Chapter 90

Kevin looked at Jerald weighing the remark that he had just made about Bron’s attire.  Kevin turned to A.J. ignoring the girls who were walking up the make shift aisle, “Tell me you did not pick out what she is wearing.”

A.J. smiled, “Nope, Kaos did.”

“Huh?”  Kevin leaned over, looking further down the line at his brothers to see that they were all wearing very goofy grins.  “I swear if you guys…”  Kevin was interrupted by the sound of the wedding march.  Quickly he turned to look back down the aisle as he heard the chuckling from his brothers.  There she stood at the end of the aisle with Jake on one arm and Mc on the other.  She was as white as a ghost and it showed because the dress was cream colored.  “Well now!” he exclaimed loud enough for this brother’s and the girls to here.  Jesus she’s wearing a corset, he screamed in his head.  Where’s the freaking rest of it to of it.  It looks like silk from up here.  Oh no, not silk.  What is she wearing under it?  Slammed around his mind.  Suddenly he turned to Nick and snarled, “Where’s the rest of it?”

Nick gave Kevin the eyebrows that Kevin was famous for, “That’s it.”

Kevin looked back to Bron who was almost frozen in her tracks.  She saw Kevin’s reaction to the dress and became giddy with excitement.  Ha-Ha, gottcha Lurch.  Bron clutched the small bouquet of coral and yellow roses that Gillian had given her.  Damn he’s got that long coat on again, I love that coat, she whined to herself.  He’s not happy about this dress, she pondered.

“I told you he would go nuts,” Mc whispered in her ear.

“Well to bad,” Bron answered him.  “It’s my wedding too and I love it.  He’s the one pushing this whole thing.”

Kevin stood there in awe.  She looked beautiful but provocative, not what he had expected from Bron.  A slow smile began to show on his face and he watched the tension leave Bron.  Okay it’s not the end of the world, he groaned.  Nick must have decided to dress up is favorite fic writer ‘Kaylin’.  Bron hesitated for a second until Kevin raised his hand and beckoned her join him, with a small wave.  Come on darlin’, you can do this, he said to himself. 

Bron gave him a slight smile and continued to walk towards him.  As she joined him, there were a few “Awws,” from the people behind them.  Kevin was reassuring his bride that it was okay. 

As Bron joined Kevin he lightly grabbed her hand,  “Couldn’t decide?”  Bron moved her head back and forth slightly, indicating no.  “You look beautiful,” he whispered as her hand shook in his.  “But I’m surprised that you are ah, revealing so much,” he leaned over and grumbled.  Kevin’s eyes immediately shot down the bodice of the corset.  Oh my God any lower and they’ll be paying her to take it off.

From the end of the line and out Nick came, “We like it.” 

Kevin’s head darted down the line, “Why, is this a wedding or are you just setting her up for a new visual?”

Bron clamped down on her lips with her teeth to keep the laughter from coming out.  Snickers were heard from everyone in the bridal party, even Jerald was laughing.  The minister was confused and Tim was not pleased at all.  This talk did not belong at this setting.

Tracy broke the silence as she uttered, “I can’t wait for that one.”  Kevin, Jerald, and Tim all turned to look at Tracy as Bron actually chuckled loudly.  “Not you too,” Kevin uttered.  Tracy’s face turned red at the comment.  Kevin turned back to Bron, “You stop corrupting my family.”

“She didn’t, mom sent it to me,” Tracy giggled.

The brothers Richardson were all astonished at the announcement.  Kevin turned to see his mother sitting directly behind him.  She was smiling at him with a twinkle in her eye.  Kevin shook his head as he made a mental note to speak to his mother and his wife afterwards.  Some people I know are going to get a new freakin hobby, he whined.

“Are we ready to begin,” Tim focused all of his energy on the giggling wedding party.  Kevin nodded a yes. 

At hearing the words, Bron began to shake from nerves.  Kevin carefully wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.  He then rested his hand on her lower back.  It wasn’t the traditional bride and groom stance, but it worked for them.  He didn’t want her to run screaming from the room.  The best thing for her right now was physical contact with him. 

Idly he began to finger the strings of the corset that rested just above her bottom.  Abruptly he felt an unexpected pain in his foot.  He looked down to see that Bron had jammed her foot into his.  What the hell was that for?  He wondered, as the minister was speaking.  His hand stopped moving over her corset and she removed her foot from his.  Oh, didn’t like that did you.  Tough, you tease my ass in front of over a hundred friends and family, you get what you get, he mused to himself. 

Bron turned her head and glared at him as he smirked back at her.  Let’s get this over with; because I’m going to hit you so hard Master, you’ll feel it for a week, she groaned in her head.  Neither one of them had heard the words that were being spoken until it was Tim’s turned to speak.  His voice snapped them both back to attention.  Tim said a small prayer mentioning Kevin’s dad and how happy he would be today if her were here.

Bron quickly glanced to Kevin and saw the tear trickle down his face.  She slowly reached up and wiped it away for him.  Jerald knew that Kevin would have wished nothing more than for their dad to be there today.  Bron softly squeezed Kevin’s hand and tapped her heart with her free hand.  Kevin meekly smiled to her knowing she understood what was going on in his heart and his head.  The pastor began to recite the ceremony as he saw the knowing exchange between the two of them.

The minister asked,  “Who gives Bronwyn Lynn to be married to Kevin Scott?  The minister focused his gaze on Bron,  “I’m a little old for that,” came flying out of her in an acid tone.  Kevin laughed quietly, as did the rest of them.

Mc spoke with merriment, loud enough for the entire room to hear his voice, “I do, again.”  Bron’s bitch switch flipped on and Kevin’s was prepared.  His hand grabbed her left elbow to prevent her from moving.  “Don’t,” he warned her. 

The minister watched, boy what a strange thing that was.  “Do you Bronwyn take Kevin to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward?” he asked.

“I do,” Bron answered respectfully.

Do you promise to love, honor, cherish, and obey Kevin for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health?”

Kevin grinned at her.  Oh this should be good.  He watched her face scrunch up as the word obey was spoken.  A snicker came from Nick and A.J. too.  They were both thinking the same thing; you’re dreaming Kev if you think that will ever happen.  Thank you Tim, he said to himself as Kevin smiled at his brother. 

Bron had thought about opening her mouth and telling the minister and Tim to stuff it.  She felt pressure on her elbow and turned to Kevin.  Oh look, it’s dark side Kevin.  The wordless communication was simple, shut up and answer the man and you better not screw up.

“I do,” Bron grumbled as she looked at Tim.  Tim gave her a knowing grin.  Yep, you’re the cause of that one and will talk later Mister, she hissed to herself.  Obey, obey my ass bud, she continued her rant in her head.

The minister smiled at her, Oh these young ones always take that out of context, he groaned internally.  “And, forsaking all others, will you remain only unto Kevin for as long as you both shall live?

“I will,” Bron replied.

Kevin was grinning from ear to ear by now.  They were half way there and he was almost home.  I got her, she’s mine now, he was yelling to himself. 

Kevin repeated the same vows except for one omission in his.  The word obey hadn’t appeared in his vows.  Of course they never did either.  Bron made a mental note to get even with Pastor Tim as soon as possible. 

Kevin began to shift in his shoes.  The hardest part was over with for them; he just wanted to get it finished before something happened to stop it.  The marriage license was signed and the vows were said. 

The minister began speaking again to them and the gathering behind them.  “Traditionally, the marking of the passage to status of husband and wife is marked by the exchange of rings.  These rings are a symbol of the unbroken circle of love.  Love, freely given has no beginning and no end, no giver and no receiver for each is the giver and each is the receiver.  May these rings always remind you of the vows you have taken.”  

Mentally Kevin was chastising himself, he wouldn’t get a ring as much as he had wanted one.  He was more than happy and proud to call the woman next to him his wife.  However, he hadn’t really given her the opportunity to get one for him.  Gently he slid the ring on her finger and turned to the minister.

Bron tugged on the arm that had automatically dropped back to Kevin’s side.  She held his large hand in her’s and gently slid the ring on the second to last finger of his left hand.  The smile that emanated from Kevin could have lit up Las Vegas by itself.  He didn’t know how or who but he was overwhelmed as he began to cry again.

The entire room heard the collective gasp from the wedding party.  By Bron producing a ring for Kevin it had sealed their marriage.  It was an acceptance and admission of the love she held for the man that stood next to her.

“By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife.  Ladies and gentlemen may I present Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Richardson.  You may kiss your bride.”

“Oh darlin’,” he whispered.  Kevin’s hands automatically went to her face as he tilted her head back.  Bron saw the twinkle in his eyes, “No tongue,” she laughed.  He dropped his lips to her’s and kissed her deeply with tongue and way too long. 

“Back off Kev, let her breathe,” came from Howie who was laughing loudly with everyone else at Bron’s comment and Kevin’s conduct.

Kevin did as he was told and stood up, straight and tall.  His mother smiled as she watched how proud he was of Bron.  Kevin began walking back down the aisle and speaking to his family along the way.  Bron said nothing as she walked beside him.  Once in the back of the room the wedding party joined them for an impromptu receiving line. 

Bron looked down the line, glaring.  She was looking for one person and one person only.  There you are, she grinned to herself.  You may be a Minister but you’re a Richardson first.  He was standing at the end of the wedding party with Tracy.  Bron watched him speak to Brian’s parents and brother.  Bron felt her hand being squeezed as she backed up and turned to Kevin.  “Behave yourself Witch,” he grinned at her. 

“I will Master,” she grinned. 

As the receiving line cued up, the chairs were moved around the room.  Tables quickly joined the chairs.  Bron’s face lit up when she saw the candles and her favorite colored roses being placed on the table.  Bron leaned back almost falling if Kevin hadn’t grabbed her waist. 

“Thanks D, Gillian,” she smiled. 

“No problem,” Howie answered for both of them giving her a wink.  Kevin gave Howie a thumbs up for the smile that had crossed Bron’s face.  As the room was transformed into a reception, Bron became enchanted and light hearted.  Kevin couldn’t get over everything that his family and friends had done for them.  All of his favorites and Bron’s were somehow worked into the room down to the smallest detail.  Kevin’s eyes settled on Nick, who flashed him a grin.  Kevin stuck his tongue in his cheek and gave Nick a grin.  “Party ain’t over Little Man,” he spoke.  Nick took it as it was intended.  It meant we’re gonna talk and you’re gonna listen.

Bron was introduced to more people and family then she ever could remember.  She was getting edgy and Kevin sensed it.  He quickly made introductions to people from the tour that she didn’t know or hadn’t met.  Bron spied Fatima with Margie and breathed a sigh of relief.  They made there way to her and grinned.  “How are you holding up?”  Fatima asked. 

Bron looked at her, “I want to run screaming out of here,” she groaned. 

“She’s doing fine,” Kevin butted into the exchange.  “

I have a surprise for you later,” Margie whispered in her ear.  Kevin scowled as he watched but couldn’t hear what was going on. 

“Hey Train, does your wife dance?”  Fatima inquired with a big cheesy grin on her face. 

“No,” he answered with an acerbic voice. 

“Not what I heard,” she giggled as she walked away with Margie.

Bron took a gulp of air as Kevin settled his arm around her shoulder.  It was his Aunt Jackie, Uncle Harold, and his cousin Herald.  “Relax, they’ll love you.  They’re just like Brian,” he spoke softly. 

“Oh great, I really need another prankster,” she groaned.  Kevin smiled as he introduced them.  “Bron it is so nice to finally meet you.  I have heard so much about you,” Jackie spoke sweetly to her. 

“Oh I bet you have,” Bron laughed at her.  The woman was easy to talk to. 

“Well it’s has been nice things, honest,” Jackie grinned at her.  Kevin smiled, his aunt had a way for relaxing people into a conversation.  Kevin introduced her to his uncle and cousin.  Bron was extremely restrained and he didn’t know why.  Kevin watched his uncle and cousin survey his bride from head to toe and then nodded approvingly towards Kevin.  As they walked away Bron turned to Kevin, “Did I pass the damn inspection,” she groaned.

Kevin snickered, “Listen, they just want to know who fired their best friend and then hired him back.”  Bron looked at him confused.  “Frank, the contractor,” Kevin uttered. 

“I didn’t hire him back,” Bron spoke. 

“No but your partner did,” Kevin said as he raised her eyebrows at her waiting for the sparks to fly.

Her body jerked and he grabbed on, “Wait and do it later.”  Bron’s eyes were flashing away and Andre walked up to him.  Kevin hadn’t figured out, but somehow someone had invited Andre to do pictures for them.  Andre called the bride and groom over.  He introduced himself to Bron, who took an immediate liking to the man.  He explained that he would do a few formal portraits but that he wanted to capture mostly informal shots.  Andre looked at Bron, “He’s a private man, not a formal one,” he whispered.  Bron chuckled, “Oh I know.”

As Andre motioned the bridal party together he explained what he wanted.  Pictures were posed for and snapped for the Bridal party.  Then Andre wanted family shots.  Bron was placed in the middle of the Richardson boys and Tim was standing next to her.  Bron was trying hard to control herself.  It was the perfect opportunity.  Then Andre said he wanted the entire family.  Bron smiled broadly with a twinkle in her eye.  Andre thought her expression was priceless and took the picture.  Kevin was seriously worried.  Only one thing made Bron smile like that, she was up to something.  Brian and his family joined the picture.  Bron spoke very loudly,  “Tim those vows were priceless.  I think I need to thank you properly.” 

Alarm bells went off in Brian first as he grabbed Tim’s coat and pulled him out of her reach.  “Whoa!” came out of Kevin as he grabbed both of her arms.  “Don’t you dare, he’s a minister, he’s married, and he’s my brother.” 

Andre continued to take the shots as Kevin restrained his bride and Brian had horror written all over his face.  Brian looked at Tim, “If she ever says that again to you, run the other way!”

The picture taking session was being watched by Kevin’s other brothers and the girls.  Nick was cracking up at the looks plastered on Kevin and Brian’s face.  Bron stood triumphantly in the center.  The pictures were completed and the other brothers took their spots with the bride and groom.  More pictures were taken.  After that all the families were united for one large group shot.  Nick watched Brian pull Tim and Jerald aside and have a conversation with them.  Brian was pointing to Nick and then Bron.  Bron caught it and flashed Tim a smile.  Tim’s face paled as he looked at Bron.  “Stop scaring my brother,” Kevin coughed as he pretended to clear his throat.  The giggles came from the fellas as they stood next to them.

Once the pictures were over Kevin’s brothers again joined them.  “Bron you can thank me if Kevin will let you,” Jerald chuckled. 

“Forget it,” Kevin spoke as he grabbed Bron’s hand and walked towards the table up front.  “I’m hungry,” he mumbled. 

“That’s a surprise,” Bron said dryly.

Everyone sat for dinner.  The food was wonderful and again both Bron and Kevin realized how much effort had been put into this affair.  Kevin thought he had died and gone to heaven.  Every food that he had ever stated was one of his favorites was put before them on tables.  Tim said a small prayer before the meal began, “Get grazing, Lurch,” Bron chuckled at him. 

Once the meal was finished the tables and chairs were removed while people mingled around the room.  A stage was set up as well as a dance floor.  Bron watched as DJ equipment was moved in.  “Kevin, I don’t like this.”

“Hey they have done wonderful so far, don’t worry,” he answered her uneasiness.  Kevin was watching the gathering at the back of the bar.  Interesting, must be pay off time.  He was upset that he didn’t have a chance to lay his bet down.  I would’ve cleaned up, he surmised.  Jerald was grinning away with his hand out as Kevin saw members of his group and the tour walk up to both Nick and him.  Looks like Kaos got in on the action too.

Bron searched the room as Bounce began running around the room with Tim’s kids.  “I’ll be right back,” she said as she stood up and walked to her daughter.  Kevin watched her skirt swish as she walked away from him.  I wonder what’s under all that silk, he moaned.  Bron was trying to settle down Bounce with not much luck.  He slid his chair back and ambled over to them.  “Behave Kaylin or you can go to bed right now,” he spoke to her with a tone not much unlike a father.

Andy joined them quickly, “I’ll take over now and watch them.”  Bounce frowned at Andy and rolled her eyes.  “You heard the man, behave or you’re going to bed,” Andy reminded her. 

Bounce stormed away from both of them with Tim’s kids right behind her.  Andy eyes quickly followed her.  “Andrew go easy on her,” Bron snapped at him. 

“Easy, easy, you go any easier on her and she’ll be telling you what to do.” 

Kevin lightly placed a hand on her shoulder, “I think he’s doing just fine.” 

Bron grimaced at Kevin, “You would,” and walked away.  Kevin followed her.  Kevin turned back and gave Andy an approving nod. 

As Bron walked she noticed a suspicious looking group of people at the bar.  Jerald and Nick were smiling away.  Oh, I see.  Slowly she made her way through the crowd casually speaking to everyone.  She pushed her way through and stood next to Mary.  “Wassup?”  Bron asked, as cash was discriminately placed in pockets and such, out of sight.

“Nothing,” Nick grinned. 

“Oh, really.  How much did you make?”  Bron grinned.  The crowd laughed as both Nick and Jerald reached into their pockets.  The money began to exchange hands until the deals were finished.  Bron glanced to both of them.  She quickly reached out and snagged the cash from both of their hands.  “Some for the ocean and some for JWR.  It’s such a nice donation.  I’m sure Kevin will be so happy Jerald.”  A deep laugh could be heard from behind her and she saw Kevin totally amused with her actions.  “Hi honey, look what your brother has for JWR.”  Kevin’s laughter ensued again.  Bron walked away to find Vicky and Jim, who worked for Kevin’s foundation, to give them the ‘donation’. 

“You better get your bride under control.  Go get my money back!” Jerald demanded.  “Hey messing with Bron and money is not smart.  Trust me.”  Kevin laughed even harder as Mc and Stevie joined him.

Nick grinned, “You won’t miss it Jerald and it’s for a good cause.”  Nick glanced Kevin, “Are you mad at me?” 

Kevin reached over and grabbed Nick.  Nick flinched.

“Nope.  I wanted to say that I love ya Bro.”

“Thanks Train,” Nick smiled.  “Gotta go, I have work to do.”  They watched Nick saunter off full of himself knowing that he had made Kevin happy.  Kevin glanced to Brian unsure of what the statement meant.  Brian smiled, “Hey Mr. D.J.,” as he sang to him. 

Kevin chuckled, “Oh great,” as he left to find his bride.






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