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Chapter 10

Kevin left Los Angeles on Friday as scheduled but had reiterated his '''Do's and Don't's list' to his band mates one last time before they all left from the ladies apartment parking lot.

While they were eating dinner, it was decided that in order to keep the lines of communication open, the boys would give Angelina and Sheridan their private contact information: phone numbers and email addresses. "If my cell number ends up on the internet again, both of you will be in big trouble." Nick said with a smirk.

The weekend was quiet. Sheridan nursed a major hangover Saturday from going out again Friday when she hadn't recovered from Thursday. She wasn't talking to Tom under any circumstances.

The remaining four boys, Sheridan, Angelina, and Gene met the following Monday night to compare notes that were exchanged via emails over the weekend. It became apparent that the girls would have to do a lot of the leg work locating places where filming could take place. This was a low budget film and they didn't have the crew that other films might. It became clear that it was time for the girls to cut back on their hours at their regular jobs.

Sheridan was more frustrated than ever with her boyfriend's behavior. After her fight with Tom on Thursday night, she avoided him all weekend. So to her, this was a welcomed break. "Not a problem," she said with a smile.

Angel was a bit nervous about how her finances would work out, especially with the unexpected car repair. She had decided that she would only go home for one of the upcoming holidays. She would spend Thanksgiving in LA and spend Christmas in Pennsylvania, assuming it wouldn't interfere with filming. "Do you have any idea if we'll have a few days off around each holiday to fly back home?" she asked shyly.

Brian noticed her apprehension asking the question. "I can assure you, we will all have at least four days off around each holiday, if not longer," Brian smiled. Seeing relief wash over Angel's face, she smiled and mouthed a 'thank you.'

Sheridan hadn't given the holidays a thought. "Wow, Thanksgiving is like next month."

"Let's not rush out of September just yet Sheridan." Gene replied while looking through his calendar with Marybeth. "We've got a lot of work to do before then and we'll need every day especially while Kevin is out of town."

As they talked about possible places to film, they realized it would be necessary to obtain consent to use the public properties. This was going to be very time-consuming. With each location shoot, it was agreed that at least two of the boys would be present to say 'yea' or 'nay' to the location sites.

Nightclubs would need to be scoped out for A.J. and Howie's characters. A.J. would also need a school studio and Howie's production company. Most of Brian's shots would be in the made up apartment or the college campus, maybe a restaurant or coffee shop too. Nick's would be on the college campus, beach or in a dorm room. Kevin's would be the same as the other's location shoots but with an additional romantic walk through a park.

Angelina had scheduled appointments with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreations and Parks, while Sheridan was responsible for getting UCLA to let them use their campus. They had thought that maybe they could shoot while the students were on winter break with less people on campus.

Gene was thrilled how their plans were coming along. He called for their next meeting to be held Friday night.

During the week, the girls and guys went around town finding location shoots. Since Angel was most familiar with the clubbing scene, she went with A.J. and Howie. Sheridan traveled around town with Brian and Nick looking for a cafe and some type of garden or Park.

Nick had been enjoying his nightly chats with Angel, but he had missed the last few nights since he had some other work to do. As he drove to the meeting that Friday night, Nick thought about asking Angelina out to do some research with him on a beach. Remembering her schedule, Sunday would be perfect.

Gene was quite impressed with the information Sheridan and Angelina had brought with them. It had only been four days, but these girls were on top of everything. At the end of the meeting, Gene announced that Marybeth would email a copy of the meeting's minutes to Kevin first thing in the morning.

Unbeknownst to the others in the group, Kevin had been emailing Sheridan, professionally of course, checking up on things. He hated not being there, never mind being nine hours away.

Before everyone left, Sheridan spoke up, "Kevin would like for all of us to meet here next Sunday morning for a teleconference." A few groans were heard.

"How early next Sunday?" Angelina asked. She was not a happy camper as she thought back to her work schedule. She had picked up a shift on Saturday night and would be working a double shift.

Marybeth looked at Gene's calendar, "A week from this Sunday, right Sheridan?"

"Yes, after the old one's birthday, the first Sunday in October," Sheridan replied causing the others to laugh.

"Don't let my cuz hear you say that," Brian replied with a wink.

"Thanks everyone," Gene dismissed everyone, "See you again on Wednesday night, same time, same place."

As Angel got up to leave, Nick grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side. "Hey, would you be able to go with me Sunday to a beach? There is this place that I'd like to show you for my surfing shots."

Thinking of her schedule in her head, "Ah yeah… I'm not working that day."

"Great! Why don't you plan on me giving you your first surfing lesson while we're there?" They had talked about this in one of their nightly conversations.

"Are you serious? You think you're up for it?" flirting as she spoke.

"Definitely," Nick replied while looking straight into her eyes.

"Okay. Why don't I come by your place, since it's on the way to the ocean," Angel asked almost stuttering.

"Yeah, come by after lunch, say One o'clock?" Nick said nonchalantly as he noticed Howie was eavesdropping on his conversation with Angel.

"I'll be there," Angel replied professionally and then walked out.

"So, what's up with you two?" Sheridan asked, elbowing Angel in her ribs while waiting for the elevator.

Glaring at Sheridan, "Nothing. Just going to check out a beach, we can use for his shoot. That's all." Angel replied looking directly at Sheridan seeing A.J. and Brian out of the corner of her eye.

Since Angelina and Sheridan arrived home from their meeting, Angel had been in a bad mood. Sheridan thought it probably had to do with the eight am meeting with Kevin.

Sitting in her bed, Angel listened to her messages. "Hi. You've reach Angelina's voicemail, you know the drill." BEEP "Hey Angel. I want to apologize for the way I acted in the conference room. I'm sorry I sorted of sounded rude. I just didn't want Howie or any of the guys to know how close I have …um….uh…shit… know our plans. I can't wait to see you on Sunday. Don't forget your bathing suit 'k? I hope you aren't mad at me. Bye."

Sheridan was in her own room working on script notes and downloading e mails. Seeing six messages from Kevin, she frowned. Noting the times, she didn't understand how he could work and e mail her all day as well as leave phone messages with information or questions that he had forgotten to write in the last e mail he had sent. "My, my, you are the pain in the ass that I always thought you would be," Sheridan propped her elbow on the desk and rested her chin in her hands as she scrolled down the messages. "Aren't you supposed to be dancing and singing instead of driving me crazy?"

Reading each e-mail Sheridan answered the questions, short and to the point. If he asked for input or details, she typed them in. Going back and re-reading each message before she sent them, she again frowned. Kevin was getting very friendly, very chatty, and very personal. He even asked if the jammies from her mother fit, the crotch-less ones has been put in quotes. Sheridan rolled her eyes, "The man never forgets a damn thing." She shook her finger at the monitor, "You better cut me some slack, everyone gets drunk, look how many times you have."

Sheridan typed more notes and did a mock up of colors for Kevin's apartment. Hmm, she smiled as she began to get lost in planning the bedroom of the apartment for Kevin's set. She put all of her favorite colors and ideas about decor into the mock up. Hitting the send button, she sent the e-mail to him. "Let's see how you like this." She had successfully done what he wanted, had put her own spin on things, and avoided Kevin's very pointed questions about Tom and their relationship. "That Mr. Richardson, is none of your business."

Sheridan heard the phone ring. There was no sense in answering it; it would be none other than Nick Carter. Sheridan wasn't stupid she knew that Nick had been over when she wasn't around. Normally she would be as happy as she could be for Angel, but Nick was a player, she didn't want her friend hurt. She smiled as she shut down the computer, it was time to have sweet Kevin dreams, since Tom was falling way short in her book as far as romance goes.

Sheridan spent the rest of the week balancing two jobs and keeping her hormones in check. As she sat at her desk, two hands landed on her shoulders and began to massage her neck.

"Would you like to go out to dinner tonight… Maybe spend the night over at my place?"

Sheridan stared at the monitor in front of her. Taking a deep breath, she replied, "No."

"Why not?" Tom leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"Hmm, because I have another meeting." Sheridan had changed directions on Tom all week. As pitiful as it was, she was giving him the cold shoulder, they had little time to work on their relationship and lately she had doubts as to where their relationship was going. It seemed lately she preferred the company of Brian and Nick as they searched all over Los Angeles for location shots for them and Kevin as well.

"Let me guess, a Backstreet Boy," sarcasm dripped from the words he had spoken.

"You sound jealous honey," as she reached up and patted his hand.

Tom laughed, "I am."

Sheridan smiled, he was jealous. The clock ticked closer toward quitting time and she snuck out of the office never saying goodbye. By the time she reached her car in the parking lot, her cell phone was ringing. She glanced at the number and then back at the building that she had just exited from. Listening to the message on the way home, she laughed, it was Tom singing, "I'll Never Break Your Heart."

Their routine had been set as strange as it was, Nick called every night while Sheridan answered Kevin's e-mail. "Boy this is so personal," she groaned as she answered yet another of Kevin's pesky e-mails.

Sunday was her day of rest, but not Angel's. Angel had big plans as she readied herself for a tour of Nick's pad. Dressed and ready to go she slipped out the door only to bump into Patrick. Smiling she made a point of locking the door as she spoke to him. Angel cut him off. "Sorry, I'm late, I gotta go." Her stomach was in knots as she pulled up into Nick's secluded neighborhood.

Taking one last glance around his the room, he wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans. Nick opened up his door, allowing Angelina to walk into his condo. It looked somewhat liked she pictured it. It had a huge screen TV with various gaming systems surrounding it. A stereo system that looked like it had a fight with some CDs as there were many lying on top of it, without their casings. Angelina could tell he was a musician by the various instruments that were lying around the living room.

"I think I owe you a tour," Nick put on a flirty smile.

"Yes you do, with snooping privileges as well," Angel uttered while smiling right back.

Laughing he held out his hand for Angel to take and he brought her into each room, sarcastically pointing out items in each room. In the kitchen, he pointed out where the food was kept and dishes. "Now that you know where they are, you help yourself to whatever you want."

Angel's mind thought about that statement, but kept her tongue quiet. His studio had even more equipment than what was in the living room.

His guest rooms were quite color coordinated. "My sister BJ decorated them for me," he explained. "This way when she stays here, it feels like her room."

Walking into his guest's bathroom, Nick opened up all the cabinets that were mounted on his wall, surrounding a mirror decorated in lights. "See, just your average bathroom," Nick said as Angel looked around his huge bathroom.

'Dear God, this isn't even the Master Bath' she thought. "Just in case you stay over, there's a stash of unopened toothbrushes in this draw."

Opening it, Angel saw about five unopened toothbrushes. "So, you have many unexpected guests Nick?" Angel questioned raising her eyebrows at Nick's bluntness.

"Wait, that came out wrong. Nah, it's not like THAT. Mostly they are for my sisters or brother when they come and stay, or for any friends they bring with them." Laughing nervously, Nick took Angel's hand and said, "C'mon, I've saved the best for last."

Still not quite believing that she was actually inside Nick's place, Angel tried to not look nervous. Truth be told, she hadn't been nervous around Nick these past few weeks. She had enjoyed his company, talking to him and hanging out with him just like he was one of her friends. But today was different. She noticed his nervousness which excited her but made her even more nervous. 'Get a grip Angel. You guys are friends and technically, he is your boss.' Smiling, Angel reached for Nick's hand, and they walked to the last room.

"This would be my room," Nick arms extended up in the air as he spoke to her.

Angel poked her head in, looked around quickly then looked up at Nick, "It's very nice. Are you ready to go surfing?"

"What? You don't wanna snoop?" Grinning, Nick's wheels were spinning inside his head, 'She actually looks nervous being in my room.' Nick's alter-ego piped in, 'DUH, you idiot. She is a fan of yours. Not too many get the chance to see your bedroom, especially in the daytime.' Shaking his head, he smiled saying, "Yeah, let's go."

"Is your bathing suit in your bag?" pointing to the bag over Angel's shoulder.

"Nope, I have it on. This is just a change of clothes for later."

"We'll have to rent you a wet suit once we get there."

"We wear wet suits?"

Nick laughed, "Yes why?"

Angel's eyes somewhat danced with a sparkle, "No reason. This is just new to me." Inside, her head was screaming, 'I've died and gone to heaven to see Nick in a wet suit.' Angel has a fascination with Nick's ass and thighs.

Grabbing his bag and some towels, Nick led Angel out of his condo. Touching the small of her back, he guided her to his car. They were headed to research a good beach to surf for the movie. Afterwards, he was secretly hoping she would stay for a movie and dinner but wanted to see how their day together went before committing the night in their plans.

Nick had been trying to get Angel to open up about her ex-boyfriend, Joey. He assumed that their relationship ended badly and Nick wanted to know why. Nick's mind ran over many different scenarios. Sheridan had told Nick what she knew, which wasn't much since Angel pretty much kept that relationship out of any conversation they had. Only when Angel was drunk would she open up. Nick laughed at Sheridan's advice, "Just get her drunk Nick and you will learn all you need to know."

Nick was beginning to admit to himself that he had stronger feelings than just friendship for Angel. She was very open minded, non-judgmental, and had offered him advice when he asked. Her honesty is what truly floored him. He often wondered if her advice came from personal experience or not.

'Time to get to know my Angel a little bit better' he thought as he drove along the highway. Nick was going to teach Angel how to surf which she thought was hysterical when he first asked her to go with him at the meeting. When she noticed Nick was serious, she stopped laughing and accepted his offer with a smile.

'Her smile' he thought looking over at her in his passenger seat, 'Ahh, her smile, one of the things that he loved about her'. Her hair was blowing around in her ponytail; her sunglasses covering up her beautiful eyes; her lips singing along to the song.

She felt him looking at her so she turned her head to look at him and smiled. "What are you thinking about?"

"Just wondering how good of an instructor I'm going to be."

"Well, I've always been a great student, so have no worries. Okay?"

Reaching to hold her hand, he said, "I'm not."

Angel's heart pounded harder in her chest, 'Okay, just friends. He's a touchy-feely person, this means absolutely nothing. Then why doesn't my heart agree with what my mind is saying.'

Relaxing into her seat, she just stared at the scenery passing by stealing glimpses of Nick from behind her sunglasses.

The beach was breathtaking; not too crowded either. They decided to stay local and drive to Santa Monica. Nick really wanted to head South to Baja, 'Maybe next time.'

After renting her suit and both of them changing, they each rented a board and headed off to the water. Nick was so excited to be on the beach, he immediately relaxed and his problems magically disappeared for the day.

Angel watched Nick walk towards the water. He had a great body, especially the view she was now staring at.

"What are you looking at?" Nick asked over his shoulder waiting for Angel to catch up to him.

She shook her head back to reality, "Nothing really. Just trying to envision a camera crew here is all." 'Good save' she thought.

As Nick taught Angel each move on the board, he was quite impressed with her ability to pick up on things. She would ask questions that totally took him by surprise and it made him happy to see she was truly enjoying this and was really learning how to surf. She was giving it her all and taking her best shot.

Finally, they went further out in the ocean together. Both of them sat on their boards with their feet dangling off the sides. Nick wanted Angel to get used to the waves to help her balance. She was now focused on what might be in the ocean that would bite her toes. Laughing Nick told her she had nothing to be afraid of. "I'll hold you to that Nick, but if anything happens, you are going to be one sorry little man."

Once she felt comfortable rocking in the ocean, she told him to go on and surf. She'd join him when she was ready. She wanted to watch him a couple of times to get a visual. Angel was a bit uncoordinated at first but she eventually got the hang of it. As much as Nick loved the ocean and surfing, he was enjoying just watching her.

After being on the beach for four hours, Nick finally suggested they get something to eat. Pondering where they should go, Nick finally decided to just invite her back to his place for food and a movie. They could pick it up on their way.

Carefully thinking about it, Angel couldn't really think of a good excuse not too. There was no meeting tonight, she didn't have to work in the morning, and she was totally enjoying her day out with Nick. Grabbing her phone, Angel left a message for Sheridan that she was going to have dinner with Nick and catch a movie and not to wait up.

They went to the video store. Angel picked out an 80s movie, "Some Kind of Wonderful." Nick had never seen it saying, "It's a chick flick." Noticing it was still relatively early being only six o'clock, she suggested that they could get two movies, one he would pick out and one she would. He liked her idea and picked out an action flick, "2 Fast, 2 Furious."

Angel wanted to see what Nick thought of the film she picked out since she was going to meet John Hughes with Sheridan and Gene later that week. He was a name she thought of for directing this movie. Sheridan had agreed whole-heartedly and they began to pursue the man for the director slot with only Gene's agreement.

Gene had agreed that this would be a hard sell to the guys. John Hughes was known for a rash of teenager films in the eighties and for working with the 'Brat Pack.' This was the image the men were trying to break from.

Leaving the video store, they picked up a pizza and a salad for dinner. After they finished eating, they both sat on Nick's overstuff couch. Angel got her way to watch her movie first arguing she was his guest. Nick couldn't think of a reason to refute her argument so he put in her movie.

Looking down at the couch, Nick noticed there was some space between them and was trying to figure out a way to bring them closer together. Getting up, Nick headed to his kitchen, "Would you like anything to drink? Water? Beer? Soda?"

"I'd love a beer please."

Returning to the couch, Nick sat directly beside Angel as he handed her a beer. Smiling she said thanks and sat back into the couch.

Stretching his arms, Nick spread them out on the back of the couch. Reaching forward to grab his beer, he managed to touch the back of Angel's neck and shoulder. When he sat back, he put his beer between his legs while his hand now rested on her shoulder.

Angel was surprised by Nick's sudden closeness, but again kept telling herself 'just friends.' She relaxed into his side putting her head on the side of his chest. 'Now this is comfortable,' she thought.

"Comfy?" Nick asked while looking down into her eyes.

"Very. Thanks."


Nick was enjoying the movie, it wasn't that bad. He could actually relate to it at times.

As the scene unfolded on the screen, it shows best friends, Keith and Watts, discussing his upcoming date with Amanda Jones, a woman out of Keith's league. In the garage where Keith works, Watts brings up the 'what if' scenario if Amanda wants a kiss. Watt's reminded him he wasn't as experienced as Amanda was in this department. Nick watched in amusement as Watt tricks Keith into kissing her for practice. Nick wondered if he could use that excuse on Angel for his own part in the film. Nick would have to kiss his love interest in the film, but truth be told, Nick was dying to kiss the woman who now sat beside him.

Finishing up the first movie, both Nick and Angel refilled their drinks before the second movie started. Nick wanted to stretch out on his couch, so while Angel used the restroom, he sprawled out on his sofa. When Angel returned, he patted the space in front of him for her to sit down. "You can lay down if you prefer. You're short enough," he said with a laugh.

"Okay," Angel began to lie down in front of Nick. Once she was situated, Nick wrapped his arm around Angel's tummy to pull her closer. Surprising her, she immediately tensed. Nick noticed this and apologized.

"No, it's fine. You just caught me off guard, that's all." Softly, she added, "It's been a while." Hearing her confession, Nick smiled and put his hand back where it was.

Nick was totally engrossed in the movie. As the credits began to roll, Nick noticed Angel fast asleep. A smile crept up the sides of his lips. Walking into his bedroom, he grabbed a t-shirt, an extra toothbrush, and a piece of paper and pen. Jotting down his instructions, he placed it on top of the pile of stuff he brought and put them in front of her on his coffee table.

Pulling up a blanket to cover her, he kissed her forehead, "Good night Angel. Sweet dreams."

Walking back into his bedroom, leaving the door open, he stripped down to his boxers and hoped Angel would wake up and join him.

Nick's note had specific instructions,

Dear Angel,

If you wake up before morning, here's a change of clothes to sleep in and a toothbrush. This toothbrush is the ONLY spare one from my bathroom. My bed is much more comfortable than the others, so feel free to come join me.


P.S. You owe me an action film movie night since you fell asleep!

Around midnight, Angel woke up distorted and wasn't focusing on where she was. Initial panic made her body sit straight up and look around. Then the day finally came back in her mind: Nick, surfing, dinner, movie, his place. Smiling at the realization, she stretched. Looking around, she noticed Nick's note and pile.

Reading it over a fourth time in the bathroom, Angelina finally decided to listen to the Nike slogan and "Just Do It." Slowly walking into Nick's room, she noticed he was spread out in the middle of his bed. His rhythmic breathing told her Nick was sound asleep. Deciding which side had more room, she stopped arguing with herself and just went to the side she normally slept on.

Nick had heard Angel go into the bathroom and was praying she would come join him. He could hear her crinkling his note. Smiling, he knew she was thinking about it and debating. Finally, he heard her voice say, "Just do it." He giggled hearing those words, then tried to play asleep as she came into his room.

Snuggling into his pillow and wrapping his comforter around her body, she had to agree with Nick's note. His bed was definitely more comfortable than his couch. As she drifted off to sleep, she dreamt of Nick spooning up behind her. She felt his arm around her waist once again and drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face. Relief flooded over her, he wasn't going to make a play, she didn't think she was ready for that just yet.

Angel was out of Nick's place and back home before he even knew she was gone. Angel walked in the front door of their apartment and was singing.

Sheridan sat at the table drinking coffee, "Tell me you didn't?"

"I didn't."

"I'm so proud of you," Sheridan mocked her and then laughed.

"You're just jealous, you have to deal with Mr. 'All business' and I don't."

"I have no intentions of going there with you," Sheridan grabbed her keys.

"I know," Angel shouted as she walked back to her room. "And you aren't going there with Kevin or Tom. That's your problem, you need to get laid Thelma!"

"Thank you for your input Louise!" Sheridan slammed the front door shut on her way out to work. "The woman is a damn walking hormone," she muttered to herself.

They had one more meeting and then the big meeting with their esteemed leader. Sheridan laughed, "How the hell does he end up leading everyone around like this? It's that flock mentality I guess."

Sheridan spent Monday and Tuesday with Brian. On Tuesday, he met Sheridan at her office. Brian knew Kevin better than any of them and he felt that he had found the perfect shot for Kevin's romantic walk with his research assistant. This scene was key in the movie since from the park they would go to Kevin's apartment and make love for the first time. It was a key turning point in Kevin's character since he sees that there is more to life than teaching.

Brian entered the office very quietly dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Sheridan smiled at him, Brian was the kindest person she had ever met, he also was very much like his cousin and very stubborn. Sheridan found one park that she and Nick had agreed on. Today she was going to take Brian to the location that she took Nick to yesterday.

Driving along they talked about family instead of the film for a change. Sheridan had found Brian very easy to talk too.

Entering the grounds, Brian barely looked around before he exercised his veto power. "It's not romantic enough for him, you can't see the stars."

Sheridan stood with her hands on her hips, "How would you know? it's daylight." Sheridan thought this was 'the spot' and that Brian was being unreasonable.

"There isn't enough trees, and there is too much concrete." Brian smiled as he delivered his opinion, which was not sitting well with the petite blonde with green eyes. "He likes nature, but I bet you know that already."

"Yes I do, I thought in my mind this would be perfect for us." Sheridan was now defending her choice to him. She didn't seem to notice that she had made a slip of the tongue.

"Oh I see, well the meeting isn't until tomorrow, I want to show this place I found. Can you go with me now?" Brian motioned her towards the car. "I have to watch my son, my wife is going out tonight, so we have to go fast."

Brian softly smiled, he had no doubt who had written about his cousin. He never would have guessed since Sheridan could be very cold sometimes towards Kevin. Brian had received a few e-mails from Kevin as well and he could tell that Kevin was not used to having a woman not respond to him. Kevin had complained to him that the woman had ice water in her veins. He had tried to get to know her better and she had ignored every endeavor he had made. Brian laughed, "Blow to the ego big guy?" as he typed his response and told Kevin to back off.

Pulling into Huntington Library, he heard Sheridan gasped. "Oh this is beautiful, the walls, the park setting, the old world style. It's so lush."

"I take it you approve?" Brian pointed to the grassy mall as well as the masonry paths that led through the gardens. It had everything the script was calling for.

"This is it!" Sheridan began to envision the moon hanging low in the sky for a twilight walk. "What a beautiful place, thank you Brian."

Brian drove Sheridan back to her car at work and waited for her to get into her vehicle safely and head home.

Wednesday's meeting took place in the office with Gene. Angel's beach was approved as well as the library shots. Now the intense work would start for building the sets and backdrops since the budget provided for some artists to paint the sets. Interviews had been arranged for the film and sound crew. Sheridan and Angel had informed all of them that they would be unavailable due to meetings with the filming commissions, parks department, and other business.

Gene smiled as the women left the room that Wednesday, he didn't think there was anything that these two women couldn't handle.

"God they are efficient," A.J. laughed.

"Angel is cool," Nick nodded.

"Sheridan is cold," A.J. smirked.

"Maybe to some Alex, maybe to some. She is having boyfriend troubles and just hasn't said much to us about it." Brian pushed his chair back as he began to stand.

"Oh," Alex seemed a little surprised that Brian had that much information. The boys split up and headed home. Taking care of personal commitments over the next three days appeared to be on everyone's list. Some more personal than others.





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