Chapter 92

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Bron turned.  Mary and A.J. were standing there with Margie.  “Come on, we have a surprise for you.”

Bron followed mumbling something about hating surprises and Mary told her to just wait.  The four of them went into the powder room.  “Ahh,  A.J., you should really wait outside,” Margie scolded him.

“I’m not waiting outside it’s my gift,” he whined back to her.

Mary handed Bron a box, “For you, from A.J. and I, with Margie’s help of course.”

“Thanks girlfriend,” Bron spoke as she opened the box.  “OH my God.  You shouldn’t have guys, Oh wow!” she sat with the box in her lap.  “Where in the world?  The color is perfect.  I always wanted these!”

“Jesus Bron it’s a pair of boots not diamonds,” A.J. shook his head at her laughing. 

“I know but they’re Choo boots, Jimmy Choo boots,” she bubbled with excitement.  “Oh I want to wear these, but I can’t with this skirt.”

A.J. laughed as he handed her another box.  “This is from me and Margie,” he cracked a slow smile.

Bron lifted the top and a smile tugged at her face.  “You’re trying to get even again Alex.  There will be hell to pay if I wear these.”

Mary, A.J., and Margie chuckled.  “Well I know how fond Kevin is of the black pair you have.  Margie managed to match the fabric of dress and made you a pair that you can wear tonight.”  A.J. took his glasses off and gave her a smirky grin, “It’s up to you.”

Bron laughed, “Damn straight baby!” as she stood up and began shoving him out the door. 

“Hey!” he protested at being shoved out the door.

“Hey yourself, I need to change,” she grinned.

A.J. stood outside the women room with a huge grin.  Nick saw it first and made his way over. 

“Bron changing?” he snickered. 

“Yep,” A.J. answered. 

Bron changed quickly thanks to Margie, losing the garter belt, stockings, and one other vital piece of clothing.  Mary laughed, “Well looks like it didn’t take much to convince you.  You know they’re betting on this,” she whispered as she pointed to the door and leaned up to it.

Margie and Bron leaned to the door and listened along with Mary.

Nick left and came back with Howie and Brian, “I say two minutes after he sees them, he’ll check it out.” 

“I say five, too many people here,” Howie laughed.

“I say ten minutes at least, his mom’s here,” Brian added into the conversation.

“Well fellas, why don’t we put a little money down on this,” A.J. grinned.

Each reached for their wallets and handed A.J. the cash.  “I have four minutes tops,” he said with satisfaction.

The three ladies were listening on the other side of the door.  Bron grinned, “Hey Mare got any cash?”

Mary chuckled and reached in her purse she handed Bron the money.  “Margie when we go out there give this to Alex and tell him three minutes.”

Marge smiled and reached in her purse, “Hey if you’re that sure, I’ll put this in too.”

Bron laughed “Trust me, I know Lurch.  It will take one minute to notice, one minute to get to me, and one minute for him to figure it out.”

Bron stepped out of the powder room and smiled, “Hi guys.”  Four sets of eyes settled on her and they weren’t looking at her boots.  It was the entire effect.  Four-inch spike boots, a corset, and silk pants.  The jacket was gone too.  “Want me to bend over for you?” she smirked at them. 

“Shit!” Nick exclaimed as he checked his watch. 

“You shits aren’t suppose know about what I wear under my clothes,” as she looked at A.J. 

A.J. smiled, “Sorry darlin’,” he mimicked Kevin’s accent.

As Bron walked away she shook her ass for their benefit and laughed. 

Nick shook his head, “Kev’s right she’s a freakin’ tease.”  The rest of the fellas and Mary laughed as Margie completed her transaction with A.J.

Bron scoped out the room talking to herself out loud, “All right Master where are ya?  I need some cash to go home on.”  She found Kevin up near the stage as the guys returned to join him.  She didn’t know what the rules of the game were as she checked her watch.  “Thirty seconds lost,” as she began to walk across the dance floor. 

Kevin saw something familiar out of the corner of his eye.  Cute, nice butt, he mentioned to himself, as he watched the lady walk away.  Than he looked further up the back of the woman and saw the corset strings.  Hey, that’s my butt, what the hell, he yelled in his head.  He had been talking to the guys and was in mid sentence when he walked away.  Four Backstreet Boys checked their watches.  “She’s gonna win,” Nick groaned as he looked at Margie.  

Bron checked her watch, two minutes left.  I have to stall him for a minute or Nick is going to win.  Bron circled the dance floor playing cat and mouse.  Three times Kevin called her and she ignored him working herself through the crowd.  As the last five seconds wound down she glanced to the stage and grinned.  She halted her steps and was abruptly banged into by a six foot two Kevin Richardson. 

“That’s it man, Margie set the bet for her.  Look at her, damn I hate losing money,” Nick whined.

“Hey Witch you didn’t hear me call you?”  Kevin frowned as she turned around.

“No Master I didn’t,” she smiled.

“I see you changed,” as his hands settled near her waist. 

“More comfy, I can dance better.”  She said trying not to laugh as the fellas were glaring at her.

“These look like your black pants that I told you not to wear,” he mused as his hands latched onto her waist.

Bron turned and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “There an exact duplicate thanks to Margie.”

“Exact,” he mumbled.  “Hey darlin, are you a...”

Bron glanced at her watch, ten seconds left.  “Why don’t you find out for yourself.”  

The words were no sooner out of her mouth when two large hands landed on her bottom and began caressing her.

Bron giggled at the touch as he turned both of them so her backside was not in plain view.  She unconsciously pushed herself into him.

“Like that huh, why don’t we leave now,” he groaned as he found his bride void of panties.

“In a minute.  We should go say goodnight to the guys first,” she snickered.

Bron led Kevin up to the stage with a smile.  “We’re leaving now guys.”

A.J. reached in his pocket and pulled out a fistful of bills.  He handed them to Bron, “That is the last time you get included.”

Bron handed the money to Margie.  “Thanks for everything Margie,” she winked at her.

The newly married couple made the rounds and said their goodbyes.  It took over an hour to be polite.  Bron had a hard time keeping Kevin’s hands off her.  He grabbed and grinned as he spoke to people.  Discreetly they walked out the door.  They were watched by a few and smiled upon.  No effort was made to stop the two.  It was bad enough that the boys had shows to do the next two days and then it was back on the road again.






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