Chapter 91

Kevin was searching the room for Bron with no success.  He wasn’t upset he knew she wouldn’t leave him now.  Hmm, what do I do?  He scanned the room and noticed Nick up front with the band and decided to check things out.  As he approached Nick, the guys in the band were congratulating him.  Half of them were shocked because it was so fast.  Nick was the one who defended Kevin to them, “Hey man, back off.  They’re perfect for each other.” 

Kevin smiled at him, “Thanks Nick.”

“No problem, anything for my lady and you,” he grinned. 

Kevin furrowed his brows together, “Nick you gotta find a woman and get over this crush thing.”  Nick chuckled, “Chill Kev, Bron already has someone in mind.” 

Kevin shook his head at the statement, “Why do you need Bron to get you women?  You never had a problem before.” 

Nick tilted his head back and forth, “Because they’re women,” he grinned. 

Kevin mulled it over in his head and decided to drop it.  Nick was twenty-one and hormonal.  I, on the other hand, would like nothing more then to find out what the hell is under that skirt she’s swishing around in.  “Nick what’s up next?” he asked as his eyes searched the room for Bron.  “Some light tunes, till we warm up.  Then the garter and bouquet thing.  Cut the cake.  Then it’s partayyyy time!”

Kevin grimaced for a second, garter, the garter, oh shit, he bit his lip as it came to mind.  “Be back in a bit,” he said absent-mindedly to Nick.  Kevin now was on a mission.  I need to know before I find out and so does everyone else.  He walked the perimeter of the room and found an open door.  Peeking inside, he looked, empty except for one chair by the wall, which was right next to the door.  Must be where they store the chairs he guessed.  An idea formed in his head as he looked in the room.  I wonder, he said to himself as he went off in search of his bride. 

Kevin walked to the bar to get a drink, he heard her giggle and turned to look down the length of the bar top.  There stood Bron doing shots of tequila with A.J., Stevie, Jake, and Mc.  Not the tequila already, he groaned.  The bar tender returned with two drinks.  Kevin slid the one back and requested a soda.  The less liquor the better right now. 

Kevin waited until the pop was poured and ambled down to her.  “Witch, little early ain’t it?” 

She smiled, “I’ve only had two, so relax.  Look what Alex gave me.” 

Kevin looked at the box, “How nice Bone, an entire bottle of tequila just for her.  Top shelf too!”

A.J. grinned behind his glasses, “Nothing less for my sis.”  Mc, Stevie, and Jake chuckled. 

Stevie grinned, “If my memory serves me right, you’re wife got loaded in Toronto just so she could talk to you.”  The guys laughed and Bron just stood there with mouth hanging open in shock. 

“Yep she was hammered,” Kevin spoke as he recalled the adventure of sneaking in her room to try to change her mind. 

“Stevie, I wouldn’t talk.  You’re the one who left me alone for a barmaid and Lurch snuck in my room.”  Bron smiled a Cheshire grin figuring she had nailed Stevie’s ass to the wall.  When she didn’t get a response from Mc she wrinkled her nose up and settled her eyes on him. 

“Hey Sparky, you’re not my problem anymore.  Your Kev’s.  If I would have known that yesterday, I probably would have beaten the shit out of both of them.  But not today.”

A.J. leaned back against the bar, “Ahh, it didn’t do him any good, he was worse the next day on the bus.  Moody as hell too.  He was nothing but a love sick puppy.”  This time Bron was the one who laughed and Kevin grimaced. 

“Thanks Bone,” he groaned. 

“Come on darlin’, I want to show you something.”  Kevin grabbed her elbow and pulled her away from the crowd. 

“Alex, watch my present,” she called back to him. 

“As long as Kevin will let me watch his,” he laughed back to her.

Kevin practically dragged Bron across the room.  “Kevin slow down.  I’m going to trip in this skirt,” she asked him.  As he reached the door, he turned to look behind him.  As far as he could tell nobody had noticed them.  He quickly turned the knob and strode into the room.  He sat in the chair and hauled Bron into his lap.   

“Kevin you wanted to show me a room with a chair in it?”  Bron looked at him confused as hell.  A soft chuckled came from him. 

“Sort of,” he answered.  “Wife we need to talk,” he spoke to her.  Bron knew immediately where this was going.  Kev wants to talk, yeah right, with his hands and anything else he can get away with.

Bron began to tug away from him,  “I’m not your wife yet, I’m still your bride.  What do you want to talk about?”

“Settle down and I’ll tell ya,” he grinned.  Trust me baby you’ll be my wife by the stroke of midnight, he mused to himself.  One of his hands held hers in a fierce grip and the other absently stroked the folds of the skirt.

Bron shook her head no, “There are over a hundred people on the other side of that door.  If you even think that you are going to try something, forget it.”

Kevin ignored her comment as he leaned forward in the chair, with her perched in is lap, “Bron this skirt made of silk.”

“Yes,” She smiled.

“Umm, What are you wearing under it?” he asked as he felt the bulge beginning to grow in his pants.  His one hand came to rest on her knee.  After a short pause it slid down her leg to her ankle.  Gently he massaged her ankle and  stopped at her calf, inside of her skirt.  I feel stockings, nice ones, he giggled in his head.

“Same thing I always wear and a garter,” she grinned at him, as she tried to pull her leg away from him.

Kevin’s hand made its way to her knee, as he smiled at her.  His eyes were shimmering pools of green.

“Kevin stop, no” she shouted as she wiggled around in his lap. 

“No, you stop,” he groaned as he smashed his lips into hers.  Kisses, kisses, kisses, lots of kisses and I’ll get what I want, he muttered to himself.  Slowly Bron’s body began to yield to his caresses.  He heard her sigh with contentment and knew it was the perfect opportunity.  Slowly he released her arms and they wrapped around his neck.  He settled his other hand on her mid back.  Slowly his hand worked it’s way up to her upper thigh, kissing her senseless as he it did.  He felt the garter and went above it, “Kevin, no,” she groaned.

“Oh darlin’, you know you can’t tell me no,” he spoke as his hand landed on the edge of the stocking.  He could feel the clasp holding the stocking in place.  He ventured further up and encountered the satin panties she was wearing and froze.  Withdrawing his hand from under the skirt, a sigh of relief came from him.  He shifted her in his lap so that her lead lay on his shoulder. 

Bron turned her head so that her face rested next to his neck.  “Wouldn’t it have been easier just to ask me?” she whispered on his neck.  She watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down with a small laugh. 

“I did, you didn’t give me the right answer.”

Bron closed her eyes as she rested there.  Kevin took note of the fact that this was the first time in days she had actually relaxed.  He brought his hand up to the bodice of the corset.  Lightly he traced the exposed skin of her breast with two of his fingers.  Bron sat up quickly, “If you want to feel me up you’ll have to wait till later.  Now that is enough.”

“Not nearly enough,” as he lowered the arm that supported her lower back her body followed from the loss of the support.  He pulled her closer as her chest rose up and closer to his face.  Gently he placed feather light kisses along the top of the corset.  He began nipping at the skin that was exposed.  “Kevin not here,” she whined, her head falling back over his arm.  “No darlin’, not here but I just want to taste what everyone else is looking at.  These are mine along with the rest of you.”

The door suddenly flew open and then closed.  Both of them were startled and jumped slightly.  Kevin steadied Bron on his lap so she didn’t tumble off.  “Hi Mare,” Kevin grinned sheepishly at being caught in the act.

“Hi yourself Kevin.  What the hell are you two doing?”  Mary said in an angry voice.

“Showing my wife something,” he smirked.

“She’s already seen it,” Mary spit back at him, not amused by his answer.

Both Kevin and Bron began to laugh.  Even though Bron was embarrassed she couldn’t help but laugh.  “He just wanted to know if I was wearing underwear,” Bron giggled.

“You couldn’t have just told him you were?” she began to smile.

“Well Kev’s kinda stubborn and he has these trust issues,” Bron laughed.

“Get up and get out of here.  They have been looking for both of you.  It’s time to get the ceremony stuff over with and let the party begin,” Mary spoke as she grabbed Bron’s hand and yanked her out of his lap.  Mary’s eyebrows shot up at the tent action going on in Kevin’s pants, “You better wait a few minutes,” she snickered.

Bron quickly opened the door and ducked out before Kevin could catch her again.  Mary blasted her explaining that both of them really needed to grow up, as she walked away from Bron.  Bron went directly to the bar and ordered a glass of ice water.  “You would be better off pouring it on yourself Sparky,” she heard Mc chuckle.

Bron spun around.  “You told her we were in there, didn’t you?”  Mc gave her knowing grin and a wink, “I love you too.”

Nick’s voice came booming through the sound system with an apology for the loudness of it.  He fiddled with a few buttons.  “Where are the bride and the groom?”  He grinned as Mary stood next to him.

“Oh he’ll kill her,” Bron exclaimed as the door from across the room opened and an embarrassed Kevin walked out of the room.

“Whatcha doin' Train?” came from Nick.  Nick pointed to the bar, “Bron’s over there.”

A collective laugh went through the ballroom, “Thank you Nick and Mary!” he shouted to them with a smile and walked to Bron. 

He stood next to her and wrapped an arm around her.  Bron was trying to suppress her smile as she gently tugged Kevin’s coat together and buttoned it.  She patted his chest, as he glared at Nick.  “Careful Master we don’t want that portfolio updated again,” she snickered.

A.J. grabbed the microphone from Nick, “This is so cool.  Now I want everyone to give the couple some room.  We have something for them to do.  The dance floor cleared and a chair sat in the middle of it.  Mary was grinning from ear to ear at Kevin.  “No Kev, not that,” A.J. laughed in the microphone. 

Bron groaned and tried to turn her head into Kevin’s shoulder.  Instead, he began leading Bron by the hand.  They stopped at the chair and Kevin gave her bow as he seated her.  “Please Kev give me a break here,” she whispered. 

“We get this stuff over with we can go upstairs,” he answered just below a whisper.

A.J. looked at Kevin, “Uh do you need any help or do you think you know what you have to do?” 

Kevin gave A.J. a devious grin; “I think I can handle it by myself Alexander.”

Bron sat laughing at Kevin’s comment, so did everyone else.  The music began to play and Bron just laughed even harder.  “Stop laughing!”  Kevin scolded her.  His hands began the journey up her leg to the garter, under her skirt.  Bron figured she could irritate him just a little and get away with it.  As he was kneeling in front of her, she brought her leg to rest on his knee.  “Stop Witch,” he whispered to her.  As he placed his head in her lap with a huge grin.  I’m feelin’ and they ain’t seein’, he chuckled to himself.   Bron giggled loudly at his clownish behavior.  Kevin’s hands shot so fast up her leg she didn’t know what happened.  He whipped the garter off and stood up.  He was spinning it around his index finger in the air, with a grin on his face. 

“I hope he’s not that fast later,” Nick spoke a little too loudly.  Kevin turned and scowled at the remark while everyone else snickered. 

“Never been a problem Little Man,” Bron answered him just as loud.

“Bronwyn!” came flying out of Kevin and the entire room burst in fits of giggles. 

“Ooops,” she giggled.

Kevin pulled her out of the chair and walked her to stand next to his mother.  The only safe one in the room.  Anne smiled at her and then him.  A.J. made the call for all the single guys to the dance floor.  “What about you?”  Kevin shouted to him.”  A.J. glanced at Mary with a warm smile, “I’m not single.”  The garter was tossed and caught by Stevie.  Stevie read the engraved heart and tugged it off the garter.  When it broke loose he threw it to Kevin who caught it.  Kevin read the inscription and looked towards the stage.  “You’re both dreaming,” he laughed.  Kevin tucked the charm in his pocket.  He was keeping this one.

The bouquet toss was done and caught by one of the dancers.  Stevie was extremely happy it had been the one he had been with in Pittsburgh.  She smiled a blushing smile as she sat and Stevie placed the garter on her leg.

Bron and Kevin were then rushed to the cake cutting.  They had made a deal not to make a mess of each other and it was done and over instantly.  The hotel staff finished the cake cutting. 

Before either of them realized Nick was calling them to the dance floor again.  “Time to dance guys,” he announced.  Bron watched the boy’s band get up on the stage and became unsettled.  “It’s okay,” Kevin reassured as she watched.  Kevin tried to guess what was going to happen, but couldn’t.  He carefully led her to the center of the dance floor.

Nick jumped up to join the band and the rest of the fellas joined him.  “We had a hard time trying find the right song for these two.  So first we ended up drawing fries for it.  Kevin might get a little upset because we know how shy he is but I have spent a lot time going through Bron’s music collection.  We ended up picking one that we think fits both of them.  Hope you don’t mind Kev.”

Kevin watched the band and heard the first few notes.  Kevin wasn’t delighted, of all the stuff they could have picked they had to pick a B-side BSB song.  But Nick was right there wasn’t a more perfect song for them. Bron blushed slightly and Kevin settled his hands on her waist and they began to sway to the song.

“Kevin you’ll just have sing to Bron,” Nick laughed as he began to sing.

*When I first met you my life turned a page
Chapter one was how true love was made
You taught me with your kiss
Things about romance I miss, oh-hmm

You knew everything from A to Z
What pleases you and what pleases me
Girl, when you touch me
I begin to understand, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Oh you, you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
And I wanna read every word
So I know everything about you
Oh you, you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
Girl I just can't get enough
Of your love
I know, you wrote the book on love
Oh Brian help me sing

Each time I hold you I find something new
Cause I know what I love about you, babe
Girl, I discovered you bring out the lover in me, yeah, yeah

You're like a fire that burns in my soul
Like a volcano I’m ready to blow, yeah
'Cause every time I look at you I feel
Love I can't explain, whoa-oh-oh-oh

Oh you, you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
And I wanna read every word
'Til I know everything about you
Oh you, you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
Girl I just can't get enough
Of you
Oh, you wrote the book on love
On love

I hear what your heart is saying to me (sayin' to me)
I see the picture so clearly
I'm thirsty for the knowledge true love brings
When you're near me, yeah, yeah

You wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
Girl I just can't get enough
Of you
Oh, you wrote the book

Oh you, you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love)
And I wanna read every word
Of you, babe
You wrote the book

Oh you,

(You wrote the book on love, you wrote the book on love)
you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love, you wrote the book on love)
And I wanna read every word
'Til I know everything about you (You wrote the book on love)
Oh you,

(You wrote the book on love, you wrote the book on love)
you wrote the book on love

(You wrote the book on love, you wrote the book on love)
And I wanna read every word...

The gathering watched as the two on the dance floor sway to the music.  Kevin sang softly to his bride whose eyes were closed.  “Kevin, I love you,” she whispered.  Kevin rested his forehead on hers and bent his head to look in her eyes.  What he saw was something that he had not seen in awhile.  She was calm, relaxed, and totally focused on him.  It was his virgin.  “I love you too Bronwyn Richardson,” he said as he placed his lips on her forehead.

Their peaceful interlude was broken into by Nick’s voice again and Kevin let out an annoyed groan.  Bron smiled, “They love you too.”

“Sorry to bother you two,” came giggling out of Nick.  Kevin smiled slightly at the remark as he looked at the stage.  “We have one more song to play that Kevin asked me to play.  It’s for another very special lady that is here tonight.  Kev are you ready?”

Kevin nodded as he walked Bron up to the stage and Nick handed him a microphone.  “I know what ya’ll are thinkin’ that this song is for my Mom, but it’s not.  My mom knows how much I love her, this is for a little lady that is about to join my family.  This is a very special song for her.  Her daddy use to dance with her.  I was hoping that she would dance with me.  Kaylin can you come up here please?” 

Bron was shell-shocked, she was rooted to her spot.  The tears flowed from Bron as Bounce walked up to Kevin and smiled.  He bent his body in half to reach her height, “Would you like to dance?” he grinned, as he placed the microphone in front of her.  Bounce laughed, “I can’t dance with you, Mom says you count when you dance.”

“Oh God!”  Bron exclaimed as her face turned fire engine red.  Kevin stood up laughing loudly.  “I do?” he grinned at his wife with an amused smile.  Bron stood there as the entire room burst into laughter. 

A.J. and Nick were giving each other high fives and laughing their asses off.  Howie was holding his sides he was laughing so hard.

From the back of the room Fatima’s voice was heard, “That’s okay Kaylin, you can count with him,” she chuckled.

Nick cued the music and as Kevin handed the microphone back to him.  Kevin glanced to Bron who had covered her face with her hands.  “We’ll talk later,” he chuckled.  Kevin grabbed Bounce’s hands and she giggled as they danced across the floor together.  Not everyone could dance to Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World.  The entire crowd was moved by the tenderness of the moment.  Kevin had remembered to include the little girl that was now his step daughter.  He also managed to include the one man that was no longer here but very important to her.

Mc couldn’t handle it and walked out.  Bron nodded to Stevie and he followed with Jake quickly behind him.  Andy waited until it was time to take Bounce up to bed.  Once the song had ended Bron stood back and watched Kevin dance with his mom.  Both Jerald and Tim asked to dance with her and she said no.  She wanted the two of them to have the entire dance floor to themselves.  She kissed Bounce and Andy goodnight and they left.  Bron was worried whether or not Mc would return.  She knew he was still carrying guilt over what happened. 






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