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Chapter 1

Laverne and Shirley. Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Ethel and Lucy. Sheridan and Angelina were as different as they were alike. Both born and raised in the same small town in Pennsylvania, both wanted to be writers, yet they had different personalities. While Sheridan was an introvert, Angelina was an extrovert.

Growing up, Sheridan was best friends with MaryAnn Lydon who lived down the street. During their elementary school years, they were forever at each other's houses playing. MaryAnn's younger sister, Angelina, was the little trouble maker and would drive MaryAnn crazy.

Angelina liked to spy on her older sister and friends. When MaryAnn went off to college, Angelina and Sheridan grew closer together. It wasn't until Angelina returned back home after she graduated college that they became roommates.

Together, they share an adventure of a lifetime.

Sheridan Anderson was five years older than Angelina. Sheridan was a quiet woman who lived most of her life in Pennsylvania. She was a bit naïve but had a big heart. She was schooled in her state, not too far from where she grew up. Sheridan had a dream of being a writer. But where she lived, opportunities were few and far between. Sure, she had experience working at the local paper, but it wasn't what she wanted to do. She didn't want to be a writer for a newspaper, she wanted to be a writer that would entertain people. Her ultimate dream was to write a screenplay and see it make it to the big screen. Graduating with a dual degree in Fine Arts and Literature, romance was in her dreams but not in her future.

Family obligations had always kept Sheridan from taking the big step. Her parents had depended on her most of their lives, not that they needed too. Both could function well both physically and mentally, they just did not want her to grow up. They still considered her their baby, they didn't want for her to leave their home and get mixed up with the wrong people. "But honey you're successful, you write for the paper, the front page." Sheridan grabbed her car keys and headed out the door. She was hopeless, she shouldn't be living at home with her parents at her age. "I'm going out to have a drink," she shook her head and slammed the door.

Angelina Lydon, on the other hand, was dying to get out of Erie, Pennsylvania at the tender age of 23. She wanted to see the world. She had no fear and loved to take risks. At the age of 18, Angelina was headed off to Boston University to go to college, double majoring in Journalism and Film/Television. She loved writing as much as she loved living. To her, they were one in the same. Angelina thrived in the city. She worked at the campus paper, The Free Press. Her investigative skills improved greatly while in Boston. Angelina interned at many different companies throughout her four years in school, including the summers. She interned at WBZ-TV, Boston's local CBS station; Blackside Productions and spent two summers in LA with Dreamworks, SKG and Warner Brothers.

After Angelina graduated college; school loans and a tough, competitive, job market sent her back home to PA. However, Angelina couldn't take the small town environment, she needed to get out again and live and have the opportunity to write and work in her field. Angelina felt trapped where she was, she needed to go live again. She interviewed with many companies, but the offers weren't headed her way. Finally deciding to grab the bull by the horns, she was planning to leave for Los Angeles. She saw so many opportunities and had made some connections while she spent two summers there.

One night, Angelina and Sheridan ran into each other at the local bar. Angelina told Sheridan about what her plans for the future were. Sheridan was envious and wished she could go. After many drinks and laughs, Angelina dared Sheridan to come with her. After one too many shots of tequila, Sheridan didn't think twice about it and agreed. Here's where the adventure begins.

"Just a small time girl….living in a lonely world….she took a midnight train going anywhere….." Angelina was singing along as she cooked dinner for herself and Sheridan.

"What's for dinner?" Sheridan asked as she leaned over Angelina's shoulder. "It smells good."

"Just a chicken stir fry. It should be ready in five minutes. How was work?" Angelina asked as she taste-tested the pasta.

"Work is work. My boss is a pain. I'll be glad when I can make money for my writing skills instead of dealing with his mood swings." Sheridan grumped. "Hey, I sent out that manuscript to that agent, the one that had the ad we saw in the trade magazine. It went certified mail so we'll get an acknowledgement of receipt."

"Do you really think that was a good idea? I mean, what if somebody figures it out. It's too obvious and you sent it straight to the bulls. We are so going to be busted!" Angelina started pacing as she spoke.

"Angelina, will you stop worrying! It's a great story. So what if the characters are somewhat similar to our obsessions. It's not like it's going to be obvious to other people. You know that fanfic we wrote is a great story. We just used the boy's personalities, their mannerisms and a few true-life incidents. The story had nothing to do with the Backstreet Boys. And God forbid, if it even makes it to the development stage of a movie, the characters cast to play their parts won't even be close. You think too much!" Sheridan was starting to get aggravated with her younger roommate and co-writer.

"It's just a feeling I have. I'm sorry." Walking back to the kitchen sink, she mumbled, "I knew I should have gone to the gym this morning. I'm feeling stressed."

"Is everything okay at work?" Sheridan asked with concern. Angelina has been like a younger sister to her. "Are you being hassled at work? Because you know, I don't think it's a very good idea for you to be a bartender in this city. I mean, you run into so many different people, and it's just not safe, I don't think." Sheridan was rambling again.

Ever since they moved out to Los Angeles eight months prior, Sheridan and Angelina have had their shares of ups and downs. Neither could find work that filled their desires. Instead, they just needed to find jobs to pay the rent and feed them.

Sheridan found a great administrative assistant job at an insurance office, while Angelina took up bartending at a local restaurant. Sheridan worked the typical nine-to-five office job while Angelina worked the eleven-to-six day shift. Both made about the same amount of money. Angelina could make far more if she worked the later shift but didn't want her job to interfere with her writing. She was a night-owl and did her best writing in the evenings.

The Backstreet Boys were a common denominator in the women's friendship. They were both huge fans of the boy's music and each one fancied one of the members. Angelina was a bit obsessed with the youngest member, Nick, although he's not too young. Sheridan was fascinated with the oldest member of the group, Kevin.

"You're right Sheridan. I'm just being silly. Wow, this is a different you. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love this new go-get 'em attitude. What happened to you?"

They were now sitting down to their dinner. Angelina always loved to have the table set with their nice china, candles and wine when they would dine together. In the background, she had Journey's Greatest Hits CD playing in the stereo system.

Most dinners, each girl would just each eat whatever they felt like, or rather, whatever was in the refrigerator and freezer. Normally, they had frozen Smart One meals, Lean Cuisines and yogurt. Angelina would have a bowl of cereal while Sheridan indulged in coffee and toast.

"Angel, we have tried for eight months now just to get a foot in the door. Another opportunity like this may never come along again." Sheridan was pacing now as she spoke. "I mean we both have talent. We're both committed. We just need to take more risks," she said with a sly smile. "Which is something I've learned from you."

This is true. Angelina was definitely the risk-taker in this duo. Sheridan normally didn't do things like this. Not that she has low self-esteem, but Sheridan would talk herself out of situations before she even tried them. She can be her own worst enemy at times. Luckily for Angelina, Sheridan could be a grounding force sometimes for her.

There was a knock on their door. Angelina's fork was paused in mid-air, "Are you expecting Tom tonight?"

Sheridan shrugged her shoulders as she answered the door. It was their downstairs neighbor, Patrick. "A package arrived for Angelina while you guys were at work this afternoon. I signed for it for you." Patrick thrust the package into the door.

Angelina's eyes crossed at the sight of Patrick. She thanked her lucky stars that it wasn't the one and only Thomas Miller. Sheridan had been dating him for about six months now. He is an Insurance salesman in the same corporation that Sheridan worked at. Angelina thought it was one of the weirdest relationships she's ever witnessed. To her, Tom was as gay as Nathan Lane. Sheridan and Tom are like best friends, without benefits. Angelina hope that Sheridan would wake up some day and see Tom for what he really is.

"Thank you very much Patrick." Angelina spoke as she got up from the dining room table and walked over to take the package from him.

"Well, I can see you ladies are in the middle of dinner. I'll let you get back to your meal. Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt." Patrick replied with a questionable look. Two women eating dinner with candles, wine and china he thought. 'Wow, I wouldn't have guessed these two were together, like that.'

As if on cue, Tom came walking up the stairs at the end of the hallway, walking towards their apartment. "Hey ladies! Is there a party going on tonight?" Tom asked as he questioned why Angelina, Sheridan, and a strange man were all standing in their doorway.

"No, silly. Tom, meet our neighbor Patrick. He signed for a UPS package for Angelina and was just dropping it off. Patrick, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Tom." Sheridan gave Tom a slight push as she spoke.

Patrick raised an eyebrow and smiled a huge smile as he turned back to Angelina, then to Sheridan, then back to Tom. Patrick stuck out his hand to Tom, "Nice to meet you."

"Like-wise." replied Tom hesitantly. He didn't like the way Patrick smiled at the girls.

"Well, I should get back. Nice meeting you Tom. Angelina, Sheridan, I'll see you ladies around." With that said, Patrick descended the stairs back to his apartment.

Angelina had been silent since Tom arrived. As Sheridan was making the introductions, Angelina looked to see whom the package was from. She was a bit surprised to see her old Boston address.

"Who's the package from Angel?" Sheridan quipped, as she looked over Angelina's shoulder, curious.

"Um…it looks like… um… Joey must have found more of my things…" she began to stutter. "He must have called my parents for my new address," Angelina rubbed her hands over the mailing label. Softly, she said almost to no one "I wonder what it is?"

Sheridan interrupted her and said, "Well, why don't you open it up and find out?"

Joey Gallagher. Angelina's first love. They met while they were both attending Boston University. Joey was two years older than Angelina. When Angelina was a Sophmore and Joey started Law School, they had moved in together in an apartment in the Back Bay. They were together for two and half years before Angelina had broken up with him. It was the hardest decision she ever made, but she knew she needed to go experience life while she could. She loved Joey very much.

Like every couple, they had their ups and downs. Joey hated it when Angelina would leave for her internships and live out in California for three months. He never understood why she just didn't stay in Boston or go to New York City, where there were just as many opportunities, if not more, than LA.

Slowly, Angelina began to open up the box. In it, she found her monogrammed towels and some lose earrings that must have been left behind. She also found a handwritten note addressed to her. It was from Joey. A feeling of sadness overcame her as she read it to herself:

Dear Angel,

I finished up school and passed the bar last month. I have been offered a great job in NYC. As I was packing up our apartment, I found a few more of your belongings. I thought you might appreciate having them.

Here's my info in NYC. If you are ever brought back to the East Coast, give me a call; I would love to meet up with you.

I wish you the best out in LA. I know you are probably having a fantastic time and are having great success in your career.

I miss you.

Love you, always.

Wiping her eyes, Angelina carried her stuff into her bedroom.

Tom looked over at Sheridan questioning what just happened. "I don't get it Sheridan That is not the Angelina I know. She does not act like that…. especially over a guy," he laughed as he spoke.

Sheridan nodded her head in agreement. Tom was right; this was not typical Angelina behavior. Normally, Angelina was very non-emotional, non-committal. She loved to have a good time, no strings attached. She had her share of one night stands. Angel certainly didn't need to be in a relationship or express her feelings with a man before she slept with them either.

"She'll be okay. They haven't been together for over a year now. She's just hormonal today." Sheridan said while looking down the hallway that led to their bedrooms. "Would you like to stay for dinner? Angel made a delicious meal." Sheridan began walking into the kitchen to retrieve some silverware and china for Tom.

"When are you going to learn to cook woman?"

"When I have too," as she stuck out her tongue towards Tom. "Angel brings food home from the restaurant and the nights she doesn't, I twist a dinner invitation out of you."

"Very good darling, very good." Tom sat down at the table with Sheridan.




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