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Chapter 16

Hearing the door close shut, Angel put her stereo on low and then she lit a few candles on her nightstand. Nick stood there for a moment against Angel's door admiring the view. She turned around with a wicked grin and waited for Nick to come closer to her. As if he understood what she was thinking, he did just that.

He leaned down and took her lips once again. Wrapping her hands around his neck, she pulled him closer. As their tongues explored each other, Angel massaged Nick's head with her fingers while grabbing and pulling his hair when she could.

All weekend long, Nick was content with just kissing Angel. Her kisses were strong and powerful and made him weak in the knees. Part of him kept hearing the words Brian spoke, "She's a playa," and it made him second-guess his sexual abilities to please her.

Sucking on his lower lip, Angel lowered her hands to Nick's shirt. Sliding her hands inside, she slowly ran her hands up his chest. When she rubbed her thumb over his nipples, and pulled on his nipple ring, she heard a low guttural moan escape Nick. At that moment, whatever doubts were running through Nick's mind were erased as he picked up Angel and walked towards her bed.

Laying her down, he stopped kissing her while he sat up and removed his shirt. Smiling, he resumed his position on Angel's lips. Angel broke off the kiss and slowly moved down Nick's neck assaulting his jaw line and neck.

Nick felt the restriction of his tightening jeans, but needed to concentrate on helping Angel lose some of her clothes first. His lips found her neck and searched for *her spot.* As both tasted each other, he slipped his hand to Angel's back. He realized her bra clasp was a front-loader hook. Sitting up, Nick grinned while removing Angel's shirt. "Trying to trick me Angel?" In a sultry, sexy voice, she uttered a 'No.' Unclasping her bra Nick let it fall down her arms.

Feeling the cloth binding her, Angel released one wrist and flung it across the room. Nick proceeded to kiss her breasts forcing her to groan from within.

"God, these are beautiful Angel," Nick mumbled, as he found her nipple, he began kissing then sucking and biting. Angel's body reacted as it arched into his mouth, causing her to sit up.

While both of them were sitting upright, Angel's hands were once again in Nick's hair. After a few minutes, she pulled his head up to hers again so she could kiss him. "I've missed these lips."

As much as Angel was enjoying this, she wanted more. Her hands went to the button onNick's jeans, releasing it, she pushed down his zipper. Angel felt Nick's excitement grow and now wanted to free him from his captivity.

Noticing Angel's movements, Nick reached into his pocket then slid his hand under her pillow. Reaching for the waistband on her sweat pants he realized they were tied in the front, he brought his hands down to the tiny bow. Gently touching her womanhood in the process, Angel's body jerked.

Smirking into her eyes, Nick knew she was more than ready. As if her body were giving away to what she was feeling, her eyes were filled with lust. "Somebody's horny."

"After making out with you all weekend like teenagers, I'm more than ready."

"I love it when your lips are swollen. You look so fuckin' sexy. It took all my willpower not to attack you in your sleep while we were at Brian's. I hardly slept feeling you next to me and those damn silk pajamas Sheridan's mom sent you are lethal."

Nick kicked off his sneakers on his own while Angel pushed his jeans and boxers down to his ankles using her hands then her feet. Her eyes caught a glimpse of his package, "Nick, no more talking."

Saying no more, Nick pulled Angel up so she was standing and he could pull down her pants, running his hands down her legs as he exposed her body to him. Kneeling down, he helped slip the sweatpants off her feet. Moving his hands back up her legs, he gently pressed Angel back down on to the bed while he remained on the floor.

Snatching her legs from behind her knees, he pulled Angel's body to the edge of the bed, her feet dangling off the side. Angel raised her head up to see where Nick was in relationship to her. Throwing her a sexy smirk, he dipped his head between her legs.

Clutching her comforter, she raised her hips off the bed while she threw her head back. Holding her down, Nick's tongue worked meticulously on her most sensitive spot. Closing her eyes, Angel was lost in the sweet sensation taking over her body.

After nipping her clit, he raised his head up to watch Angel's face while he slowly glided two of his fingers into her. Once again, her back arched up. Her heels now rested on her bed frame allowing herself to pump her hips into Nick's fingers. Licking her lips slowly, she tightened her grip and started panting. Nick watched her mouth and wanted her mouth on him.

Realizing he would never make it beyond the point of her mouth touching him, he figured he could get that treatment later. Right now, he wanted his release and he wanted it to be in Angel, not her mouth.

"How you doin' Angel?"

"Carter, you're killing me… You do realize this… Good God." Angel was starting to feel her orgasm tingling down in her toes.

Feeling her tighten around his fingers, he dropped his mouth back to suck up her juices. Angel cried out, "Fuck me."

"I plan on it," Nick said as he slowly slid up and onto Angel's body. Shifting her body so her head was now on her pillows, Nick pulled out his condom and began to wrap himself up. He began kissing her gently, "If I had known, I would have come better prepared with more than just one."

"Have no fear, I've got some in my bed table."

Nick raised his eyes to meet hers, "Oh really?"

Smiling, "I'm a woman of the 21st century. I may not have been a girl scout, but I come prepared, I'm not stupid."

Not wanting to think about what she said, Nick simply captured her lips. While one hand ran through her hair, pushing it off her face, the other hand reached down and pulled her left leg up. As he was slowing entering her, Angel reached down, grabbed his ass, and pushed him inside of her. She had waited long enough and her patience was gone.

Nick released a moan into her shoulder as they both found their rhythm. As Nick was getting closer, he began to speed up his motions.

Angel wrapped her right leg around Nick's back, trying to bring him in as close as she could. Her nails ran up and down his back as she held him close.

As her walls began to tighten, Nick growled as his orgasm began to peak. Trying to keep them both quiet, Angel reached up and pulled Nick's head towards her to recapture his lips. As their tongues intertwined dueling, their orgasms hit.

Their breathing began to normalize and their kisses became less urgent. Resting his head next to hers on her pillow, Nick began to think back over the last month. He realized that the only reason he was happy was because of Angel. "Guess you really did turn out to be my Angel huh?" he said while pushing her damp hair away from her face.

Slowly opening her eyes, she gave him a sly smile, "Oh I think you know who wrote your part." Stretching out her legs and back, he slid out of her. His eyes roamed over her body and his manhood started to twitch again.

Getting out of bed Angel went out of the room and down the hall to use the bathroom.

Taking off the used condom and throwing it away, he looked around for his boxers. He lay in bed waiting for Angel to return.

Angel went into the kitchen to get them something to drink while Nick occupied the bathroom with some privacy.

Nick was in awe that Angel walked around her apartment completely naked. "Aren't you afraid Sheridan will wake up, or Tom, and see you?"

"Nope," But then she thought back to her conversation with Sheridan and how she admitted to hearing Angel in her room. Angel knew she and Nick were loud, even though she tried to muffle their noises. "On second thought, I don't want my luck to run out." After uttering the words, she hurried into her room. Nick followed her and closed her door.

Embracing Nick in a hug, she felt safe. "Thank you Nick. For everything." Angel was sincere in her words. Her heart felt alive again tonight. It wasn't just meaningless sex. A void had been filled and she was feeling complete. So many times, she had tried to fill the empty space with meaningless sex, which was the problem, it was meaningless, there were no emotions attached to the act.

"No, thank you Angel." Her lips were still inflamed as Nick began kissing them again. Nick looked over at her clock that read 3:00 AM, "C'mon baby," in between his kisses, he continued, "Let's get some sleep," with an alluring grin, "Tomorrow night you are staying at my place. Tom and Sheridan might want some privacy."

Angel snorted very unladylike, "I doubt it."

"You'll have to tell me more about those two."

"Not now Nick, let's get some sleep." Angel nestled into his strong arms, her fingers entwined with Nick's as they both drifted off to sleep.

Sheridan awoke to see Angel's luggage in the living room. Sheridan had tried to stay up and wait for her, but she was too tired. She was not only physically drained, but emotionally as well. Sheridan was so tired; she had slept in by her standards, and woke up at 8:30. Taking out her notes, she sat and drank her coffee while reading.

As much as Sheridan dreaded Kevin's return, part of her was excited. She missed being around him, in a sort of twisted way.

She had called in sick since she was miffed at Tom again. Now she wasn't sure it was such a smart idea. Lost in her thoughts, Sheridan was startled to hear someone knocking on her door. Checking the clock that read 9:45AM, she wondered to herself where her morning went.

Squinting to look through the peephole, Sheridan's jaw dropped seeing Kevin on the other side of her door. Tightening the belt on her bathrobe, she opened the door with a look of puzzlement. "Well good morning Kevin. What brings you over here first thing on a Monday morning?"

"I had a meeting with the guys this morning and Nick is MIA."

Sheridan looked around her apartment, but didn't see anything resembling items that belonged to Nick. "And you're here why?"

Laughing, "I've known Nick a long time and the one way I can track him down is by using his car."

Sheridan looked even more confused, "And this means what to me?"

"His car has a Lo-Jack alarm. I called in his car this morning, and it is located in your parking lot. That can only mean one thing, he's here in your apartment. That was the best damn present I ever bought the kid. That little pup used to hide from me all the time."

Sheridan started laughing. "Oh I don't think so Kevin. You can see for yourself." Sheridan walked over to Angel's door and opened it up, revealing two sleeping forms. Nick was sound asleep on his back with Angel half sleeping on top of his body. Her head rested on his chest while his arm wrapped around her back.

"Oh shit," Sheridan said as she shut the door. Turning around to deal with a very red-faced Kevin, she let out a soft laugh. "Huh, well whatdayaknow, I guess Nick is here. They must have gotten in very late. I stayed up waiting for her, but just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer." Sheridan was rambling. She didn't know if was because Kevin was standing beside her while she was dressed in her pajamas or because she knew Kevin was seeing red knowing Nick was sleeping in Angel's bed.

"Excuse me Sheridan, but I need to get Nick up…NOW!" Kevin yelled the last word, causing the two people who were sound asleep to jerk awake at the outburst.

"OH SHIT!" Angel heard from Nick's mouth, who was now throwing on his clothes, since he had literally fallen out of the bed and began scrambling.

Putting on her clothes, she whispered, "Is that who I think it is?"

Nick nodded his head up and down as he squeezed his foot into his sneaker, "Oh yeah. I'd know that yell anywhere, trust me. It ain't my Mom." Turning around to see Angel put on her tank top, Nick's eyes bugged out of his head as he went over to investigate. "Uh baby….you can't wear that shirt."

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she stopped making her bed, she gave Nick a 'what the fuck' look. Turning Angel around by her shoulders, he forced her to look in the mirror, Angel's face paled.

"Sorry. Guess I got carried away," Nick said while trying to hide his smile.

Angel looked at him wide-eyed, "Ya think?" Giving her a hug as he laughed into her hair, she started laughing as well. "At least you left my neck free of bite marks. Wearing a turtleneck in this weather would certainly give me away." Pulling her head to look at him, Nick bent down to give her a good-morning kiss.

"CARTER! You better be up and dressed in one minute before I come in that damn room!" Kevin yelled while banging on Angel's bedroom door.

Angel quickly pulled on another shirt to hide the evidence; Nick stared at her breasts licking his lips.

"How do we get ourselves out of this mess?" Angel asked with concern in her eyes.

Giving her one last kiss, "Don't worry about him. I'll take care of it. I have some leverage after last night." Nick wiggled his eyebrows and sent a sexy smirk towards Angel.

Opening the door, Nick and Angel came face to face with Sheridan and Kevin.

"Welcome back Kevin," Angel said while shining her hundred-watt smile. "Wow, how did you manage to get a sunburn in London? I always thought it was rainy and cool there this time of year." Angel said as she walked by him and headed straight to the kitchen to get two coffee mugs. Kevin looked like a thermometer with a high fever, the red was rising up from his neck and into his face. 'Act innocent and maybe he'll think nothing happened.' She reiterated in her head.

Sheridan covered her smile and Nick coughed.

"Good Morning Sheridan," Angel said as she poured the coffee.

Kevin's mouth dropped watching Angel's retreating form.

Reaching out to Kevin, grabbing him in a bear hug, Nick welcomed him back. Kevin was now speechless. Nick bent over to give Sheridan a kiss on her cheek, "Good Morning Sheridan."

He watched Nick's back as he went and got one of the cups of coffee Angel made.

Kevin turned around to see Sheridan's facial expression. Sheridan had a blank face as she watched the two of them sit on the bar stools and sip their coffees.

Walking over to the counter, Kevin remembered why he was there. "So Nick, tell me. When was the last time you checked your voicemail?"

Nick thought back and said, "Yesterday afternoon before I left Rok's, why?"

Smirking, "'Cause I left a message last night telling you we had a meeting this morning at Nine."

Nick's face paled, "We did? Listen Kev, I'm sorry. We didn't get in 'til late…"

"…And you never went home so how would you know, right?"

"Yeah." Nick licked his lips while running a hand through his hair, catching a glance of Angel who was staring intently in her coffee mug.

"So...," Kevin looked at Sheridan, who seemed more confused than he was. "Sheridan, would you like some coffee?"

Nick coughed, he was in deep shit now with Kevin. Kevin was cutting him some slack, but he couldn't figure out why.

When Angel looked at Kevin who was still staring at Sheridan, Angel elbowed Nick.

"Thank you but I think I should get dressed," Sheridan mumbled. Pulling her robe even tighter around her body, she beat a hasty retreat to her room.

When she was gone Kevin's head swung rapidly towards Nick, "We need to talk little bro, finish up."

Angel's face scrunched up at the tone Kevin used on Nick. She did have to admit though, it was effective, Nick gulped his coffee down. After swallowing almost the entire mug in two sips, he gave her a sympathetic smile as Kevin stood at the door waiting.

Angel followed Kevin's eyes to see what he was focusing on; they were focused on Sheridan's bedroom door. Giving Kevin a smirk she laughed, "Must be Tom didn't show up and she wore those pajamas from her Mom for nothing." One more time Angel watched Kevin's face turn red not from anger but from embarrassment.

Kevin grunted as he slammed the door shut, "Damn women are a pain in the ass."

"You're only saying that because..."

"Did I ask for your opinion!" Kevin yelled at Nick as they went down the stairs and out to the parking lot. "Why the hell did I waste my breath on the entire employee relations speech?"

"I dunno," Nick laughed as he got in his car. As he drove to Kevin's house to meet up with A.J. and Howie, he wondered how the hell Kevin knew where he was to begin with.

Angel spent the day doing laundry and cleaning. Nick had called her a couple of times to complain about Kevin, all in a loving, joking manner. Nick was looking for an excuse to call her. His last call ended with a scripted message about him making plans for them tonight and for her to be ready.

"Ready for what?" she questioned flirtatiously. Nick just said in a low, deep voice, "It's a secret. I gotta go babe. See you at six at my place."

Brian called once to make sure they arrived safely. He was in hysterics after learning about Nick and Angel's sleepover disruption. "Leave it to my cousin," he laughed at her.

Sheridan was trying to talk to Angel to find out about her and Nick. But Angel kept avoiding the questions and somehow got Sheridan to tell her about her weekend with Tom.

"It sucked, I didn't get laid." Sheridan sulked around in her bathrobe. "I think I'll become a nun."

"I don't think nuns can write fan fic." Angel cracked a smile. She felt bad for her friend but maybe this is just what Sheridan needed to understand that no matter what, Tom was never going to sleep with her and that it was time for her to move on.

Sheridan was more than a little curious about what Angel had said to her on the phone, comparing Nick with Joey. Grabbing two pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Sheridan created the perfect environment to talk about it. Through more tears, Angel retold her story.

After hearing the story, Sheridan was speechless. Suddenly many things in Angel's life became quite clear.

Since Angel had somewhat confessed to Sheridan a little about Thanksgiving, Angel decided to tell her what she knew.

"I talked to my mom last week about Thanksgiving," Angel began, "And that's when she told me Joey had called her to see what my plans were. My mom didn't hesitate to tell him I would be coming home. She just assumed I would be; she never asked me. Joey then told her he would be in the area and would love to stop by to see them, and me. So, of course, she invites him to stay for dinner."

"I take it your parents don't know what actually happened between you and Joey."

Sadly, Angel whispered "No. I only confessed my horrible relationship with Joey twice."

"Angel you've been holding this in for way too long. You look more alive than I've seen you in a long time."

"I feel much better, like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel a little bit stronger, a little more wiser, and definitely a lot more happier."

"Oh, and here I thought it had to do with you having sex last night with Carter." Sheridan said with a sly smile.

Angelina mumbled, "Mind blowing," then her cheeks turned a deep scarlet red color and laughed. "Yeah, that may have something to do with it. Which reminds me, I need to get my stuff together, I'm going to stay at Nick's place tonight. I'll meet you at the meeting tomorrow."

"I hope Kevin didn't ream Nick a new asshole," Sheridan said as she headed to the kitchen to throw away the now two empty pint containers. "I think I'll just get some writing done, maybe finish up the set layouts. I'm not in the mood to think about relationships right now."

Grabbing her overnight bag, Angel started to pack. Nick had been vague as to what his plans for tonight were so she had to use her imagination to pack clothes that would be appropriate for many different places. Zipping up her bag, she left it at the front door as she knocked on Sheridan's door.

"I'm off. Have a good night." Angel said as she hugged her roommate goodbye. Puzzled, Sheridan said, "Goodnight. Be good and behave yourself. Don't forget condoms!"

"Are you kidding me?" With a skip in her step, Angel left the apartment in a daze.

"Good evening Ms. Angel," Patrick said as she came down the stairs.

"Good evening Patrick. And yes, I do believe it's quite good," Angel said with a huge smile.

Fifteen minutes later as Angel pulled into Nick's parking lot, her cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey Baby. Where are you?"

Looking at the clock on her dashboard that read 6:06, she started laughing. "Nick, I'm in your parking lot and for the record, I am only six minutes late."

All she heard was, "I'll be right there," before she heard the click.

Shaking her head as she got out of her car, she pulled out her bags and was about to shut the door until she was immediately picked up by two long, strong arms. Letting out a scream to wake the dead, Angel then heard a familiar giggle.

"I'm guessing you don't like scary movies huh?"

"Jesus Nick. You scared the shit out of me. Don't ever do that again. I almost hit you."

Shutting the car door with his foot, Nick began walking back to his place. "I wanted to surprise you."

"Mission accomplished Nick," Angelina said with a laugh. "So tell me, how is Kevin doing?"

Angel heard a groan come from Nick, "I would like to have a good night tonight. Let's not bring up Kevin, please?"

"I just need to know how his mood was so I know what to expect for tomorrow's meeting."

"True. He'll be fine. Just give him some time. He's jealous that we all got close with you guys, even Gene and Marybeth, while he was away. He feels left out," Nick shrugged the last part. "But Rok talked to him like he promised. We're good," Nick said while giving Angel a kiss on her cheek.

As he entered his apartment, he shut the door with his foot again. Walking directly into his bedroom, he flopped Angel on his bed and crawled up to meet her.

"I've missed you," Nick said as he proceeded to lightly kiss Angel's lips. Slowly, Angel reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck. What started out as feather kisses, heated up quickly.

Pausing, they looked into each other's eyes. "So what did you have planned for tonight?" Angel questioned.

"I owe you a massage," Nick said with sparkle in his eye.

Puzzled, Angel replied, "Huh? I don't remember us talking about massages. Not that I'm complaining 'cause that sounds like a hell of an idea."

Kissing her neck lightly, he whispered, "When you were sick, you asked for a raincheck on your massage."

Getting lost in the feelings Nick was inducing, Angel just moaned an, "Okay."

Nick pulled back, "But first, we need to get something to eat." Nick bounced off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

"Where are we going Nick?" Angel asked trying to come back from cloud nine as she followed him.

"How 'bout we go to that Irish Pub on Sunset Blvd? They have great food and it's a relaxed atmosphere. More importantly, no one will know me there. Or if they do, they won't care," Nick rationalized his restaurant choice.

"Sounds good to me," Angel said as she brought in her toiletries and set them on one of the bathroom sinks. "This one okay?" she questioned Nick.

Smiling at her while shaving, "Any where you want Babe." Nick was relishing in the thought of having Angel stay over his place. Twenty minutes later they were out the door.

The Pub was dark and relatively quiet. Nick and Angel enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. Their conversation consisted of 'getting to know you' questions.

Returning back to Nick's apartment, they walked hand in hand. As Angel headed to the bathroom, Nick headed to the kitchen. Grabbing two waters, he went into his bedroom. Nick stopped suddenly, his mouth dropped open and he almost dropped the drinks when he saw Angel lying on top of his bed on her stomach, completely naked.

Angel closed her eyes enjoying the warmth and comfort of Nick's bed. Quietly, Nick put the water bottles on his dresser. Then he removed his shirt as he walked closer to Angel. Kicking off his sneakers, he climbed onto his bed.

Angel felt the bed dip and smiled. She actually smelled Nick when he walked into the room, but she was somewhat afraid of his reaction to her boldness. So, she played dumb. Nick's weight shifted on the bed and Angel heard a drawer open. After a minute, Nick sat on Angel's ass and began his massage. Angel jumped a little when she felt a cold, wet substance hit her shoulders. Nick slowly began rubbing in the oil and warming it up. Angel was glad she put her hair up in a ponytail.

Another smell filled Angel's senses. "Is that raspberry?"

Nick just mumbled an, "Uh huh," as he concentrated on what his hands were doing, with his tongue slightly hanging out of the side of his mouth. He leisurely rubbed Angel's shoulders and neck; he ran his hand up her neck into her scalp; bit by bit, he eased his hands down Angel's back while moving his fingers in a circular motion. As he traveled to her lower back, Nick scooted further down on her backside, down to her thighs. He could feel how muscular Angel's body was, she didn't have much body fat and her skin had a beautiful complexion. He noticed her tan line and the freckles that covered her body. His hands slowly slid up, down and around on her buttocks.

"So tell me, how often do you workout Angel?"

'Oh God, no talking,' Angel thought. "At least four times a week… Usually six days a week."

Nick's eyebrows shot up, "Damn girl. No wonder you have a killer body."

Angel's eyes sprang open, "You really think so?"

Sitting up on his knees, he flipped Angel over so her chest was now exposed to him. As passion filled his eyes, he leaned down towards her neck, "Oh definitely," he whispered as he began planting kisses on her.

Angel ran her fingertips up Nick's back and pulled him closer. He pulled back, "I don't want to crush you."

Shaking her head back and forth, she whispered in a sultry voice, "Don't worry, you won't. Shut up and come back here."

Sheridan stared at the ceiling in her bedroom as she thought about Angel and Nick. Turning her head to the side, she glanced out her window. A shooting star dropped down from the sky, as childish as it was, she closed her eyes and made a wish. "I hope to be as lucky as you someday Angel." Mixed emotions played at her sadden heart along with confusion over her relationship with Tom. Closing her eyes, she hoped that sweet dreams would wash all the dread away.





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