Chapter 83

Bron was sound asleep when the television flicked on and cartoon noises came booming out of it.  Jake came to the door that Bounce had left open.  He frowned and shut it quickly.

“Come on Bounce, they need to sleep,” she smiled.  They both grabbed some clothes and got dressed.  Bron closed the blinds, took the phone off the hook, and grabbed some aspirin from her purse.  She set the aspirin on the counter with a pitcher of water and three glasses.  On the way out the door she hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

They walked down the hall and into Kevin’s suite.  Tim and Anne were up and having coffee.  Kevin was still out cold on the couch.  Bron looked at his painful position and grinned, “He’ll be feeling that later.”

Bron intercepted Bounce heading for the Television, “No TV.”

“Mom!”  Bounce yelled.

Kevin groaned loudly.  Anne, Tim, and Bron snickered.  It sounded like he was dying or at least he wanted to.  “Go sit down,” as she pointed to the table.

Bron went to the couch, “Morning,” she said loudly.

“Ohh,” he moaned as his body shuttered.

“Come on I want you to get up,” she grinned at the back of the human being on the couch. 

“Go away Witch,” he moaned.

Bron leaned down over the couch.  She brushed a piece of hair from his ear and whispered.  “I have work to do.  I want you to go sleep it off in my bed.  I took the phone off the hook and pulled the blinds.  Nobody will bother you guys.  There are some aspirins on the counter with some water.  Lock the door I have my key.”  Bron fiddled with the stray piece of hair by his ear.

Without saying a word Kevin got up and walked out the door.  Bron watched the retreating figure in white boxer, with a fine ass head out the door.  His current state of undress was of no concern to him at the moment.

“Where is he going in his shorts?”  Tim asked totally shocked.  Bounce was laughing, typical of a kid her age.

“To take some aspirin and sleep his little celebration off,”  Bron smiled.

“You really spoil him,” Tim snorted.

“I know,” Bron giggled.

The rest of the morning and most of the afternoon the suite hummed with work.  Bron on the house and everyone else on her wedding.  Works for me she grinned to herself.  Not many details were being put out for her to hear but she trusted them to get them through this trying time.  Bron was excited the foundation of the house was going as she talked to Mc.  The house was way ahead of schedule and she was loving it.  At this rate they could move in when Kevin came back from Mexico City.

Nick was up and moving pretty well.  He came down to fill Bron in on what he had gotten done on her special project.  The boys were having fun with this.  This was a really cool idea and Kevin would be bowled over by it.  After he left Bron checked her watch, it’s getting late they had a show to do tonight.  Time to try A.J. again as she left the room and activity.

She checked Jake’s door, still locked.  I can pull this off and he won’t even know.  Bron went across the hall to A.J.’s room.  She knocked on the door and was told to come in. 

Bron was grinning from ear to ear, “Hi Alex,” she smiled sweetly.

A.J. laughed, Bron was being too sweet, not her style.  He had watched her and anytime she wanted something she turned into sweet, sugary syrup.  On any other woman it would have been fine, but not her.  It just didn’t wash.  “Forget it Bron.  I won’t do it.  He’ll kill me.”

“Come on, I’m a big girl,” Bron grinned. 

A.J. shook his head, “And he is a big boy who would bust me in half and never forgive me.”

“Please Alex.  I want it done right,” she whined.

Mary walked into the suite, “Bron what are you doing here?”

“Nothing, why do I have to be up to something to come visit A.J.?  We’re talking about Kevin’s surprise.”  Bron was defensive right away.

Mary laughed as she looked at A.J., who was not happy at all.  She knew it was that damn tattoo again.  “Okay,” Mary answered as she left.  Mary went right back to Kevin’s room and grabbed the key to get to Kevin.  A.J. was being put in a spot that would really make Kevin angry with him.  Only one person can stop her and it’s time he got up. 

Mary let herself into Carlos’s suite and walked to the sofa bed.  She grabbed the foot sticking out from underneath the blanket.  “Kev time to get up,” Mary spoke trying to rouse him out of his slumber.

Kevin grumbled and opened one eye, well there’s a bolt from the blue.

“You okay now?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m human,” He yawned as he spoke.

“Well then go save Alex before Bron ends up with a tattoo that you don’t want.”  Mary grumbled at him.

Kevin shook his head, nah I didn’t hear that, he internalized.

Mary saw the doubt.  “Yes and now she wants one.  How cute,” she said sarcastically.

Kevin groaned as he sat up and rubbed his face his hands and back through his hair.  “Wonderful,” he muttered as he stood up and ambled out the door and across the hall.  He walked in without knocking. 

“Forget it Bron,” as he walked over to her and grabbed her by the hand. 

“Forget what?” she look at him feigning innocence.

“No tatt,” as he lead her to the door.  “Thanks Bone,” he called back over his shoulder. 

He hauled her behind him down to his suite.  Once there, he dropped her hand and headed for the bedroom.  Coming out with a handful of clothes he headed to the bathroom without speaking to anyone.

Tim frowned, “What jerked his chain?”

“Me,” Bron said as she made him something to eat. 

Jerald glanced at her, “How?”

“I want a tattoo and he doesn’t want me to get one, but he won’t tell my why.” she sulked.  Maybe if she fed him he would be in a better mood and might change his mind.

Jerald and Tim chuckled.  “Because he doesn’t want you to have the grief he has had over his,”  Anne informed her.

 “Oh,” Bron answered flatly.  That’s lame she thought as she placed his food on the table.  As if he knew it was ready, he came out of the bathroom hair soaked but fully dressed.  He silently went to the table and ate.  He was waiting for her to say something to him.  As he finished and she hadn’t spoken he figured she needed to hear it again.  “Thank you and no tatts.”

“Fine whatever,” as she closed her eyes.  He was studying her and it bugged her.  Kevin had a way of sneaking inside her head and soul and knowing what she was up too.  I’m going to get one, you’ll see, she thought to herself.

“Don’t blow me off Bron, no tatts ever.  It’s not worth it.”  Kevin spoke.

“I’m not,” she whined back.

The other brothers and Anne were laughing.  Kevin always knew what Bron was thinking.  He had acquired a knack for reading her and used it as best he could.  She had done it to him for months before she even knew him.

Bron grimaced at them, they’re all alike.  “Stay out of my damn head,” she barked at him and Kevin gave a sly grin. 

The phone rang and Kevin got up to answer it.  “Darlin’ it’s for you,”  and he set the phone down on the desk. 

Bron went to the phone and picked it up.  She didn’t say a word, just listened.  They all watched as she was getting angry at something.  Finally she spoke, “Fine I’ll take care of it.  It’s late if they’ll will wait I will try and get it done.  I’ll call you back in fifteen minutes.”  Bron slammed the phone down and stream of curses came flying out of her.

“What’s the matter?”  Kevin asked.

“Damn banks,” she groaned.  She went to Kevin’s briefcase and twirled the lock.  She grabbed a folder and headed for the desk.  She leafed through the folder and dialed a number quickly and asked for a gentlemen by name.

Jerald looked at Kevin, “Doesn’t he run the Bluegrass Bank?”

Kevin nodded and crooked his finger motioning him to come over to him, which he did.  “Wanna see a powerhouse in action.  Mc told me about this, but this is the first chance that I have had to see it.”  Mc had told Kevin awhile ago that Bron was a bitch when it came to negotiating.

Tim and Anne were lost as they listened to Bron talk on the phone.  Kevin and Jerald were amused.  Bron was speaking directly to the President of the bank who was called out of a board meeting to speak to her.  Kevin watched her pace and kick the desk when she wasn’t getting her own way.  Nick wandered into the suite and Bron motioned him over to her.  “Just a minute Mr. Greenlee, my secretary Nicole needs me,” she grinned at Nick and put the caller on hold.

“Nicole!  Give me a freakin’ break,”  Nick rolled his eyes at her.  Ignoring him Bron turned to Kevin, “I need my financials before you raided my accounts.  I know you have them stashed somewhere, find them.”  Kevin dashed into the bedroom and came out with an envelope and handed them to her.  Bron emptied the contents on the desk and found the two sheets she was looking for.  She scribbled a number on the back of one of them.  “Please Nick, take this to Mary’s fax and send it to the number on the back.”  Bron looked at Kevin, “You can come clean later.”

Nick was reading the papers that Bron handed him and hadn’t moved, “Holy shit you’re loaded.  You’ve got more...”  Nick’s sentence was interrupted by Kevin’s hand bouncing off the back of his head, “She said feed it not read it.”

Bron grinned wickedly at Nick, “Don’t rub it in, I think it bugs him.”

Bron picked the phone back up and began speaking again into the receiver and making faces at her audience.  The only one who had managed to put it together so far was Jerald.  Finally in disgust she informed the gentlemen that her financials were being sent to him.  As long as the Board was there they could review the information and they could call her back in five minutes with an answer one way or another.

Bron hung up the phone and smiled at Kevin, “He’s mine, all mine.”  Jerald poked Kevin in the ribs, “No wonder your bucks don’t impress her.  She’s got more,” he chuckled.  Kevin’s face beamed, money didn’t bother him, but nobody could say she wanted his money, ever.

Nick came back with Howie behind him.  “If you showed those to anyone you’re dead,” Kevin spoke in a serious tone. 

“I didn’t,” Nick answered as he handed the papers back to Bron.  Bron put everything back in the envelope and handed them to Kevin.

“What are you doing anyway?”  Kevin asked.

“Shut up, I’m thinking,” as she paced and waited for the call back.  Howie discreetly asked what was going on and was quickly caught up, without numbers of course.

The phone rang but Bron didn’t jump to answer it until the third ring.  Kevin had to laugh, makem' sweat darlin'.  She smiled broadly as she listened and didn’t speak.  She informed the caller she had a problem with the interest and then proceeded to negotiate her way down.  Howie was even amazed as she pinned the caller to the wall and left no room to negotiate, it was going to be her way or no way.  The check would be hand delivered to Mc as soon as they hung up from the conversation.  Mc would sign the papers for her.

Bron repeated the terms loudly so that Kevin could hear her.  He was grinning from ear to ear, getem’ girl, he mused.  Howie was smirking along with everyone else.

Bron hung up the phone and did a victory dance around the desk and out the door.  “You guys make great secretaries,” she giggled on her way out.

Howie laughed and looked at Kevin, “She’s good.  We should have her negotiate our next contract.”  Kevin shook his head back and forth violently, “Don’t go there and don’t give her any ideas.  She’ll buy The Firm and we will end up working for her.”

“That would be cool,” Nick announced.

Jerald cracked up, “Yeah maybe for you guys, but I’m sure Kev’s not going to negotiate with his wife.  You snagged something special Kev.  I bet your contract would have some real interesting clauses.”

Kevin closed his eyes, “Nope, never happen.  That would be the day.”  The phone rang and Kevin went to answer it, he shook his head.  “I know I think she forgot to call you back.  They’re on their way over.  She’s still doing her victory lap,” he chuckled.  Kevin paused and surveyed the room, “What did she do anyway?” he asked into the phone.  “Oh okay.  I’ll talk to ya later,” as he hung up the phone.

Kevin stood there and everyone wanted to ask the same question.  Just as Nick was going to ask Stevie walked in.  “Must have been a good deal she’s flying high,” he laughed at Kevin. 

“Yep, but I don’t why in the world she would buy a Bed and Breakfast,” Kevin mused out loud.

“For her boys,” Stevie answered.  “It’s cheaper than a hotel and better than apartment.  She always does this.  She fix it up and sell it for a profit.”

“Man that woman is weird,”  Kevin spoke to Stevie. 

Stevie nodded, “Yep and you’re marrying her.”

“Hey Kevin that’s our bank, right?”  Bron spoke from the door.

“Yes darlin’,” He replied trying not to laugh at her as she disappeared again.

Kevin shook his head and heard Stevie chuckle details, details. 

“Nothing like the obvious,” he chuckled back to Stevie.

Nick and Howie left.  Kevin figured he need to explain what this was all about.  He informed his family that Bron was more than well set.  He didn’t go into details about how much exactly that was between him and her.  They asked him questions and he answered them.  His mother was impressed more than any of them.  Bron had earned her money the hard way in a man’s world.  For some unknown reason, she had gained new respect for her future daughter in law.  No wonder she didn’t get along with Kevin’s contractor.  He was an old family friend and did have older notions about a woman’s place in the world.

They began to figure out the details for the evening since the packing had been done when A.J. walked in.  “Wassup?”  Kevin asked. 

“You guys can forget the girls, they’re going to dinner by themselves.”

“Wait a minute,” Kevin went into alert mode as Jake walked in with Carlos.  “Where is she?”  Kevin directed his question to Jake.

“Taking a shower, the girls are going downstairs for dinner and then to the concert.”  Jake replied.

Kevin searched Jake face trying to read him, “You stay with her,” he announced.

Carlos sighed and Kevin turned to him.  “It’s just dinner, let up,” Carlos groaned. 

“I don’t care,” Kevin answered him. 

Anne glanced at her son, “You need to give her some space dear.”

Kevin groaned, great, now she has my mom and Carlos wrapped around her finger too.  He didn’t know what to tell his mom.  Sorry mom but I’m afraid she’ll split on me.  I don’t even know if she’s bullshitting me or playing me for a fool.  Sorry I don’t trust her yet, she’s a chicken and she’ll run. 

Jake watched the turmoil.  Kevin was being ganged up on and he was left with no choices but one.  “Fine, but you bring them to the concert,” he announced as he headed to the bedroom to get dressed.

Everyone split up and got ready.  A short while later they had all reassembled in the hallway to leave.  The girls had already left for dinner downstairs. 

The ride downstairs was extremely quiet and Kevin was tense.  Upon leaving Kevin hesitated by the desk and glanced at the restaurant doors.  Nick knew tonight would be hard if Kevin was in a good mood.  “Hold up,”  Nick said.  “Kev go check, because I’m not dealing with your pissy attitude tonight.”  Kevin grinned and slipped inside the restaurant.  The guys waited in the lobby for him.

Kevin ducked in and heard the loud rambunctious group in the back of the restaurant and grinned at the hostess.  She smiled and nodded to him as she pointed to the party in the back.  Kevin quickly left and rejoined the group as they left the hotel.

The hostess came over and spoke to Mary quietly.  Mary smiled at Gillian and Leigh, “Let’s rock.”  The girls stood up and Bron followed slightly confused.  Mary grabbed her by the arm and they headed out of the hotel into a cab.






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