Chapter 77

Bron sat and watched Kevin wolf down his food as she pushed her food around on the plate.  Kevin was hungry, but in his mind, it wasn’t for food.  The faster he was done the faster he could play.

“If I had known you were that hungry Kev I would have ordered you more.”  Bron stared at him blankly.

“I’m not that hungry,” as he set his napkin down and pushed his chair away from the table.

“Oh, you could have surprised me,” she smirked at him.

He went to her and pulled her out of the chair.  The fork that was in her hand clattered to the plate.  He walked to the couch and pulled her onto his lap.  “Finally,” he moaned. 

Bron licked his lips with her tongue.  Instead of closing his eyes he was mesmerized by her sudden attack on him.   It suddenly dawned on him how short she was as he watched her legs dangle over his.  She couldn’t touch the floor for at least another foot and half.  “You taste like garlic and you better not burp either,” she murmured as she did again.

He softly chuckled, she knows MTV.  He wrapped his arms around her and slipped sideways on the couch. 

“Kevin we don’t have time,” she griped.

“Yes we do, here move this.”  Bron felt her leg being yanked roughly from the back of the knee and moved as Kevin rolled in between her legs.

“Oww!  That leg is attached to my hip,” she yelped.

“Sorry,” as he settled himself between her legs.  “Where’s my spot?” he smirked at her.

Bron crinkled up her nose, “You don’t have a spot Master.”

“Sure I do, right here,” as he leaned up and darted his tongue across the soft tissue just above her collarbone.  He began to nibble and suck his spot.  As he adjusted his weight and position.  Bron’s head rolled back giving him better access.  Her hips began to push slightly against his body.  “My spot,” he whispered after getting the reaction he wanted.  Slowly Kevin unbuttoned her blouse half way and kissed his way down her breastbone.  He buried his face in the valley between her breasts and inhaled her scent.  He kissed to either side of the valley and softly sighed.  “God I love you,” as he reached for the front of her jeans. 

“Hi Mom, What are you guys doing?” came from the back of the couch.  It was the same thing as having a glass of ice water thrown at you.

Bron’s eyes flew open and she tried to see Kevin’s face.  He had turned his face away from both of them quickly with his head still on her chest.  Bron could have sworn she heard him say shit or something close to that softly.  Bron started to laugh, which proved somewhat difficult since Kevin wasn’t gong to move his head from her chest.  “We’re playing tickle Baby,” Bron answered her with an amused grin.

Kevin spoke without turning his head back to either of them, “Nice recovery Mommy.”

“He must not be very good at it, you’re not laughing,” Bounce frowned as she looked over the back of the couch.

Bron and Kevin erupted in laughter.  Kevin figured it was bad enough being busted by a six year old.  He turned his head to Bron and winked at her.  “You don’t think I’m good at it huh Bounce.”

“Guess not, she’s not laughing,” Bounce gave him a sourpuss face.

“Well let’s find out.”  Kevin sat up quickly and darted around the couch chasing down his new prey.  Bounce was squealing with delight at being chased. 

Bron bolted off the couch and to the bathroom to fix her shirt.  She splashed cool water on her face and looked in the mirror.  “Damn, that was close,” she spoke to herself in the mirror.

Bron fixed her clothes and brushed her hair.  She headed back out to see that Kevin had Bounce by the foot tickling away.  “Tell me,” he laughed.

“No!”  Bounce would shout and laugh some more.  Bron was enjoying the sight.  It had been along time since Bounce had even wanted to play this way.

“Ya better tell me,” as he continued to tickle and torture his small captive.

“Kaylin!”  Bounce cried out.  “Stop please,” was the giggling plea that followed.

Kevin stopped in shock and heard Bron groan behind him.  Kevin looked at her,  “No wonder,” and he shook his head.

Bounce sat up and smiled as Kevin let her foot down, “He’s good at this,” she giggled.

“I’m busted,” Bron laughed.

Kevin smirked, “Oh are you ever wife.”

Bron’s eyebrows went together and she frowned, “I’m not your wife.”  She was watching Bounce poke at Kevin to get his attention as they sat on the floor together.

“You don’t want to be my wife?” he asked.  This was the first sign she had given him since yesterday that something was still bothering her.  Kevin grabbed Bounce’s hand so she would stop poking at him.

“I’m not your wife yet.  I didn’t like the way I was asked.”  She answered with an icy tone.

“Hmm, well if I had asked any other way, you would have said no,” he chuckled at her with that all knowing smirk on his face.

Bron threw her hands up in the air, “You’re hopeless.”  She started to walk back to the desk after checking her watch.  Kevin had to leave soon.  As she crossed the room, she felt something hit her.  The next thing she knew she was flat on her back staring at the ceiling. 

“Tell me where Kaylin,” Kevin laughed as he pinned Bron’s arms above her head.

“Right here,” as Bounce began to tickle her mom under her arms. 

“Stop,” Bron laughed and tried to wriggle around on the floor trying to free herself of Kevin’s grip.  Kevin sat on her with a shit-eating grin on his face.  Bounce was having one hell of time having her mom at her mercy and no repercussions.  “Here too,” as she attacked Bron’s sides and then headed for her feet.

“Oh God, come on stop please,” Bron cried in between her bouts of laughter.  Bron had tears running down her face.  “You’re enjoying this way too much Lurch,” she croaked as Kevin continued to hold her down letting Bounce tease her mom.  He nodded to Bron, “Yep I sure am.”

“Excuse us.  It’s time to go,” Brian said to the door.  He was surprised to find the three of them on the floor goofing around like this.  Especially Kevin.

“Aw Shit!” came flying out of Bounce who was standing behind Kevin.  Kevin immediately reached behind him, grabbed her, and sat her on his leg.  “What were you told about that word?” he said sternly to her.

Bounce frowned, “Sorry.”  Bron’s eyes grew wide.  An apology, no fights, that’s a shock.

Kevin waved a large index finger in her face.  “No more Kaylin.  I mean it.  If I hear it again, I’ll warm you backside.  Little girls shouldn’t talk like their mommies.” 

“Well excuse the hell out of me,” Bron bellowed from underneath both of them.  How dare he correct me in front of her.

“Mom!” and “Bron really,” followed her shout from two sitting on her and frowning at her.  “Get off me!” she screamed.  They both got up instantly.

Brian stood at the door joined by Carlos and Jake.  They watch the entire scene unfold.  Bron was very angry at being brought down in front of Bounce.  He couldn’t really blame her she was more embarrassed at the comment Kevin made than angry.  Yep Kevin’s playing daddy and mommy doesn’t like it.

Bron got up and shook her pant legs down.  She walked away in huff as Kevin snagged her wrist.  “I want my kiss,” he said loudly.  Bron turned as she reached the bathroom, “Kiss my ass Kevin.”  Bron turned to Bounce, “You’re grounded.”  Bron went into the bathroom and slammed the door.  Kevin rolled his eyes musing in his head and now who’s acting like a baby.

Bounce looked at Kevin, she was confused.  “Why did I get grounded?”  Kevin stood up and saw Brian and the fellas by the door.  “You’re not grounded.  She’s mad at me not you.”  Bounce shook her head and hugged Kevin’s legs, “Cool.”

“I’ll see later,” as he bent down and gave a quick kiss.  “No more bad words,” he reminded her.  

“Okay, give the teenies a good show,” Bounce flashed him a 10,000 watt smile and he grinned back at her as he rolled his eyes. 

“Kev come on man we gotta go,” Brian intruded once again from the door.  Kevin gave one glance to the bathroom door knowing it was futile now.  He shook his head as he walked out the door and heard Jake snickering.

Jake walked in, “They’re gone Bron.”

Bron came out but much calmer.  “I’m sorry Bounce, you’re not grounded,” she stated.

Bounce chirped back, “I know Kevin said I wasn’t.”

“ERR!” came out of Bron.  Bron closed her eyes and counted to ten.  It’s not her fault, it’s not her fault, she kept repeating to herself in her head.  She heard a muffled laugh and opened her eyes to see Jake trying not to laugh. 

“It’s gonna happen,” Jake chuckled.

“Wanna bet,” Bron hissed out.  Bron grabbed Bounce’s hand, “Come on, you can watch a movie while I sort laundry.” 

Jake started to follow them and she turned to him, “Don’t, I want my mommy time.” 

They headed down to Kevin’ s room.  Bron was amazed at how clean it was.  Bounce crawled on the couch and Bron ordered a movie for her.  Bron sorted the laundry and made the call for pick up.  After they showed up, Bron settled on the couch with Bounce to finish watching the movie.

After the first movie, she fished through the box of food that was always hanging around and grabbed a bag of popcorn.  “Come on, let’s make it a double feature.”  Bounce was happy she had time alone with her mom.

They hustled down to Carlos room and changed.  They sat and watched half of another movie and ate popcorn.  Before they knew it they were both fast asleep.






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