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Chapter 13

Kevin, as well as the balance of the group, were a little shocked to find out that Angelina, Sheridan, and Gene had been meeting with a potential director in private. An even bigger secret was that they had told him the job would be his if he wanted the position. However, he needed to meet with the boys first. Kevin was the last one that had agreed to meet with him.

Another teleconference had been set up for Kevin's benefit. It had been three weeks since their last meeting with Kevin.

For the past two weeks, supervision of the sets being constructed, drawing up contracts for all those involved behind the scenes of the movie production, as well as faxing out character auditions to local casting agents had been accomplished.

The group felt that the screenplay was about seventy-five percent completed. Sheridan and Angel had attended a three-day seminar with a famous screenwriting instructor, Robert McKee. He made many good points that helped the girls re-direct their focus in the script to improve it. However, they also knew when they hired a director, more changes would be done.

Marybeth also sat down with the group for a 'training' session on how to fill in travel and expense reimbursements related to the project. Sheridan and Angel did a much better job at saving receipts than the boys had done.

It was another Sunday morning, early for the LA crew while Kevin was approaching dinnertime. Before the director candidate arrived, it was just the boys, Gene, Marybeth, Sheridan, and Angel. They had talked about the pros and cons before the meeting. Angel, Marybeth, and Sheridan had prepared some information on John and his career to help the boys see why this was a good choice. The boys sat around the conference table in their usual spots and Kevin overseas while they read the materials presented to them. Kevin had been sent his via email so he could follow along.

John Hughes had a lengthy career in the movie business, over 20 years experience in 37 films working as a director, writer, producer, and screenwriter; eight of which he directed. Nick stared at Angel after he saw the list of movies John had directed. He saw the movie she picked out for them to watch on the list.

Angel felt eyes on her and looked up at Nick. His eyes spoke to her as his lips curled and then smirked into a smile. Relief washed over her face as she smiled back at him and winked.

Kevin had been watching the group as they read their packets. Kevin was feeling homesick and wanted to be back in LA to feel more a part of this project.

Kevin wasn't sure but he thought Angel and Nick had just shared a private moment. 'What the hell?' Kevin thought. He kept his tongue in check especially after what happened at the last meeting. He'd talk to Nick later about that.

Gene and Sheridan caught each other's eyes and smiled knowing that the boys would go along with their decision to hire John to be the director; particularly with the information they just received.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the conference room door. Marybeth greeted John and motioned for him to join the group. Sheridan introduced the group to John.

Now they all sat in a meeting with Mr. John Hughes as he began to review what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it. John had made some comments on the script he was given. John asked them questions specifically about what they wanted to accomplish on this film as a group as well as individuals.

Ideas were tossed back and forth and decisions were made. He was informed that the basic set construction had begun because that was the one element that was not up for negotiation as far as changes went. Other things were discussed as well as the beginnings of an actual production schedule. A unanimous decision had been made to hire the man to be the director on the project. His ideas were similar to what they wanted and the general feeling was that this would be a successful project with him onboard as the director.

The actual score would be written by the members of Backstreet but performed by another individual. Other music would be worked on here and there and added as treatments if needed.

"This isn't a musical about us, remember Spice World?" Kevin laughed and the others joined him, it had been an inside joke with the group for a long time.

After about two hours of questions and answers, Angel excused herself to use the restroom. Marybeth and Sheridan joined her shortly. "Thank God you got up Angel. I was dying in there, but didn't want to break the momentum of the meeting," Sheridan replied while washing her hands.

"I got up early to go workout and had drank three bottles of water before I even had my coffee. I was dying in there," Angel said with a laugh. "Do you think it's going well in there?" she asked her partner.

"Yeah, I think it's going to be just fine," Sheridan smirked as they walked out. Marybeth went to see about lunch and refreshing their drinks. As they ate their lunch, the atmosphere was much more relaxed, well except for Kevin. He wasn't enjoying this meeting at all, it made him feel left out. Angel almost felt sorry for him, almost.

As Angel turned towards the screen she saw Kevin staring intently back at them, it was spooky to her. Kevin was looking in her direction but it looked like he wasn't. She saw a small smile twitch at his lips. Angel's eyebrows raised as she turned in her chair to see Sheridan bending over to get a pen she had dropped. Since everyone seemed to be trying to settle in, the little act was unseen by everyone else.

Kevin dropped his head and blushed when Angel shot him a cheesy grin that said, 'I saw what you just did.'

"Kevin," Angel called his name.

Kevin picked his head and everyone in the room on this side of the Atlantic Ocean looked at Angel. If Angel was calling Kevin, trouble was starting.

Coughing, Kevin clearing his throat, "Yes?"

"I know this is hard for you but you'll be here soon and feel much more... attached to the project." Angel had not even emphasized the word that she wanted too.

Kevin nodded, knowing that Angelina wasn't going to bust him for his transgression. "I can't wait. I have one week left then I'm going to see my Mom before I head out there. I'll be back on Monday the Third."

After lunch came a brief break and then the boys would meet with John Hughes privately to discuss salary and other incidentals. The women were not going to be included in on this meeting.

Before the girls left, Nick walked over to Angel to talk to her for a minute. Taking her by the arm, he led her to a quiet office.

Shutting the door, Nick turned around and smiled at her. "Angel, I was wondering if you were free some night this week. May be we could go out to dinner?"

It had been more than two weeks since he asked her out while he visited her when she was sick. After recovering from her cold, Angel had a lot of work to catch up on. Nick also had other obligations that he needed to do both personal and for his solo career. He was still writing and recording for his sophomore CD. In addition, Nick was under contract with MTV for some appearances and other shows. One of them he wouldn't tell Angel. He just said he was Punk'd and didn't want to talk about it.

"I'm free any night. I'm only working a couple shifts this week and the rest of my time will be spent working on this project. I can work my schedule around any dinner plans you have."

"Great. I'll check my schedule, make reservations and give you a call?"

"Sounds like a plan." An awkward moment filled the quiet office until they heard Sheridan's voice "I don't have all day Angel, hurry up."

Rolling her eyes, Angel walked to the door and was about to leave. She turned around to say goodbye but bumped into Nick instead who was right behind her. Both were laughing until Angel looked up to meet Nick's eyes. He gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, "I'll call you later." Angel nodded and then walked to catch up with Sheridan.

Angel gauged the little flash of anger on Sheridan's face. Sheridan wanted to get home and Angel knew why. Angel knew that Sheridan had a little make up lunch planned today with Tom. As they drove home, Angel thought about what had taken place over the last week between her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend.

Tom had gone through hoops since their last lunch date failed so miserably. Flowers had arrived everyday at home, and an extremely large bouquet had arrived at work. Angel couldn't knock the thought out of her head that Tom now felt like he was competing with Sheridan's fantasy man for Sheridan's time and attention. Angel smiled every time a bouquet arrived. "Sheridan, why is Tom sending all these flowers to you?"

"Because he loves me silly. What a stupid question to ask," Sheridan inhaled the scent of the cream colored heirloom roses. "Oh these are wonderful."

Angel's laugh was loud and raw as she looked at Sheridan, "Whatever you say." In her head she was laughing, 'Oh and you think I'm stupid, you're such a blonde sometimes.'

As they pulled into the parking lot of their condo, Tom was waiting. Sheridan frowned at him as she clipped by him, her heels clicking into asphalt and her attaché case swinging wildly. Her keys jingled in her hand. "You're early honey."

Angel closed her eyes, the way they talked to each other drove her stark raving mad sometimes. When she heard Tom reply that he needed to see his 'Sweetums' she thought she would barf at the door.

Angel plopped down on the couch and very carefully watched the little game Tom was playing with Sheridan. The more she watched, the more pissed off she was becoming. Tom was falling all over Sheridan and following her around like puppy. "Get your beach towel and a change of clothes."

Tom followed Sheridan down the hall only to have her bedroom door slammed in his face. "Okay," Tom wandered back to the living to find Angel glaring at him. "What is your problem with me this week Angel?"

"Nothing, just keep her happy and you'll keep me happy. I think you know what I mean."

"Our relationship is not your business," Tom tucked his t-shirt into his shorts.

"You don't have a relationship, you have a sister and pal to hang out with. Tell me, are you asexual?" Angel smirked at him, when a stream of curse words came out of his mouth she stood up and pointed her finger at him. "Look you, I'm on to you," Angel hissed. "If that wholesome image is getting in the way to your sexual freedom, you need to make a choice because I'm not letting you string her along much longer."

"Not your call, after today, she will have no doubt how I feel about her," Tom's smugness reached all the way across the room.

"No doubt about what honey?" Sheridan came back into the living room wearing a barely there bikini.

"You can't where that," Tom looked at Sheridan from head-to-toe.

"I thought we were going to the beach?" Sheridan pulled a very gauzy beach cover up over her shoulders.

"Yes but Jesus, wear something that doesn't show so much." Tom was having fits as he thought about Sheridan being on the beach with everyone around them.

"I'm working on my tan," Sheridan winked at Angel as she turned to get her beach bag.

Angel caught the wink and knew Sheridan was doing this intentionally. "You really should try the Brazilian wax, I'm telling you girl, and it saves time, work, and energy."

"Make the appointment, I'll go where you go." Sheridan laughed as she walked out the door.

Tom was left standing in the living room. Angelina was two quick seconds from laughing in his face. "Oh Tom, you got a tiger on your hands, I hope it goes well."

A bewildered man followed his girlfriend out to the car. "Bikini waxes? You didn't talk about stuff like that before this damn movie."

"Are you jealous again honey?" Sheridan slipped her shades on.

"Yes, dammit," Tom wasn't jealous as much as he was debating about what to do about Angel's continuing interference in his relationship with Sheridan.

Sitting on the beach and applying sunscreen to Sheridan's back he whispered in her ear, "Do you love me?"

"Yes," Sheridan smiled as she leaned her head on her bent legs.

"I would like you to meet my family, maybe over Thanksgiving." Tom had cooked up a plan that just might appease everyone and get them off his back.

"I have to check, but I don't see a problem with meeting your family. We can take the drive up North if you would like too." Sheridan's stomach had started to do summersaults; maybe he was finally going to take the right steps in their relationship.

"I'll feel better about us, once they get to know you," Tom smiled.

Sheridan lay down on the blanket and thought about what he had said and how odd it was. "Have you ever taken anyone to meet your family before?"

The question was old fashioned but Tom knew what she meant, "No sweetie I haven't, nobody like you anyway."

"Oh," Sheridan lay back and enjoyed the strangely odd day in California, the water maybe cold but the sun was warm.

Hours later, Sheridan was in a snit and walking in the door. Angel was nowhere to be found so she locked up and went to bed. This was the second worse date she had ever had with Tom. As things were heating up at his apartment, he stopped and said he just couldn't do it. "This isn't proper," Tom stood up immediately leaving a dazed Sheridan on his bed.

Sheridan dressed and left without saying a word. She spent the next four days coming and going out of the apartment. Sheridan would go to work, go to meetings, and then come home.

Angel tried to get her to open up but it wasn't going to happen this time. Tom had done something to really upset Sheridan. She also noticed that Sheridan spent less time getting ready for work, less time on herself. Howie had asked Angelina at one of the meetings what was wrong. Angel gave him the 'I dunno sign,' "She won't talk to me. I'm sure it's the asshole she is dating. We're going to be busy over the next few days, that's good for her."

On Thursday, Nick had made a reservation for two at Spago's in Beverly Hills for that night. He called Angel to make sure that would work with her schedule.

Nick smiled and thought back to the night they all went out to Avalon's. Nick stared at Angel the whole night. The way she danced totally captivated his attention. Nick could tell A.J. and Howie enjoyed clubbing with her. She had a million watt smile that radiated from the dance floor. She admitted to Nick that she thought A.J. and Howie wanted to scout out other clubs just for something to do. They had chosen their hot spots already.

When questioned, Nick wished he could confess to his friends that he was totally falling for this girl. But he couldn't, not yet. There was so much going on in his life and Angel seemed to have a few skeletons in her closet that prevented her from getting close to anyone, emotionally.

"Tonight, the skeleton's will be revealed," Nick said as he drove over to pick up Angel.

Angel was running late. She ran through the door with her gym bag and headed straight to her room to grab her clothes and then to hit the shower.

"Hello Angel," Sheridan greeted her, "What's the rush?"

"Of all nights I get stuck working late. Nick's going to pick me up in twenty minutes and I am not even close to ready."

"Where are you going?" Sheridan got off the couch and walked into Angel's room, sitting down on her bed.

"We are going out to dinner," Angel walked out of her room and into the bathroom.

"Oh my God. You are going out on a date with Nick?" Sheridan got up to follow Angel into the bathroom, "To dinner? Where?"

"I don't know. I didn't ask," Angel responded while turning on the water.
Sheridan turned around while Angel stripped and got into the shower. "You know, we haven't had time to talk recently," Sheridan said as she bit her lip. "Do you think some time this weekend we could spend some quality girly time together?"

Angel stuck her head out from behind the shower curtain, "That sounds like a great idea."

Looking at the clock, Angel prayed Nick would run late. The doorbell ringing gave her the answer, and it wasn't the one she wanted.

"Hey Nick," Sheridan greeted him, "How nice to see you again?"

"Yes, it is Sheridan. I've missed you terribly since I last saw you five hours ago." Nick smirked.

Nick looked around the apartment, "She's running late. She just got home ten minutes ago," Sheridan said with a sly smile. "So tell me, where are you going tonight?" Sheridan asked as she sat down on the couch and got comfortable tucking her legs under her.

Nick looked over at Sheridan knowing full well the roommates would eventually talk. "We are going to Spago's for dinner and then a movie. She owes me an action flick since she fell asleep on me the last time."

Sheridan was impressed he picked a nice place to take Angel. "So I'll not expect her home tonight, right?"

Nick laughed, "I wouldn't count on it. At least, I'm not counting on bringing her back until tomorrow."

Sheridan eyed him up and down, "Uh huh…"

"No, it's not like that. I would like to talk to Angel about some stuff and it might take some time." Nick wasn't sure if he would bring up Joey tonight or not. It all depended on how their evening went.

Sheridan's lips formed an 'o.' "Joey?"

Nick nodded his head as he heard Angel coming out of the bathroom in a bathrobe. Her hair and makeup were all done.

"Hi Nick. Sorry I'm running late. I just need to get dressed."

"We have plenty of time. Relax," Nick smiled as he saw her shut her bedroom door.

Angel put on a simple black spaghetti strapped dress that flowed down to her ankles. Putting on her jewelry, black pumps and grabbing her shawl, she walked into the living room.

"All set," Angel said as she walked in on Sheridan and Nick's conversation.

"You look beautiful Angel." Nick didn't stumble over the words and he was very sincere in his compliment

She blushed hearing his words. "Thank you. Don't wait up Sheridan."

"Oh I won't. Don't forget your overnight bag." Sheridan said with a wink as she walked into her bedroom.

Looking over to Nick, Angel was confused. "Why don't you plan on crashing at my place. I'll take you home tomorrow morning. I want to collect on my action flick with you," Nick said with a grin.

"Okay. Which movie?" Angel asked after she had retrieved a few things from her room.

"I'm not telling," Nick teased her.

After a fabulous dinner and a great conversation, they headed back to Nick's place. He thought about taking a walk on the beach, but didn't want to overdue it on the romance. Not yet anyways. He had somewhat expressed how he felt during dinner. Nick watched Angel closely as she absorbed what he was saying. Hoping she would read between the lines because he wasn't good at expressing himself, especially his emotions. Santana's song, "Why Don't You and I" started playing in the background. Nick tuned into the lyrics of the song as they finished up their dinner.

Since the moment I spotted you
Like walking round with little wings on my shoes
My stomach's filled with butterflies
Ooh and it's alright

Nick tried focusing on the conversation he was having with Angel about their project. She was somewhat rambling on and on about potential publicity, but he didn't understand a thing she was saying.

Bouncing around from cloud to cloud
Got the feeling like I'm never gonna come down
If I said I didn't like it then you'd know I'd lied ooooh

Angel saw the spacey look on Nick's face as they finished up their meal. She asked if he was feeling all right; he looked a bit pale which was strange since the boy had quite a sunburn from when he went to Hawaii a week ago.

And everytime I try to talk to you
I get tounge tied turns out
Everything I say to you
*Comes out wrong and never comes out right

Nick focused on the lyrics of the song and realized that was his sign of what they should do next, going back to his place would be best.

He had prepared for her arrival earlier that day and picked out a movie. With a sly grin, he showed Angel the movie, "A Rumble in the Bronx," a Jackie Chan film. With a slight twist of her nose, she nodded to Nick and shrugged her shoulders. "Why don't you get out of your dress and into your jammies. I can tell I'll be watching this movie alone too," Nick laughed.

After changing into her pajama's and getting comfy for a movie, Nick decided they should watch the movie in his room while in bed, just in case Angel fell asleep. She was grinning as Nick had said the word jammies, how unlike Nick she thought that was.

*Why Don't You and I © Santana





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