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Chapter 11

Angelina worked a double Saturday night and didn't get home til two in the morning. Sheridan had to try and wake her ass up and get her out of bed, which was no small feat since Angel slept like the dead, for their eight AM meeting.

Today was teleconference day with Kevin in London. He was expecting a recap of everything they had done so far to make sure they didn't miss anything. Well, other than finding a director, that was still open. Gene, Sheridan and Angelina were working on that though.

Kevin asked them to meet at five o'clock, his time, so that was 8AM PST. Angel was not happy about this but what could she do. Tell her boss it wasn't convenient for her? She knew A.J., Howie, and Nick weren't too thrilled with the time either and none of them said anything, so she kept her mouth shut as well.

"C'mon sleepyhead. Time to get up." Sheridan said shaking Angel while ripping away her covers.

"Ah man, why?" Angelina whined as she rolled away from Sheridan, trying to keep hold of her sheet, wrapping it around her body.

"It's Sunday. Time to meet the guys. We have a meeting this morning, remember?"

"I say we deserve time and a half for being up at this ungodly hour on a Sunday!" With a pout, Angel rolled out of bed, and went to the bathroom. After brushing her teeth and throwing her hair up in a ponytail, "Don't expect me to get dressed or anything. I'm going as is. Screw Kevin." Angel said as she put on her flip-flops, grabbed her coffee mug and snatched her laptop with a pout.

"Oh goodie. I see you rolled out of bed on your good side, " Sheridan snickered. " This meeting should be lots of fun."

"Ha. Ha. Ha."

"I think I'll drive." Sheridan got out her car keys and locked up the front door. Taking her time, she caught up to Angel who was still half asleep.

"Was it busy last night? What time did you get home?"

"It was very busy. Which was good, money wise, but my body is killing me."

"You'd think with the amount of working out you do, you'd be in better shape for a double shift." Sheridan said with a snort. Angel shot her a look to kill, "Or not." Sheridan coughed, 'someone lost their sense of humor today.'

"I'm sorry Sheridan, I'm not feeling too good. I got home a little after two, but it's hard to unwind when you are running on adrenaline. I took a shower to help relax me, but I was still up till three."

"Huh, and here I thought I was dreaming of Tom and me making love in the shower."

"Ewwww…………do you mind? That's just..…just……gross!"

"No booty call last night?" Sheridan said with a snicker.

Angel gave Sheridan a look, "They are not booty calls. We discuss the film. It just so happens that Nick is a night owl too and does his best work then."

Speaking under her breath, "I bet he does."

Closing her eyes, Angel put her head back. Ten minutes later, Sheridan pulled her car into the parking lot and strolled up to the Mercedes that was already there.

Brian and Nick looked into the car to see a sleeping Angel, mumbling the words, "Cold." Brian started laughing and Nick hushed him.

"Oh don't worry. She won't hear a thing."

"Really?" Nick said thinking back to when Angel stayed over his place. She seemed to wake up easy he thought.

"Yes Nick, when she's comfortable in her space, she can sleep soundly." Sheridan gave Nick a wink; letting him know she knew what he was thinking.

With a sheepish grin, he blushed.

Suddenly, a white Mercedes pulled into the driveway beeping like a madman. "A.J., you really know how to make an entrance, don't you?" Sheridan liked yanking his chain ever since their last meeting.

"Well good morning gorgeous." A.J. said pulling out some breakfast food type container, "I brought something to help us maintain a sugar high." He flashed them all a cheesy grin, showing off his Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Brian was the first to comment, "You know Kevin is gonna have a shit-fit if he sees those things you brought for breakfast."

Nick was laughing, "Awesome. I haven't eaten yet. Hey, do we know if Marybeth will be here with Gene?"

"God, I hope so" Sheridan said wide-eyed, "For one, she's going to have to take the minutes, cause sleeping beauty over here, isn't even gonna be functional until at least ten."

A.J. spied in the car window, "Whoa, someone had a late night. Who was the lucky guy?"

Sheridan gave him a look. "Angel worked a double yesterday. She's beat. Leave her alone."

Raising up his arms in defeat, "Sorry. Didn't mean anything by it." As A.J. was about to say something, another car horn was beeping as it approached the group.

"Christ, no wonder your fans can find you. You are the loudest people when it comes to you and your cars." Shaking her head while laughing, Sheridan couldn't believe them.

"Hey guys. Sheridan," Howie said as he approached the group. Looking around, he noticed some people missing, "Hey where's Angel?"

Pointing to the car, "I'll let her catch some last minute z's before Gene and Marybeth get here. She was cranky this morning when she first woke up."

Smirking Howie asked, "She have a late night, last night?" A.J. shook his head back and forth signaling him to stop. "What?"

"No Howie. She was at the restaurant from ten yesterday morning until two this morning."

"Why so long?" Nick asked with concern.

"Just making up some hours Nick."

"If you guys need money, Gene can get a payroll advance," Brian was now concerned.

"Shit," Sheridan muttered. "Listen, I didn't say a thing. Please don't bring it up again, okay? Angel will be none to pleased with me," Sheridan mumbled the last part.

Howie piped in, "We don't want you guys burning the candle at both ends, especially with the holidays coming up. There's enough stress without the added pressure of financial stability."

Sheridan rubbed her temples feeling a headache beginning to form. "Please guys. We'll be fine. It just takes some getting used too, okay? Don't say anything today. If Angel seems to be overdoing it, I'll bring the offer up to her, okay?"

Nick stared at Sheridan, "That means you too."

Looking at him, her lips turned up slightly "Fine. I'll take that into consideration." The thought that Kevin probably wouldn't be so freewheeling with his cash rumbled around in her head.

Finally a black tinted Ford Excursion pulled into the parking lot, Gene rolled down the window, "Hey guys. Sorry we are late. Marybeth's car broke down on her way here."

"That seems to be a trend lately with this group," Brian commented and then continued on with a chuckle, "I think I'll take my car in for preventative service some time this week."

"Hey, no jinxing!" Sheridan teased. "We'll be right in. I just need to wake up the dead."

"Can I have the honor?" Nick asked with a grin.

Looking around, Sheridan noticed Howie's face, "You wouldn't pull any practical jokes on her would you Carter?"

A.J.'s cackling could be heard as he yelled, "Don't count on it Sheridan. You can't trust Carter as far as you can throw him."

Nick's face took on an unreadable sign and gave A.J. a glare, then turned towards Sheridan. "I won't do anything, I promise."

Walking into the conference room, Angel staggered to her chair. Nick dropped off her laptop in front of her with a smile. Smiling back, she said, "Thanks."

Sheridan looked at her roommate with disbelief. She actually smiled.

"I didn't know this was a pajama party Angel," Howie said with a grin.

"Go to any local college for first period class, and you will see this as a fashion trend," Angel replied while sticking out her tongue.

"You guys are late!" Came blaring through the speakers making everyone jump.

"Well, good afternoon to you too Kevin," Sheridan replied nastily.

"Hey, I've been waitin' here with my friends, say hello baby. Everyone say hello to… to… what's yer name again?" Kevin mumbled to his guest.

They watched the screen as a rather scantily clad young woman leaned over to Kevin's ear. Her breasts almost falling out of her shirt, if it was a shirt that she was wearing.

Kevin winked at her and then at the guys, "Rachel, Oh yea, say hello to Rachel."

Howie, Gene, and A.J. were wide-eyed; they couldn't believe Kevin's behavior. Brian almost choked on his coffee, "Ah, Cuz…this is a private meeting, remember?"

"Oh don't worry about these two…"

"TWO?" shouted Sheridan not too happy.

"Like I was sayin', these two gals won't say a thang." Kevin was smirking and down right drunk.

Leaning into the conference table, Nick mumbled to Marybeth, "Please tell me you are videotaping this meeting, I'll give you my first born."

"I 'eard that Carter," Kevin bellowed. "Ah Angel, we really got to work with you on your meeting apparel," Kevin said with disgust.

Gene sensed the tension almost blowing the ceiling off the room. "Oh no," was all he said before Angel said her piece.

Shooting Kevin a look to kill, "Bite me Richardson."

The four remaining guys doubled over in laughter; Kevin seemed quite amused, "Oh you're a feisty one today, huh Angel."

Sheridan was clearly annoyed with Kevin's behavior, "What's wrong with you today Kevin? You don't seem quite like yourself."

"We had a belated birthday celebration," Kevin blew a birthday horn.

The noise echoed through the speakers, "Ouch, Kevin man, don't do that again." Howie scolded the older man.

"Y'all are a bunch of party poopers," Kevin sounded hurt.

A.J. piped in, "You didn't like your stripper the other night man?"

Marybeth gasped, Sheridan groaned, and Angel busted out laughing.

"Oh I see Grumpy's turned into Happy mentioning strippers. I bet you like that, huh Angel?" Kevin replied snickering at her.

Gene started to panic; Kevin was just insulting now. He knew what Kevin wanted to talk about in this meeting, but, not while he was drunk. This was only going to get worse.

"Why don't we start, shall we?" Sheridan's teeth were grinding away inside her mouth. How dare he show up drunk and with women draped over him like wet towels. Her eyes narrowed, she could have sworn a pair of pantyhose had been wrapped around his neck.

"Yes why don't we," Kevin agreed cheerfully. His hand rested on one of the woman's rear end's as he patted her butt to move off his lap.

"I thought we could discuss the problems that arose," Sheridan began while going through her notebook, while Angel was typing away on her computer.

Both Sheridan and Angel exchanged a knowing look, yep they knew what was rising on the other side of the ocean.

"No actually. I'd like to discuss some information that has come to my attention," Kevin began as he grabbed some papers.

The remaining four boys looked at each other with a puzzled look. Gene now had a line of perspiration forming on his brow. Marybeth excused herself to get some more coffee for the crew.

"Hey Rach, can I have another one of those thingy mawasit drinks you made?"

"It is a Mimosa darling," a chirpy little voice bounded out of the speakers.

"I think you've had quite enough Cuz." Brian spoke sternly, "What are you talking about? What information?" Brian squinted hoping the woman wouldn't speak again, his ears ached.

"Hey, where is Marybeth? MARYBETH!!!!" Kevin was screaming at the top of his lungs as his face loomed into the camera.

Nick backed his head up; Kevin looked too big, even for him on the television monitor.

Coming around the corner with coffee and A.J.'s goodies, "I'm right here Kevin." Marybeth fumbled with the tray, seeing Kevin's face that close on a movie screen was just, well, spooky.

"Did you make copies of the reports for the guys?" Kevin leaned forward in his chair as if he were in the room with her, watching her.

"Is this something Angel and I need copies of Kevin?" Sheridan was a bit miffed she was in the dark about something.

"What reports?" asked Nick and Howie simultaneously.

"Hold your horsies, you'll see," Kevin was now grinning with a smirk.

Marybeth looked at Gene who just shrugged his shoulders.

Angel was getting agitated, "Will someone tell us what the fuck is going on? Alright Kevin, tell us about your precious fucking reports so I can go back to bed sometime before nightfall."

Gene blinked in shock at Angel's outburst. He wished he was the one in London and Kevin was in his seat. She was going to blast them for doing this he just knew it.

"Ah, and the feistiness grows. Is that how you got written up during your freshman year in College Angel? Let me see here..." Kevin was flipping through some pages, "Oh, here we go, underage drinking, smoking in the hallways, sneaking a man into your room, drunk and disorderly conduct, foul language, and fighting with your Resident Assistant." Putting down the papers, Kevin spoke clearly, "You can be trouble Miz Angelina, big trouble. We don't need bad press."

Feeling Sheridan's hand grip her shoulder, Angel remained in her seat, shocked and speechless. Marybeth was handing out green folders to the guys. The four of them scanned quickly through what was just given to them.

Angel was still staring at Kevin and then glared over to Gene.

Howie interrupted the quietness, "Why the hell do we have this information Kevin? Who decided we needed this? I don't recall us ever talking about doing security checks on the women."

Nick was confused and looked to Brian for some answers. Brian shrugged, he didn't understand this either.

Finally, Sheridan spoke up. "Well? If there is nothing else, I think Angel and I will be going back to our apartment. I think you guys need to have a meeting, obviously without us. We can do this another time, maybe when Kevin is sober and a little less occupied."

Kevin stuck his tongue out at Sheridan, "You're just jealous!"

Sheridan's strangled breath and the words, "I want to kill him," reached Brian's ears, since he was sitting on the other side of her.

Sheridan slammed her brief case closed. Yes, she was jealous but she wouldn't tell him that, he wanted the damn meeting and nothing was getting done due to his current state.

Angel put her hand up to stop Sheridan from leaving. She was going to get to the bottom of this right now. "So, what exactly do you want to know Kevin?" Angel said in a reserved voice.

Gene raised his eyebrows in surprise. He expected her to keep on yelling. He knew the girls would be pissed, and rightfully so; he dreaded bringing this up to them. He thought Kevin would keep his mouth shut since there was nothing in their files that caused a threat to the boys or this project.

"What's your side to this wild and crazy night?" Kevin enjoyed playing cat and mouse. The reason being is that he had to get through Angelina to get to the mouse named Sheridan hoping she would open up a little.

"Why would you care about what I did five years ago is beyond me, but I will tell you. My roommate's boyfriend and one of his friends came up from Connecticut to Boston to visit her. A group of us went out to a bar and were drinking, obviously. A few hours later, we went back to our dorm room. It was after visiting hours, we tried to sneak the guys in our room since they were in no condition to drive home. We got busted by the RA who was a bit of an asshole and a womanizer to begin with. He tried to hit on me, offered an exchange of sorts. I told him what I thought of him and began to walk out of my room with a cigarette down the hall to another friend's room. Hence, I was written up for smoking in the hallway. Does that satisfy your curiosity Kevin?" Angel stared the entire time at Kevin's face on the monitor.

Meanwhile, Sheridan was reading through the pages in the folder with A.J. trying to make sense out of what the hell was going on.

"Phone records?" Sheridan yelled, "You have our damn phone records since we moved out to Los Angeles?"

"Ah yes, and here is the one who calls home to Mommy and Daddy every Sunday night at eight pm sharp. You are so predictable Sheridan. Looking through your file, you are about as boring as Al Gore and as naïve as a young girl."

Sheridan sat in shock at the name-calling.

Gene finally spoke up, "Kevin, that's enough." Gene then focused on Sheridan and Angel. "Listen, I ordered a background check on you and Angelina right after you signed the contracts. I needed to have some evidence to reassure Kevin you ladies were legit and had no hidden skeletons in your closets that would potentially ruin this project."

"Unlike him?" Angel questioned still staring without any emotion.

Nick felt bad and wished he could think of something to make this meeting end.

"Maybe Sheridan's right Kevin. Why don't we let the girls get going and we'll talk about this." Nick could tell nothing about the project would be accomplished at this point.

While sipping on another drink, Kevin casually propped his feet up on the table. "Oh, but why Nickolas?"

"Because we obviously aren't going to get anything accomplished this morning." Brian frowned at the antics of his cousin. Kevin was drunk and he had women present in a private meeting. He could see hands roaming around Kevin every now and then and he would push them away in agitation.

"Oh, but I disagree. I think we are clearing the air, airing out their dirty laundry, exposing skeletons from their closet." Kevin said with a raised eyebrow. "Ya see, you girls have a lot of information on us from a few years of being in the spotlight. I just wanted to even the score."

"All of the information we obtained was posted on public websites on the internet or from magazine stories and interviews. There is nothing shady about our information and you know it Kevin." Angel was pissed.

Sheridan was infuriated that he would do this. All of this had to do with the stripper information they had gotten. "Hand over your personal video tapes, and I'd call us even."

A hearty laughed echoed through out the conference room. "You wish lady," Kevin leaned into the camera.

A sneeze broke up the tension.

"God bless," Brian said while handing Angel a tissue.

"Thanks," Angelina mumbled.

Sheridan stood up and paced the room, her anger building but not wanting to lash out.

"Is there anything else Kevin? Because I'd hate to think that one night that happened five years ago has gotten you this excited," Angel said with a smirk. Kevin's chest was being patted by a well manicured hand wearing garish red nail polish.

"There are a couple of other things, for instance, your shoplifting charge? Tsk… tsk… tsk." Kevin was going to give it to her now; she didn't have any problems crawling under his skin when she wanted too. "Then there's the job you turned down in Boston for that television station. Why did you turn it down Angel?"

Angel's eyes glassed over as she bit the inside of her mouth.

"I mean look at you now. That job could have made you a somebody in the filming industry but instead, you are a bartender who writes fan fic stories. Why is that?" Kevin had a shit-eating grin on his face.

Angel started to laugh.

Sheridan couldn't read it; it sounded strange.

"Nice to know your connections can get into sealed court documents from my teenage years Kevin. As for the job, I would like to humor you, but that is NONE of your goddamn business. I'm outta here," Angel pushed herself away from the table. As she opened up the conference room door, "Hope you had a happy fucking birthday Kevin. Because I'm sure you will be fucking soon."

The slamming of the door rattled the windows as everyone looked around, wondering what the hell to do next.

A.J. turned to Sheridan, "She gonna be alright?"

"Yeah, she needs some time too cool off. Besides, I drove here. She's not going anywhere."

"So Sheridan… tell me about the main man in your life who took off with the head cheerleader from the high school. It's such a shame he left you stranded in the middle of your vacation on Lake Erie?"

Sheridan closed her eyes, she had long ago forgotten about Elijah. They were high school sweethearts, college lovers, then when it came for a commitment, he dumped her for a teenager from the local high school. Opening her eyes, she stared intently at the man who had a busty blonde hanging all over him. She could do one of two things, get angry or let it go. Ely was in her past, her future lies with Tom. At the moment, she was upset with Tom but things would out, they really cared about each other. She loved Tom more than she did Ely, she had to leave home and every thing familiar to her to figure that out. Being in California had been one of the happiest times of her life.

Kevin waved his hand at the camera, "Sheridan, are you with us?"

"No Kevin I'm not. You want to bring up the past, fine go ahead, but you see my future is with the man that I am seeing now."

"Oh yes, Mr. Miller, how could we forget about Mr. Miller, your boss." Kevin was slightly peeved that the investigator hadn't checked out their friends and associates but he also understood that this had been a very quick and tidy thing.

"I haven't Kevin. A as a matter of fact, I'm late for a luncheon date with him I'll be going now." Sheridan picked up her brief case and left.

"Dang they are no fun, no fun at all," Kevin grumbled as he looked at the screen.

"Kevin, why the hell did you do that?" Brian stood up and yelled at the camera.

"Cuz, I wanted to show them that they can't get one up on us. We have the money and the power to do what we want."

Gene felt he needed to interceded and now, "If you had that much power and wealth Ron Howard or Spielberg would be your director, you wouldn't be financing the project yourselves, and you would have hired screenwriters."

Nick shook his head at the camera and walked out of the meeting. He didn't speak, he didn't say goodbye.

"He better not score with one of them while I'm over here."

In the next five minutes the only one left in the room was Brian. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

A woman stood behind Kevin's chair and ran her fingers through his hair as he spoke.

"Nothing? You say nothing, you don't act like that. Why are you taking it out on them?"

"I'm not takin' anythin' out on them." A woman dropped in his lap and he smiled.

"Oh your head is getting to damn big."

"Speaking of head...." Kevin snickered.

Brian left him flat with the last remark.

"They don't like to play with me anymore girls. Ya'll play with me, won't 'cha?"

The camera flickered off to the sounds of females giggling naughtily.

Angel sat quietly in the car on the drive home. Sneezing every few miles, Sheridan cussed all the way home. A Backstreet song came on and Angel thought Sheridan might rip the radio completely out of the car. "That rat bastard."

"I say we get even," Angel sniffled.

"How?" Sheridan squinted as the sunshine shown in her eyes.

"I don't know, we could write a visual or something and post it on the net. Obviously he is aware of the site now so maybe, just maybe he will read it."

"Good idea," Sheridan smiled. "I have the perfect idea too." Nothing made Sheridan happier than tormenting Kevin in her stories.

They hashed out their idea on the way. Of course, both of them knew that they really couldn't post since they were under contract, but that was a short sight on their parts. They could revel in what they wanted to do, write it, and then enjoy it.

As they entered their apartment a call came, but they let the machine get it; it was Howie. He was profusely apologizing for Kevin's behavior and said that it might be because Kevin was lonely for family. "He gets depressed certain times of the year, then he drinks and it gets worse."

The girls refused to answer the phone and the answering machine picked up their calls all night. Each one of the men tried to get in contact with them to offer their apologies and an explanation for Kevin's behavior. The one call that didn't come was the one that should have come from the person that had started all the bullshit in the first place.

Sheridan closed her eyes as she curled up in her bed with her satin comforter. What had happened today she could have never foreseen. As she drifted off to sleep, she silently thanked Kevin for opening her eyes and showing her how much she cared about Tom. If Tom wanted to slow things down, then she would.





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