Chapter 75

Bron charged for the bathroom.  She quietly closed the door, “Hiding in here will not save your ass Richardson,” she said loudly.

“What are you doing in here!” he yelled as he pushed the shower door open, seriously pissed at her.  His mother was in the other room for crying out loud.

Bron smiled at him as she sat on the vanity, “She went down to Mary’s.  She said she’d be right back.”

“Oh,” came out of him as he closed the shower door.  “What time is it?” he asked her.  “Three,” Bron answered.

“We better eat here then.  Why don’t you order room service down at Carlos’s room and we can boot them out,” he said to her.  His mind was racing, too much shit to cover and they aren’t leaving.  I am not happy, he groaned.  He turned off the shower and stepped out as she handed him his towels.

“What do you want?” she asked taking in the wonderful sight of a naked Kevin. 

“I guess I know what you want,” as he dried himself off with one towel and then wrapped the other around his waist.  “Now what I want is some privacy, you, and me,” as he came to stand next to her at the vanity.  He leaned over and gave her kiss as her arms wrapped around his waist. 

“Oh sorry!” came from the bathroom door as it was opened.  Kevin’s face turned red and Bron was pissed.  There stood Tim.

“Don’t you knock?” she said, annoyed with the breach of etiquette.

Tim quickly shut the door and looked at Jerald, “She’s in there!” quite shocked over what he just saw.

Jerald started laughing at him as the bathroom door opened and Bron walked out with the biggest grin on her face.  She couldn’t have planned it better if she had tried.  “Sorry Tim but you should’ve knocked.  We could have been having some real fun in there.”  Bron giggled as she strolled out the door and passed Anne in the hallway.

Kevin heard what Bron said and came flying out of the bathroom as his mother walked in.  He had a sheepish grin on his face and his cheeks were red.  Jerald was laughing and Tim was still shocked.  Anne observed Kevin dash to the bedroom in a towel and looked at his brothers.  Something was amusing to Jerald, but not to Tim.

Kevin was getting dressed quickly and then go chew Bron out for being a smartass in front of his brothers.  He came out and found his mother and brothers in deep conversation.  They wouldn’t tell her, he groaned.  “Wassup?” he asked.

“Not much, just talking,” Jerald snickered. 

“Bout what?”  Kevin frowned. 

“Your wedding,” his mother grimaced at him.

“Oh how are the plans going?  We don’t have a lot of time,” he asked.

“Good, but no thanks to you two,” she answered him, annoyed with his behavior over the whole thing.  “Kevin we need to talk,” his mother pleaded with him.

“Not now.  I’m having dinner with Bron and we have to discuss the house,” he said impassively. 

Anne threw her arms up in the air,  “What is the matter with you?  Where are your priorities?  I have never seen you so messed up before.”

Kevin smiled, “Keeping Bron happy is my priority,” as walked over, kissed her cheek, and then walked out the door.

Anne didn’t know whether to amused or angry,  “He is so much like your dad,” she laughed.  Tim and Jerald joined in laughing with her.

Fifteen minutes later a knock came at the door and Anne answered it.  The hallway was filled with the boys, and the rest of Kevin’s friends.  Brian and Nick were front and center.  Mary was leaning on the back wall smiling at Anne.

“Yes,” Anne spoke.

“We we’re wondering if we could help with the plans?”  Nick asked slightly nervous. 

Brian slapped him on the shoulder and chuckled.  “Aunt Anne, neither one of them are going to bother to make this special, but we want it to be, for them.”

“Thank you so much,” she smiled at them.  “Come on in.  There’s work to be done.”  The room filled with people and Anne was thrilled this would be much easier now.  She explained what Bron and Kevin had said.

“That’s boring,” A.J. stated.

“Hey let’s get a band,” Nick  exclaimed.

“No,” came from Stevie.

Nick looked at him, “Why not?”

Stevie looked around the room.  Shit this is going to snowball and she is going to freak out.  This is not what she wants and Kevin wants what’s best for her.  It was time to level with everyone.  Anne didn’t even have the whole story yet, just parts of it.  The boys were dancing around the issues but still wanted a nice party for them.

Stevie sighed as Jake walked in with Carlos.  “Kevin is rude,” Carlos informed Anne, who laughed at him. 

Stevie glanced to Jake, “They want a band.”

“No,” Jake replied furiously. 

“Okay why not?”  Jerald asked.  “That’s the second one to say no.”

“Look let’s get this straight it can’t be a secret anymore.  If it is, there will be no wedding.  If this gets back to Kevin, I will kill whoever tells him.”  Stevie was dead serious and not pulling any punches.  “Bron was been hurt badly.  She doesn’t like strangers they scare her to death.  So if you want a band then you use your own.”

Jake wasn’t sure if they had caught the message or not.  It wasn’t as straightforward as he would have put it.  “Just stick to what they want guys, please.  Keep it small and simple.  She’s already half out of her mind over the press getting a hold of it as it is.”

Anne figured Jake would be the only one to give her a straight up answer, but she didn’t want to ask.  “Mom, do what Jake says,” Jerald spoke as he remembered what Kevin had told him.

“Jake, Bron is marrying my son.  I want to know what is going on.  I’m tired of trying to get everyone to tell me.  Why is she so scared?”  She said in a huff.

Stevie’s anger flared up and he yelled at the woman.  “Dammit why wouldn’t she be!  Her rapist killed her husband and then he went after her.  What the hell is going to happen to these guys and Kevin when the press gets a hold of that?  Not to mention she’s a little older and already has a kid,” as he looked at Anne.

Anne stood there stunned by what she had heard.  No wonder Kevin wasn’t ready to tell them this would be a shock to his entire family.  She dropped her head and thought and the guys waited to see the reaction she would have at the announcement and about Kevin leaving her in the dark about it.  She picked her head up and looked at Stevie, who now stood by Jake, “So Bron is just afraid of hurting Kevin and the boys career and that she’ll ruin them.  It’s not about her it’s about them.”

“Exactly,” Stevie answered with a sorrow filled face.  He didn’t mean to blow up at her; he just didn’t want to see Bron tormented any more.

Anne smiled at the boys.  Stevie’s statement was fully loaded and would take some time to digest.  The boys already knew she could tell by their faces.  “Well Nick, I guess you have to use your band or maybe you could be the D.J.,” she smiled.

“Cool,” Nick yelled and everyone laughed as the tension was broke.  Anne was stunned but still standing after being hit with the information.

Anne looked at Jake and Stevie and called them over with her finger to be with her, Jerald, and Tim.  “If she loves my son that much to put everything else before herself they deserve something special.  But you will have to control this bunch,” as she pointed to the boys.

“We will,” they grinned.

Mary walked over, “Thank you for letting them help Anne,” 

“We need it,” she spoke and walked over to the boys.  “Okay listen up.  Everyone is going to have a job and you keep it simple.  If you even think it might be wrong ask Stevie or Jake.”  After Anne made her announcement she began delegating duties. 

“Hey, what’s Bron going to wear?”  Howie asked. 

Anne and Mary looked at each other, “Ooops,” Mary said.  “Hey we have only been at this since this morning,” Anne defended them both.

Nick got excited and tore out of the room.  When he returned he had a copy of Modern Bride and the room burst into laughter.  “What?  I wanted to buy them something nice.  Besides someone left it at the radio station.”  Nick watched them laugh even louder.  “Fine laugh all you want, but I want to show you something.”  He settled himself on the couch and Jake was standing behind him.  Jake watched him flip the pages and quickly flipped to the folded page.  “Whoops, wrong page,” he grinned.  Jake reached down and flipped it back.  He put his hand on the top of Nick’s head and bent it back.  “I hope you weren’t thinking about my baby sister that way,” he spoke as he raised his eyebrows and voice.

Nick blushed and grinned.  Jake’s hand was still on the top of his head, “If she’s your baby sister how come you are so much darker than her?”  Nick snickered as Jake shoved his head forward and his head bounced of the magazine.  “I will leave you in a crowd of teenies, Little Man,” Jake laughed.

“What is it?”  A.J. asked.

“Lingerie,” Jake chuckled. 

The room laughed as Nick face turned red.  “Shut up!  This is what I wanted to show you,” as he tore a page from the book and passed it around.

The page went around the room and everyone agreed it was perfect.  Anne looked at, “But how?  There isn’t enough time and Kevin is insistent that this happens in Vegas.”

Howie grinned, “Watch this,” as he grabbed Kevin’s cell phone.  They watched Howie make one call and get all the way to the top in record time.  Once Howie was speaking to the right person he winked at the room.  “She doesn’t want white, make it cream,” Anne smiled.  “Size uh, oh, hang on a minute.”  Howie turned to Mary and she grabbed the phone and spoke to the person on the other end from a quiet corner in the room.  When she was done she handed it back to Howie.

Anne scribbled the when, where, and other necessary information down on pad for him.  Howie took it from there.  “Okay you’re all set,” he spoke into the phone.  “Oh wait a minute you need my credit card,” he said into the phone.  “Oh okay, goodbye,” was the next thing he heard as he hung up.

“D you didn’t give her your card.  You screwed up,” A.J. groaned. 

“No charge.  She’s a fan,” Howie chuckled.

“Howie don’t take advantage of people over this,” Anne warned him.

“I won’t.  Kevin’s getting the bill,” he laughed.

“Okay let’s get this done,” Brian announced as everyone left to work on their assignments.  Stevie needed to go check on Bounce, who was sleeping.  Jake, Carlos, Mary, and Kevin’s family were left.

A.J. sat on the couch lost in thought.  “What are you thinking about Alex?”  Mary asked.

“Ya know they have never been out in public except when we went out in Chicago.  Not even on a date,” he mused aloud.

“You’re kidding,” Jerald said.

“Nope,” Jake added.

Anne smiled, “You’re off tomorrow right Alex?”  He nodded a yes to her.  “Are we staying here for the shows in Sacramento?”  “Yes,” Carlos answered her.

“Tomorrow they are going on a date,” Anne announced.  “That is if you boys are up to it?” she asked as she turned to Jake and Carlos.

“Yeah sure, but what?”  Carlos asked.

Jake grinned, “Shopping is her favorite thing to do.”

“Movie,” Tim added.

“Dinner,” Jerald joined in.

“She’ll be so burned out she won’t be able to think,” Mary laughed.  “Well let’s go Alex,” Mary said.  “Yes dear,” A.J. answered her as he rolled his eyes at her.

Jerald looked at Tim and grinned as they walked out he door, “Next!”  They both laughed.

“Really boys,” Anne giggled.






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