Chapter 82

Upon arriving at the hotel Bron put a sleepy Bounce to bed in Jake’s room.  She left the suite door open and went across the hall to find Mary.  Bron walked in and saw two extra bodies in the room.

“Gillian!”  Bron yelled with excitement and ran to hug her.  “Leigh too, What are you guys doing here?”  Bron asked with glee.

“Howie and Bri said you were having a big party and that we needed to be here,” Gillian smirked at her.

“I’m so glad you guys are here.  Where’s Amy?”  Bron looked around the room.  “She didn’t come, it’s over.”  Bron grimaced a little hearing Gillian’s answer.  “That’s a shame, she went back to him didn’t she?”  She wasn’t surprised she knew it was going to happen, she just was hoping it would be after the party.  As guilty as she felt, she needed her friends to get her through this.

“Yes,” Gillian simply replied.

“Congratulations Bron,” Leigh smiled, “Welcome to the family.” 

Bron was tongue tied, “Thanks Leigh.”

“I’m so bored and I’m sick of work,” Bron whined.

“Let’s chat,” Gillian giggled. 

Bron laughed at her, “You’re horny.”

“Yes I am, but not for too long,” Gillian snickered.

“Too bad Bron and Kevin can’t say that,” Leigh joined in the conversation.

“Please I don’t want to talk about what these mean people have done to us,” Bron groaned and blushed.

“Let’s take this across the hall.  I don’t want to leave Bounce alone,” Bron walked out and the three women followed.

The ladies were giggling away as they raided the mini bar and fridge in the room.  Gillian looked at Bron, “Are you getting your tattoo tomorrow?”

“I’m trying but A.J. won’t budge.  He thinks Kevin will kill him if he takes me.”  Bron dropped on the couch.  “Mary could help but she won’t,” she grumbled.

“Kevin will be angry if you do Bron,” Leigh said reinforcing A.J.’s earlier whine on why he couldn’t.

“Well I’m big girl Leigh, it’s my body and if I want one I’ll get one.  I don’t need Lurch’s permission,” Bron pouted.

Mary shot Leigh a look that said drop it and she did.  “So what have you been up to Gillian?”  Bron inquired.

“Not much, the girls miss you.  They haven’t heard from you.  I told them you were out of town working but I don’t know how much longer they will buy that.  You were always on and now they haven’t heard from you in a month.”  Gillian grinned.

“I’ll be back at my computer soon.  Tall, dark, and pissy still has my lap top hidden away someplace and I haven’t found it yet.  I’ll catch up with them and explain what I can.  Any new auctions?”  Bron grinned as she looked at Leigh with a smirk.

Gillian giggled, “Oh yeah, Nick won again.  Kevin was a close second though.”

Bron was watching Leigh.  If Leigh wanted to join the group she was more than welcome but she had to understand and play by the girls rules.  “Poor Kev.  I guess I don’t need to ask which part fetched the most.  Thor right?”  Mary and Gillian were laughing out right. 

Leigh figured out what Thor was, it wasn’t to hard and asked, “What did Brian go for?”

“I’m sorry Leigh but Brian is just to innocent.”  Bron smirked with her tongue in her cheek.

“You don’t know Brian,” Leigh flashed a cover girl smiled.

“Are you now saying that Brian is related to Kevin?  You denied it before.”  Bron snickered.

“Most definitely and now you are joining the family,” Leigh chuckled.

“Let’s see the current topic of discussion is FOB,” Gillian spoke and Mary laughed.  Mary was still chatting she had her laptop.  Bron didn’t like being on the outside looking in and asked right away what it was.

“Feet On the Brain,” Gillian giggled. 

Bron groaned, “They just never stop.” 

“You’re just jealous because you’re missing out,” Gillian laughed.

 “So how big are Kev’s feet?”  Gillian barely got out as she was laughing.

“Very large,” came from the door, which was quickly followed by Bron muttering a curse from embarrassment.

The other ladies laughed out loud.  “Well they are Bron,” Anne grinned at her, making matters worse.  Bron blushed profusely.  “May I join you?”  Anne asked. 

Bron choked out, “Sure.”

“Well Bronwyn you didn’t answer the question,” Leigh piped up.  She was enjoying Bron’s sudden silence. 

“Don’t embarrass Bron because I’m here Leigh.  Besides Kevin is very well endowed,” Anne grinned.

“Oh God,” came out of Bron’s mouth, while some of her beer came out of her nose.  I can’t believe she is talking about him this way.  Bron grabbed a tissue, to wipe her face.  That must have looked real lady like.

“You’re forgetting dear I changed his diapers,” Anne chuckled getting into the conversation even more.  The girls were loving this.  Kevin’s mom was actually tormenting Bron worse then they ever could.

“Oh God,” came again out of her mouth as Anne smirked at her.  Anne thought no wonder Kevin is so fascinated with her.  Bron closed her eyes and an image popped in her head.

“Don’t go there Bron,” Mary giggled out loud at her expression.  She was writing in her head again and Mary knew it.  “

I’m trying not too,” she laughed nervously as she opened her eyes.

Anne rolled her eyes this time,  “Really girls do you really think that I think none of you are having sex?  I’m old not dead.”

“Some of us aren’t,” Gillian giggled as she smirked at Bron.

“HA-HA!  Gillian,” Bron said with a pissy voice.  Don’t even go there.  I’m surviving and Kevin is getting pissed off.  I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in a week, she mumbled to herself.

Everyone laughed at Bron.  Anne went and sat next to Bron.  “Look at it this way, it will make the next time so much more special,” she smiled.

Bron looked at Anne puzzled, “We’re talking about Kevin here.  It will be wham, bam, thank you Ma’am.  Lights out and snore.”

“Now you know that Kevin isn’t like that Bron.  He’s a very attentive lover,” Anne spoke seriously to her ignoring the others in the room.

Bron’s eyebrows went up in shock, “I’m not going to ask how you know that.”

“Well he is his father’s son,” Anne winked at her.

Bron jumped up from the couch that was it.  “Please too much information,” she practically yelled.

Mary was laughing, Bron talking sex with Kevin’s mom was just too much.  Leigh and Gillian sat silently waiting for what was coming next.

“Bron it may surprise you but I have had sex.  I gave birth to your Kevin and his brothers.  It wasn’t immaculate conception,” Anne added to Bron’s current distress.

“Please you’re torturing me here,” Bron laughed as she handed Anne a drink.

“So what was Kevin’s dad like?”  Gillian asked.  Mary knew better than to ask it, that would just be rude.  Besides Bron wasn’t giving any details about what went on in their bedroom and she knew Anne wouldn’t either.  Bron shared when she wanted too.  On the other hand she didn’t know what Anne would say.

“Oh well how is Howie?”  Anne asked Gillian with a straight face.

“Touché,” Mary proclaimed and ended the conversation on that topic.

Gillian cleared her throat, “So who has the biggest feet?’

“Kevin,” Bron and Anne chimed back.

The group chatted for hours about everything from family to BSB, all girl talk.  They talked about sex of course.  When it was good, when it was bad, and how to make it even better.  Anne participated whole-heartedly enjoying the company of the ladies.  All names were left out to protect the guilty and to make sure it didn’t show up in one of Bron’s fics.  Mary was watching and Bron wasn’t missing one single detail.

Loud noises and some really jumbled singing from the hallway interrupted the chat.  “Okay drunken singing.  They’re back,” Bron laughed.

They could hear A.J. begin to sing a very slurred version of Lay Down Beside Me.  Mary scrunched up her face trying to judge who was plastered the most.  The ladies sat and listened to the conversation.  They didn’t really know how loud they were being and that their voices were carrying.

“Sing something else,” Kevin shouted in the hallway.

“Why, It’s my favorite,” A.J. snorted.

“Cuz you got something to lay down with.  You assholes have been keeping us apart for a week.  You cut me off; I nailed my woman twice since Chicago.”  Kevin barked in a drunkards voice.

Bron eyes grew wide as she looked at Anne, “He’s so smashed.”  Bron was trying to apologize for him to his mother.

“You’ll live Kev,” Tim laughed at him.  Anne sighed at least he was sober.

“Yeah what are ya gonna do when we go on tour Train?”  Nick garbled out.

“Rub one off boys,” Kevin laughed.

Anne stormed to the door, he’s making an ass out of himself again.  She jerked the door open, “Hello boys.”

“Hi Mrs. R,” was returned to her except for one very drunk and slurred, “Hi mama.”  Bron stepped out the door.  There was Kevin hanging off of his brother’s shoulders.  If either of them moved he would slam to the floor.

“Hi darlin’,” he smiled a stupid smile at her and Bron laughed.

“Hi Master, have a good time did we?”  She giggled as she watched him fight to keep his eyes from closing. 

“Yep,” he nodded.

Anne sighed, Kevin should never drink in public, he doesn’t know when to stop.  “Let’s get them to bed.”

“Oh good, come on darling time for bed,” he snickered; now fighting to keep his head up.  Tim and Jerald really just wanted to drop him to the floor like brothers would do.  Anne looked at both of them, “Don’t,” was the only thing she uttered and they grinned back at her.  “I’ll take of him.  Come on boys help me with your brother,” she sighed.

Kevin began to protest, “I don’t want you Mama.  I want my witch,” he pleaded with her.  Bron had to cover her face.  Oh man he’s gonna feel this one for a few days, please just go to bed, she groaned.

“I know dear,” she replied calmly as they headed down the hall. 

“But Ma…” he whined. 

“Shut up Kevin you’re making an ass of yourself,” she scolded him.

Bron watched as the hall emptied.  Jake and Carlos were not as drunk but they were feeling it and so was Stevie.  Man I would love to have been a fly on the wall with this group.  Bron shut the door and locked up as she watched the security team head off to bed.






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