Chapter 76

Kevin strolled down the hall whistling, dinner yeah right and I’m on the menu, he sang in his head.  He spotted Carlos and Jake heading towards him.  “Stay out of your room.  I’ll call you when I’m done,” as he ambled down the hall.  “That man is getting really rude lately,” Carlos spoke to Jake, who nodded his ascent.

Kevin reached the open suite door to see Bron’s backside straight in front him.  She was bending over the desk working on the plans and talking on the cell.  Man she’s right I do like butts and that one is all mine, he said to himself.  He felt the sensation of heat building in his body as he let out a long sigh.  The warmth quickly died as he heard her on the phone.

“Daddy Backstreet thinks he’s won, but he has a whole lot of explaining to do when he gets down here,” she said into the phone.  He watched her walk over to the coffee table and Kevin almost died as she yanked envelopes out of his open brief case.  Dammit how did she get that open, he whined to himself.

Bron saw him out of the corner of her eye.  She saw his face and he was going into a panic glaring at the open brief case.  “Well speak of the devil,” she said into the phone as she turned to look at him.  “I have to go.  Leave your cell on,” as she hung up the phone.

Bron leaned back on the desk and crossed her arms.  “Problem?” she asked him.

“Uh, no,” he answered her cautiously waiting to be blasted.  This did not work into the plan of keeping Bron calm for the few days.

“Good.  We need to talk Lurch,” as she reached around and grabbed a large yellow envelope from the desk.  Kevin walked in with a sinking feeling in his heart.  He wasn’t angry just upset because he knew what was in the envelopes, as he reached her the feeling worsened.

“We will start with this one,” as she handed the envelope to him. 

Well that’s a good sign, she didn’t try to smack me in the face yet, he thought.  Kevin opened it, glanced in it, and closed it.  “It wasn’t my idea,” he replied as he handed it back to her.

Bron blew up, “Oh I know that!  I know the law firm very well!”  She screamed at him, for the stupid answer he had given her.

Kevin backed up one step waiting for her to launch herself at him, “I gave it all back!”

“Almost Kevin,” Bron said annoyed with yet another stupid answer.

“Okay almost.  I moved some of it around.  You were doing good but I did better.” he said knowing what she was talking about.

Bron rubbed her face with her hands, as she calmed down.  “If he tells you to leave me or divorce me are you going to?”  She asked him straight out.

“No!”  Kevin yelled back her.

“Hey don’t get mad at me, I’m just asking.  You took my house, my money, my truck, and my business.  What do you expect?” 

“I gave it back,” he reminded her.  He was flustered, he had to admit it was a stupid thing to do, even though he did it for his own reasons and not Mc’s.

“Good thing you did,” she smiled at him.

Kevin looked at her and sighed with relief.  “I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“You’re forgiven,” she smiled again at him.

Kevin’s face broke out in huge grin, “I am.  That easy.”

“Yes that easy.  I wasn’t thinking clearly anyway.  But both of you did it for the wrong reasons.  You’re both control freaks.”  She raised her face up to his with triumph written all over it.

Kevin gave her a hug, “Thanks.”

“Don’t ever do it again,” she warned him.

Kevin still held her and his hands gently ran up and down her back.  “Nope, never again,” he sighed.

Bron figured she knew where he was going with this closeness.  He was trying to save his own ass.  “Not going to happen.  We’re not done yet.”  She spoke to his chest.

Kevin groaned, “What else?”

Bron reached behind her and grabbed two more envelopes.  She held onto one as she handed the other to him.  He opened it, glanced down into it, and slammed closed.  Shit, he groaned to himself.  “Umm…” he said not quiet sure of what to say.

“Are we going into the P. I. business later in life Kevin?” she asked him.  Bron studied his reaction and waited for his answer.  Gotcha Lurch, she giggled in her head.

“Bron, please understand.  I didn’t know anything about you and you wouldn’t tell me a damn thing.”

Kevin was pleading with her and she knew it.  It wasn’t to often you could get this Backstreet to beg.  “Aren’t prisoners suppose to state their name, rank, and serial number?” she asked just to stir him up some more.  She paused and then burst out in laughter at the look on his face.  He definitely did not like the sound of that.

Kevin lightened up when she laughed.  “I’m sorry, but it felt strange.  I was sleeping with you and I didn’t even know your last name.  I knew what I felt for you but you were being so stubborn.  I felt like I knew all the stuff that no one else knew, but the basics were missing.”

Bron sighed, “Look this relationship didn’t start with a date now did it.”  Bron waited, she knew that he was thinking about Pittsburgh.  The contortions on his face said that he didn’t want to be reminded of it.  Well Lurch you better never forget it.  You will never do that to me again, she said with pissy voice to herself.

“I understand that we did have a strange start, but really Kevin how much time did you spend on this little project?” she giggled.

Kevin stuck his tongue into the side of his cheek and leaned into her.  He kissed her forehead and uttered, thanks to her.

“Now this one,” as she slammed the folder into his back.

Kevin backed up and frowned, oh great what the hell is in this one?  Kevin reached behind him and took it from her.  He opened it, looked in it, and began laughing.  “After all this, this upsets you,” he exclaimed.

“Yes it does,” she bellowed.  She was fuming mad at him for it.

“But darlin’, that’s how I fell for you in the first place,” he grinned.

“I don’t care it was wrong,” she screeched at him.  “If you ever make notes on Night Train again I’ll kill you.”

“It was just my opinion,” he chuckled as he saw her hand come up and he caught it before it reached his face.  Bron tried to jerk her hand away with little success which just made him chuckle even louder.

Bron stamped her foot, “Let go of me.  You didn’t need to correct my grammar and typos dammit!”

“I’m so sorry,” he feigned a fake apology to her as he let go of her and laughed even harder.  Bron took the envelope and headed for her duffel with it.

“Hey that’s mine,” he said as he followed her.  Bron threw in the duffel and stood in front of it.  “I know, but I need it for revisions.”

“Oh no,” as he tried to side step her.

“Ah-Ah-Ah, we’re not done yet,” she said as he led him back do the desk.

Kevin was starting to get frustrated.  So far everything was going okay but he couldn’t help but feel the doom and gloom part hadn’t come yet.

Bron grabbed her wallet, “Where are my freaking credit cards?” she asked him as she showed the empty wallet to him.

Kevin bit his bottom lip, “I cancelled them when we were in Chicago.”  He readied his hands to protect himself he knew that she would go insane.  Bron managed her money well, he knew that.  But he also knew when he paid the last batch of her bills that ‘Born to Shop’ took on a whole life of it’s own with this woman.

“ARE YOU NUTS!” she screamed at him.

Kevin knew this couldn’t get any worse, “I didn’t so you couldn’t leave me.  But I have new ones for you.”

Bron dropped her head, “What am I going to do with you?”  She looked at her bare feet and sighed, “My mail and bills?”

“Taken care of and paid off,” he shrugged.

Bron’s head snapped up, “With my money?” she glared at him.

“Does it matter now?” he answered his nose scrunching up on his face.

“ERR,” she growled at him.  “You’re hopeless Kevin.  You know damn well I have enough money to take care of myself.  I have more than you do.”

Kevin laughed, “Yeah I was impressed when I found that out too!  It stunned me, that kind of stuff usually doesn’t impress me too much.”

“One more question,” Bron ground out.  “My money?”

“Hmm, most of it is in our account,” he said as he winced a little.

“We don’t have an account,” she hissed at him.

“We do now,” he replied.

Bron looked at him, “What would have happened had I told you no?”

Kevin grinned at her, “You know you can’t tell me no,” as he grabbed her, pulled her into a hug, and leaned down to kiss her.

Bron was still pissed and he knew it.  “No!” she told him and pulled away.

“Bron,” he whined.

“Don’t whine it’s annoying.  You still need to eat and we have this house stuff to do.  Stop messin’ around.”  She scolded him.  “Kevin what you have done to me was wrong.  You stripped me of everything I own to get what you want.  It will not happen again.”  Bron stood there looking like fire and brimstone was going to erupt from behind her.

The woman is a witch he thought.  Kevin sighed yet again and decided keeping his mouth shut was the best thing to do, as she turned and pointed to the plans, “I have some questions.”

“Ok shoot.”  Kevin looked at her.  Might as well forget it, she has a one track mind and right now it’s on this damn house.  I gotta get that copy of Night Train back somehow, he reminded himself. 

“Why did you scale the house down?” she asked.

“Too big for just me,” he answered.  Oh, that sounded good Kev, he groaned to himself.

“Liar I talk to Mc already,” she said without looking at him.

“Then why the hell did you ask me?” he said pissed for being nailed on it.

“Kevin no more lies between us.  No more hiding stuff,” she spoke.

“What was here?” as she pointed to the left side of the plans.

“Recording Studio and before you ask the other side was an entertainment room,” Kevin answered.

Bron uttered a small sigh, “I’ll try and work them back in but I can’t promise anything.  I do appreciate that you thought the house was to big for me to handle by myself.  Nobody is ever coming in to clean my house.  But it’s your house too.”

“Okay,” he grinned.

“Now I have a really big problem,” Bron groaned.

“Bron,” came from the door.

“What?” she responded without picking her head up from the plans.

“Do you like roses?” she heard.

“Yes Howie, I love roses.  I have my own rose garden at home.  Why?” she both answered and asked him.

“Just wondering, bye,” Howie spoke and walked away.

Bron turned to Kevin and they both thought the same thing, weird.  Bron shook her head, “Anyway Mc is still in Lexington.  He said the foundation is gone and it needs replaced.” 

She heard Kevin groan rather loudly,  “How much?” he spoke.

“Actually for you nothing,” she glanced at him with a sly grin.

Okay she’s confusing the shit out of me.  After the last two days that’s easy to do, he contemplated.  He listened to Bron’s cell ring and she answered it, “’ello.”  “Yes, I told him about it, but he’s not clear on the details yet,” Bron spoke.  “So are we set or not?” she asked into the cell.  Bron stood up quickly, “They all said yes!” she shrieked and began jump up and down.  “I love you!” she yelled into the phone.

Who the fuck is that Kevin thought as he grabbed the phone from her hand, “Who is this?” he asked in a cranky voice and full of attitude.  “Hey Mr. Pop Star, how the hell are you?”  Mc answered him.

“Oh it’s you.  What did you just tell her?  She’s jumping up and down like Bounce?”  Kevin asked him.  Kevin watched Nick come to the door and start a conversation with Bron as he listened to Mc.  “It seems my partner wants to relocate to Lexington with our crew.  We have this little job for some famous guy and I’m gonna make a mint off of this job,” Mc chuckled.  Kevin was watching Nick leave and he sat on the couch, “You’re kidding,” Kevin spoke as he leaned his head back on the couch.

Kevin heard Brian come to the door and talk to Bron, the fleeting thought of what are they up to now ran through his head.  “Well Kev it’s looks like she has accepted this little arrangement you pushed on her.  The name is changing too!”  Kevin laughed, “To what, Kiss My Ass Kevin.  I don’t think that would look great on letterhead.”  They both got a chuckle at the sarcastic remark, “No actually it’s going to be Richardson and McDonald Construction.”

“Damn!”  Kevin exclaimed.

“Kevin relax.  Bron and I had a long talk today.  She has accepted it to a point.  Just don’t let her get freaked out and you still have to keep her safe.  Don’t let her have any money or credit cards.  I haven’t figured out yet if she is just going along and waiting for the opportunity or has accepted it.”  Mc warned him.

“Okay,” Kevin said softly into the phone.  Kevin even wondered to himself what had brought on the sudden change of heart.  She’s planning something he uttered to himself, this is to freakin’ easy.

“Give me that,” Bron spoke as she grabbed the cell phone back.

Kevin listened to Bron talk to Mc as he sat on the couch.  He was totally blown away by the sudden change in attitude.  The last two days had been nothing but her resisting every request he had made.  He pushed her until he got what he wanted.  He was dazed and confused.  Kevin heard her say that everyone was arriving tomorrow and they were figuring out where to put everyone for a couple of days.  Then he heard her tell Mc to go see what’s for sale locally.

Kevin heard his mom call him from the doorway and he got up and walked over to her.  He stood there for a minute with his eyes closed.  “Are you okay dear?” as she raised her hand and brushed the hair from his face. 

“Never better,” he spoke as he managed to form a weak smile on his face.

“I don’t want you to make plans for tomorrow,” Anne said to him as she fussed over him like moms do.

“Okay, but why?” he asked as he turned briefly to check on Bron.

“A surprise,” she smiled at him.

“Bron doesn’t like surprises,” he frowned.

Anne wanted to tell him she knew everything thanks to Jake and Stevie but now wasn’t the time.  “She will dear.  I asked Stevie and Jake,” she replied as she walked away.

“Kevin,” Bron called him to her.  “I need the account number for Mc.”  Kevin grinned and Mc laughed on the phone in her ear.  “He has it,” Kevin smiled at her.  “Fine,” she snapped at him.  Nice try darlin’, he snickered to himself.  Bron slammed the phone shut and down on the desk.  He blew out a breath and went to stand behind her.  He began leaning closer and closer to her.

“Come on there’s too much work to do to be fooling around,” as he started grabbing at her.

“Take a break,” he whispered as his hands fell to her hips.  Bron tried to scoot sideways but he had laced his fingers into the belt loops in her jeans.  “Baby please,” he whispered into her shoulder as he rested his head there.  She was trapped and couldn’t go anywhere and he liked that.

“Ya know I really like this long hair thing,” she sighed.

“Hmm, why does it turn you on?” he mumbled as he slowly kissed the side of her neck.

“Yes and it makes this easier too,” as he grabbed a chunk of his hair and pulled.

“Oww let go!” he yelled.

Bron turned to look at him, “I want you to pay attention to me.”

“If you don’t let go of my hair, I’m gonna pay you a whole lot of attention and you won’t like it,” he growled at her.

Bron let go surprised at the attitude.  Kevin stood up in a huff, “Let’s get this over with.”

Bron pointed to all the changes she had made.  They were good and he liked it.  The kitchen looked twice the size but had just been reorganized.  She had added things and moved things.  At this point he didn’t really care.  He was getting incredibly angry with her.  They had a chance to finally be alone and she was obsessing over this house.  He looked at the second story plans and saw something in the Master bedroom that had caught his eye.  She had explained everything but that.  Why, he wondered.  “Bron what is this?” he asked as he pointed to the bedroom.

“Nothing, it’s a surprise,” as her cheeks flushed slightly.  Kevin stepped closer to her and settled his hands on her shoulders and he began to knead her muscles.  “Tell me,” he prompted as noticed her reddened face.

“Oh that feels good,” she moaned. 

“Come on what is it?  That’s our bedroom,” as his hand drifted forward and rested just above her breasts.

“Please let me keep it a surprise,” she half whispered as she tilted herself to face him.  He’s doing it again, he’s not talking with words.  Bron began to give in to his ministrations and leaned back on him. 

“Hey Bron,” came from the door.

“Dammit,” Kevin groaned.

“What Nick?”  Bron answered trying to regain her composure.

“Can I borrow your CD’s?” he asked.

“Yes there in my duffle on the chair,” Bron dropped her head as Kevin began rubbing the back of her neck and her shoulders.

Kevin turned to Nick, “Touch anything in that duffel besides CD’s and I’ll kick your ass,” he forewarned him.

Nick laughed loudly to which Bron replied, “Not funny Carter.”

Kevin watched Nick carefully as he dug around the duffel.  Nick pulled the CD case out with one hand and grinned at Kevin.  Nick strolled out as room service came in.  Kevin pointed to the dining room table.  He still hadn’t moved from behind Bron.  “Shut the door Please,” he told them as the person left.

“Time to eat,” he murmured in her ear.






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