Chapter 85

Everyone was up but only half awake thanks to the ladies little adventure last night.  The only ones actually functioning at full power was Kevin’s family.  Kevin packed and told them to go down to breakfast and they would leave from there.  He double-checked the suite for anything left behind and locked it up.

Kevin headed for Carlos’s room and finished packing Bron’s things.  Everything was ready to go except for the small woman still sleeping in the bed.  Kevin figured it was best to let her sleep as long as possible.  Carlos and Jake grabbed everything out of the suite and left to meet Kevin’s family.

Checking his watch one more time he went to the bed and eased himself down on it.  His anger at her had cooled somewhat with a little sleep.  “Come on darlin’ time to get up.”  Slowly he began rubbing her back trying to wake her. 

Bron moaned and covered her head with the blanket.  “No, you said we were leaving at two.”  She scrunched herself up trying to ignore him. 

“Plans change, we leave in a half hour.  You need to get a shower.”  Methodically he started pulling off the blankets. 

“Go away, I was nice to you when you were stupid,” she yelled into the pillow.

“And I’m saving your ass right now.  Now get up and get in the shower,” he spoke in a raised voice to her as he took the blanket away from her.

“You son of a bit...” she yelled.  As she sat up, he gave her some water, aspirin, and a huge smile.  Bron took the pills and chased them down with the water.  She tried to focus on her watch and to see what time it was.

“It’s nine,” he spoke trying to help her out of her haze.

“Why?” she cried.

Kevin couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.  She was hung over to the hilt and looked every bit the part.  “Because we are leaving our flight has changed,” he answered her pleading question.

“Flights don’t change,” as she gulped the water trying to get rid of the after effects of the tequila and salt.

Kevin gave her a broad grin, “No but private jets do.”

“You called him,” she whined as she threw herself back on the bed.

“I was worried, I’m sorry.  I needed to know if you were going to be okay.  You can’t do that again, I mean it.  It scares me and I don’t like it.  I just haven’t figured out if he scares me more than what could have happened.”  He lowered his voice.  Slowly he began to tug at her nightgown, “As much as I love you and Elmo here, I want you to take a shower.”

Bron sat on the bed looking at him as he held her nightgown in his hand.  The air in the room hit her skin and she chilled.  She shivered as she stood up grabbing the sheet.  She headed to the shower with Kevin behind her.

Turning the shower on she poured herself into it.  She heard the toilet flush and began speaking to him.  “I’m going to kill him.  He’s only doing this to prove a point and show off to you.  You know that right?”

Kevin sat on the commode listening to her babble.  She was hung over and now getting stressed he saw it coming yesterday.  By tonight she would be a nervous wreck.  “I know,” he answered her.

Bron didn’t say anything else.  She exited the shower and Kevin handed her a towel.  He grabbed another one and set it aside.  Emptying the shower of her things, he packed the items up while she got dressed.  Bron was waiting for the aspirin to kick in her head was pounding.  Kevin watched her dress and her agitation increased. 

“Can I have some space please?” she snapped at him.

“No, I gave you space last night and you blew it,” he shrugged his shoulders at her.

Bron exploded with curses and threw everything in her bag.  She walked out and waited by the door for him.  He checked the suite one more time for lost articles and locked the door behind him.

As they headed down in the elevator, Kevin turned and put a pair of sunglasses on her.  The elevator doors opened and he casually placed on arm around her shoulders and whispered in her ear.  “You need some Visine babe.”

Bron glared from behind the glasses at him but was relieved to have them.  He gave her a quick smirk and a peck on the cheek.  “You’re welcome,” came from him followed by a soft chuckle.  Bron spied Mary and Gillian and headed for them.  She stopped when her purse didn’t follow her.  Kevin had a hold on the straps.  “Nope, you can stay with me you get in less trouble that way.”

Kevin guided her to a waiting van.  Bron climbed in and laid her head on the back of the seat.  Oh looky Kev isn’t done making me feel like an ass.  We have the brothers with us and Keith too, she muttered to herself.

Jerald looked at Kevin as Bron turned her head to rest on his shoulder.  “How ya feelin' Bron?” he asked. 

Bron trembled at the loud sound, “Why don’t you just yell a little louder Jerald.  I was doing fine until you opened your mouth.”

Bron felt Kevin’s chest rise and fall trying not to laugh.  His hand rested casually on her knee.  “Where’s Bounce Kev?” she uttered.

With a chuckle he answered, “With my mom.”

The silence was welcoming to Bron during the ride until Jerald opened his mouth yet again.  “Bron you gave me something last night to give to mom.  You let me know when you want me to give to her.”  The van was filled with laughter. 

Bron tried to bury her head into Kevin’s side but he wasn’t relenting.  “Please cut me some slack.  I was not myself last night.”

This time Tim’s voice came back to her.  “I thought last night was one of the few nights that you and Kevin were actually being yourselves.  It’s not everyday that a woman gets to put a leash on my brother.”

“Shit!” she spat as she sat there.  She had nowhere to go or hide.  Bron refused to open her eyes but she could feel and hear Kevin’s deep laugh.  What a relief she said to herself, he isn’t that pissed about it.

They arrived at the airport and were ushered down to the bottom deck and out to the tarmac.  The others followed behind as their bags were unloaded from the vans.  Bron stood there steaming at the hulking object about ready to scream.  The stairs were pushed to the plane and the hatch was opened.  She whipped off her sunglasses to see Mc standing in the doorway with a huge grin on his face.  “YOU!” she screamed as she ran up the stairs to chase down the receding figure. 

Kevin stood there just for a second to read it the fourth and fifth time.  He was even in astonished.  There oh’s and ah’s from behind him.  “That is so cool,” Nick grinned as he tugged on Kevin’s sleeve.  “Your name is on that plane!”

Kevin’s smile turned into a frown when he heard yelling from the plane and he took off after it.  By the time he got up the steps Bron wasn’t screaming but sitting in a chair quietly having a conversation.  Kevin approached both of them without saying a word.  He listened to Mc who was controlling his temper but reminding her how stupid last night was.  His ending statement was, “Do you really want Kevin or I to have to take a trip to the morgue to check out your toe tag?  We just sent Lenny back home in handcuffs for a trial.  The man does have friends.  Do you honestly feel that Solarez and those hoods are going to leave you alone?  It was a show, little girl.” 

Bron simply dropped her head, “It’s not all my fault.”  Guilt was settling into her system until she recalled the new paint job on the plane.  She stood up and glared at him.  “You better have paint left over to paint this damn thing again.  You only did that to impress fly boy here and his buddies.”

Mc smiled, “No actually I did it for Kevin.  If Kevin wants his pilot’s license then he can get it with Hank.  I was doing something nice for him.  Pissing you off was just icing on the cake.”  Mc walked away leaving both of them stunned at his honesty. 

Kevin regained his composure quickly upon hearing the words, “Hi mom, I missed you.”  Bron smiled and turned to hug a younger version of Mc standing behind her.  “I’m missed you too baby,” she uttered as she wrapped the man in a motherly embrace.  His mother and brothers now stood at the door of the plane waiting to see if the coast was clear to come in did not miss the words.

Kevin’s thoughts became jumbled quickly.  There was no doubt this was a relation to Mc the kid was his double and much younger.  He was about Nick’s age or younger.  He just called Bron ‘Mom’.  Bron turned suddenly and motioned Kevin to the back, “I think we need to talk.”

“You’re damn right,” he answered her.  Mentally Kevin was calculating the age factor.  It was possible but Mc told him it wasn’t possible.

Mc came out and pointed to the young man, “You screwed up and I’m not happy.”

“Tough shit,” was the reply he received from his younger version.

“The three of you go back there.  I’ll take care of things from here.”  Mc said as he pointed to the back.

Bron, Kevin, and the younger version of Mc headed to the back.  “Kevin meet Andy.  Andy meet Kevin.”  Bron stood back from both of them.  This was not going well at all.  Man I’m gonna kill Mc for this one.  I haven’t explained Andy to him yet.  All he knows is that Andy nailed my boots to a roof.  “Bron you better explain and do it fast before I really get pissed,” Kevin snarled at her.

“Are you the prick that’s been dragging my mom all over the place?”  Andy seethed out.

“None of your damn business,” Kevin answered.

Bron exhaled loudly, “Okay this isn’t going well.  Why don’t you two kill each other and I’ll clean the mess up when you’re done.”  Bron walked away leaving the two of them standing there.

Andy gave Kevin a huge grin, “Sorry about that.”

Kevin was confused by the sudden change in attitude and just stood there.

“Hey it’s cool.  I know you are taking care of my mom.  If it wasn’t for my brother, she wouldn’t have these problems.  I have missed her but it’s really not your fault.”  Andy smiled even more.

“I’m really confused.  Are you the ass that nailed her boots to the roof, when she was still wearing them?” Kevin said to him.

Andy grinned, “Oh yeah, that was me.”  Andy gauged the older man in front of him.  Shit, he’s gonna beat me to pulp.  Andy quickly proceeded to explain that Bron wasn’t his mom but she had lived with her and C.W. since he was ten.  When his parents died, he went to live with Mc and Bron’s husband had a fit.  The whole story was not that involved or that bad.  It boiled down to the fact that Bron had pushed Mc to the edge.  He wasn’t fit to take care of a houseplant, let alone a ten year old.  She stepped in, threatened court, and took Andy away from him.  Andy had two sets of parents, his biological parents and Bron and her husband.  Andy had lived with Bron for the last eight years.  He understood that his mom was safe but he hated his brother for what he had done to her.

Kevin took it all in and surmised it would gel later.  Andy left and Kevin followed.  Bron had taken a double seat and was trying to catch some sleep.  It was impossible, his family had been looking at her like she had grown another head.  Bounce was shrieking and jumping up and down because Andy was there.  Bron heard Bounce ask Nick if he wanted to play a game in the back.  Andy was going to join them.  On his way past he reached up and dropped a pillow and blanket from the overhead compartment.  “Thanks kiddo,” she smiled. 

“Welcome Mom,” he grinned and Bron groaned.  Kevin laughed, boy he is just like his brother, nothing like stirring the pot and making a fast exit.

Kevin sat across from her watching her drift off to sleep.  He didn’t want to go to far.  He knew she was upset enough between Andy being dropped on him and the plane being painted.  The three younger ones had gone to the back.  Stevie and Jake were grinning at Kevin.  Kevin flashed them a ha-ha didn’t phase me smile.

“Is she sleeping?”  Jerald asked.

Kevin wanted to lie; he knew they wanted to know what was going on.  Mary watched the dilemma and decided to help out.  She began by informing everyone flat out that Andy wasn’t really Bron’s, just an adopted son, he was Mc’s baby brother and Bron had raised him since he was ten.  A collective exhale was heard through the plane.  Kevin though it was kind of funny in a goofy sort of way.  He knew Mc couldn’t father children.  But hell looking at the kid and then to Mc it was pretty scary.  Mary went into detail and Kevin was amazed at how much she knew.  Those two are a lot closer than I thought, he said to himself.

Jake smiled as Andy came back and handed Kevin something.  He bent down to Kevin’s face, “Don’t let mom know I gave you this.”

Kevin opened the folder and began to read intently.  This was the rest of his missing puzzle in the Bron and Mc relationship.  This folder made everything he had heard concrete.  This proved what a bastard Mc could be if he wanted to be.  He had been reading it for over an hour.  He had seen what had taken place over the years.  One part of the file really tugged at his heart.  It hurt him, but somehow in the back of his mind he knew it all along.  He glanced to Bron.  It didn’t really matter he had her and Kaylin.  Knowing Bron Andy had a place too with them as well.  Too bad nobody mentioned him before he moaned.  This woman was full of surprises and everyday that he spent with her made her even more amazing in his eyes.  Mary was right, she was a very complicated woman.

He heard Jake’s voice in his ear.  “You better put that away for now.  I asked him to bring it to you, but she isn’t to know that it came via him at my request.  I wish I had told you about him sooner, I’m sorry.”

Kevin looked up over his seat, “No problem and thanks.” 

Kevin stood up and put the folder in his duffel in the overhead compartment.  Mc opened the cockpit door and motioned Kevin up towards him.  “Wanna fly boy?” he grinned.

That was the only invitation Kevin needed.  Kevin headed to the cockpit and was handed a headset and glasses.  He was in awe as he sat there in the third seat.  “I said fly Kev, I need a break.”  Mc spoke as he walked past Kevin and out the cockpit door.

“Well Kevin it’s nice to finally meet you.  I’m Hank,” came from the pilot as Kevin took the co-pilot’s seat.

“Nice to meet ya,” Kevin replied.

“Mc’s just agitated, don’t worry about it.  Bronwyn going out like that is not safe.  Andy just fueled his temper by calling Bronwyn what he usually does.  It drives him crazy,” the older man chuckled to him.

“Well I am surprised too.  I’m not used to being called a prick without an introduction,” Kevin grinned.

“Look they’re very much a like, they both love her to death,” Hank laughed out loud.  “I hear you like to fly but no license yet.”

“Not enough time to log the hours I need,” Kevin answered as he studied the gauges in front of him.

“You take care of Bronwyn and her family.  I’ll make sure you get your license, will get your hours in.  That girl has been through too much this past year, Mc hasn’t helped either.  I worked for her dad and I don’t mind saying that he is probably rolling in his grave as well as C.W. over what she has been through.  I’m fifty-seven years old and she is like a daughter to me.  She lost her dad young and Mc saved her business but ruined her life.”

Mc came back and Kevin started to get up.  “No stay, I don’t feel like it.”

Kevin shrugged his shoulders in a non-emotional reply.  Mc grinned at the back of his head.  “Who are you shittin’  Richardson, you are loving this.  You like that new paint job too,” Mc and Hank laughed.

“Yeah I do,” Kevin chuckled, “But she is going to make you paint it.”

“She can’t, it doesn’t belong to her or the company, it’s all mine,” Mc laughed.

“Sweet!” Kevin grinned.  Operate this a dream come true, he said to himself.

“Time to land gentlemen,” Hank answered as he radioed the tower.  Kevin got up to leave and Hank motioned him to stay but switch seats with Mc.  The landing went without incident.  Kevin headed for the back to find Bron sitting up and awake.  “Nice sleep?” he asked. 

“Nice fly?” she grumbled back at him still in a nasty mood. 

Kevin grinned, “Yep.”

Mc came back and gave her a wicked grin.  “You’re such an ass,” she announced as she stood up and headed to the back. 

“I may be an ass, but he really likes this plane!” he yelled to her through the entire plane. 

Jerald and Tim started the laughter first followed by every one else. 

“Who wouldn’t,” Nick added as he came from the back.  “Can we use this thing Mc?” Nick asked. 

Mc laughed, “Talk to your ring leader, it’s up to him.” 

Nick looked at Kevin.  “You are so damn lucky.”

Kevin shook his head at Nick as he watched Bron come back, “I sure am.” 

They disembarked from the plane and vans were waiting for them to take them to the MGM Grand.  They arrived and checked in discreetly.  They had an entire floor of suites. 

As they checked in Kevin began grumbling about the room assignments.  This was not what he had set up, somebody had moved people around.  He couldn’t figure out who until his gaze landed at his mother who was smiling at him with the all knowing smile that only mother’s have.  “Mom,” he spoke as he walked to her.

“Kevin you’ve been a good boy all week, what’s one more night?” she smiled at him.

“I’m not a baby mom I think you know that,” he spoke to her discreetly in the hall.

“I know dear, but would you do this just for me.  Just for your mom,” she looked at him tenderly.

Oh please, don’t pull this on me, he groaned in head.  Kevin shook his head and went to inform Bron that his family had interfered yet once again.

Anne chuckled as she watched her youngest walk away in defeat.  “How did he take it?”  Jerald snickered from behind her. 

“In stride dear, I asked him to do it for me.”

“That’s really low ma,” Jerald added.

“He’ll thank me later,” she grinned.






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