Chapter 87

Kevin was lost in a dream, the most glorious dream he had had in awhile.  They were making love on the beach, it was dark, the moon was full, and you could hear the surf pounding on the shores.  The best part was that they were finally alone.  Man and wife, no obstacles, no interference.  Then he heard it, his mother was calling him, he groaned in his head, not fair, not fair at all. 

As he left his dream, he awoke slowly to find his mom trying to wake him.  Kevin mumbled a what to her.  “Kevin, Kaylin just woke me up.  Bron is really upset.”  Kevin heard it and sat bolt upright in bed.  He was out the door still in a fog.  He crossed the space of the suites and didn’t even see that his brothers were awake. 

He went into the suite to find what he had feared the most.  Bron in a nightmare but this was different.  She had balled herself up as usual but she was not making any vocal sounds that usually accompanied her dreams.  He flicked the light on and glanced at her, “Shit,” he groaned.  Bron’s nightshirt was soaked in sweat as she tried to fight Lenny off in her dreams.  “Kevin is she okay?” his mother asked from behind him as he went to grab a washcloth from the bathroom.  He dampened the cloth and headed to the bed.  “Mom, I’m really sorry but I need to stay with her.  Can Kaylin stay with you?”

“Kevin her lip is bleeding,” Anne exclaimed.  Kevin sat on the bed pressing the cloth to Bron’s face she never woke.  She was too deep into it.  “I know mom, please just shut the door.  She’s biting her lip so no sound comes out.  She doesn’t want people to hear her, especially Kaylin.  Please just go.”

Anne quietly shut the door, she was visibly shaken when she turned back to find Jerald standing there.  Tim had taken Bounce and put her to bed with his kids. 

“Mom is she going to be okay?”  Jerald asked. 

“I think so, Kevin will stay with her.  Go back to bed,” she spoke as she went back to her room.

Kevin went around to the other side of the bed.  He lifted the sheets and crawled into bed next to Bron, “I’m sorry darlin’.  I should’ve just told them off.”  Kevin settled himself resting his back on the headboard and scooped her up placing her on his lap.  “This shirt is soaked, you’re going to get sick with the A/C on,” he spoke to her, knowing she wouldn’t hear him.  Gently he removed her nightshirt, tossing it to the floor.  He cradled her in his warm embrace to comfort her.  She had finally stopped biting her lip and he had removed the blood from her cheek.  She began to settle and he sighed, “I put too much on you, I’m sorry.”  He waited as he always did for her to come back to a more natural sleep before he settled her back down on the sheet.  He slid from the bed and turned the light off.  When he returned, he lay next to her and she backed into him like she always did.  A spoon was what she wanted and so he gave it to her. 

Softly sighing at finally feeling her warm body next to him, he drifted to sleep himself.  Tomorrow all mine, always and forever, he muttered in his sleep.  His need and desire were diminished by the fact that now she needed to be taken care of in other ways.

Bron woke hours later with a feeling that something happened last night.  Rolling over she bumped into Kevin.  Confusion over took her brain.  She didn’t remember him coming in last night.  There was no memory that she could recall of taking her nightshirt off either.  I’m cold she grumbled as she closed her eyes and snuggled closer, seeking his heat.  Bron gently laid her head on his chest and he stirred in his sleep.  An arm came from around her back to pull her even closer to him. 

As she lay there she thought about what was going to happen today.  This is too strange my life has changed.  All of the terrible things that could happen to them flooded her thoughts.  The more she tried to reassure herself the worse it became.  She exhaled trying to calm herself as she glanced at the clock.  It was six-thirty and Bounce would be up soon.  I need to relax she chided herself, it’s fine, he’s here with me. 

Bron turned her head to see the bed across from them was empty.  Kaylin isn’t here, where is she?  Hmm, we’re by ourselves.  Lurch is still sleeping.  She gently shifted again so as not to wake him and checked the suite door it was closed.  Bron sighed, this is to good to be true.  I love it when he’s sleeping.  She lifted her head from his chest and he protested slightly in his slumber, pulling at her, missing the contact.

She surveyed the sleeping form next to her.  The dark lashes resting on his face and his mouth slightly parted in blissful sleep.  Her gaze traveled to his shoulders and chest.  A smile began to form on her face.  I would never have imagined that he was this handsome.  Of all people he could have he wanted me.  Bringing her hand up she trailed her fingertips from the side of his face all the way down to his navel.  Bron grinned and noticed that Kevin maybe sleeping but part of Kevin was waking up, and very quickly too.  He began murmuring in his sleep and she heard him whisper yes darlin’. 

Slowly she ran her fingertips across the band of his boxers.  She was enjoying this immensely.  Later he would scold her for the sneak attack.  It drove him crazy when she did it.  He had told her uptine million times not to do it.  But today was different and she knew he wouldn’t be bitching about it too loudly.  Bron brushed against his hardened member and a slight gasp came from him.  Bron pushed her hand below the waistband of the boxers and slowly caressed him to his full length. 

Kevin was wide-awake and enjoying the sensations she could cause in his body.  He was angry at first with her little game.  He could feel her tugging at his boxers and decided that he wasn’t going to make it easy for her.  She was shifting all over the bed but he refused to acknowledge anything she was doing.  I think I’ll just play possum and see what happens, he mused to himself.  Many times he had told her that it annoyed him, but what the hell, they were getting married today.  Slowly she had built the fire in him; unfortunately two things had come to his mind.  One if she stopped he’d kill her and two it wasn’t gonna be that long before it was over.  His breath caught in his throat as he pulled from his thoughts.  Somehow she had managed to tug his boxers down enough and now sat impaled upon him in one swift movement.  In all that moving she must have slipped her panties off, he assumed.

“Are you done playing dead now Master because part of you is very awake,” she said as she started to lean down to his face. 

As she leaned forward she almost disconnected herself from him.  His eyes flew open and his hands flew to her hips.  “Please don’t move,” he groaned.  “If you stop now Witch we both are going to have a very long day.”

“I just wanted a kiss,” she said softly as she sat back down on him.  Kevin sat up abruptly and wrapped his arms around her so she didn’t move.  “Here’s your kiss,” he lowered his lips to hers.  He kissed her tenderly as he watched her face.  Bron’s eyes were dilated at the sudden change in positions and the fullness she felt inside.  Kevin grinned, “Feels good, doesn’t it Virg.”  She nodded to him unable to speak.  Kevin saw her eyes had grown that rich sable brown that he loved so much.  They had a deep smoky haze of lust over them.  Her emotions always showed in her eyes.  She needed him but she needed control, he reconciled to himself.  This one time he would give her what she wanted.  It would make their day easier and she would be happier.  He would let her control him and take what she needed.

He slowly lowered himself back to the mattress.  Placing his hands behind his head, he laced his fingers together, a smile tugging at his face.  “Ride the Train darlin’,” he uttered as he lay there watching her.  She looked at him hesitantly, he was handing her the control that she needed but was unsure of.  “That was arrogant, maybe I should get off this moving train,” she whispered.

“Bron, no games,” he announced quietly.  He lay there watching her as she took control slowly of the situation still unsure of herself and his reaction.  Kevin was having his own battle of wills.  Being passive wasn’t his style or in his nature, she better not get used to this either, he spoke to himself.  But he knew she needed this.  Fixing his eyes on her he gazed at her, captivated by her movements and expressions.  Her hands settled on his waist as his hips automatically went up to meet each one of her thrusts.  He would bury himself in her deeper and deeper each time.  She was at the edge of the abyss and just needed a nudge to push her over.  He refused to help her if she wanted the control, she would have to take all of it and what came with it.  He refused to touch her in anyway other than their one connection.  Her skin had begun to develop a sheen as she was edging closer to her release.  Her murmurings and groans became louder and her thrusts more insistent as she rode him.

His hands were tensing together behind his head.  Jesus Witch if you don’t finish me off soon I’m going to lose control of this entire situation.  Her body tensed around him and he felt spasms hit her as her grip became stronger around him.  That was it for him as he let himself go inside her.  Bron quickly lay down on his chest.  The sweat was glistening on her body as his hands came around to hold her close.  She shuttered at his touch.  “Feel better?” he asked tenderly. 

“Yes,” she answered. 

As she came down from the natural high he held her tightly to him.  “I should get in the shower,” she groaned. 

“No stay with me just a little longer,” he whispered. 

“I can’t they’re up and will be in here soon,” she returned to him.

“Nah, they’re not up,” he said as he shifted his hips to remind her they were still together. 

“If you sniff you’ll smell coffee, that means your mom is up and so is Bounce,” she spoke as she sat up on him.

She chuckled slightly as she watched him sniff the air and his eyes rolled.  “You’re right, but I smell us and sex too,” he smirked at her.

“I guess I will head to the shower and get rid of the essence of Richardson.  We wouldn’t want mama to know would we,” she giggled.

The remark she just made somehow tugged at his inner self.  Yep me, you’re full of me and you smell like me.  I left part of me in you, even when we are no longer together.  He grinned to himself as his caveman side came out or the dark side of him as Bron had come to call it.

Bron watched the expressions cross his face and knew where his mind was.  Marking your territory aren’t ya Lurch.  He had refused to participate in their lovemaking.  The control that he gave her was temporary and she knew it.  She quickly disengaged herself from him and sat back down, with a smirk on her face.  Kevin looked at her in disbelief.  As his seed landed back down on his pelvic region.  No words passed between the two, she was amused and he was getting ticked as time clicked by.  “Now you can have it back.  I’m tired of sleeping in the wet spot anyway,” she laughed as she bolted off the bed.  “That’ll teach Master,” she called back to him as she shut the bathroom door behind her. 

“You Witch,” he groaned as he looked at the puddle on his pelvis.  He was still staring at himself and what she had done as a wet washcloth landed in that general region.  “Clean yourself up before we have company,” she smiled at him.

“You ever do that again you’ll be sorry,” as he cleaned himself and frowned at her naked backside walking away from him.

He settled himself back in bed and covered up.  He wasn’t getting up yet, he was too relaxed now and wanted to doze. 

Bron took a shower and dressed.  As she went to the connecting suite door she turned back and walked to him.  She pulled the blankets up over his back as he slept on his stomach.  “Thank you,” she whispered as she kissed his cheek. 

“Welcome,” he uttered and smiled.  “We need to talk about last night,” he told her as he lay there. 

“Later,” she smiled as she walked away and headed out the door.

Bron entered the other suite to find Anne and Bounce up.  Anne surveyed Bron from head to toe.  Bron looked at her, “What’s wrong?  You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” 

“Are you okay dear?”  Anne asked.

“Yeah fine, Why?”  Bron stood there clueless.

“You had another nightmare Mom,” Kaylin said as if it were nothing.

Bron stood frozen in her tracks.  She didn’t know what to say or do.  Anne watched the woman’s face turn pale at the horror.  Kevin had told her last night that above anything Bronwyn did not want to be heard by anyone.  Anne walked slowly to her and gently wrapped her arms around.  “It’s okay, nobody heard anything.  Kaylin came and woke me.  I woke Kevin.”  A loud sigh came from the woman she held in her arms.  Anne stepped back but held Bron’s hands in hers.  “If you ever want to talk about this I will listen.  I really don’t know what happened but I do know that someone hurt you very badly.”  Anne felt a slight tinge of guilt; she did know what happen but this was supposed to be a happy day.

Bron smiled as she spoke, “Maybe I will do that someday but right now I just want some coffee.”

After two cups of coffee and conversation the rest of the family starting waking up and moving around.  The chat had been kept light for the sake of everyone’s nerves.  It was getting late and Kevin was still sleeping.  Jerald knew that they had to get to the Courthouse for a marriage license.  Slowly he manipulated his way to the door of the suite.  Tim watched from across the room and grinned as he joined him.

“He’s sleeping pretty good,” Tim grinned as Jerald cracked open the door. 

“You don’t think?”  Jerald asked.

“Oh I think.  Look at the smile on his face,” Tim answered as they slipped in and shut the door behind them.

“If it’s any consolation to you, yes we did,” came from the bed, followed by a loud chuckle.

“Get your lazy ass up,” Jerald laughed out.

The suite door swung open and Bron was standing there with fire in her eyes.  “What are you doing in here?”

“Ah,” Tim answered. 

“Oh,” was Jerald’s answer.

Kevin was laughing at both of them.  Bron was extremely angry and they could tell.  Her eyes flashed like a strobe light.  “Man Kev you’re right.  When she’s mad they do flash,” Jerald spoke as he gazed at his future sister in law.

“Get out!  He gets up when he’s ready.”  Bron glared at them.

“Yes Mame,” came from Tim.  

Jerald snickered, “You didn’t tell me she was your pet pit bull Kev.”  Kevin laughed as he swung out of bed and headed for the three of them standing by the door.  “It’s fine Bron.  I need to get up anyway.  We need to go get our marriage license this morning.”

“Fine,” as she closed her eyes.  Kevin heeded the sign of her ignoring him as usual as she walked out the door.

Kevin had no clothes with him so he wandered through the suite in his shorts and to his room.  Bron shook her head as Bounce giggled.  Bron followed as she began to admonish him for his state of undress in front of the kids.  The door was open and the crowd was listening to the argument between the two.  Bron came out of the room and walked to the kitchen. 

She was going into her automatic mode of breakfast until Anne stopped her.  “You’re getting married today, you don’t need to make his breakfast.  He’s a man, not a baby, he’ll live.”  Bron protested until she was removed from the kitchen and pushed towards her own suite by Anne.  “Get your things you will be leaving soon.”

Anne waited for Kevin in the main suite.  Tracy, Tim’s wife, was stifling a giggle as she watched Kevin search the room.  “Whatcha looking for Kev?” she asked. 

Kevin’s eyebrows went together, “My breakfast and my bride.”

Anne motioned Kevin to the kitchen area.  She handed him a bowl, spoon, and a box.  “The milk is in the fridge for your breakfast.”

Kevin pursed his lips together and frowned.  Tracy laughed at him as she sat next to him and patted his shoulder.  “They said that you have become very spoiled Kevin.”

Kevin sat and ate the cold cereal watching the kids play.  Bron came back and stood next to him.  “I’m sorry they wouldn’t let me make you breakfast.”

“Bron don’t you dare apologize to that twenty-nine year old spoiled man.”  Anne’s voice came through the suite loud and clear.  Kevin lowered his eyes to the bowl in front of him.  Anne continued on her little tirade.  She was mad at him for not even thinking about Bron just himself, especially after last night.  Bron didn’t need Kevin stomping all over her today like he usually did.  “I think you have forgotten how you were raised.  She’s marrying you today so the cook has the day off.  Understand.”

Bron winced slightly at the mom scolding the son.  She noticed the son wasn’t taking it well at all.  She had never seen Kevin this vulnerable.  “Hurry up we have to get going,” Bron spoke to the side of his head. 

“I’m ready,” he said as he got up to go get his keys.  They left quietly and Anne laughed. 

“Mom that wasn’t necessary,” Jerald spoke. 

“Mind your own business son,” she replied as she went to her room and readied her things.






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