Chapter 86

Kevin went down to the third suite.  For the one night he had arranged for three connecting suites, two with double bedrooms.  He figured that Tim and his family would be in one, his mom and Kaylin in another.  Jerald would have the other.  He and Bron would take the third.  Kevin’s mother had changed the plans.  Kevin was in the far suite with Jerald.  Tim and his family would share the other.  His mom had the remaining room in the middle.  The last suite was reserved for Bron and Kaylin.  He mused in his head that what his mother had done was actually plant herself in between the two of them for the last night.  I can’t wait until tomorrow the hell with all of you.  I have the penthouse upstairs for the two of us for the rest of the time here. 

Kevin walked in to see Bron lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.  She knew he was there without looking at him, “She did this on purpose didn’t she?”

“Fraid so,” Kevin answered as he walked towards the bed and crawled on it, noticing Bounce had fallen asleep in the other bed.  He lay down next to her and wrapped his arms around her.  Her body trembled in his arms.  He knew she was scared.  Bron needed him and he was going to be there for her.  Slowly he felt her breathing steady and slow.  She had drifted off into a deep sleep just with him holding her.  He closed his eyes satisfied for now that she was okay.

The connecting door to the suite opened and his mother stood there.  She watched the two lovers sound asleep on the bed.  Kaylin had already dropped off in the other bed from all the excitement of the plane ride.  She could see her silhouette in the bed at the far end of the room.  This suite didn’t have separate bedrooms.  This was the room that Kevin had planned on sharing with Bron so it wasn’t necessary.  They all looked at peace and she decided to leave the sleeping family alone, but she would leave the door open slightly, just in case.

A light snoring noise woke Bron from her rest.  She hadn’t slept so soundly in a week.  She tried to turn in the bed and was pulled back towards the noisy object that was holding her.  Hmm, she smiled.  She pushed herself back into the object that lay behind her.  The snoring ceased and she pushed her bottom up tightly into his pelvis.  “Unless you plan on doin’ the deed in front of Kaylin, I suggest you stop right now,” came in a deep voice in her ear. 

Bron thought about it and half lifted herself up to look over at the other bed.  She turned and grinned at Kevin, “She’s a sound sleeper.”  Kevin laughed quietly and pulled her closer for a kiss.  The kiss was the most wonderful thing Bron had felt since Kevin had snuck in her room that night.

Kevin chuckled slightly in his head, she was hungry for him just as much as he was hungry for her.  Their hands began to play across each other’s bodies.  Bron was devouring his tongue, so sweet, so good, he groaned.  She started nibbling and kissing his neck as her hands found their way into his shirt.  Kevin rolled slightly so that he was half on top of her, his knee automatically parting her legs.  He held her face in his hands as she gently drew circles around his nipples with her fingers.  He lowered his head to kiss her with all the fire that had been licking at him for the last few days.  Bron could feel his hardness in his jeans.  She lowered her hands to help relieve him from the strain of the fabric.

A cough was heard from the door that connected the suites and Bron closed her eyes.  “Ignore them, they’ll go away if they’re smart,” she said as she raised her hands to his shoulders out in open view.

“We can’t, it’s my mom,” he said slightly raising his lips off hers.  He watched her eyes go big, “You’re kidding right.”

“Are you two done with your rest?”  Anne spoke from the door.

“I guess we are now,” Bron hissed out as a reply.

“Sorry darlin’,” he smiled.

Kevin rolled off of her and sat up on the edge of the bed.  He was looking at a wide-awake six year old, staring back at him.  Damn he said within, I’m so glad we were interrupted.   Bounce smiled at him, she has her mom’s smile he noted to himself.  “Sleep good Kaylin?” he asked.  Bron was snickering behind him.  Kaylin returned an elfish grin to him.

Bron got up and began hunting the suite for some coffee.  She was getting a caffeine headache.  Kevin grinned at her frustration at not finding her coffee or the pot to make it in.  Finally, he relented, “It’s in ma’s room,” he told her.  Whosh, she was gone.

Kevin sat for a second.  This is the perfect opportunity to remove the obstacle of going to L.A.  Bron had promised Kaylin that they would be going back to Lexington together.  He was damn mad when he found out about it too.  They discussed it at dinner and he told her she was staying with him.  She thought she had won this battle just by making a promise to Kaylin.  Kevin refused to let Bron use Kaylin as a leverage point every time it was convenient.  He was not going to let Bron stick her between them when she wasn’t getting her own way.  He had conjured up his own little plan that would be worth the wait to any six year old.  But he needed to make sure that Kaylin understood it wouldn’t happen if she gave anyone hard time about it or if Bron found out about it.  “So Kaylin, since your mom needs her boost, let’s talk.  I wanted to know, have you ever been to Disney World?”

Bounce sat straight up in bed, “NO!” she spoke with excitement.  Kevin got up and shut the door to the suite.  “I was thinking.  I kinda wanted your mom and I to spend some time together and not go right home to Lexington.”  He watched the frown begin to form on the little one’s face.  This is not going to be easy, he sighed.  “I know she promised you that she would go back to Lexington with you, but I have an idea.  If you let mom come with me just for another week, over Easter we will go to Disney World for a couple of days.” 

Kevin sat on the bed and watched the frown turn upside down to a wide smile, “Really, you’d take me?”  Kevin smiled, “Sure will but only on one condition.  You go home with my mom the day after tomorrow with no fussin’ and you have to keep it a secret.”  He watched the frown come back to her face.

“I’m not allowed to keep secrets from mom,” Kaylin looked at him upset.  She really wanted to go and he knew it but her upbringing was in the way.  “Well it’s not really a secret, it’s more of a surprise that she can’t know about it.”  Kevin shook his head, nothing like lying to kid you moron, he chastised himself.  Nope not going to negotiate with a six year old but I’m not above a little bribery for a honeymoon.

“I don’t want mom to get mad at me,” Kaylin said with uneasiness.

“That’s easy, I won’t let her,” Kevin grinned.  Yep almost there, come on sweetheart make Kev a happy man.

Bounce jumped off the bed and up to him.  She gave him a big hug, “I promise I won’t tell if you won’t let her get mad.  Mom mad is not nice.” 

Kevin laughed, “Oh I know all about that and it isn’t pretty.”

Bron called to both of them to come in the main suite.  Kevin looked at Bounce, “Cross your heart,” he spoke as he crossed his heart with his index finger.  “Cross your heart,” Bounce said to him and did the same. 

Both of them got up and went to the suite.  “Wassup?” he asked as he entered the room. 

“I not sure yet,” Bron replied looking at his family.  Kevin grinned when he surveyed his three family members.

“Bron has some things to do for tomorrow and you need to leave for a bit,” Anne told him.

Kevin stood there and rocked back on his heals.  “Okay, me and my sweetheart will go to dinner,” he said as he looked down at Bounce who hadn’t left his side. 

Anne looked at him, “Sounds good, why don’t you take your brothers with you, all of them.” 

Kevin grinned, “The want to get rid of us Kaylin.”

“Come on Bounce, I’ll get you ready for dinner.  At least if you’re going, they won’t be drinking,” Bron chuckled as she led her to the other suite. 

Bron had no sooner left than Gillian and Leigh appeared at the door.  “You could at least wait until I’m ready to leave,” Kevin grumbled as he headed for a shower. 

Within a half hour everyone was gone from the floor.  “Okay what’s the deal?” Bron groaned.  Mary smiled as she walked in with Margie, who took care of the boy’s costumes, “You need to try this on.  If it needs alterations, Margie said she would do it for you.”

Bron’s face went white as the thought hit her that she was actually supposed to get married tomorrow.  “Oh,” she said quietly.  Bron silently went to change in the other suite.  She was in awe of the gift and didn’t know what to say.  All the doubts and fear came back and she began to cry as she stood in front of the mirror. 

“You look beautiful,” came from behind her.  Mary was standing there.

“I’m scared Mare,” Bron spoke through bleary eyes.

“Of course you are, you don’t get married everyday,” Mary answered her.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.  They will rip me to shreds,” Bron answered.

The room was strangely quite and she heard Anne’s voice, “My son will not let that happen.”

Bron dropped her shoulders as the rest of the women came in the room.  The ensemble was perfect and nothing needed to be altered.  Bron went in and changed.  Margie grabbed the items from her and gently patted her shoulder, “I’m going to get these pressed for you.”

“Margie you’ll be there tomorrow right?”  Bron asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it hun,” she replied.

Once Margie was gone the details came flying out of everyone all at once.  Bron felt out of control and dizzy, it was information overload.  “Stop please one at a time,” she cried out to them.  They all stopped speaking and Anne guided Bron by elbow back to the suite. 

“Will do this one at a time, but we’re going to leave some surprises for tomorrow.”  Anne smiled.  The details and checklist were gone over one by one and Bron was relieved.  Her friends and his family had done more than a wonderful job.  Nothing had been left out and she was amazed that they had stuck with what both her and Kevin wanted.  The only thing that shook her was the amount of people that were going to be there.  They both wanted small and intimate.  Mary explained that it was a little difficult to pull off a wedding on a tour.  If people were left out, jaws would flap.

“I don’t know how to thank all of you, but I do have something for each one of you.”  Bron got up and left.  She came back to the room with boxes of things.  She handed a gift to each one of them.  Each one of them had received not a fancy gift but a gift from the heart.  Anne was overwhelmed at a poem in a silver plated frame.  It was Bron’s way of saying thank you to her for caring for Bounce and her support.  Mary was delighted with her angel; she had hunted for it for weeks.  “Bounce picked that one out, we were lucky.”  Gillian received a silver charm bracelet.  On the bracelet were a music note and a silver H and D.  “He can finish it,” Bron smiled.  Leigh was the tough one.  But Bron gave her a book entitled ‘Girlfriends,’ and a leather bound journal.  “Try writing, it relieves stress,” she grinned.

The ladies ordered room service and ate in peace.  As they finished they were rejoined by a loud and rowdy bunch of men who seemed very animated.  Bron walked up to Kevin and sniffed.  “I wasn’t drinking,” he laughed at her.  “Getting married is better than getting drunk.”

Somebody knocked on the door and Tim went to answer it.  He was expecting it was his wife, Tracy, and his children who were joining him.  Introductions were made and Kevin watched Bron withdraw into herself again faced with complete strangers that in one day would be family.

Mc watched from across the room.  He called Kevin, “I want to talk to her alone,” he somewhat asked but let it be known that no wouldn’t be a choice. 

Kevin shook his head, “No, you’re not going to upset her tonight.”

“I’m not going to.  You said that I needed to explain things to her.  I think your right and now is the time,” Mc answered as he watched Bron begin to pace to ease her nerves.

“Are you insane?  You pick the night before we are to get married to explain why you spent three years knocking the hell out of her.  What’s up with you?  Too close to her anniversary trip to ICU for you,” Kevin snarled to him.

“Look I know what Andy brought you and that is the past, leave it there.  She doubts herself enough right now.  If you want her to be able to get through tomorrow then I suggest that you let me talk to her tonight.”  Mc stood stead fast and insistent.

Kevin dropped his head in defeat.  Mc was right, Bron paced any quicker through the suite they would be replacing the carpet by tomorrow.  Mc knew that it was okay.

“Spark, I need to see you,” Mc spoke as he walked into her room.  Bron followed without question, somewhat relieved to have a temporary escape.  The Backstreet Boys all looked at Kevin as the door shut.  They were questioning what was going on, as well as the fact that Kevin had let the two of them go off alone.

Andy, Jake, and Stevie stood off to the side and all of them nodded their approval to him.  Kevin was relieved that he had made the right decision.

The room was restrained for a bit.  It was Kaylin who broke the tension, by beginning to talk about tomorrow.  She was very excited and happy.  Kevin grinned as he watched her erase the tension from the room.  She was explaining to Tracy and the kids and enjoying herself.  They hadn’t seen each other in a week and had grown fast friends when introduced to each other in Lexington. 

Others began to talk about tomorrow.  Kevin chuckled at the argument stirring in the corner.  The question was who was going to walk Bron down the aisle.  Kevin grinned as he went to join the conversation.  Each had their reasons for wanting to do it.  Andy insisted that it was his mom; Jake said they were best friends.  Stevie remained quiet bowing out of the competition.

“Kev you decide,” Jake looked at him. 

“Oh no, not me,” Kevin snickered.  “Why don’t you just let Kaylin do it?”  He spoke.  Kevin had already chosen Mc to do it.  As weird as it sounded it felt right to him.  It wouldn’t be the first time he had given Bron to him.  He still hadn’t been able to broach the subject with Bron so he definitely was not going to talk about it with them.

Kevin pensively watched the door for over two hours.  They were no outbursts, no crying, nothing from the other suite.  His nerves were racked and the strain was evident on his face to the people in the room.  He was about to knock on the door when Mc came out.  It was obvious that he had actually been crying and Kevin was taken aback.  He wanted to know what happened in that room.  “Bounce, time for bed,” Mc spoke to her.

Bounce protested she wasn’t ready.  Kevin looked at her, “Bed now.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”  The complaining stopped immediately as she said goodnight and began to shuffle to the other suite. 

Andy snickered, “Night brat.”  Bounce turned to look at Andy, she was mad.  Kevin grinned as he watched Bron’s genes come out in her kid.  Her eyes were flashing away at Andy.  “Kaylin,” Kevin spoke loudly.  Bounce turned in a huff and headed for her mom’s room.  She turned when she heard Andy laughing again.  Kevin saw her go for the door and knew she was going to slam it shut.  Kevin took a step forward and she quietly shut the door.

Andy laughed loudly, “Brat baby doesn’t have your number yet.”  Kevin grinned, “No, and she won’t.  She won’t be working me over like she does the rest of you.  She is just like her mother.”  The family members waited for Bron to come out and she never did.  People drifted out of the suite and to their own rooms.  Mc had left discreetly without saying a word to anyone.

Kevin looked around and even Jake was absent.  That was very unusual, Jake was always there.  Kevin wasn’t going to upset her anymore; she needed some space, heading to bed himself.  They had errands to run in the morning including going to the county clerk to get their marriage license.  The logistics had been worked out and a little plan in case the press had gotten wind of it.






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