinned.  “In five days you’re marrying my baby boy, you have to stop calling Mrs. Richardson.”

Bron’s cheeks turned red, “I’m sorry Mrs. Rich... Anne.”

Kevin chuckled at Bron’s expression, “Who did you fire?” he asked casually.

“The contractor for your house,” Bron frowned.

“You can’t do that!” he spoke to her as his eyes grew wide in surprise.

Bron grinned, “I just did.”

Now it was Kevin’s turn to frown, “Why did you fire our contractor?”

Bron figured Kevin would be a lot more pissed then what he really was.  That or he was hiding really well from mommy.  Bron crinkled up her nose, “He’s not my contractor, he’s your contractor and he sucks.”

Kevin winced at the vocabulary she used yet again.  She just keeps forgetting that his mother doesn’t approve.  He heard his mother sigh rather loudly.  Kevin bit his bottom lip knowing there was more to this then she was saying, “More.”

Bron shook her head, “Because he’s a good ole boy and he doesn’t want to listen to a woman.”

Kevin chuckled to himself.  Okay I see where this is going.  Bron wants control and Frank being his contractor wasn’t going to give it to her.  She had fixed that, she had fired him and took his place.

“So what do I do for a contractor now?” he asked with great amusement.

“Gotcha covered Lurch,” she grinned back.

Kevin broke out in laughter at the expression on her face.  It was control and pure victory unless he said otherwise.

“Bronwyn, what do you know about building houses?”  Anne asked rather quickly.  She was seriously wondering if this woman had lost her mind.

“Mom you would be better to ask her what she doesn’t know.  You would get a much shorter answer.”  Kevin grinned.

“That’s my business Anne,” Bron smiled.

“Really,” Anne said in shock.  “You mean running the office and stuff right?”

Bron recognized the old school of thought and knew immediately that she didn’t approve.  “No Anne, I work in the field with my guys.  This was my father’s business and now it belongs to me and Mc of course.”

Kevin stood there thinking to himself.  Calm down darling, flying off at her is not going to do any good.  Kevin chewed on his cheek.  He knew she could handle it.  The thing that was burning him was that one, she did consult him about it and two, and again they would not have any privacy.  “So what do we do for a house darlin’.  I don’t want you going to Mexico with us.  I would prefer our own house with some privacy,” he spoke with emphasis on the last word.

“I’m working on it,” Bron answered him.  Shit he’s gonna kill me if he catches me alone.  But dammit that dumb ass Frank just won’t listen to a word I say.

“Whatever,” Kevin said as he narrowed his eyes at her.  I could kill you right now, but I can’t.

“Can we have dinner tonight, just you and me?  I need to go over some stuff with you about your house,” Bron said sweetly.

“Our house,” he corrected her, “But yes.”  Kevin thought the sweetness act was a little over the top as he stood there. 

They were interrupted by Anne, “Bron what about the wedding?”

Bron whined, “I thought you and Mary were doing that.”

Anne was ticked now.  She had little information and Bron was being stubborn about this entire thing.  “We are but we need your input and Kevin’s.  This is your wedding.”

Bron gazed at Anne and the quickly to Kevin, whoa like mother like son.  Where in the hell did that come from?  Kevin smirked, you just pissed mama off, not good darlin, rambled through his head.

“Look small, simple, no fancy stuff, no orchestras or nothing like that.  I don’t want a lot of people.  No fluff and no white.  I’m not a virgin,” Bron spoke with finality.  She heard Kevin chuckle at the last part and turned to him daring him to open his mouth.

Anne shook her head at the information and turned to Kevin, “And you?”

“What she said, but I like the white,” he grinned.

Asshole, Bron thought as she watched him give her a big toothy grin at his private joke.

“You’re no help.  It’s a good thing we are staying all the way to Las Vegas,” Anne sighed as she looked at Kevin.

Bron’s head snapped up and she glared at Kevin.  Oh boy this is going to be interestin’.  “I think I’ll go take a shower now,” he sputtered out and he quickly left the room.  I am not messing with that until dinner.  This was not my idea.

“Kevin!”  Bron called him back.

“I can’t now Bron.  You want to have dinner and I have a show tonight,” as shut the bathroom door.  Kevin was in the bathroom talking to himself.  “Whew, serves you right dammit for firing Frank anyway.”  Kevin felt somewhat guilty about pushing Bron so hard, but he knew he had too. 

Anne chuckled over Bron’s expression and anger.  Looks like you don’t like the fact that I’m staying.  I’m sorry about that, but you’ll both survive it.  It just might make the next time when you can be together a little more special.

“Bron now that you have enlightened me a little more I’m going to go down and talk to Mary.  I’ll be right back though,” she grinned.

Bron sighed, she felt like asking her if she would be gone long enough so she could kick Kevin’s ass for the last two days of shit he had put on her.  “That’s fine,” she said with a fake smile plastered on her face.  Bron watched her walk out the door. Payback time she chimed in her head.






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