Chapter 8

The ladies pulled into the hotel and headed for the lobby while Stevie did the luggage hauling.† "What are the reservations under?"† Bron asked the Mary.†

Mary suddenly realized she really didnít know, "I don't know."

"You didnít ask them?"† Bron inquired.†

ďNo, didnít you ask them?Ē† Mary looked at her shocked.†

"That was really stupid Mare."† Bron said rolling her eyeballs.†

"Well you didn't think to ask either."† Mary replied annoyingly.†

"Well I'm not the one trying to bang A.J. either," Bron hissed out at her.†

Mary just glared back waiting for an answer from Bron for that remark.† "Oh, Mare, I'm sorry.† I didn't mean it, I'm tired, and we just had a six hour ride," Bron started begging for forgiveness.†

"It's Okay, I know you didn't really mean it," Mary returned her a best bud smile.† I bet I get a good G.G. for that one.

From behind them they heard a bunch of catcalls.† The ladies turned to see that it was A.J., Howie, and Stevie in the elevator.† They motioned the girls to follow them.

Once the doors closed Gillian stammered, "I can't believe we did this."†

"Me either," Amy whispered.†

A.J. spoke first "Ladies we have a ton of stuff to do, we might break for dinner and then we will see you at the show. Okay?"

Getting off on the eighth floor Howie held out a handful of room keys.† "Ladies here you go, go for it, weíll figure the rest out later."

Stevie wearily followed Bron and Bounce down the hall.† "I don't like this," he chomped out.†

"Shut up and deal with it," Bron snapped at him.† "What's the matter with you?† Miss your nappy?" he snapped back.

As she opened the door she purposely dropped her bag on his foot, "How's your eye?" she remarked.

Stevie touched his eye, "Fine."

"Want a matching one?" she glared.

Stevie ignored her and set everything down.† He began moving things to please himself and his job.† No obstructions to the door and a clear view were necessary.†

"Stop it!" she yelled at him.† "I'm tired and I want to lay down.Ē†

"What about dinner later?" he questioned her.†

"I'm not going," she simply told him.

Stevie stood there studying her, "That would be rude they paid for everything to get you guys down here."†

"Tough, I'm tired and hung over, you go," still being surly with him.

"I can't," he said as he shook his head back and forth.

Bron thought, Iím tired; I really need to sleep.† My head is going to blow off, he is going, "Yes you can and you will go in my place."

Stevie walked to stand directly in front of her.† "No, Bron I am not going," he barked at her.

"Yes you are, because Iím not,Ē She gawked at him.† "Look Stevie nobody knows I'm here.† I know you are doing your job, but I need a break."

Stevie knew she was right.† The chances of anyone knowing she was here were remote.† "What are you going to eat?" he sighed.†

"I'll order room service Okay?† I'm a big girl," She answered as she began to put things away.

Stevie began to pace the room, "I don't know."

"Stevie come on, if Bounce doesn't sleep she isn't going to make it through the concert," Bron informed him.† Bron knew that Bounce was the trump card where Stevie was concerned.†

"All right, but don't open the door, you wait until they leave."

Bron started to shove him towards the bathroom, "Go get ready, you need a shower, you stink."

"Thank you so much," Stevie smirked at her.† This was starting to feel like old times again.† He missed not being able to get closer to her.†

Bron crawled on the bed, next to where Bounce had dropped when they came through the door and promptly fell asleep.† She woke up at five-thirty, "Oh Shit!"† She quickly ordered their dinner and jumped in the shower.

Stevie came back after dinner and told her everyone agreed to meet downstairs at 7:00 to get to the venue.†

At seven the girls were arguing over who was riding with who.† Once the arrangements were made they all jumped in the vans and drove to the Arena.† Upon arrival, the ladies had a surprise, front row seats and backstage passes.

Nick caught Amy out of the corner of his eye and ran over, "Hi ladies!"† Flashing that Nick oh so sexy smile.† He received a very cheerful chorus of Hi-s back.† "Are you surprised?" he asked them.† Everyone said yes and thank you to him.†

Bounce kept staring at Nick in awe of her idol.† Nick knelt down to her level "Hey, Bounce are you excited?" he asked her.†

"Yes!" she giggled.†

Nick leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek.† As he stood up he winked at Bron and she mouthed back, "Thank You."

The girls got into their seats, Stevie stood at the end of the aisle.† Krystal came on and did her performance.† The girls kept saying what an awesome voice she had and so much confidence for such a young girl.

They called a brief intermission and then the Boys took the stage.† They sang a few songs before their first costume change.† During the costume change they huddled planning for a little fun.† They were after all pranksters at heart, especially Nick.

As they went through the show the girls were really picked on.† Amy was covered with Silly String.† Gillian got roses from Howie.† Mary got more floor humping than she could handle.† Bron almost got a cup full of ice water from Kevin, but he stopped at the last minute.† Walking over to A.J. he dumped it on him and said he needed to cool down a little.† The show closed with a bang and the girls were ushered backstage.†

They were introduced to so many people.† Bounce finally ended up crawling on a couch and falling asleep with her arms wrapped around her.† Brian saw her sleeping, took off his jacket and covered her up.†

Bron walked up to him, "Thank You Bri, she's very tired."†

"You're welcome, did you enjoy the show tonight?" he smiled at her.†

"Yes I did, very much. Thank You."†

"You really thought Kev was gonna hit you with that water, huh?" he asked her with an amused grin.†

"Oh yes, I just wonder what stopped him," she laughed.†

"Easy, you smiled instead of snarling at him for a change," he winked at her.†

Bron slapped Brian on the arm, "Hey, how do you know I snarl?" continuing to laugh.

Brian grinned back at her, "He told me at dinner.† We were kind of disappointed you didnít come.Ē

From behind her Bron heard, "Still hitting strangers I see."

Bron jumped and spun around, "Why are you always pulling that panther act on me?† Stop sneaking up on me!" she snarled at him.

Kevin laughed, "I like to see you jump and I really like seeing you get mad."

She looked at him with a smug face, "You're twisted."

"Not as twisted as you are," he grinned.

Kevin watched her fiddle with her drink.† Yep she's getting nervous, he said to himself with satisfaction.† I like this, this is fun.†

"Let's go talk some where private," he said to her.†

"No, I don't think so Lurch, I have a kid remember." she retorted.† Fat chance my friend, she said to herself.†

"I'll watch her," Brian quipped.† Bron turned back to look at Brian and he was wearing that country bumpkin I'm so innocent smile.†

"Thanks so much, but I'll pass.† I donít leave Bounce with strangers, Backstreet or not," she replied as politely as she could.† Dammit, they are tag teaming me I just know it, she thought.

Bron turned back around to face Kevin who was watching her.† Bron started searching the room looking for Stevie to save her.†

Kev grinned wickedly at her, "He's not here...† He likes dancers, a lot.† I introduced him to a couple."

Bron whipped her head up and looked him straight in the face, "Jerk!"

Brian chuckled, Bron turned, glared at him, and he stopped.

Kevin crossed his arms and smiled.† "I think that takes care of your defensive line," he said sarcastically, but totally amused.† Oh, I got her now, he giggled to himself.† Letís see how made she can get.†

"ERRR!" she growled at him.†

"Hey, Cuz are you sure you like her?† Sheís kinda cranky," Brian laughed.

Kevin placed a hand on her elbow and one on the small of her back as he propelled her from the room.† They met A.J. and Mary at the doorway.† Bron tried to stop by digging in her heels but he kept on pushing her.† A.J. Winked at Kevin.†

"You!"† Bron yelped when she caught it.† Mary was snickering at her.† Bron was propelled down the hallway to a billiard room and the door slammed shut.






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