Chapter 93

As they walked down the hallway of the hotel it grew silent.  They stood waiting for the elevator not speaking to each other.  It felt strange to both of them that neither had security with them.  

“I didn’t even get a chance to try out my new boots,” Bron grumbled as Kevin grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer.  Kevin hit the button and Bron frowned, “Wrong floor stupid.”

She reached for the panel to hit the correct floor when her hand was batted away.  “We’ve moved,” as he spoke as he pulled her closer.

“Oh,” was her only reply.

Silence again filled the elevator as they reached the floor.  Walking out of the elevator Kevin began talking, “I don’t want anyone to know where we are.”

“What about Bounce?”  Bron inquired.  Bron couldn’t believe the opulence of the floor that they were on.  Kevin held her hand as they walked to the end of the corridor.

“Bounce will be fine.  This is our night and I have to work tomorrow,” Kevin answered her in a voice that was serious.  “Besides I have a surprise for you.  Wait here a minute,” he spoke as he slid the card down the lock and went in. 

Bron waited outside of the door for at least five minutes.  “This is bullshit.  He leaves me standing in the hall on my wedding night,” she spoke.  “I’m going to go party,” she said as she began to step away from the door.  As she did she felt a hand on her collarbone and heard, “Going somewhere darlin’.”  Bron was dragged backwards into the suite.

“Well hell, I thought you forgot about me Kevin,” she said as she turned around and was astonished at what she saw.

“Nope, I could never forget about you,” he whispered as he pulled her to him for a kiss.  The kiss was sweet and innocent and enjoyed by both.

Bron glanced up and down Kevin in one sweep.  “Are you starting this private party without me?”  Kevin was all ready down to his boxers and his clothes rested in the chair.  Candles were burning all over the room and a bottle of something was chilling in a bucket beside the bed.

Kevin chuckled, “No, but now it’s my turn, you had this morning.”

Bron pondered the comment in her head.  Oh, it’s that control thing again.  She wasn’t sure exactly what he had in mind but she was apprehensive.

“We’re going to play a game,” he grinned at her.

“You said I wasn’t allowed to play games,” she spoke without looking at him as she removed her boots.

He placed his hand on her chin and raised her head.  Their eyes met, “I gave you this morning, now it’s time to give it back to me.”  Bron tried to turn her head away and he refused to let her.  “I love you so much,” he groaned as he bent down to kiss her.

After the kiss her fear was erased.  She knew he wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt her intentionally.  Kevin walked to the table and came back with two glasses of champagne.  He handed one of them to her, “To my wife,” he whispered as he raised his glass to his lips.  “To my husband,” she smiled and did the same.

“Well now one of us is way overdressed here,” he chuckled as he set his glass down on the table.  “Time to play,” he whispered with a growl in her ear.

His hands grazed over her skin as he gently turned her around so that her back was to him.  “Ya know you’re freaking me out a little Master,” she spoke as her voice quivered.

Kevin ignored her remark as his hands journeyed to the bottom of the corset.  He was frustrated at first, Mary and Margie must have put a dozen knots in the damn thing.  Bron suppressed her giggle knowing he wouldn’t find it amusing. 

Each time he pulled the strings out of the eyelets it exposed more of her back.  Gently he would kiss or caress the newly exposed flesh.  He was getting past the point of wanting to be tender or sweet.  He wanted his bride to be his wife. 

Bron stood in front of him quaking and shaking.  Kevin hadn’t said one word to her as he undressed her.  No sweet nothings, no I love you, nothing at all.  The corset was dropped to the floor and his hands immediately went to her ample breasts.  Slowly he cupped and squeezed them until he heard a soft moan from her.  He still was silent and Bron was having difficulty dealing with it.

“Relax darlin’,” he spoke as his hands settled on the waistband of her pants.  Slowly he unzipped the pants and eased them down her legs.  He was kneeling behind her as he slipped the pants off her feet.  Bron reached out to him to steady herself.  “No,” he uttered, as he pulled away from her hand. 

His hands skimmed up the back of her legs as he stood up.  A moan from deep within him escaped from the back of his throat.  Kevin broke contact with her for a split second to remove his boxers.  He wrapped both of his arms around her waist and pulled her to him.  Slowly he began to rub himself on her backside and lean onto her. 

Bron could hear his breathing becoming labored and louder.  His arousal rubbing against he bottom and lower back.  She was getting upset she couldn’t see his face.  She felt like a faceless stranger was making love to her.  One of his arms wrapped around her shoulders and one went around her waist.  She could feel him beginning to bend sideways behind her.  She glanced over her shoulder to find him watching her.  The look on his face was mixed, it was desire and raw power.  Quickly she turned back around, her fear getting the best of her. 

Kevin smiled to himself, he wasn’t really trying to frighten her but the cave man side of him wasn’t really minding it to much.  He just wanted her to know that he was taking his control back.  Bron had no business playing in arena an that she didn’t understand.  In time he would teach her, but not tonight.  He knew she wasn’t a virgin but she had limited experience and there were so many things that he could teach her.  She the pupil, he the teacher.

Little by little he began to caress her bottom as he bent sideways.  He began kissing her the cheeks of her bottom.  Bron jumped slightly, and he finally spoke.  “The last time I did this you cried.  I’m glad you don’t cry anymore,” he whispered.  The memory of her biting him in the shoulder when they were in Chicago came bolting to his mind.  He didn’t know why and then he made the connection. 

Slowly he edged up her back.  Suddenly he sunk his teeth into her skin of her back by her shoulder.  “Oww!”  Bron yelled and nearly catapulted herself from his arms. 

Bron tried to spin around, her anger flaring.  She didn’t understand why he had just done that but it hurt.  Then she heard him chuckle softly.  “Why the hell did you do that?” she fumed as she tried to turn in his arms.  His grip on her was tight and she couldn’t budge. 

“I owed you that from Chicago,” he snickered.  “Calm down, will you.” 

Slowly he turned her in his arms.  He brushed the hair from her face so he could see her eyes.  Her eyes had a watery glint to them.  He hadn’t meant to bite her that hard as he briefly looked at the mark.  He had broken the skin and saw little pools of blood surfacing in the indentations he had left.  “I’m sorry,” he mumbled as he settled his arms around her again and lowered his lips to his spot.  His tongue lavished that spot as well as his lips and teeth. 

Bron’s head fell back and she pushed closer to him.  Kevin could feel her nipples hardened against his chest.  Damn that feels good as he moved his chest slightly increasing her hardness and the sensation. 

Bron’s hand reached down between them and was quickly pulled away.  “No, not yet,” he spoke commandingly.

“Kevin,” she whined.

“Patience darlin’” he groaned.  He knew that if she touched him now it would be over in a matter of minutes.  All the pent up frustration from the last week as well as exhaustion. 

“Kevin you’re teasing me,” she whispered on his chest.

“Yes I am, just like Pittsburgh.  Remember Pittsburgh Bron?” he answered as his hands and lips continued taunting her body to a frenzy.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she murmured.

“We have to sometime darlin’,” Kevin answered her.

“No we don’t,” she replied.

Kevin’s hands never stopped moving over her body.  His lips, teeth, and tongue were following the path of his hands.  All of him was pushing her to the next level. 

Bron reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She couldn’t hold on anymore nor stand, “Please take it.  I can’t take anymore.”  Bron could hear the audible exhale that came from him.

Kevin had heard what he had been waiting to hear.  The regaining of his power, his control, and her admission of what he could do for her.

“My Bride, My Witch, My wife,” he whispered gruffly as he wrapped his arms around her and carried her to the bed.

Gently he laid her down and he lay next to her.  They had both turned on their sides to face each other. 

Bron reached out hesitantly to touch him but was anxious that he would admonish her for it.  His eyes studied her movements as she ran her hands down his chest lightly.  Once she saw that he wouldn’t protest she continued gingerly southward.  She felt the rough curly hair of his groin as she laced her fingertips through it.  She scraped her nails down the inside of one his thigh and up the other.  She reached between his legs and gently fondled and squeezed him.

Born watched Kevin’s eyebrows crease together almost in pain.  The sweat was gently seeping from his pores as his skin began to shine.  Bron knew he was holding back and trying to make it last. 

Kevin grabbed Bron’s leg and tugged it over his thigh.  Gently he pulled her closer to him by her leg.  Bron reached for his now engorged member.  If she touched him, he was going to explode instantly and that wasn’t what he wanted.  He was going to loose himself in his bride not in her hand.  “No Witch,” he groaned as he brushed her hand away.  He watched her face frown and chuckled to himself, my wife doesn’t like to be told no.

His hand lowered in search of her core.  His fingers pressed against her folds,  “So wet,” he remarked as her cheeks flushed.  Gently he pushed her fingers into her and began to stretch the walls that he wanted to be confined to.  Warm and silky such a delicious feeling came over him.

By the color of her cheeks her embarrassment was out pacing her desire and he needed to change it quickly.  He couldn’t believe the heat emanating from her center and the tightness, but he kept his comments to himself as he began to set a fast paced rhythm to bring her directly over the abyss.  Pressing his thumb against her bud, he watched her close her eyes.  It was time.

Kevin rolled onto her forcing her on her back.  “Open your eyes Bron.  I want to see you,” he whispered as he waited poised at her entrance.  Bron wrapped her legs across his back and locked her ankles together.

Bron opened her eyes and he smiled at her.  Deep chocolate pools of desire locked on him.  They reflection of the candlelight flicked across her pupils.  He thrust into her in one movement as his hands reached to cup her bottom.  He brought up to meet him and he could know feel himself pressed against her cervix.

“I love you,” he whispered as he leaned to plant a kiss on her shoulder.  He came back up and watched at they thrusted together in harmony.  He watched her go over the edge biting her lip and trying to be ever so quiet.  Her eyes stayed open and focused on him but she was not vocal.  Unfortunately that was not something he wanted or could do.  The exotic dance had gone on to long and now it was time to seek relief.  He called her name as he came, which was followed by a grunt. 

Gently he lay down on top of her.  He shifted some of his weight to the mattress and reflected momentarily on what had just taken place between them.  He wanted her to be more vocal but knew it would never happen in a hotel.  Bron had begun to expose the different layers of her personality to him, including her insecurities.  He propped himself up on one elbow and looked at her.

Kevin was staring at her intently like he was trying to figure something out.  “What?” she groaned as she tried to move away. 

Kevin captured her head in his hands.  “I wish you would tell me you like what I’m doing.  Why are you so quiet now?”

“I don’t know,” she replied as she lay there blinking at him.  She thought maybe she had done something wrong, something that didn’t please him.

“It’s okay baby,” he replied to her uneasiness as he reached over and kissed her cheek.

“I’m not comfortable in hotels.  I want to go home,” she whispered to him.

“I know and soon we will be home,” he answered as he moved off of her.

Bron watched him settle next to her.  His frustration and exhaustion were now taking a toll on him.  The entire week he had protected her from everyone but himself and now what he needed was sleep.  “Kev are we going to make it?” she asked quietly.

“Yes darlin’, we’re gonna make it,” he answered as snuggled closer to her. 

Bron waited for his breathing to slow down indicating that he had fallen asleep.  It didn’t take long, he was now relaxed.  She glanced at him and could have sworn that he was smiling in his sleep.  Bron slipped from the bed and blew out the candles.  She lightly climbed back into bed and rolled on her side.  She could hear the light snore coming from him and her remark to his mother and the girls came back to her.  “Yep wham, bam, thank you mamm, lights out, snore,” Bron giggled.  She felt a large arm come over the top of her and she was pulled back against him.  His hand settled on her stomach and stayed there as he threw one of his legs over the top of hers.  Bron sighed and closed her eyes.  “If you say we’ll make it, we will,” she uttered as she drifted off to sleep.

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