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Chapter 28

As the group gathered in the conference room, Kevin shared a silent conversation with Nick away from the others. The rest of the gang missed their head's bobbing and sly smirks. Kevin saw Marybeth walk into her office. He excused himself, stood up, and left the conference room. He needed to speak with her alone.

Knocking on her open door, Kevin poked his head in her office. "Hey Marybeth, thanks again for all your help," Kevin said as he walked further into her office. He was in such a great mood.

"My pleasure Kevin. I just hope it all works out. If not, the next six months are going to be rough." Marybeth knew Gene would not be too happy with her if he found out what she did.

"Don't worry about it. I've got connections and I know this is a good thing. Have a little faith in me."

Marybeth started to laugh.

With a frown, Kevin asked, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, I never thought you'd be putting your faith in Nick and acknowledging him as a good source of information."

Kevin blinked. Chewing on the inside of his mouth, he replied, "Yeah, well there's also Angel too. The two of them can't be THAT wrong. Right?"

"Oh Kevin. I didn't mean to cause doubts. Ignore me. Everything is going to be just fine." Marybeth tried to hide the smirk that was creeping its way to her lips.

Hoping to change the subject he asked, "So, did you enjoy dinner Thursday night?" Kevin noticed Marybeth blush. Kevin spoke as he walked out the door. "Just so ya know, I am very good at reading people too."

Marybeth stood frozen in her office. 'Does he know?' she thought to herself. Marybeth was brought back to reality when she heard the elevator ding, letting her know the others had arrived. After taking a deep breath, she picked up her belongings for the meeting, and walked back into the conference room. She hoped that Kevin's little plan didn't blow up in all of their faces.

Angel and Sheridan arrived with John and Gene. As they entered the conference room, they were all talking about something. Nick noticed the group as they entered. Gene looked thrilled as he was speaking a mile a minute. John looked happy; Angel and Sheridan shared a smile as they took their seats. Howie and Brian didn't miss the little goings on with the foursome either. Kevin was returning to his seat and missed the entire incident.

Gene began to speak as Marybeth entered the conference room and handed out folders to the group. "Good Evening. Before we get started, I've got some news to tell you about." The boys exchanged looks of worry, surprise, and fear.

Nick looked at Angel for some sort of reassurance. Slowly, she smiled and nodded her head up and down. Under the table, he took her hand in his and squeezed it. A.J. noticed Nick relax and found himself calming down as well. Kevin, on the other hand, was tight-jawed and nervous. His face mirrored Brian's as well as Howie's.

Brian couldn't wait any longer, "Gene, what's going on?"

Gene continued quickly noticing the reactions from Brian, Howie, and Kevin. "Well, I've been recruited to work on a new documentary project that starts immediately after Christmas."

A.J. shot a look to Marybeth and noticed her face showed mixed feelings about this news. Feeling someone staring at her, she looked up and saw A.J.'s brown eyes watching her. His grin grew wide as he gave her a wink, then he turned around to listen to the rest of Gene's speech.

"I'll still be available if you guys need me, but you've got John, Sheridan, and Angel watching your backs. And Marybeth will be taking over my responsibilities on this project."

Marybeth's head flew up and she stared at Gene. A.J. noticed Marybeth's reaction and concluded that this was the first she had heard of this new plan.

"Everything is going so well with your project. You don't need me anymore and it's time to delegate some of my responsibilities on this project," Gene said with a laugh.

Howie shook his head; he understood it was time to get down to shooting the movie and they really didn't need Gene as much anymore.

Leighanne had explained to Brian that sooner or later, their project meetings would be less and less when filming began, so this didn't surprise him too much. Meetings and details would be hashed out on the set with the director.

Kevin enjoyed the security of their meetings and wondered how life with John Hughes would be but was thankful Marybeth would be continuing on their team.

Gene continued, focusing on Kevin's sour expression. "I know you don't trust too many people with this project Kevin, and you trust even fewer people with your expenses."

A.J. cackled, he didn't even try to hold in his laugh as it rose out of his mouth.

Howie put his head down, but his shoulders shaking indicated to Kevin that he too found this quite funny.

Marybeth spoke in a timid voice, "Kevin, if you'd rather hire someone else within the corporation, I would understand."

Gene interrupted, "Marybeth knows all about this project and how the backend of this business works. She's worked with many other people who have been in my position before. In fact, she's the one who's been guiding me with this project from the start."

Kevin cut Gene off, "It's okay Gene. Marybeth will be fine. I don't want any more new people on this project than necessary." Kevin didn't want to offend Marybeth, especially after all the help she had given him.

John raised his eyebrows, clearing his throat, the director finally spoke, "When the filming commences, you will see many new faces on the set, people who are part of my crew."

Kevin interrupted, "That's fine John. You use whatever crew you need to film. I was referring to the behind the scenes part of this movie, as in the corporate logistics." Kevin turned his head towards Angel and Sheridan. He heard one of them snort.

Sheridan shook her head 'no' and pointed towards Angel. Sheridan wasn't in the mood to bang heads with Kevin; her day had been rough enough already.

"Yes Angel? Do you find something humorous?" Kevin questioned; the irritation in his voice was apparent.

Angel looked up in surprise. She hadn't realized she made any noise. She looked at Nick and saw him laughing behind his hands.

"Wh-what?" Angel questioned Kevin.

Kevin repeated himself, "I said, what do you find humorous?"

Angel looked over to Sheridan and grinned. Sheridan knew some sort of smartass comment was about to leave her lips.

"One less testosterone male and the estrogen levels for this project are almost equal."

Howie spoke up next, "Let's hope not. We'll need a bigger bathroom if that's the case."

Everyone laughed at Howie's observation, even the females of the group.

John cleared his throat. "If we could discuss one thing before we leave tonight…"

Angel tuned out John's speech. She was thrilled to have Marybeth onboard. The girls knew she was doing most of the work for this project, not Gene. Well, at least not anymore. In the beginning, he was more hands on, but lately, it was all Marybeth.

As Angel's mind wandered, she unconsciously reached for Nick's hand and held it on his thigh. Not that he minded one bit, but he could see she was a million miles away in thought. He wondered what she was thinking about. He was staring at her until Kevin cleared his throat, causing Nick to refocus on John.

Kevin began thinking about his plan with Sheridan. His thoughts turned to his meeting with Jacob tonight. He prayed Jacob didn't screw it up for him or Kevin would make his life in the acting business a living hell. Kevin was going way out on the proverbial limb on this one; he could see everything crashing down rather quickly if his plan failed.

Sheridan was also lost in her own world of private thoughts. She was nervous about her luncheon meeting tomorrow. 'Even if I don't get the job, at least I'm having lunch at The Ivy.'

Howie, Brian, John, Marybeth, and A.J. were all engrossed in a conversation as the other four joined in one-by-one.

As Angel slowly began to refocus, John announced for everyone to have a great holiday season and a wonderful but safe new year. After John and Gene left the conference room, all eyes turned to Marybeth who looked like she was still in shock.

Sheridan and Angel were the first to congratulate her and gave her welcoming hugs. "You so deserve this."

The guys followed the girls.

"Thanks guys. I'm still shocked; Gene didn't say anything to me."

Kevin nodded, "I don't think he thought you would have to consider taking the position."

A.J. was the last one to congratulate Marybeth. As he pulled her in for a hug, he whispered in her ear, "Guess you'll be staying in LA for Christmas huh?"

Hoarsely, Marybeth replied, "Yeah. I guess so."

A.J. beamed, "Great! Then you can come to my house for Christmas. I'll give you the 411 later."

The boys heard A.J.'s announcement and all smiled. They knew he would be fine this holiday season with his mother, now that Marybeth would be joining him. A.J. still had some battles to fight and loneliness was a big one for him.

Angel wished Sheridan good luck on her interview luncheon tomorrow as she stood up to leave. Howie and Brian overheard their conversation and asked what it was for.

Cheeks flaming red, Sheridan replied, "Honestly, I don't remember which job I am interviewing for tomorrow. I believe it's for a personal assistant opening. But, I have no idea who I'll be working for. I'm meeting his assistant."

Kevin raised his eyebrows, "That's not a very smart idea Sheridan. You better be careful."

Sheridan explained about it taking place in a public area and that she would be perfectly safe. Kevin seemed to like to father everyone, even her.

Howie jumped in, "Well, that's good. Try and get as much information from this assistant as you can. Some people in Hollywood are very eccentric. You shouldn't be afraid to ask him how he likes working for his boss."

"Thanks Howie. I'll do that." Sheridan was feeling a little bit better about tomorrow. Having support from her friends definitely helped, questions were rolling around in her mind. The most important one being, who she was going to work for.

As Nick and Angel left the conference room hand in hand, she tried to find out what movie they would be watching tonight. "Aw, c'mon. Please tell me Nicky?"

"Oh man, another whiner," Kevin was right behind the couple, "I don't think I've ever heard you whine Angel. You and Nick may have more in common than I first thought." Kevin looked over to Nick giving him a wink; Nick wasn't too happy with his comment but knew better than to argue the point with Kevin.

The elevator doors opened and they filed in. "So, what are your plans for tonight kids?"

'Kevin is in an unusually good mood,' thought Angel. She gave him a puzzled look.

"What?" Kevin asked innocently.

Looking at him from the corner of her eye, she replied, "Nothing. I'm not sure what plans I have tonight. Someone is keeping it a secret from me."

"You won't mind, trust me," Nick said with a chuckle.

Kevin gave Nick a look and glared at him, "I don't need to hear this."

"I'm not saying a word."

Angel, who was now pouting, replied, "Me either. Especially since I don't know what we're doing."

Kevin chuckled, "Is that a tough one for you Einstein?"

Angle flipped him off in return for the remark.

As the elevator landed in the lobby, the trio walked to the parking garage. "Nick, what time do you have?" Kevin asked.

"It's about 8:30."

Smiling, Kevin said, "Excellent. See you kids tomorrow."

As Nick and Angel got into his Escalade, Angel questioned Nick about what Kevin was up to. Shrugging his shoulders, Nick answered, "I don't know, maybe he has a date or something." He didn't want to lie to her, but this wasn't something he could tell her considering it had to do with her roommate and friend.

Nick had gone shopping earlier in the day. He wanted to surprise Angel with a little Christmas décor. He knew Sheridan and Angel weren't decorating their apartment because they weren't going to be home for very long and they didn't have much time to do it with their jobs. Pushing his apartment door open, he held it for Angel to walk in. Her eyes lit up as she took in his Christmas decorations. In the corner stood a naked Christmas tree with boxes of ornaments stacked in a pile beside it.

She stood still as she took it all in. Nick came up from behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Maybe tomorrow morning you can help me decorate the Christmas tree," Nick whispered in Angel's ear. A chill ran up her spine as his voice melted her. Not able to speak, she shook her head up and down. She turned around in Nick's arms and kissed him gently. Moving his hands up her body, he held her head as their kiss became more urgent. After a few minutes, both slowly stopped as their foreheads leaned together.

In a hoarse voice, Nick asked, "What would you like to drink?"

"Whatever's cold," Angel wasn't too picky at this point. Her senses were completely out of whack.

"I'll be right back." Nick walked into the kitchen, still trying to calm down. She took his breath away and made his body react in ways he still wasn't quite accustomed too. Lust was a feeling he was used to, but this felt different to him, emotions were attached to it and that was new.

When Nick returned to the living room, he witnessed Angel sitting quietly staring at the tree, which was now all lit up.

Not taking her eyes away, she said, "I hope you don't mind. I turned off your lights and turned on the tree."

Sitting down next to her on the couch, Nick put his arm around Angel and pulled her close so she was leaning on his chest. "Not at all," he whispered. The two sat there for quite awhile, each lost in their own thoughts watching the lights twinkle, until Angel spoke. "This is nice."

Nick was confused, "What's nice? The tree? It isn't even done yet."

Shaking her head back and forth, Angel replied, "No, not that. Well, I mean the tree is very nice with the lights on. I mean just sitting here, quietly in each other's company. It's not uncomfortable. It's very relaxing."

Nick thought about what Angel was saying and couldn't agree more. "Yeah, it is."

After what seemed like hours, but was more like thirty minutes, Nick suggested they watch the movie. Angel was excited to see what he picked out. "Sounds great! What are we watching?" she asked as she sat on her knees waiting.

"Pretty in Pink. I heard the director wasn't too bad," Nick said with a sly grin.

"Nope, not bad at all," Angel agreed as they cuddled on the couch. The tree definitely wouldn't be decorated as the two fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Back at the apartment, Sheridan was having trouble sleeping. She tried taking a bath to help her relax, she even tried watching a movie. Nothing worked. Eventually she climbed into bed with a book and finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Kevin met with Jacob as planned and went over what was expected of him at his luncheon with Sheridan. Marybeth had pre-briefed Jacob so he had all the material memorized that Kevin had sent to her. Marybeth had made extra notes to go along with Kevin's but he was told to keep that set of notes to himself. It was a few pages of information that she had added to Kevin's. When Jacob had asked her why, Marybeth's simple reply was, "Women's intuition," these are the kinds of questions Sheridan might ask and you wouldn't know the answers because Kevin didn't list the information.

Kevin went to sleep after his meeting with Jacob, relaxed and satisfied that everything would go according to the plan. Jacob would meet with Sheridan, and then of course, she would meet with her new boss.

Morning came too early for Sheridan; she had tossed and turned all night. Cold sweats had set in due to anxiety; her nightgown now clung to her. After taking a leisurely shower, she hung onto her coffee mug to settle her nerves. Her eyes wandered over to the chair where she had laid out her interview outfit. When she had come home last night she ripped her closet apart looking for something to wear to the interview. A run-of-the-mill interview suit was not going to work for this one; this one was at The Ivy. As much as it killed her, she found a pair of black pinstriped pants and paired with a white halter, a wide black belt and some sandals that matched perfectly, even though they were out of season. Her suit coat would finish off the ensemble.

As the hour grew late she hesitantly dressed, she felt excited but apprehensive. Slipping on her shoes, she headed out for her appointment with Jacob. Turning up North Robertson Boulevard, her teeth clenched together. She needed to calm down or she would blow this interview. After parking her car, she casually entered the restaurant and looked for the host or hostess. Whispering her name, the man smiled, grabbed two menus, and took her to a seat inside the bar area. Relief seemed to wash over her, as she knew that Jacob had yet to meet her and they were inside and not on the patio. She did not want to be interviewed out in the open. After being a handed a menu she smiled, her little dilemma began, should she order or not? "A glass of water for now, until my party joins me."

A curt nod from the waiter and he was off to fetch water. Opening the menu, she looked down the lists, her eyes almost rolled out of her head at the prices.

"Your water Miss," a voice came from next to her.

Sheridan jumped out of her chair, collided with the waiter, and upturned the water glass down the front of her shirt. She groaned and mumbled an apology, while the waiter did the same as she did, they wiped each other off. Sitting down abruptly, Sheridan frowned. A loud sigh and a quirky smile, she offered an apology to the young man. "I'm sorry. I have an interview today and I'm very nervous."

"Good luck," the kid smiled at her and left her with her menu. Now her dilemma started, should she order or not. If she did, she would go through the entire interview with some piece of food stuck in her teeth.

The sound of someone clearing their throat caused her to raise her head ever so slowly. She began to rise out of her seat for some inexplicable reason. The man standing next to her evoked some type of respect from her immediately. He was dressed in a finely tailored Kenneth Cole suit, and a dress shirt that seemed to compliment the suit very well. Her eyes traveled up and down his arms, his cuffs were neatly pinned closed with cuff links. Swallowing hard she ventured a word, "Jacob?" Mentally she kicked herself for addressing the man by his first name but she didn't know his last name.

"Miss Anderson?" as he reached for her hand.

"Yes, it's me," she replied and then groaned slightly as she looked at the man's hand. His nails looked better than hers did. This man took care of himself; his nails were obviously manicured.

"Please, let's sit down and get this underway. Shall we?" Jacob pulled out a chair and took a seat across from her. Setting a briefcase on the table, he opened it, and pulled out a legal manila folder with her name neatly written across the index tab.

Sheridan squirmed in her seat, as she peeked into the briefcase trying to see how many folders were in it besides the one with her name on them. The case was snapped shut quickly by a hand. Clearing her own throat, she managed a weak smile as Jacob's intense gray eyes locked on hers.

"After reviewing your resume you appear to be qualified for the position. You have worked in an office, so you can handle the secretarial duties." Jacob's eyes dropped to the folder. "You've done some writing for local papers in your hometown, that will help with the PR portion of the position. I see you are presently employed." Glancing at her he smiled, the woman seemed overly nervous, "What kind of time frame will you need to leave your present position if you do get hired for this opening?" Jacob hid the smile, of course, he already knew the answer, but he was supposed to make this seem like a legitimate interview.

"Oh… um… well. I recently left that position so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm down to one employer at the moment." Sheridan prayed in her head that he wouldn't ask why she had left.

Jacob thought back to what Kevin had told him, make it a tough interview but not too difficult. "Your current employment. Can you tell me anything about it that would sway me to recommend you for this position?"

Sheridan grimaced, "Truthfully, I'm under contract so I can't reveal any information about the position."

Jacob frowned but on the inside he was smiling, Kevin had told him that if she said she was employed by anything other than an insurance company, he would have a problem with it. If she didn't reveal anything, it was a bonus for her. "I see." Jacob stopped speaking as he waved the waiter off and told him to wait. "Confidentiality is very important in this position. My employer values his privacy." Jacob glanced at the papers in front of him, he had no idea where to go with this now.

"I'm very good at keeping things to myself," Sheridan offered since the conversation now stood frozen. "Could you tell me more about the position?"

Jacob sighed on the inside. "You will be a personal assistant. You will be on call for all types of duties, at all times. You will be doing correspondence via mail and email. You will answer his phone, if necessary. Sometimes you may have to do some shopping for him or possibly track things down for him. The job entails many aspects of many jobs. I believe that is how the moniker of 'Personal Assistant' came about."

"Oh," Sheridan blinked. 'It's a man,' she thought to herself.

Jacob could see that she was feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little daunted by all the information. He needed to lighten this up before things went belly up on him. He decided to go with the perfect question for any woman that he had ever met, "Do you like to shop?"

"Of course," she smiled.

"Good, you'll be doing some shopping at times for him, if he doesn't have the time to do it himself." Jacob saw the sudden change and thought he would offer a little more information for her without revealing too much. "Clothes, home, and of course, grocery shopping on occasion."

Sheridan heard grocery shopping and wanted to cry. She didn't shop, Angel did. She couldn't cook either. "He isn't looking for a cook is he?"

"No," Jacob laughed, "Not at all. He is rarely home." Again the waiter interrupted, but Jacob did nod a yes and placed his order. Once he placed his order and then glanced to Sheridan. "And you will have?"

Sheridan shook her head no, "Nothing please, but thank you."

"It's on your new boss," he grinned.

Hearing her stomach growl, Sheridan placed her order. Thinking over what Jacob had said to her, she gasped, "I got the job," her eyes glazed over.

"In my eyes yes, but the final decision is his. You are more than qualified to be his glorified gopher." Jacob paled, 'that really didn't come out of his mouth, did it?'

"A gopher?" Sheridan looked at him a bit shocked.

Jacob's mood lightened, now he would drop the snobby attitude he had been 'acting' and just let the rest of the interview flow naturally. "Miss Anderson, I'm moving on and I need someone who is amiable, proficient, and professional to replace me. I think you are all of those things. Yes at times, I feel like a gopher." Jacob smiled and thought he was doing a damn good job now.

Sheridan's nerves began to tingle, something wasn't right about this. "Tell me about the man I'm supposed to work for. What type of person is he? What are his personality quirks? Are there any do's and don'ts?"

Jacob chuckled and was very happy that Marybeth had given him the extra information on the sly from Kevin. He had met Kevin and thought the guy was nice and really going out of his way to make sure his friend had a paycheck. What confused him even more was that he couldn't figure out why someone would go through so much effort. By looking at the petite, pretty blond sitting across from him, he thought maybe Kevin should move her into the house and get it on with her. Although she wasn't the type he preferred, he could see why Kevin would be attracted to her. He couldn't help but wonder why the man was going so far out of his way to do all of this.

Jacob dabbed salad dressing on his salad lightly with a spoon. He was pretending to think seriously about Sheridan's questions.

Sheridan watched intently she had seen those mannerisms before, in Tom. "Is your boss gay?" she blurted out.

"Do you have a problem with gay people?" Jacob was slightly flustered, this was a job interview but he had felt that stinging little barb. Yes, he was gay but what did that have to do with anything.

"No, not unless I'm dating one," Sheridan's slip came out with so much anger attached to it she could have scorched the tablecloth.

Jacob set the dressing and fork down, "Meaning?"

Sheridan frowned, "I just want to know if he's gay."

Jacob shook his head, "No, he's not gay." Jacob thought of his first impression when he met Kevin. The man was neatly dressed, seemed concerned about his appearance. His home was neat and orderly, very clean. The decorating was at a minimum. "A definite metrosexual."

"Okay," Sheridan half smiled. "I'm sorry if I offended you with my question. I just recently had some confusion in my life."

Jacob had been in the gay circles for a long time. Kevin had filled him in on what had happened with Sheridan simply out of curiosity. Kevin wanted to know if Jacob knew Tom Miller but Jacob wasn't allowed to reveal this, obviously. Even though he hadn't met the man, Jacob and Kevin had a long discussion over the whys of what had happened to Sheridan. "Confusion can breed many things, what you need is to understand why it happened."

Sheridan's brows quirked together and then went into high peaks. The words popped out, "It happened because he didn't want to be outted."

Jacob's lips puckered together, he was not supposed to know what she was talking about. How the hell was he going to handle the conversation if it went any farther?

Sheridan stopped her babble, this conversation was inappropriate for a job interview. "Anything else I should know about my elusive future employer?"

"He is prone to temper tantrums, he's a control freak, his trust isn't given freely, it's earned. He can be difficult." Jacob watched Sheridan's face crinkle up. "Problem?"

"No," Sheridan sighed, "One of my employers that I'm currently working with is just like that. Moody as can be too."

Jacob had to laugh, when these two people met on Monday, he wished he could be there. "Are you still interested? Out of all the candidates that I have interviewed so far, you are the only one that is qualified." Okay, it wasn't an outright lie, he had only interviewed her.

Sheridan was having misgivings. She still didn't know much about the man she was going to work for; was he a freak or eccentric, like Howie had said. "Is he old?"

Jacob shook his head no as he broke off a piece of bread.

"Not a Howard Hughes kind of guy right?"

Jacob closed his eyes, this girl was very uneasy and he couldn't blame her. She was being hired by a phantom employer. "No, he's not a Howard Hughes type of person. Howard Hughes should have been a little more 'metro' from what I hear. I think he's is an upstanding guy who would do anything for the people he knew and cared about."

Sheridan chewed her lip, "Okay, I'll meet him on Monday. Just so you know I'm going away on a Christmas vacation. I can meet him on Monday but I'm leaving on Tuesday and won't be back until after Christmas."

"Not a problem, he is going out of town also so I don't think he will need anything from you other than how to get in touch with you." Jacob slid an information sheet, and tax forms towards Sheridan. "Fill these out and we'll be set. I can almost guarantee you the job. You just have to make sure that my boss approves. He usually will follow what I recommend."

Pulling the sheets towards her, she glanced down and noticed that her new employer was asking for information that would allow him to contact her whenever he needed to, no matter where she was. "Shouldn't I wait to fill this out?" Sheridan was flustered. This was very personal; the only thing lacking was the date of her last period.

"I told you the job is yours." Jacob needed her to commit. "The interview with my employer is not really an interview. It's more of 'Let's get acquainted meeting', he doesn't have time for these things."

Grabbing the pen that was shoved towards her, she filled the sheet out while Jacob waited for her. She didn't touch her food and was beginning to feel starved. Finally, she finished and handed the sheets back to Jacob.

Jacob scrutinized the sheet, a little longer, giving the woman a chance to take a bite of her lunch. "Perfect, he'll see you Monday." Placing everything in the briefcase, he closed it quickly. "Now, lets enjoy the boss's expense account. Don't do this too often, he scrutinizes everything."

Sheridan dug into her cob salad, confident but nervous as well. If her new boss was anything like Jacob, she would be just fine. Sheridan finished dining alone; Jacob had excused himself telling her he had a meeting for his new employer. She ate leisurely, not in any hurry to return home. She was going to spend some time shopping with what little money she had then go home and start packing. Angel always teased her when she packed, because she always over packed. 'I bet she decorated a tree with Nick this morning. He told me he was going to get a tree for her,' Sheridan thought.

Strolling into her apartment, she dropped her bags on the floor. The packing could wait until tomorrow; all she wanted to do now was soak in a huge hot bath. Placing her packages in her room, she hid the ones she had bought for Angel under her bed while the tub filled. The bathroom smelled like spring in full bloom, the scent of lilacs mixed with vanilla hung in the air. She had lit some candles just to relax, the day had been long. Instead of calling Angel like she had planned, she called it an early night.

The phone ringing at nine the next morning woke Sheridan up from an erotic dream featuring a dark haired man with green eyes. She moaned as she picked up the phone next to her bed. "Hello."

"Hey Sheridan, it's Kevin," he could tell he had woke her up by the mumbled hello.

Sheridan's eyes flew open, "That was weird."

"What's weird?" Kevin questioned back to her.

"Oh nothing," Sheridan covered for herself.

"I need a favor, somebody has to go over the numbers that Angel did the other night. God, I hope they are wrong." Kevin wasn't pleased that he had to call someone to his aid, he hated admitting that he needed help. "I emailed them to you."

"Thanks, I'll let you know," she hung up the phone and then suddenly realized she hadn't said goodbye. She tried to call him back but he didn't answer. "Oh well," she went to the kitchen to start her coffee and her day while her computer booted up.

She spent the rest of the day going over the numbers and all of the details. The big problem seemed to be some transposed numbers. Once she had emailed Kevin back, it was late in the afternoon. By that evening, she tried to call Angel but she wasn't picking up on her cell or at Nick's house. Frustrated, and maybe a little jealous, she settled for getting some writing done.

"Hello! Time to get up, we have to pack!" Angel yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear, as well as make Sheridan fall off the couch. It was Sunday morning and the girls would be heading home in two days. Sheridan realized she had fallen asleep on the couch while writing.

"Welcome home! Were you lost?"

Angel laughed, "No, were you?"

"You could have called to see how my interview went on Friday. I could have been meeting a nutcase or something."

"I was just having some alone time. If your interview had gone bad, you would have called me."

"I tried to call you, you didn't answer," Sheridan frowned as Angel made the coffee. "You can make breakfast too. I had to deal with Kevin all day yesterday."

"Really why?"

"You transposed some numbers in his budget. I thought the man was going to have a coronary."

"Sorry," Angel smiled; she had done it on purpose. She had lain low all weekend hoping Kevin would call Sheridan. "So did Kevin call you?"

"Yes, once and he emailed me. Repeatedly, I might add." Sheridan handed Angel the pan, she wanted breakfast, a good one. "You owe me, I ate popcorn for dinner."

"Fine," Angel grabbed the pan. "Then we pack and you aren't over packing."

"I don't over pack."

"You do too!"





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