Chapter 81

Kevin quickly followed her to Carlos’s door.  They stood outside and Kevin leaned down to her.  “May I come in?” he snickered.

“They aren’t going to let you,” Bron smiled.  Kevin had confusion written all over his face.  “You don’t get it do you?”  Bron giggled.

“Get what?” as he leaned his arm on the doorway and saddled a little closer to her.  He was making his play.

“And they say I need a billboard,” Bron groaned.  Kevin grinned at her little comment.  Bron couldn’t figure out what to say she so she just came right out, “We’re on a date Kevin.”

“Oh honey we are way past dating.  We missed out on that,” he smiled at her as he raised his hand and ran the back of it across her cheek.

Bron knew he still didn’t get it.  “Kevin what did we do today?”  Kevin shook his head, leaned down to her face, “You were with me, you know what we did today,” he began to caress her face, and his eyes were settled on her lips.  He wasn’t in the mood for small talk he had something else in mind.

“Humor me,” Bron quipped steeling her resolve as best she could.

“Okay, I’ll play.  We went to the mall, dinner, and the movies,” he spoke he bent to kiss her.

“When do you do those things?” she asked as she turned her head away from him, making him miss his target.  She giggled slightly at his frustration.

Suddenly he pulled his head back, “Oh darlin’,” he exclaimed as he looked at her.  “They set us up,” he groaned.

“Oh yes they did.  We’re dating.  We missed that part and they are trying to give it back to us, all in one night,” she smiled.

Kevin turned and glanced at Brian and Nick standing at the end of the corridor.  They weren’t saying anything to each other but were watching him.  “Can I still come in?” he whispered as he turned back to her. 

“They won’t let you.  You won’t get pass the door,” she chuckled.  “This is dating the old fashioned way.  Your mom’s way.”

“I want to test your theory,” as he grabbed for the doorknob and pushed the door open. 

“Hey Train, I need your help,” he heard Nick shout down the hall.  Nick and Brian headed directly for both of them. 

“Told you,” Bron hid her smile.

“Come on man it’s important,” Brian grabbed Kevin by the arm.

Bron was grinning from ear to ear at him.  Kevin sighed loudly, all hope was lost for this night.  He really didn’t have to the heart to ruin the date now anyway.  It was romantic and it was great.  “One second please,” he mumbled as he shook Brian off his arm.

Kevin leaned over, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear, “Thanks for a wonderful date.  I’d like to go out again sometime.  I love you.”

Bron walked through the door and quietly shut it.  She had left him standing there.  She leaned back against the door and groaned loudly. 

Jake watched her and smiled as he got up headed for bed, “Nice date?”

“Incredible,” Bron beamed at him and giggled.

“Night Bron,” Jake said as he closed the door.  He was so pleased that she was that happy.  She would be having sweet dreams tonight.

“Night Jake,” she sighed loudly but very happy.

Kevin was awaken the next morning early, too early.  They had a busy day and a long ride to the venue again for promo work.  He stopped at Carlos’s door on the way out to see Bron.  He opened the door to find Jake eating breakfast and Bron still sleeping.  He smiled at her sleeping form and waved to Jake as he quietly shut the door.

Bron stirred shortly after that.  She showered and went to find Bounce.  Bounce was off with Stevie so she went to get some work done on the house.  She needed to get as much done as she could.  The work didn’t need to progress so quickly but after last night she was a bundle of nerves and needed to occupy herself.  She didn’t have that many days left.

The day flew by and it was time to get dressed for the show.  She wanted to go tonight and see how things were going.  The performance was great as usual and the family and guests were waiting in the green room for the boys to finish changing.  As the boys drifted in Bron noticed they were dressed to the nines, clubbing clothes on each one of them.  The excitement has started to build, dancing, we’re going dancing, she was chanting to herself as she waited for him.

Bron looked at them, “Are we going out?” she squeaked.  The guys looked at each other and didn’t answer her.  Jerald finally stepped up to the plate, he rolled his eyes at the fellas, “Really guys, yes we are but you’re not.” 

Bron began to frown slightly it wasn’t the fact that she wasn’t invited it was the tone that Jerald used.  He sounded just like Kevin, it meant don’t argue about it.  Must be a freakin’ family trait.  Caveman attitude abounds in Kentucky, she grumbled to herself. 

Bron smiled after catching Mary wink at A.J..  She replied with the appropriate response that all Richardson men wanted to hear, compliance,  “Yes sir.” 

Mary turned into A.J.’s shoulder and giggled, while A.J. smirked at her.  Jerald contemplated the reply in his head, well that’s not so bad, what were they scared of.

Kevin strolled in the door; mister I always have to look good, took forever to get dressed.  “Hey darlin’, the boys and are going out, okay by you?”  Kevin gave her big grin, he must have heard the exchange between the two.

“Yep,” Bron smiled, reached up, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Have a good time.” 

Bron grabbed Bounce’s hand, “Come on ladies.  Let’s go.”  Jake began to follow behind her with Stevie.  Bron turned around and smiled sweetly, “You boys don’t want to go to the bachelor party.  I’m sure they have big plans knowing these guys.”

Kevin laughed first and the loudest.  She only ignored things when it was convenient for her.  “We can’t Bron,” Jake answered.

Bron looked at Kevin, dropped Bounce’s hand and waltzed over to him, “Sure you can guys, right Lurch.”  Kevin watched her and knew she was going to spit something out to make him look foolish if he said no.  She crooked her finger at him and he bent down.  The crowd in the room watched as Kevin’s eyes rolled around his head as she whispered in his ear.  He closed his eyes and unconsciously licked his lips.  Bron backed her head up and smiled, waiting for his response.  “Get your coats guys you’re going with us.”  Kevin announced after taking a deep cleansing breath.

“Bye guys, have fun,” Bron giggled as she reached her hand out for Bounce and headed for the door.  She heard the word whipped more than once on her way out the door and laughed.

Bron, Mary, Anne, and Bounce caught a ride back to the hotel.  It was an hour and half ride and Bounce was out cold.  Bron looked at her and mentally began busting on herself that it was too late and happening to often lately.  

She felt a hand on hers and heard, “Not much longer.  Pretty soon you’ll be settled in the new house with a normal routine again.”  It was Anne who had reassured her.

“I know but it’s wearing on her, this lifestyle is not kid friendly,” Bron spoke to her still watching her child. 

They began to talk about the wedding on the way back.  When Bron asked a question she got sketchy details.  I guess it’s my own fault.  I didn’t want to deal with it so now they will be evasive. 






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