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Chapter 17

Slowly stretching, Angel felt an arm draped across her torso and a leg intertwined with her own. A smile tugged at Angel's lips as she remembered she was with Nick in his bed. Her mind began to recapture her evening with Nick. As she stretched some more, her ass pushed back into Nick's penis, which was fully awake, even though Nick wasn't.

"Don't do that unless you plan on finishing what you started," Nick mumbled into her neck.

Looking over at the clock on the bedside table, Angel smiled, "Hey, don't blame me. He got up all on his own. Our meeting is at nine, right?"

"Uh huh…what time is it now?" Nick questioned as he began stretching his body, but had yet to open his eyes.

"It's only seven." Angel answered as a thought crossed her mind.

Angel shifted her weight away from Nick, causing him to groan, "Don't go, I was comfortable and warm… Oh God… Angel," was all he said as his head crashed back against his pillow.

Angel had slid down on the bed and crawled between Nick's legs without him even realizing it until it was too late.

She looked up at Nick and said, "Just finishing what I started."

Nick opened up his eyes, filled with desire, as a sly grin crossed his lips.

Twenty minutes later, Nick and Angel were enjoying cuddling with each other in Nick's bed. "Angel, if you plan on waking me up like that each morning, Sheridan's going to need to find herself a new roommate."

Angel was shocked to hear Nick's words but downplayed it, "Nah, don't get too used to it."

Nick was cursing himself after the words left his lips, but he continued to hold Angel while running his hands up and down her back. If there was a way to scare her out of a relationship with him, he would end up doing it. Both were lost in each other's thoughts until the ringing phone interrupted them.

"'ello" Nick rasped.

Angel got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee. She was grateful for a distraction. As much as Nick's words excited her, it also made her very uneasy. Angel was not a fool; she knew Nick's track record with females. He says things, without really thinking about what he is saying; usually he flew by the seat of his pants. Point in fact, telling Angi, the DJ gal, to come to the boat races in Key West.

"Hey Nick, I just wanted to remind you about the meeting today and make sure you were up." Nick rolled his eyes as he listened to Howie.

"Hey Howie, yeah I remembered, and I've been up for a little while."

"Really? Wow, I thought you'd be sound asleep, its only 7:30." Howie snickered, "How did it go with Kevin yesterday after I left?"

Nick ran a hand through his hair as he sat up on the side of the bed, "Everything's cool Howie, don't worry. Just don't go treating Angel any different, please?"

"Are you kiddin' me? I wouldn't do that. I like her."

Angel walked into Nick's bedroom with a cup of coffee for him. "Thanks babe," Nick replied in a soft voice.

Angel whispered, "I'm going to hop in the shower, k?"

Nick nodded as he watched her walk into the bathroom.

Howie could tell Angel was there and a smirk crossed his face, "Ah, now I know why you're up so early."

Nick started giggling into the phone, "Shut up Howie. I need to hop in the shower. See you in a little bit. Bye."

Howie was now laughing, "Yeah, I'll see you both in a while. Be careful driving, Bye."

Nick looked at the phone with a questioning look as he put it back on the receiver.

Angel was watching TV while she waited for Nick to finish up. After seeing what she had been dying to see, she quickly turned it off as she heard Nick come bouncing into the living room.

Dropping a kiss on Angel's head, "You ready?" he asked.

"Yup. Do you want to stop and grab breakfast on the way to the meeting?" Angel was fumbling with her pocketbook as she spoke.

Nick walked in his kitchen and inspected his refrigerator and cabinets. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. I need to go shopping soon."

They grabbed their stuff and were out the door.

As they approached Nick's car, Angel's smile broadened. "Do you mind if I drive?" Nick couldn't see her eyes since she had her sunglasses on.

"Uh yeah…I don't care." Nick was puzzled why she asked but honestly didn't care. As he sat in the passenger's seat, he kept glancing over at Angel who was obviously amused by something or at somebody.

"Angel, what's going on?" Nick couldn't take it any longer, he felt like he was missing out on a private joke.

"Oh nothing. Hey, have you spoken to Tommy Lee lately?" Angel was now grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"No, why?" Nick questioned cautiously. Some how he knew in the back of his mind where this conversation was going. "Angel?"

"In case you didn't know, Punk'd aired last night."

Nick visibly sank down in his seat as he covered his eyes with his hand. "And? Go ahead. You might as well say it. Get it over with."

"I take it you've seen the finished product?" Angel wasn't sure.

Nick mumbled a "Nope," as he now looked at her. "But I take it you have."

Angel nodded her head up and down, "It was kind of mean what they did to you. But the part with Tommy Lee is hysterical. Is he paranoid or what?"

Nick now threw his head back onto the headrest saying a silent prayer that the guys hadn't seen it yet. Although he knew Howie did by his comment to 'drive safely.' Nick chuckled a little, turned his head to face Angel, who had parked the car at a bagel joint, and was now watching Nick.

"I'm such a sucker sometimes. I should have known better," Nick said matter-of-factly.

Angel then spoke, "I wonder if it was Kevin who set you up."

Nick looked at her wide-eyed, "What do you mean?"

Angel then realized Nick may not have thought about this before, "Well, since he was punk'd last season; anyone who gets punk'd, gets the chance to punk someone else..." Angel's voice trailed off as she saw Nick make the connection.

Nick started shaking his head as he laughed. Then he pulled Angel close and gave her a big hug and a squeeze, "You're the best, you know that?"

Angel looked at him as if he was crazy, "Where did that come from?"

"I love that you're a fan. You get the scoop and figure shit out before we do, especially me. And for waking me up in the best mood, I'll even buy you breakfast." Nick and Angel walked hand in hand into the bagel shop.

"But I'm still driving when we're done Carter."

Nick just laughed and hugged her. "I don't care babe."

Meanwhile, across town, Sheridan was trying to calm her nerves. She didn't know why, but she was incredibly nervous about today's meeting. She knew Kevin played a major role in it, but couldn't figure out why. She had had a pleasant evening. After Angel's confession, Sheridan decided she needed a long, hot bath. Then she curled up with a good book until around 9, then she immediately taped and watched Punk'D. Sheridan had a good laugh at Nick's expense on that one.

As she drove, Sheridan couldn't help but think, "Poor Nick. He's not going to be able to live that one down for a while. What a dumb shit."

As Sheridan pulled into the parking lot, she noticed Kevin's car was already there. She checked her watch and saw that it read 8:31. "Wow, I'm thirty minutes early. Go me." After climbing out of her car, adjusting her suit skirt, and pulling out her necessary supplies for the meeting, she headed towards the entrance.

As Sheridan began walking into the building she realized her nervousness was settling. 'I must be anxious,' she thought as she waited for the elevator.

Suddenly the elevator dinged, Kevin turned around to see who had arrived. Part of Kevin was still on London time; he was up early and had been raring to go since seven.

A smile crossed his face as he saw Sheridan step out, then he realized she was alone. For a brief moment, his eyebrows became the unibrow. He knew who Angel was going to come to the meeting with. Kevin began hearing the speech his cousin gave him in his head. Taking a deep breath, Kevin shook off his thoughts and greeted Sheridan with a cheery, "Hello."

Sheridan appeared to be a bit startled, but she recovered well as her smile grew, "Good morning Kevin. You're up early. How are you?"

'She's making small talk. Holy shit,' Kevin's brain screamed. "I'm good. And you?"

"I'm excellent," Sheridan replied. "Are you settled back into your California schedule or are you still on London time?"

"A little bit of both," he answered her honestly. The elevator dinged letting them know more company had arrived. "I was up early this morning and couldn't sleep so I thought I would start getting back into the swing of things here."

Howie came walking in and said his 'hellos' to Kevin and Sheridan.

Sheridan noticed the grin on Howie's face as he sat down in his chair. Sheridan was surprised to see two Backstreet Boys chipper so early in the morning. Something was up; she could sense it. Her nerves decided to come back, making her focus on her work and ignore the men in the room.

Howie noticed Sheridan's facial expression and physical appearance take a complete turn into her usual introvert self. He wondered if his appearance changed it. He figured he would make small talk with her. "So, how was your weekend Sheridan?"

Sheridan was a bit startled by Howie's question, but answered him anyways, "Quiet. I had a lot of time to myself. It was nice. How was your weekend?"

"Pretty good. I went with AJ back home to Orlando for his mother's wedding."

Kevin's head swung up, "Oh shit, I completely forgot about that. How did it go?"

"It was nice. Very low key," The elevator dinged a third time. Laughter could be heard as the door opened and continued to get louder as the group approached the conference room. In walked four laughing faces and one annoyed baby expression.

AJ, Marybeth, Brian, and Angel were flushed as they tried wiping their tears. Nick sat down in his chair with a thump with his arms crossed over his chest and a small pout.

Sheridan immediately caught on, as did Howie, and both began laughing.

Kevin sat down and was completely clueless, "What the hell is so damn funny?" Kevin looked all around the room and his eyes settled on Nick. "Nick, what did you do this time?" Laughter roared even louder.

Angel made a snort sound and even Nick couldn't help but laugh.

Gene walked in to the conference room without anyone noticing he had arrived. None of them heard the elevator bell.

Gene was happy to see all of them laughing. He had wondered how this first meeting would turn out, especially after the teleconference, but it seemed to him, his fears were unfounded. "Well kids, let's get to work shall we?

Kevin raised his hand, "Wait a minute Gene, I still don't know what's so funny!" Sheridan began to smirk, Kevin was still in the dark on this one.

Angel excused herself to use the restroom.

Kevin looked around the conference room and realized only Nick had stopped laughing. "What's up Nick?" Kevin asked as he began sipping his coffee.

"It appears my Punk'D episode aired last night."

Kevin spit out his coffee hearing this news. He didn't even know Nick had been Punk'd.

"They Punk'd you dawg?" Kevin had a gleam in his eye.

Angel walked back into the conference room.

Nick looked at her and winked.

"Yes, thanks to YOU, I was Punk'd," Nick was grinning.

Kevin knew he was busted. He looked at the girls and they knew how Nick got his ass Punk'd, it was all over their faces. "Well, payback's are a bitch Nick, what can I say. What did they make you do?"

"Oh nothing much. Just made me think I hit someone while I was driving. Then I got to punk Tommy Lee."

Kevin's eyes saw red. "Are you fucking serious? That's cold. That's almost as bad as strippin' down to your drawers."

"Yeah well, it's over with. And it looks like I'm not allowed to drive anywhere anymore." Nick's hand touched Angel's knee as a sly smirk graced his face.

Kevin watched Nick basically blow it off; Kevin was floored. He didn't even know he was smiling until he looked at Brian who gave him a nod and a wink.

'Damn, when did he grow up?' Kevin thought.

Sheridan watched Kevin watch Nick. She knew Kevin was trying to accept this 'relationship' or whatever you wanted to call it between Nick and Angel.

Angel was in a fog as to what was going on around her as she was catching up on her emails. With all her traveling, she had neglected many of her duties. She just needed a few hours and she'd be caught up in no time.

Gene started the meeting by going over what had been completed on the movie sets and what needed to be done next. He went into detail on some items John Hughes, the director, had suggested, as well as the final casting call lists. The exterior shots that were filmed were ready for Kevin to review at his leisure.

Marybeth handed out a folder to everyone and passed along four binders to be shared among the group. Kevin pulled his chair close to Sheridan's so they could share; AJ and Howie grabbed another binder; Nick and Angel took hold of the third folder and Brian and Gene shared the fourth.

As the groups flipped through the binders, they saw pictures and bios of potential cast members. Each cast member had their own section and a list of which cast member would fit each available role.

Sheridan immediately wanted to see if Kevin's nemesis was the one Angel had suggested. Sheridan and Angel had spent many hours going through B list actresses and actors to fill in the movie characters.

Sheridan looked up at Angel to see her staring at her with a grin. Angel winked, then looked at Kevin's face. Sheridan looked over to see what Kevin was reading. He was reviewing the film's budget thus far. Sheridan rolled her eyes; Kevin the, business man, was crunching numbers.

A.J. and Howie wanted to know which hot actresses would be involved in the movie. Angel heard Howie mumble a 'yes,' then pointed to something so AJ could read it.

A.J.'s face lit up and a huge grin crossed it. "Are all these actors and actresses on board for this project? AJ asked Gene.

"Yes A.J., everyone is on board. Not all of the contracts are signed yet, but they will be by the end of the week. Baring no complaints or concerns." Gene turned to Marybeth and she nodded her head up and down to indicate that the information was correct.

Sheridan was trying to focus on the information in front of her, but she couldn't stop thinking about Kevin. Suddenly his knee touched her knee. Sheridan inhaled slowly as she felt her entire body becoming very warm. Her head felt dizzy and she closed her eyes.

Kevin felt Sheridan's knee against his. He began to feel a sensation of warmth overcome him. Carefully he looked over toward Sheridan and saw her eyes looking down. He didn't know it, but they were actually closed. He wondered if she felt anything.

Sheridan was wondering the same thing.

Nick knew he should have been paying attention to what he was reading, but was having a hard time concentrating. He was holding Angel's hand and was gently rubbing his thumb across hers as his mind recalled their weekend together.

Angel's mind drifted back to her massage the night before and was lost in her own thoughts. She appeared to be reading the information in front of her, but appearances can be deceiving.

Suddenly Angel's mind came back to the present, and she wanted to see who would be playing Nick's 'girlfriend' in this movie.

Nick sensed her attitude change and was quickly catapulted from his thoughts. He watched her fingers gently turn the pages to his section.

Nick was reading the name, Venessa Lengies. It sounded familiar, but he couldn't figure out where he knew her from. He started reading her bio and then realized she was one of the actors in the television show he guest starred in, American Dreams.

It hadn't occurred to Nick that this might put a strain on his relationship with Angel. He knew he didn't have a lot of screen time, especially alone with his female co-star, but he didn't know Angel all that well. He didn't know what her jealousy factor would be like. Hell, neither Nick nor Angel discussed exactly where their relationship was headed or even what to call it. 'I think this is something that definitely needs to be discussed and soon,' Nick thought.

Angel looked him in the eye and said, "She'll be good in this role I think. How was she when you worked with her on American Dreams?"

Nick looked at Angel with a surprise, 'not showing any signs of jealousy, this is good.'
"She was nice. Did her job and looked like she was enjoying what she was doing. She'll be fine I think." Nick smiled realizing his fears would be for nothing.

Leaning into her ear, Nick whispered, "Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?"

Angel shook her head 'no' as she watched his face.

"I wanted to talk to you about some stuff, so if you don't have any plans, I was thinking we could do something together."

As much as Angel enjoyed spending time with Nick, she was missing home. "I need to go home and take care of some things. Why don't you come over? I'll make us all a nice home cooked meal and we can talk afterwards."

"Who's 'us'?"

"Sheridan, me, you," Angel shrugged. "Maybe Tom. I haven't had a chance to talk to Sheridan to find out what her plans are."

"That sounds cool. Let me know what time and what I can bring," Nick felt giddy. For the first time, in a long time, relationships in his life were falling back into place, with his brothers and now a girl.

Sheridan had overheard Nick and Angel's conversation. She didn't even realize she had a goofy grin on her face until she heard Kevin whisper in her ear, "So, are you going to invite me over for dinner too?"

Sheridan's head snapped up to see Kevin's face mimic the same grin she had. She blinked her eyes and looked at Angel, who was lost reading her binder, then looked back at Kevin. "Ah… I um… I ah… I'm not sure," Sheridan finally stuttered. Trying to compose herself, "Let me check with Angel and see what her plans are."

"I think you know Angel's plans, as well as Nick's, just like I do." Kevin's eyes peered into Sheridan's and his eyebrow arched.

'He loves to eavesdrop on conversations,' she thought. "Yeah….but I haven't heard how yesterday went after you came to our house. And I don't want to invite you if it would upset Angel," Sheridan spoke softly and then lowered her gaze.

Kevin nodded his head, he understood where Sheridan was coming from and he respected her decision. "I understand," he said as he lowered his head and sighed. He was trying to fit in with the group that already grown together.

Sheridan saw Kevin's reaction and immediately felt bad. "Angel?" Sheridan whispered across the table.

Angel looked up at Sheridan and asked, "What?" in a similar tone.

"Come to the bathroom with me," Sheridan replied.

Angel just nodded her head.

Howie saw the two girls leave and turned to Marybeth, "Don't you need to go too?"

Marybeth gave Howie a confused look and answered, "No. Why?"

Howie continued, "I don't get it. Why do girls go to the bathroom together?"

Marybeth shrugged, "I don't know. To keep each other company?"

AJ watched in amusement at this conversation.

Gene laughed under his breath then said, "Why don't we take a fifteen minute break. Then we can finish up with the cast members and go to lunch. After lunch, John should be stopping by to meet with all of us."

Down the hall, Sheridan and Angel started their break a bit early. After three cups of coffee in ninety minutes, both ladies needed to use the restroom. Sheridan's patience was wearing thin and she wanted to find out if asking Kevin over for dinner would be a good or bad idea. 'I better start by focusing her mind on something else first' Sheridan thought, "So, how was last night?"

Angel was using the toilet next to Sheridan's, "It was great."

Sheridan sat there waiting for more than one adjective. "Great? Just great?"

Angel giggled, "Nah, it was more than great. But I can't find the words to describe it exactly. Heavenly. Wonderful. Fantastic. They don't quite fit it, ya know what I mean?"

Sheridan sighed. She knew what Angel meant and part of her was jealous for it. "Yeah, I know. I'm happy for you Angel. I really am."

Angel was washing her hands, but could hear the sadness in Sheridan's voice. Angel decided to change the subject, "Hey Sheridan, do you have any plans for dinner?"

Sheridan's ears perked up, 'Angel must be reading my mind' she thought. "Nope, but I was hoping I'd get to spend some time with you and maybe have a home cooked meal?" Sheridan gave Angel a little pout as she washed her hands.

Angel bit her lip, wondering if having company would be okay. "Is Tom coming?"

Sheridan grunted, "No. Why is Nick coming?"

Hearing the grunting sound made Angel nervous, "Well, if you didn't mind… he hasn't had a chance to go shopping with all his traveling… and he hasn't had a home cooked meal in like … forever." Now it was Angel's turn to use her best puppy dog sad eyes, pout face on.

Sheridan smiled back, "I don't care Angel. That's fine."

"Really? Thanks," Angel gave Sheridan a big hug.

"Uh Angel, it's your apartment too. You don't need to ask me. I never do with Tom, do I?"

Angel thought about it and realized Sheridan was right, "Yeah…true."

Sheridan figured she had nothing to lose if she just came right out and asked. Besides, they were done and about to walk back to the conference room. "Ah Angel, can I ask you a question?"

Angel stopped walking and waited for Sheridan in the corridor. "Sure. Anything."

"Would you mind if Kevin came over for dinner too?"

Angel's eyes bulged, "WHAT?"

While the women were gone, the rest of the guys slowly got up and stretched. Brian and Nick went to the restroom while Howie, A.J., and Kevin talked about what had happened yesterday at Angel and Sheridan's apartment.

A.J. started, "So Kev, what happened after we left you and Nick yesterday?"

Kevin looked around the room before speaking quietly, "Nick basically told me to stay out of his personal life, that this would have no effect on the movie… and he was truly happy so I better not ruin it for him. Then he told me to call Brian in Atlanta and stormed out to go make a few phone calls. So I called Brian and we talked about Nick and what's been going on in his life - personal and professional - and then Brian told me about their weekend in Atlanta."

Howie and AJ exchanged a look.

Kevin continued, "Get this, Brian told me to let Nick's relationship with Angel go… to ignore it. Don't add in my two cents like I normally do."

AJ looked perplexed, "Rok said this? To you?"

Kevin nodded, "Yeah. Brian told me he thinks this a good thing. I don't know where the hell he gets that idea from, but I gave him my word I would try and stay out of it."

Howie looked shocked, "You agreed?"

Kevin looked from AJ then to Howie, "Yeah. What else am I suppose to do? Speak my mind and look like a fucking jerk? I don't think so. I'll let Nick learn this lesson all on his own. Mixing personal and business relationships is a dangerous combination."

Suddenly, the three men turned their heads towards the conference room door when they heard a female yell 'WHAT.'

Meanwhile in the men's bathroom, Nick and Brian were chatting away. "So tell me, how was last night?" Brian had been very patient waiting to get the details of Nick and Angel's first evening out together after sex.

Nick looked up thinking about their date and the rest of their evening alone. "It was great. I owed her a massage from when she was sick a few weeks back, and that was probably the best part," Nick's eyes sparkled as he spoke.

"So, what are you two?" Brian knew they were good for each other, but both were afraid to speak of any commitment to each other.

"Rok, it's too early to tell. I like her, a lot. I think she likes me a lot too. I just don't want to rush into anything, ya know?" Nick bit his bottom lip.

"Don't be a shit and not give her any signs of how you feel. And I don't mean when you two are in bed either." Brian was reading Nick's mind, causing him to blush.

Quietly, Nick responded, "Yeah… but I'm afraid Rok. I really like her. If I tell her how I feel, and then she tells me how she feels, and it's not the same way, I'm not sure how I'd handle it… I'd feel stupid…. I don't want to jeopardize this film in any way. I already gave Kevin my word that I wouldn't. He'd kill me."

Brian patted Nick's shoulder, "I don't think you need to worry. C'mon big guy, let's get back to the group."

As Brian opened up the door, they heard a female yell 'WHAT.' Brian looked back at Nick, "that doesn't sound too good."

Nick nodded his head in agreement.

Angel looked at Sheridan with big eyes, "Are you serious? You want to ask Kevin to dinner? To our apartment?"

Sheridan shrugged her shoulders, "Yeah."

Angel mimicked Sheridan, "Yeah. Just like that?"

"Uh huh. Angel, he just got back from London and I think he feels left out of the group." Sheridan spoke quietly as she heard footsteps from behind. She looked up to see Angel's face and could tell it must have been Nick by her expression.

"Hey ladies, whatcha doin'?" Brian asked as he put his arms around the two ladies.

"Oh nothing. Just having some roommate talk, that's all." Sheridan didn't want anyone else to know what her plans were.

Angel pulled Nick's head down towards her mouth, "Would you care if Kevin came over for dinner tonight too?"

Nick looked at her in shock then his eyes softened, "I don't care but what made you think of inviting him."

"Not my idea. It's Sheridan's." Nick's head snapped back to look at Sheridan. She flashed Nick a pout and battered her eyes. He laughed and grabbed her shoulders, giving them a squeeze. "What have you done to our Sheridan?"

"Just thought it would be nice, that's all." Sheridan demurely smiled.

Nick and Brian bought it, Angel knew better as she nodded a yes to her roommate.





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