Chapter 9

Kevin was leaning on the door, “What’s the matter?” his eyes dancing roguishly. 

“Nothing, this just isn’t right and you know it.” 

“Oh sure it is, I told you we’d talk again,” as he stepped forward, Bron jumped back.  Every time he would get closer, Bron would back up. 

“I just wanna talk to you,” he grinned.

Bron was starting to get angry, “Fine do it from over there.”  She felt like she was being stalked for a damn meal.  He just wouldn’t back down no matter what. 

“No!”  Kevin charged towards her catching her by her jacket. 

Bron shook out of her jacket leaving him standing there holding it.  Boy he’s fast she thought.

Dropping the jacket to the floor, he whined, “Why are you making this so hard, you know you want to.”  Slowly he moved towards her.

She started to back up and bumped into the couch falling sideways onto it.

He dove and landed on her, pressing the entire length of his body on top of hers to hold her down.  “Gotcha,” he laughed.

She started to wrestle from underneath him.  Damn he’s a big guy, she screamed to herself. 

Kevin was laughing.  The little sparing match was just fueling the fire, “Oh do that some more, if feels so good.’’     

“Shit!” she exclaimed, the panic evident in her voice to him. 

Looking at her, “I almost have you figured out thanks to Nick.”

Bron stared at him in shock, what the hell is he talking about she wondered in her head. 

“You already know me very well and now it’s my turn to get to know you better.” 

The words Oh lord he’s talking about the fic flashed through her mind.

Kevin lowered his head to kiss her and she threw her hands up in defense.  “Nope, not an Option.” as he grabbed her hands, pulled them above her head and held them there with one hand.  Lowering his head again, he started to nuzzle her ear with his lips and planted soft kisses down her neck.  He used his tongue to make a trail to her collarbone where he stopped and sucked a little.  She let out a soft moan and he released her hands, which went immediately to his hair.  He smiled at her, he had found the spot.

His hands snuck up the front of her sweater and she shivered.  Pushing his hands further up he unfastened her bra.  I love those front ones, he mused to himself.  When his hand made contact with her nipple it hardened instantly.  Lowering his head further, he engulfed the crested nub in mouth.  She groaned and arched her back for him to take more of her.

His mind was absorbing almost as much as his senses.  She tasted so sweet to him and smelled so good.  He had wondered about her since he had first had read it.  I want her so bad.  I want to know what she is like, is she really like that.  Slowly he started to rub her hip and headed for the button on her jeans.

Bron panicked, she blurted out, “Stop!  I can’t.”

“Shhh, yes you can.” he whispered.  To him she sounded like a sixteen year old having second thoughts about her first time being with a man.

“No I can’t Kevin, Please stop.” 

“I’m sorry darlin,” as he reached for the button on her jeans again.  No way in hell am I stopping now, he thought.  You want me, I know you do. 

“Please Kevin, please stop!” she pleaded.  Bron was crying on the inside, I told him to stop, he's not going to. 

“No!” was his angry response. 

“Why?” she begged almost in tears, this was just to close to what she had written. 

“I asked you to stop and you didn’t!  You and that freakin fic of yours!  Now I wanna know too.”

Bron’s hands flew down his body.  I’ve got to stop him, how can I stop him, she cried inside.

Kevin felt her hands search between his legs.  She just needed to understand that I wasn’t taking no for an answer he thought to himself.  Bron’s hand brushed against his erection tightly bound in his pants, causing him to shudder and smile at her.  All of sudden he felt pain on the inside of his thigh.  He howled out from the intensity of it, "Damn!" and jumped up.  Bron was off the couch and out the door before he knew what happened, straightening her clothes on the way. 

“Son of bitch, she pinched me, Oh God that hurts!” talking to himself out loud.  “She fights like a damn girl.  Oww.”  It took him a minute to try to steady his stance.  He took a hesitant step, “I’m gonna kill her,” he snarled. 

As Kevin limped back down the hall, he saw her standing at the door with Stevie, Bounce, A.J. and Mary.  Once he got to his destination he leaned on the doorframe trying to huff off the pain.  A.J. looked at him and started to smirk, he knew something had happened.  There was pain written all over that man's face. 

“You ready?”  Stevie asked Bron.  “Oh I forgot my coat in the billiard room would you get it for me?” she asked him.  Stevie rolled his eyes and headed down the hall.

Bron turned to Kevin and smiled sweetly, “You might want to get some ice for that.”  A.J. doubled over with laughter and Mary’s hand flew to her mouth.

His hand shot out and grabbed her neck, “You’ll pay for this one,” he said in a low angry voice.  Quickly he dropped his hand before Stevie came back. 

“Let’s go,” Stevie announced helping Bron on with her jacket as they walked away. 

“We’ll meet in the bar at the hotel in an hour,” Mary called to them as she watched them go out the door.

Mary turned to Kevin, “What did you do to her?”

“Nothing, dammit!” he shot out at her. 

A.J. looked at Mary, “Looks like you should be asking what she did to him.”  Kevin shot him an angry glare. 
“What did she do to you Kev?” she giggled. 

“Little witch pinched me!” he hissed. 

Mary snickered, “Do you need some ice?”

He grunted and stumbled to the couch.  Mary brought him and ice pack for his leg.  Every one was glancing at him and laughing softly.

That brown eyed witch needs her ass whipped, he said to himself.  Oh she is so gonna pay for this.  I don’t how, but I will get my chance.






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