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Chapter 12

Monday morning, Sheridan awoke refreshed and ready to face the day. Even though she was so pissed off yesterday, her attitude this morning had done a complete three hundred and sixty degree turnaround.

Walking by Angelina's room, she could hear her coughing. Peeking in through the door, Sheridan could see she was sound asleep. She also saw all the Kleenex thrown all over the floor. Closing the door tightly she shivered, "Ick, I don't want to catch that." Grabbing her keys, Sheridan left to go to work.

As she passed by Tom's office, she poked her head in with a huge smile, "Good morning handsome. Do you have plans for lunch today?"

Tom looked up at Sheridan, somewhat surprised, "Well, uh Good Morning Sheridan, uh….no…I don't have any plans." Shaking his head slightly, Sheridan had been putting him off and ignoring him for a week now. The Backstreet Boys project seemed to be first in her life right now. That was the reason he believed that his girlfriend was ignoring him.

"Good. Can you pencil me in?" Sheridan winked, turned on her heels and headed towards her desk.

Around 11:30AM, a huge bouquet of flowers arrived on Sheridan's desk. They were simply put, gorgeous. Sheridan smiled brightly as she took out the card. 'Tom is such a sweetie' she thought. Looking around at her co-workers, who were eyeing her flowers in envy, she gave them a warm smile. Quickly Sheridan glanced into Tom's office, she couldn't see him, he must have been doing something somewhere else in the building, she thought. Her eyes dilated as she read the card:

Dear Sheridan,

I know I was a complete ass yesterday. I can't tell you how truly sorry I am for the way I behaved. It was completely uncalled for and it will never happen again, I promise. I know you and Angel probably want nothing to do with me anymore, and I can understand.

For the sake of the rest of the fellas and the others who have been working diligently on this project, I beg of you to please continue to be a part of this team. You are doing a wonderful job, and I am honored that you are taking this as seriously as I am. Yesterday did not represent how I truly feel about this endeavor.

In return, I will not be making any decisions on my own. The decisions will be made as a group, and Gene if necessary. You have my word.

Kevin S. Richardson

As she sealed the note back into the envelope, Sheridan's phone rang on her personal line. Her hands still trembling from the bouquet that took over half of her desk, she whispered into the receiver, as her fingers touched the beautiful plants. "Hello."

There was a moment of silence, then Sheridan heard a sneeze.

"Holy thit! Did something get delivered to you?" Angel blew her nose in Sheridan's ear.

Laughing at her roommate, "Yes Angel, I did. And they are simply gorgeous." Sheridan spotted Tom looking at her and then the flowers, 'Oh shit', she groaned to herself. "Do you need anything Angel?"

"Nope. Just was a little lonely." Angel wanted girlie time but Sheridan must be busy, her tone changed in two seconds flat.

"I'm going out to lunch with Tom. I'll call you when I get back, okay?" Sheridan discreetly placed the card that was in her hand into the side pocket of her purse.

"Ohh… well, have fun." Angel was a bit shocked. "Enjoy your lunch. I'll be here, I ain't going no where."

Sheridan and Tom enjoyed a wonderful sunny day at the Main Street Bistro. Sheridan ordered her a spinach salad with almond encrusted chicken and a vinaigrette dressing, she was starving.

Tom ordered a much lighter lunch of a cup of soup and looked at Sheridan. "You haven't been eating right or you have PMS."

Sheridan covered her mouth with her napkin, "Both."

Tom nodded knowingly at her. The Boys had taken over her life lately and he was feeling a tad put off about it. During the day he would wander around her desk and to see what she was doing. The flowers that arrived today, were really bugging him.

Sheridan smirked at him, "Do you have something you want to say to me?"

Tom dropped his head in defeat, "Nice flowers."

"Yes they are, they were an apology before you get all ticked off about it." Sheridan saw the goofy look pass over his face and then she continued. "Kevin acted like an ass at our last meeting."

"Oh," Tom smiled, he liked the idea of Kevin being an ass to his girlfriend. Maybe, just maybe she wouldn't have that little crush on him anymore. God knows he thought Kevin was sexy as hell. As soon as his mind went down that avenue, he had to stop. Over the last few days he had done some serious thinking. All of it was in vain because he still did not find an answer to his dilemma. Tom loved Sheridan but there was one other that he felt the same way about. He knew he could spend the rest of his life with Sheridan and completely be content and utterly happy. The problem was that he wasn't being honest with himself. The road to his future never seemed easy and it became even more complicated the more he thought about it. The last three nights he lay in bed wide awake wondering what it would be like to be curled up next to Sheridan, then he compared the other person that he loved just as much. The latter aroused him more than Sheridan did; but the later didn't feel the same way that he did and never would.

"Baby, we never did finish our talk about where this relationship is going." Tom set his silverware down and stared at Sheridan thoughtfully.

Sheridan choked on the chicken that was in her mouth, 'Here we go, I'm being dumped,' was her only thought.

"I would like to spend some time with you this week. I know you are working but don't push me aside because you're angry with me."

Thoughtfully she set her hand on his, "I'm sorry honey, I don't mean to ignore you but you know how important this is. I've been so wound up and I can't concentrate on anything but this project."

"So I'm playing second-fiddle to Kevin Richardson after all." Tom shook his head; he was so bewildered at this point.

"Now Tom, no you are not." Sheridan scooted her chair closer. She positioned her body closer to his. "Honey, I've seen a part of the real Kevin and he is nothing like the person that I have dreamed up in my head. The romantic notions that I had were all erased the other night. I need to thank him in a way for getting him out of my head and showing me just how much I love you." Tilting her head, she planted a light kiss on his cheek.

Tom was grinning from ear to ear, he felt like he was on top of the world. The feeling didn't last long as he thought about what he had been hashing over in his head over the last few days. "Thank you, I feel better."

Sheridan winked at him and watched him relax.

"He must have been a real asshole to you, I bet the bouquet set him back a couple of hundred dollars. You don't find spring flowers in California this time of year."

Sheridan closed her eyes and shook her head, 'Wrong answer dumb ass, you should have made me feel better and then go buy me a bigger bouquet.' Sheridan's thoughts meandered back to the meeting. Kevin looking too damn sexy for his own good, panty hose wrapped around his neck, a blonde, and a red head. His smile had set her practically on her toes. The smirk did her in, she could feel the pressure building on the inside. Lately that was all she felt every time she was in the same room with the man. Tom, well she did feel that way but lately Kevin had been taking over his place in her dreams. Frowning she looked at Tom. Where would the two of them end up. Both of them from the same wholesome boring white bread background. Neither of them wanting to step out of the box. Sheridan knew Kevin had stepped out of the box and she wondered what it was like to take that step with him. Groaning out loud she surprised herself and Tom.

"What's wrong honey?" Tom leaned closer to her out of concern.

Sheridan could only see Kevin's eyes in her mind's eye and his lips. He had licked his lips and smirked at her like he was cat and she was the mouse. When he had come over to their apartment and had been standing next to her, he smelled almost edible to her. Part of the reason she drank so much that night was because she was nervous. This was the man that she had wrote about having sex with and he was standing next to her. He knew what she had been doing all along, well not exactly, the boys didn't know who wrote each part yet.

Sheridan had to get a grip and rather quickly, she was daydreaming about Kevin and making love to him while sitting across from her boyfriend eating lunch. "Maybe if I just had some sex I would feel better."

Tom coughed and his face turned blood red as he spilled his water glass while reaching for his napkin. "For God's sakes Sheridan we're in a public restaurant!" There was no way that the surrounding tables didn't hear her regardless of the street noise at the outdoor café.

Sheridan grabbed her purse and ran from the table and down the street. Half a block away Tom caught up with her. "Baby, come on, it's okay. I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that I am not used to you being that open with me."

"What the hell does it take Tom!" Sheridan yelled at him as she threw open the door of her car. "I'm sick of waiting, you need to make a decision, it has been months. I care about you, I love you but dammit I'm a healthy twenty something year old woman and I'm not a virgin. I know what good sex is and I miss it!"

"Ahh fuck," Tom then whistled loudly as he thrust his hands in his pockets, he walked around to the driver's seat and entered the car.

"Take me back to work," Sheridan fumed. She wasn't exactly sure what happened. She wanted Tom in the worst way, and as far as she could tell, there was no reason that they couldn't just get it on. Last night she was thanking Kevin for opening her eyes now on the inside she was crying out of frustration. Tom must not love her like she loved him or this wouldn't be happening.

"Honey," Tom sighed dramatically. "I understand that you are maybe just a little frustrated. You are working in a climate that is filled with testosterone. I'll tell you what, why don't you come to my place after work and we will do some serious talking."

"I'll think about it," Sheridan grumbled as she shot out of the car and into the building.

"God damn you Richardson!" Tom yelled inside his car with the windows rolled up and the music blaring so that nobody passing by could hear him. "You're screwing this up for me! I had it sorted out and we were doing fine." Tom drove off, never returning to work that day.

Sheridan waited for him to return to the office, she mussed about when he didn't. Then she stared at her flowers, began to daydream, and smiled the balance of the day.

Sheridan went home to play nursemaid to Angel and was greeted with a sick roommate and more flowers. They talked a little since Angel seemed to be needy, most people were when they were sick. Sheridan was the same way. "Tom and I had a fight."

"Over what?" Angel blew her nose. She had now taken to carrying around the tissue box.

Sheridan shook her head, "Nothing. Here is your dinner. I'm going to go get some writing done and answering the Anal One's e-mails."

"Sheridan?" Angel chomped down on a piece of toast.

"Yes," Sheridan stopped.

"I'm sorry that you and Tom are having problems." Angel coughed, covering her mouth with a tissue.

"I know you are sweetie and working with Kevin isn't helping much."

"Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha- ha, Kevin makes you horny." Angel couldn't help it, it was nice to see her friend coming alive again.

"Shut up Angel." Sheridan was about to close her bedroom door but stopped. "Did your card hint at the fact that we might quit?"

"No, did your note say that?" Angel took a swig from the Nyquil bottle.

"Yes," Sheridan's lips pressed shut. "Why would he think that?"

"Must have been the two bimbos he was with, he's lost his mind. Probably a whole lot more too."

*BANG* The bedroom door was slammed shut.

Angelina laughed as miserable as she was. "Can't hide forever Ms. Mouse. I got the Cheshire cat's number after talking to Nick. But that kitty has to get through this kitty first. However, down the line I might think about helping him out, if Tom doesn't confess."

Waking up Tuesday morning, Angelina felt like her body had been hit by a Mack truck. She had gone to bed early the night before after she took her nightly dose of Nyquil. Ever since Sunday, Angel had not been feeling well. Now it's Tuesday and she needs to go to work. However, her body just couldn't handle it, so she called in sick.

Sheridan had heard Angel hacking away in her sleep and wondered if she was able to sleep okay. Knocking on her door, "Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Like thit," replying as she blow her nose for the umpteenth time after waking up.

Sheridan sat down on her bed and felt her forehead. "Where's the thermometer?"

"In the bathroom. I'll be fine Sheridan. You better leave before you catch it."

"Nonsense! I'll be right back with some tea and toast." She said as she got up to make Angel's breakfast.

"Thank you," Angel said while having breakfast served in bed, "I haven't had breakfast served in bed since College."

"I think you would do the same for me, wouldn't you?" Sheridan called from the kitchen.

"I would even get Kebin to serbe it to you in bed." Angel laughed as she pulled the covers up around her neck.

Sheridan set the tray down on the end of the bed. "Tom will do just fine."

"Tom doesn't like your bed," Angel tried to laugh but her throat was too sore.

"Call me if you need anything. I have a bunch of errands to run today so I'll be in and out of the office. Use the cell, okay?"

"Thanks, I'll be fine." As Sheridan headed out of the door to leave, Angel said, "Give Tom my love."

Sheridan knew Angel was sick, the remark didn't have a hint of mockery in it.

The loud knock at the door made Angelina jump and get off the couch. After finishing her breakfast, Angel vegged out on the couch while watching mindless TV. She wrapped her bathrobe around her, tightening the belt. "Coming," she said as she grabbed a Kleenex and blew her nose once more before she went to the door. Looking though the peephole, she let out a gasp and quickly pulled out the scrunchie in her hair. Using her fingers as a brush, she quickly reset her hair in a ponytail.

"Hewo Nick. What are you doing here?" Angel said while sniffling.

Nick looked at the woman wrapped in a pink fluffy bathrobe with bunny slippers and a floppy looking ponytail. Her nose was as bright red as Rudolph's and her eyes were all teary. She had on no makeup, but she looked beautiful. Her lips were so full, almost swollen, but kissable.

"I came by to see how you were feeling and to bring you some lunch." Nick stepped inside and walked over to the table to put down the food. "I brought us some soup from Kim," he said with a huge smile.

'Please don't smile like that.' Shaking her head a little to clear her thoughts, Angel continued, "Kim sent you with some soup? How? Why?"

Nick smiled, "I went to see you at work, to see how you were feeling. Your friend Kim, from work, said you called in sick. So here I am."

"Wait. You are not sudposed to know where I wive Nick. She doesn't know about our project." Her stuffed up nose was making it hard for her to talk.

"Apparently Kim knows I'm your favorite," grinning like a Cheshire cat, "So she gave me your address and two soups to go."

"I'm going to kill her." Angel mumbled under the Kleenex as she held it over her face then sneezed, "Ah-choo."

Walking around her apartment, "Bless you. Why don't you sit down, and I'll go get us some silverware from your kitchen."

Angel nodded her head as she blew her nose.

Nick came back with two tall glasses of orange juice and some soupspoons. Pulling out the hot containers of soup, crackers, and napkins, he placed everything on her placemat.

"Tank you," Angel was trying desperately to smell the soup, but her clogged nose wouldn't let her.

Grinning, Nick replied, "You're welcome. C'mon, dig in before it gets cold."

Smiling, she shook her head yes and began eating. Nick looked around her apartment and was quite impressed with it once again. The place looked very cozy and lived in this time, not so neat and orderly.

Nick noticed the huge bouquet of exquisite flowers with Angel's name on the card. A feeling of jealousy crossed over him as he asked, "Those are beautiful flowers Angel. What's the special occasion?"

"If I felt better, I would have thrown them out in the dumpster. They're from Kevin."

"Oh," was all Nick said.

"If you like them, they're all yours." Angel said while motioning towards them.

As she took the last sip of her soup, Angelina let out a loud, "Ahh." crossing her legs as she sat back in her chair, waiting for Nick to finish up his soup and sandwich.

"Feel better?"

"Yes Nick, thank you. The warm soup helped clear my nose some," offering a smile. "I'm sure you were looking for me at the restaurant for a reason, what can I do for you?"

Remembering their teleconference, Nick wanted to talk to Angel about the background checks.

"I just wanted to make sure that you were okay after the blow up from the meeting with Kevin. I swear to you, neither me nor the other guys knew anything about that, honest." Nick still couldn't believe Kevin would do something like that.

However, hearing some of the information on Angel and Sheridan, Nick was beginning to feel he knew them a bit better. Of course, he would have preferred hearing it from their mouths, or at least hearing their side of the story, but he was definitely more relaxed and comfortable around them.

"I'm fine Nick. I always knew Kevin was somewhat of an asshole, I guess I just never thought he would think of us as untrustworthy."

"Well, Marybeth apparently made the call right after you and Sheridan signed the contracts and hadn't even met us yet. I don't think he thinks you're untrustworthy. It's just the business. It has tainted us in a way. It's hard to trust people, but I think you can figure out why." Nick said looking down to his hands.

Thinking about what Nick said it did make a lot of sense, seeing it from Kevin's point of view and this project, "Yeah, I can see your point Nick. It does make sense." Angelina smiled. "I was just shocked the little bastard went as far as he did. Some of that stuff is sealed information. Some of it can only be obtained by a subpoena, and as far as I am concerned, Sheridan and I did nothing wrong to warrant such things. How he got it pisses me off."

Nodding his head in agreement, Nick took Angel's hand and said, "I understand. I'd be pissed off too." With that, he let go of her hand and started cleaning up their dishes.

Angel sat there, staring at her hand, which now was tingling. Hopping out of her chair, she went back to the couch to sit down, laying her head on the couch with her eyes closed and moaned.

Nick came from behind her and asked her if she was all right. "I have a stiff neck from my sore throat." She replied still keeping her eyes closed, but knew he was right behind her.

"Well, I've been told I give good massages," he began to rub her neck.

Carefully, Angel let her head fall forward so Nick could get better access to her neck.

"With the size of those hands, I bet you do," Angel replied flirtingly. She couldn't believe she still felt like flirting with him when she felt this shitty.

Nick smiled at her last sentence. He was really enjoying the friendly relationship he had developed with Angel. Both of them enjoyed talking late at night, flirting with each other. Kevin would have a cow if he found out how close Nick was getting, this visit would put the frosting on the cake. "That's what I've been told."

"Ain't nobody lying to you about that Nick, I can guarantee it." Relaxing into his hands as he slowly moved from her neck to her shoulders. 'Okay he needs to stop,' Angel was thinking, 'but not yet, this feels too good.' As her mind began to drift, she felt an uneasiness sweeping across her body. Standing up, she turned around to face him.

"Ya know Nick, as much as I am really enjoying this, you should get going. I don't want to be responsible for getting you sick."

Nick tried to read her eyes, hoping she wasn't lying to get rid of him. "Okay, if that's what you want," sounding disappointed.

"Actually, I prefer if you would stay. But seriously, you can't afford to be around a sick person right now. But, can I take a rain check on that massage?"

That made Nick smile, "Of course you can. Maybe when you are feeling better, we can go out to dinner or something." Nick said as he began to walk towards the front door.

"Sure Nick. That sounds like fun, I'd like that. But don't you think Kevin will throw a fit if he finds out?" Angel was smiling and color seemed to have crept into her cheeks as she walked towards Nick.

"Alright, it's a date. We can tell him it's for research purposes." With a wink, and a kiss on her cheek, "I'll call you later." He left the doorway quietly.

Angel closed the door, leaned up against it and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. With a huge smile, and a horse voice, Angel said "Yes!"

As he walked to his car, Nick punched his hand in the air and said, "Yes." Thinking about what Angel said, Nick yelled "Screw Kevin," as he jumped into his car. His finger's paused on the key, "Oh, that's a nasty thought. Now I'm thinking about those two." Nick laughed as he pulled out of the parking lot.

The following week Angel seemed to get better, then Sheridan caught the bug. The ladies didn't hold a grudge against the guys, however both of them still carried a chip on their shoulders over what Kevin had pulled. They got even in their own little way the following week and the fellas were more than willing to help.

They decided to go out to a new club. Angel convinced Marybeth to join them as well. At first, Marybeth said no, but she soon learned that Angel gets her way. Besides, Marybeth was able to make reservations and pull some strings to be sure a certain photographer would be there. Angel and Sheridan wanted Kevin to see them schmoozing in public. Having the boys there only made it that much sweeter. Leighanne and Brian didn't even want to miss this party.

Brian had to admit that this project was bringing the guys closer, and even the guy's relationship with Leighanne was improving. This made him ecstatic and even Leighanne was enjoying it as well.

On Friday night, the gang headed to Avalon in Los Angeles. Angelina was beyond excited since she talked Sheridan and Marybeth into letting her dress them up. Marybeth wore a geisha mini dress with side slits and a sexy keyhole opening at the bust. Angel wore a daring outfit. It was a sexy brown lace mini dress that covered a contrasting tube top and shorts. Sheridan wore a white bustier style top and matching vinyl hip pants with lace up accents on the sides. The girls met up with the rest of the gang at the club since they would take longer getting ready.

As the girls walked in, they were greeted with VIP treatment. Marybeth pulled a few strings and they were paying off. As they walked into the VIP room, they settled into a comfortable oval booth. They didn't know where the guys would be. The girls figured they would meet up with them eventually.

Howie, A.J., Nick, Brian, and Leighanne were sharing the side projects that they have been involved in lately. Howie discussed his DLF fundraising and trip to Japan. Brian talked about his interview with Michael Smith. A.J. talked about being in Florida with his mom and their relationship while Nick talked about going to Hawaii with Aaron and judging the Ms. Hawaiian tropic contest.

Brian asked Nick about his family situation. Nick didn't feel like talking about it and was grateful when A.J. rudely interrupted, "Holy shit." Howie followed A.J.'s eyes and his mouth dropped open. "Who is that other woman with Angel and Sheridan?" A.J. questioned, still staring.

Nick had yet to say a word. He just sat there smiling and admiring the view. Brian hit him in the arm, "Frack, before the girls see us, tell us what the hell is going on with you and Angel?"

"Huh?" Howie waved his hand in front of his eyes, making Nick come out of his trance. "What did you say?"

Brian rolled his eyes, "I said…"

Leighanne interrupted, "We want to know what is up with you and Angel?"

Nick shifted in his chair realizing everyone was staring at him. "Nothin's going on."

"Uh huh…right. You just stare at her for no reason and she stares at you for no reason."

"She stares at me? Really?" Nick's eyes lit up when he heard this piece of information.

"Oh Christ. You two oggle at each other; smile at each other and I know you, I know you talk to her at least three times a week late at night."

"How do you know I call her at night?" Nick asked A.J. with wide eyes. He thought he had been so slick.

"Sheridan happened to mention something to me and spilled the beans." A.J. said with grin. Nick blushed.

Leighanne started laughing, "Oh my. A.J. you just made Nick Carter blush."

The rest of the guys started hassling Nick. The loud outburst drew attention to their table and the girls spotted them. Howie figured out who the mystery lady was, "Shit, that other woman is Marybeth!"

A.J. squinted his eyes, "Are you kidding me? THAT is Marybeth? That woman looks nothing like Marybeth."

Brian and Leighanne both said in unison, "Nope, that's her."

They walked on over and were greeted with hugs and kisses on the cheeks as they all sat back down at the table.

Howie was the first to speak up. "Wow. You ladies look great." A chorus of "Thanks." were said in unison. Marybeth sat between A.J. and Howie, Sheridan sat beside Howie and Brian followed by Leighanne, Angel then Nick.

"So…what's your poison?" A.J. asked. The girl's drinks were brought over along with another round of drinks for the guys and Leighanne. A.J. and Nick, who both were sitting on the ends of the booth, got up at the same time and grabbed Marybeth's and Angel's hands respectively to go dance on the dance floor. Howie asked Sheridan if she would like to dance. Brian and Leighanne followed the group.

Howie and A.J. had seen Angel dancing before and had told Nick and Brian while they waited for them to arrive. Nick loved Angel's carefree attitude and danced right along with her. As "Dirrty" blared though the club, Nick and Angel grinded in unison as they danced. Sheridan and Marybeth, who had a few shots before they left the house, were feeling no pain. Both needed something to relax their nerves, especially since neither one felt too clothed.

Howie was a bit taken back at Sheridan's expressive moves out on the dance floor. This was unlike the woman in the conference room butting heads with Kevin. Marybeth didn't go out clubbing often so she was a bit hesitant at first. Fortunately, A.J. was guiding her along and was pleased to see her feeling more relaxed.

Brian and Leighanne observed their friends. Brian smiled and then spoke to his wife, "I think Nick really likes Angel." Leighanne smiled and leaned in close, "I bet you are right. I think we should invite them over for dinner some night. What do you think?"

"I think that's a great idea. Besides, Angel has offered to babysit Baylee for us. We should take her up on her offer." Brian replied with a sly smile. "You bet we will," Leighanne replied while giving her husband a kiss.

The group danced up a storm and drank for the rest of the night. Flashes were going off, but no one paid any attention. The next day, pictures of the four Backstreet Boys hit the rumor mills and rag magazines, proving what they've been telling the press all along, they were still together. These pictures also started rumors that Nick, A.J., and Howie had new girlfriends.

Kevin saw the pictures of the guys with the girls at the nightclub. This wasn't the first time, but they all seemed very friendly with one another. What shocked him the most was seeing what the girl's wore, more specifically Sheridan. The woman looked like she fell out of one of his dreams. Kevin's eyes popped out when he realized the fourth woman in the group was MaryBeth. 'I guess they aren't going to follow my instructions and my "Don't list" anymore.' he thought.

Kevin sat in London, livid. He played with his dates and various women but that wasn't where he wanted to be. Even the phone call on national television from his mother failed to cheer him up. "It' ain't no fun," Kevin complained to Brian.

"So did Sheridan warm up yet?" Brian quipped knowing that it would just wind Kevin up even more.

"No and I don't think she ever will. I was right from the beginning; she's a cold fish. Ice Queen is what I call her."

"It sucks when they don't bow and scrape to you, doesn't it Kevin?" Brian laughed until the dial tone was all he could hear. "A little sensitive," Brian smiled at Leigh who was holding his son.

"He likes her doesn't he?" Leigh questioned as she played with the baby.

"I don't know, she has a boyfriend and they seem pretty set. Kevin is not one want to bust up relationships. Besides after what he did, I doubt she would be interested."

"Umm, too bad, but you know how your cousin can be."

"Leigh, don't go there, I've heard enough. You two will never get along so just deal with it."

"He's crude, insensitive, and a jerk." Leigh thrust her chin out knowing she would get pity, she usually did.

"And you are over-opinionated, insensitive, and brassy. You're both alike, you should have married him." Brian grinned, his dimples showing.

"BRIAN!" Leigh hit him with a throw pillow from the couch.





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