Chapter 89

They entered the room off of the ballroom and Bron’s hands began to shake.  Mary knew the rest of her would start soon.  Jake, Carlos, Mc, Stevie, and Andy were waiting for her.  All of them glanced at the vision of a small woman in cream-colored corset.  “Do I pass?” she smiled, as she twirled once for them.  All had the same answer, “Yes!”

Mc looked at her with a small frown as his eyes settled on her bust line, “Leave it to Carter to freak Kevin out on his wedding day.”  The girls burst into laughter, including Anne.

Bron smiled at Carlos, “That is one ugly tie dude.”

“Hey short notice Sparky, what do you expect?” he grinned back at her when she noticed that he had called her by her nickname.

“Well let me take care of that for you,” she spoke as she pulled a box out from behind her back.

Carlos grinned, “Is that what I think it is?” 

Bron nodded to him as ripped open the box.  “Whoa, that’s sweet,” Jake announced. 

“Kevin will hate that,” Stevie answered.

“Yep,” Carlos grinned as he quickly put it on.  He walked up to her, “Thank you, now I’m going to go to work.  This is a day you will never regret or forget.”  He quickly kissed on the cheek as he palmed her the ring that she had bought for Kevin.  She winked and gave him a huge grin. 

“I owe ya,” she spoke as he left the room.

Bron quietly walked to Stevie and pulled him to the other side of the room, “I love you and always will.  We’ve been through a lot together.  Are you okay with this?”

Stevie grabbed both of her hands in his, “I’m more than okay with this.  We will all still be together in Lexington.  We are family.”  Stevie paused as he looked at her.  “Promise me one thing.  If you ever have a problem, you’ll still come to me to talk.”

Bron reached up and gave him a kiss, “Always my friend, always.”  Bron was fighting the tears as she watched his face.  “You have always taken care of me.  You and Jake, I don’t want you to ever stop.”

“I won’t Spark, I won’t,” he whispered.  He dropped her hands and went to stand by the door.  He was waiting for the rest of her family to join him.

Bron took a deep breath and looked at the remaining three standing there.  Anne could see what Bron’s problem was, somebody was going to be hurt.

Andy stepped forward, “Mom I have something for you.”  Mc’s face scrunched up and Mary just shook her head.  Andy handed her a box.  Bron opened and saw a locket.  Inside the locket was a picture of Andy on one side and Kaylin on the other.  It was precious to her and the tears rolled down her face.  “Don’t do that you’ll screw up your face,” Andy grinned. 

Bron gave him a huge hug, “Thank you baby.  I love you too.”

“One more thing,” Andy lowered his voice.  “I’m dropping out of this little competition to make it easier on you.”  Bron sighed with relief.  “Hey Mom, do you think Kevin is going let me live with you guys while I go to school at U K.?”

“You’re kidding,” Bron squealed with delight.  “You got in, you really got in.  There hasn’t been enough time to do all the paperwork.”

“I’m in Ma, but you have to work that witch magic on that husband of yours.  I don’t want to live at the bed and breakfast or with you know who,” as they both turned their heads to look at very displeased Mc.

“I’ll ask him baby, but I can’t promise, he’s very stubborn,” Bron smiled.

Mary had heard it all and was very pleased with what Andy had done.  Mary also knew how proud Bron was of Andy.  Mary walked over to her and grabbed the locket.  She opened the clasp and placed it around her neck.  “Perfect,” Mary smiled at Andy.  Andy ambled over to join Stevie. 

Bron turned back to see the two left.  “What do you want to do?”  She asked as she surveyed both Jake and Mc.  Neither one of them were going to give in, that was obvious.

Anne glanced at the clock on the wall they only had a few minutes left.  There wasn’t a five minute solution to be found, unless she put forth her idea.

“Why don’t you both do it?”  Anne asked them.

Both of their faces beamed, “Sounds good to me,” Jake answered.  “Me too,” Mc replied.

Bron turned to Anne, “You’re so smart, thank God you’re here.”

“Fine that’s done.  Now I have something for you,” Anne smiled.

Bron was surprised at the information as Tracy stepped forward and Anne spoke.  Carefully Anne opened the box and removed a pair of small diamond earrings.  “I wore these when I married Kevin’s father.  Tracy wore them when she married Tim.  Now you will wear them for Kevin.”

Bron was astonished at the thought.  “Something borrowed,” she smiled as she removed her earrings and put the earrings on.

Anne gave her a pat on the cheek, “Yes dear.  You have something new, your locket from Andy.  I believe Mary has something blue for you.” 

Mary snickered as she stepped forward with a black and blue garter.  Bron laughed, “Oh he’s gonna love this.  Mary, who did this inscription on this heart?”  Bron chuckled.  “Alex, of course,” Mary grinned.  Bron placed her foot on a chair and carefully pulled the garter up.  Andy quickly turned around not wanting to see more of his Mother than necessary.  The guys chuckled as at his awkwardness.

“Leave’em alone guys,” Bron grinned.

“Well the corset is bad enough,” Andy groaned.

Bron looked at Andy with her Mama face on, “I catch you anywhere near a corset, other than the laundry and you’ll be very sorry.  Now go find your sister.”

Andy left the room post haste as Mc grinned, “He’s eighteen Mamma.”

“Don’t remind me.  He won’t be chasing any women tonight.  He’s babysitting Kaylin later,” Bron groaned.  “God forbid if Nick and him every become real good friends, I’ll be in for it for sure.”

“I have something old,” Mc said to her as he walked to her.  “That scares me,” Bron smiled. 

“Please don’t Sparky,” as he handed her a Mercury dime. 

Bron smiled, “You remembered.” 

Mc was taken aback, “I gave you the last one.”

Bron sighed, “It wasn’t a slap, Thank you.”  Bron kicked he shoe off and Mc placed the dime in it.  Bron slid her shoe back on.  “I want this one back.  It’s special,” he informed her.

Bron’s eyebrows furrowed together, questioning him.  Mc gave her a wily smile, “I can’t give the man everything I own.”

“Mc!” came from Mary.  Bron just laughed of which once the others realized that she saw the humor in it joined her.  Except for Anne and Tracy who didn’t quite get it and probably never would.

The music started in the adjoining room and Bron’s face turned pale white.  She suddenly felt dizzy and hot.  Mc careful wrapped an arm around her waist for fear she would faint.  All, especially Mc, noticed it. 

“Bron honey, are you okay?”  Anne asked.

Bron’s throat was dry and she couldn’t talk, she shook her head no towards the question. 

A knock came to the door and Bron closed her eyes.  She opened them when the door opened.  Please be him, she silently hoped. 

It was Jerald, who had come to get his mother so she could be seated.  He saw that Bron was pale as a ghost, Kevin was right.  Jerald spoke directly to her, “Hey relax, when he sees you he’s gonna cry.  Besides the guys have a bet going.  They are all betting against you, pretty big pot too.”

Anne hesitated until she saw the color return to Bron’s cheeks.  Anne thought it was cute that she was blushing.

“Oh Yeah!”  Bron snapped.

Jerald smiled, that was the reaction that Kevin said he would get.  “Yep, Brian’s got a grand down that you’re gonna stiff Kev at the alter.”

“Anybody betting for me?” she questioned him as she stood there tapping her foot on the floor.

Jerald’s smiled grew, Kevin really knew his wife, “Just one, me,” he answered her.

“You’re about to come into some serious cash my dear brother,” she grinned.

“Come on Ma, my sister in law is going to help me fleece the Backstreet Boys,” he laughed as his mother shook her head grumbling something about gambling on a wedding.

Jerald led his mother to her seat and quickly dashed up to Kevin.  He slapped Kevin in the back and whispered to him, “One it worked.  Two, here, you are gonna need this.”  Jerald handed him a handkerchief.  “She’s gonna knock you out of your shoes little brother.  No bride I ever saw was dressed like that.”






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