Chapter 84

“Where are we going?”  Bron asked as the sat in the cab.

“We’re not telling you.  You’re on a need to know basis.  This way you can’t call Jake.”  Mary grinned.

“I can’t go without Jake,” Bron snapped.  “You know that.”

“Shut up Bron.  The guys had their night out now it’s our turn.”  Gillian laughed.

Bron searched each one of their faces for the slightest hint of what was going to happen.

 “You have to love Nick for doing this,” Leigh winked at Mary.

“What has Nick got to do with this?  Where are we going?  I can’t go without Jake,” Bron whined.

“Bron sometimes you are so dumb, damn!  This is a Ladies night out.  No men allowed.  Get it!”  Mary spoke frustrated with her.

“I’m sorry,” Bron laughed.  “But you have put me in a tough spot,” she groaned.

“You can handle Kevin,” Leigh snorted at her.

“Leigh, I’m not worried about Kevin.  His family is here and his hands are tied but I am worried about somebody else.”  Bron spoke directly to her.

Mary sighed, “You’re getting married for Christ sakes, he won’t do a damn thing.”

Bron rolled her eyes at them, “Well let’s enjoy it while we can.”


Jake casually went downstairs and to the restaurant.  He had agreed to meet the girls and get them to the concert just before the boys took the stage.  They had been down there two hours and now it was time to go.  He went into the restaurant and looked around.  No girls, that‘s odd.  The hostess came to him and he inquired as to what happen to the women that were in the back.  Jake was informed that they had left over two hours ago.  Not long after Mr. Richardson had stopped by.

Jake dropped his shoulders and shuffled to the bar, “I’ll kill her,” he groaned.  He sat and had a drink not sure what to do.  He sures hell wasn’t going to call Kevin.  Subconsciously he sat in the bar and drank to stall.  If Kevin was on stage for sure couldn’t call him.

Basically his safest bet was to go talk to Stevie.  Jake drained his glass and headed upstairs to start facing what was going to be a very long night. 

He let himself into Stevie’s room and launched into his well-rehearsed explanation.  It would be good practice for the real thing, which he planned on giving to Kevin and Mc eventually.

Stevie sat, listened, and then laughed hysterically, “You let four women give you the slip.  He’s gonna kill you.”

“Yep, which one though?”  Jake moaned.

“Both,” Stevie laughed even harder.  “Well you can hide in here and you won’t have to answer the phone in the suite.  You know damn well he’s calling because she isn’t there.”

Jake looked so defeated as Stevie looked at him,  “Hey, Kevin’s has some responsibility with this too.  If you had been at dinner like you were supposed to be, they wouldn’t be missing.  Kevin let everyone else second guess his judgment.”

Stevie was trying to give Jake a glimmer of hope.  Kevin really wasn’t a concern as much as Mc was.  Bron knew better than be this stupid and Mc was going to go off the wall over it. 

Jake dozed in the chair and Stevie made a late night phone call to Mc.  He let him know what happened and Mc did go off the wall as predicted.  Mc would be there in the morning to have a chat with Sparky.  The minute Stevie said ‘how’ he regretted it.  He was informed that the wedding party would be leaving at ten in the morning and don’t be late or that could take the later flight.  Just as Stevie was going to hang up Mc laughed to him, “Guess what, I just got it repainted too, with a new name.” 

“Shit,” Stevie groaned into the phone, “Why do you like setting her off so much.”  Mc hung up never answering the question.

Kevin called Jake all night.  When he wasn’t calling someone was calling for him.  Every now and then Kevin would get a stupid grin from Nick, Little Man was up to something.  He didn’t know what but he would figure it out later. 

The fellas hit the hotel at record speed.  Their ladies were missing and even Brian and A.J. were getting upset.  They hadn’t heard a word and it was after one in the morning.  Kevin ran to Carlos’s room and went in, empty.  He went to his room, opened the door and it was empty, he knew it would be.  “They’re not here!” he barked down the hallway. 

Kevin went into Brian’s suite as Jake was explaining what happened.  “Don’t tell me you fucked up again,” Kevin said full of fury.

“I didn’t, they set me up and they had help.  They had a two hour lead on me.  They left right after you checked on them.”  Jake tried to explain it to him.

“Why didn’t you call me?”  Kevin yelled at him.

Jake didn’t answer and Kevin continued.  “It’s one-thirty in the morning.  She’s out there with nobody to protect her.  Damn I knew better!” he yelled in Jake’s face.

Bounce came around the corner her sleep being interrupted by the yelling.  “Why are you yelling at Uncle Jake?”

Kevin grappled with his temper not wanting to scare her.  What do I say, you’re mother is gonna get her ass kicked when or if she gets back here.  “Nothing it’s okay.  Come on Kaylin, back to bed.”  Kevin walked over to her and scooped her up in one arm.  He walked to the bedroom and shut the door.

Brian wrinkled his nose and mumbled, “Kaylin.” 

Stevie smiled, “That’s her name Brian.”  They waited for Kevin to return and it took over fifteen minutes.  Kevin walked directly to Jake, “She’s back to sleep.  I don’t want her woke up again.  You come with me,” as he stalked out the door.

Kevin stood in the hallway, his suite door was open and his family was watching him.  He walked to the door and told them that the guys were going to play some cards and wait for the girls.  Once the door was closed he turned to Jake and narrowed his eyes at him.

“Just fire me and get it over with,” Jake snapped.

Kevin exhaled loudly, “No it’s not all your fault.  I let her go to dinner without you.  I’m worried sick that something will happen to her.”

Nick had heard the yelling and decided to make himself scarce.  Kevin would figure it out sooner or later and he was hoping for later.  Much later.

They waited in Carlos’s room playing cards and watching the clock.  It was after three and they still weren’t back nor had they called.  Everyone had mellowed out except Kevin.  The later it got the more worried and angry he became.  It was irresponsible for them to do this.  Ultimately Kevin got up to make a phone call.  Jake groaned there was only one person that he would be calling this late at night.  Kevin spoke with a low tone so he couldn’t be over heard.  He hung up after fifteen minutes and returned to the game.

“Well our flight has been changed to ten in the morning,” Kevin announced as he grinned at Jake.  “It seems he had a call earlier from Stevie.  He’s leaving now.”

Jake put his face in his hands and moaned, “I don’t need this shit.”

“Hey Cuz, commercial flights don’t change times,” Brian yawned.

“No but were not flying commercial were flying private.  Everyone needs to be ready and on time.  Someone can get Nick up and let him know in the morning.”  Kevin looked at the guys who were at this point wondering what the hell was going on.  He wasn’t explaining it he was to upset and angry to bother.

“Where is Nick anyway?”  Howie directed the question to Brian.

“Sleeping, has been since we got back,” he answered as he studied his cards.

Kevin sat there and watched the play go around the table.  He studied his cards and mulled over in his head Nick’s behavior tonight.  Kevin had been waiting for a prank that never came.  Before anyone could understand what was going on, Kevin had thrown his hand down and ran out the suite door.  He began banging on Nick’s door yelling for him to wake up.  The fellas went to the doorway and watched, totally confused.

Nick opened the door half asleep and Kevin grabbed him by his t-shirt.  “You piss ant, you set me up.  You sent me in there so they knew we were leaving!”  Kevin yelled at him in the throws of a rage.

Nick groaned and his eyes rolled, this is gonna hurt.  Kev being mad at this hour only meant one thing, pain.  Maybe if I just close my eyes he’ll go away.  Nick closed his eyes and then opened, nope Train was still there and cocking back his arm.  Nick wasn’t going to deny it.  He figured it was harmless fun, besides the girls wanted to take her out.  Nick closed his eyes one more time.  He knew he would feel it but why see it coming.

The strike never came as they heard a very bad rendition of Shania Twain’s, ‘I Feel Like A Woman’ come from the elevator as it opened.  Nick opened his eyes at Kevin, “What the frig is that?”

“I think that’s the girls,” Kevin winced at the racket as they both turned to look down the hall.

“Hang it up you suck,” A.J. spoke over the noise as he covered his ears with hands.  “God Stop!”

“Shut up honey,” slurred out of Mary.

Bron surveyed the hall she had sobered up on the way back but was still a little tipsy.  There was no sense in facing the wrath of Kevin drunk.  Hell she had a hard enough time handling it sober. 

Kevin dropped Nick and stalked down the hall.  His strides were full and with a purpose.  They guys let out a collective gasp.  “I’m gonna bust your ass,” he spoke in a controlled voice as he went straight for her.  “Where the hell have you been?  Do you know what time it is?”

“Out,” Bron giggled, taking in the fury as he towered over her.

“Not good enough.  Where have you been?  I was worried.  You ditch Jake and don’t call.  Don’t ever fucking do that again,” He hissed in her face as he bent down to her eye level.

Bron could have sworn she felt her hair part from the blast of the force from his little speech.  Kevin grabbed her by the shoulders and clamped his hands down on her.  He knew she would run for a suite to try and hide.  Bron smiled at him and then glanced to the girls.  “Okay, who didn’t tell Warden Richardson we were going out,” She laughed in his face.

“Ooops,” Leigh giggled slightly.  “Kev we brought her back.  You should get her one of those little electronic ankle thingies, if you’re that worried.”

Kevin turned around to glare at Leigh, he took a step forward letting go of Bron and thought about it.  I really would like to smack her for that but Bri would never forgive me.

Mary covered her mouth to suppress her laughter.  Leigh was intentionally pissing Kevin off because she was the only one who would probably be able to get away with it.

“Sorry Master.  They didn’t tell me.  If I had known I would have asked for a permission slip,” Bron snorted.  Bron had found an ally in Leigh and she was going to use too.  The rest of the ladies looked at Kevin and smiled albeit meekly.

Kevin surveyed them, got your own little gang going now darlin’, he mused to himself.  Kevin went to grab Bron again.  He was done with this bullshit.  Bron spun away and went to stand in front of his suite door.  Her saving grace was behind that door, his family.

Kevin moved towards her and she knew she was dead meat if she backed down.  She could see Pittsburgh all over again.  He was controlling his temper for the benefit of everyone listening behind closed doors.  If it were just her and the boys it would be totally different.  The fact the girls had sided in her camp and actually challenged him wasn’t sitting to well with him either, she judged.  “Play nice Master or I’ll wake up the ones that control you,” she half laughed as she stood there.  She was letting him know she maybe tipsy but she wasn’t playing either.

“Uh-oh,” came out of Nick.  There was an unspoken pact about family.  You just don’t mess with family and hold it over anyone’s head.  Bron just crossed the line. 

Howie spoke up trying to calm things down, “Where were you anyway?”

“Bachelorette party,” Mary chuckled three sheets to the wind.  Gillian smiled at Howie, “She means strip club.”

Kevin couldn’t believe what he had heard from behind him.  “Where were you?” he asked as he leveled his eyes at her.  He was fighting not to knock the smirk right off her face.

Gillian spoke again, “Chill Kev.  We’re back no harm was done.  We had a great time, at least Bron did.”  She laughed obnoxiously from the effects of the alcohol.

Leigh began to laugh loudly, “She sure did.  Two of them were rubbing all over her.  I swear I haven’t seen that much grabbing and touching since Sweden.”

Bron watched the expression change on Kevin face.  She got a little tipsy but she wasn’t too sure if it was from the tequila or the expression his face.  She peeked around him to look at Leigh.  Leigh winked back her.  Oh shit, please Leigh no more, she groaned to herself.  The other boys could see they were up to something. 

“Bron can I borrow one of your special presents that they gave you.  I want to visit the dark side of the family tonight,” she smirked as she bit her lip and glanced to Brian.  Brian was lost but he knew one thing.  His girl was teasing his cousin and not letting up.

Bron almost doubled over in laughter, she rummaged through her coat and tossed the object towards Leigh and Brian.  Leigh missed it in her drunken state but Brian caught it.  As is landed in his hand he let it fall to the floor, “Handcuffs,” he yelped.

Mary and Gillian were out right laughing at Brian and the expression on his face.  Bron didn’t dare look at Kevin when the guys joined in the fun.  She focused on the toe of his boot.  His hands were clenching at his sides and his breathing had become somewhat ragged and quicker.  He was going into a rage and she knew it.  She fished in her pocket again and spoke to him.  His back was turned to all but her.  They could see what she had as she produced it and dangled it in the air.  A very thin leather dog leash.  “Don’t worry Master.  I saved one for you too.”  She carefully slipped it on his thumb without looking at his face.  “Why don’t you wear it for awhile, it’s beginning to chafe my neck.”

The entire group of people behind him were laughing at him and he knew why.  She had made reference to his controlling side too many times and about being put on a leash.  “Witch you better straighten up right now,” he snarled at her.  “I swear I’ll do it,” he made his final threat to her.

Bron had another wave of alcohol hit her.  It was probably a good thing.  Stupidity and courage always come with being drunk.  “We can let mommy hold the other end,” she smiled.

Kevin went to grab her and his suite door opened.  “Fuck,” he growled.  Bron rocked back on her heels to get away from him and bumped into Jerald.  She didn’t even hear the door open.  She turned slightly to look behind her.  “Hi Jerry.  Here can you hold this for Master until mommy gets up,” she giggled as she placed the end of the tether in Jerald’s hand.  Tim had joined him.  His brothers were laughing at him and he couldn’t stand it.  He stood there with a leash tied around his thumb and Jerald holding the other end.  Upon seeing both of them there Kevin’s restraint left. 

“Bronwyn, shut up you’re drunk!” he yelled at her.  He didn’t care if the entire freaking world could hear him.  She was making an ass out of him in front of his family.

“Well I would’ve kept the handcuffs but with these guys here you’re not putting out like you usually do,” Bron pushed him even further as she spoke.  She grabbed the belt buckle he was wearing and gave it yank towards her.  Kevin was off kilter and his hips rocked forward as she yanked on the buckle.

Kevin shook the leash off of his thumb as he looked as his brother’s face and discreet snickering could be heard from behind him.  “Witch!”  he yelled as he bent forward and picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.  The people behind him parted like Moses parting the Red Sea, as he walked past.  Bron wasn’t scared she was laughing.  She picked her head up and looked at Mary, “De ja vu, guess I know what happens next,” she chuckled.  Kevin walked towards the suite, went in, and slammed the door shut.

Mary rolled her eyes and walked to her suite.  That was it, she didn’t want to face anyone else.  The hall quickly cleared except for Kevin’s brothers, Jake, Carlos, and Stevie.  “Can you believe that,” Jerald looked at Tim. 

Tim was in shock.  “No, Twilight Zone or what,” Tim answered as he shut the door.

Jake and Stevie stood in the hall shaking their heads.  Carlos looked at Jake, “I’m not going down there.  I don’t want to know.  This is your deal Jake.”

Jake took a deep breath and headed down the hall.  Kevin was in a rage again and he didn’t want him to hurt Bron.  Bron had pushed it and deserved it but still it wasn’t right.

Jake opened the door to Bron begging Kevin to stop.  The funny thing was it was coming from the bathroom and the door was open.  Jake looked through the door to see Kevin holding Bron’s head under the faucet in the tub.  “Christ, he’s trying to drown her!” he exclaimed loudly.  Kevin picked his head to look at Jake and smiled.

“Kevin it’s cold, Please,” Bron whimpered.  Kevin turned his attention back to the back of Bron’s head.  “Are you done now witch?  Did you cool off?  Is this what was suppose to happen next?”  Kevin leaned over with his free hand and turned the water off.  He pulled her head out of the tub and let go, tossing her a towel.  He grabbed a towel for himself and dried off as best he could. 

Kevin strolled out of the bathroom with a grin on his face, “Night darlin’.  I hope that hang over isn’t to bad.  We are leaving very early tomorrow.”  Out the door he went.

Jake looked at Bron who looked like a drowned rat.  She kicked the door shut out of anger and he laughed.  Keep pushing that man and you are going to be very sorry, he mumbled as he headed to bed.  Carlos wasn’t far behind him seeing Kevin leave the suite.

Bron waited for the door lock to slide close before she went to bed.  I’m gonna kill him, she groaned as she crawled into bed still shivering from her sudden bath.

Kevin entered his suite with two different emotions playing on him.  Anger that she did it.  Relief that she was okay.

“How’s Bronwyn?”  Jerald asked, wondering if he would get an answer.  Kevin slid out of his wet shirt and tossed to the chair. 

“Sober and most likely sleeping,” he grinned.  He readied himself for bed and crawled on the couch.  No more explanations given.  “Early flight tomorrow guys, we’re leaving at ten.”






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