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Chapter 29

Angelina walked into Sheridan's room eyeing the opened suitcase on the bed. Angel asked, "How long are we going for?"

Puzzled, Sheridan replied, "What? You know how long we are going home for. We are going home for 4 days plus two days spent traveling, more or less. Why?"

"Just making sure you know. No over packing!" Angel said with a smirk as she walked back into her bedroom.

"SHUT UP! I do not over pack. I just want to make sure I have everything I need that's all."

An hour later, the girls plopped down on the couch, unwinding from their weekend.

"So, what did you do this weekend?" Sheridan asked Angel.

Speaking while yawning, she replied, "I stayed at Nick's. Friday night, when we got to his place, he bought a real Christmas tree and put the lights on it. It was so sweet of him. We snuggled while watching my favorite movie. Saturday morning, we finished decorating the tree…."

Sheridan interrupted, "I thought you said you had some alone time. How the hell could you have been alone if Nick was with you?"

"Well, we were together, but out on a boat. It was very peaceful and we didn't talk much at all. I finished reading my book and some magazines while Nick was busy driving the boat. When we anchored, he relaxed and wrote some songs. We had a picnic. It was very relaxing and quiet." Angel finished with a look of content on her face.

"You are so falling in love with him," Sheridan blurted out.

Angel's smile reached her ears, "Yeah, I am."

After a moment, Angel snapped out of her daze, "So tell me, how did it go on Friday?"

Sheridan told Angel about her appointment with Jacob. Angel was laughing in hysterics picturing Sheridan jumping and spilling the water on her and the waiter.

"So tomorrow, I am going to go meet the boss at ten in the morning. I told his assistant that I was going to go home for the holidays. What was really weird was that he wanted all my personal information." Sheridan had still been stuck on that.

"You didn't give the info to him, did you? I mean you don't even know if you are going to be hired," Angel frowned seeing Sheridan's face. "You did, didn't you? How could you do that? This isn't home Sheridan, they have really freaky people here."

"We have freaky people at home too, besides I need a job." Sheridan defended her actions. "The job is actually a raise for me. A really big one, I might be able to buy a new car."

"We could use a new car," Angel lightened up; there was no sense in raining on Sheridan's sunshine mood, even if she was being stupid. "What else did you find out?"

"It's a guy, he's not old, he's not an eccentric, and he's not gay, but he's a definite Metro."

Angel began to laugh which promptly turned into a snort. "I meant a name or something."

"Oh, no I didn't," Sheridan's brow crinkled.

"You are such a blonde. I'm not letting you out of my sight ever again." Angel chastised as she phoned in the pizza order.

"You're not cooking?" Sheridan looked at the pile of towels on the end of the couch and began folding them.

"I'm tired, I don't want to."

"If you hadn't been with Carter doing the nasty all weekend you wouldn't be so damn tired."

Angel hung up the phone, "Are you jealous?"

"Yes I am!" Sheridan snapped the towel out in the air.

Angel had to giggle at the pouting, undersexed princess sitting on the couch. "Maybe you could hook-up with someone when we get home. Pick someone up at Chiller's."

"God I hope so!" Sheridan folded the towel and smoothed the fabric. "Going solo isn't as fun as it used to be."

Angel laughed even louder, "You're such a pig sometimes." Angel grabbed a handful of towels and headed to the linen closet to put them away. "Let me know if I need to add batteries to the grocery list."

Sheridan was laughing as loud as Angel. The two of them were in girlfriend mode, which usually meant everything was fair game.

Looking in Sheridan's room, she counted no less than five suitcases. "Sheridan!" Angel walked into the room waiting for Sheridan to join her.

"Yes?" Sheridan innocently questioned but she knew what the problem was.

"The airline tickets state, two bags to check, one to carryon, and a small personal object." Angel pointed to the suitcases. "There is nothing small sitting there."

"Well you're only checking one so I thought that I could…"

"No! Now while we wait for our pizza, we are going to go through these bags." Angel picked up the suitcase with both hands. "You're over the weight limit too," as she tossed it on the bed.

"I don't want to," Sheridan grumbled as she watched Angel dig through her suitcase.

Angel rolled her eyes as she pulled summer sandals from the suitcase. "You don't need these, it's home, we have snow."

"Just in case…" Sheridan eyed Angel as Angel began to separate her things into piles. "What are you doing?"

"Sorting things into three piles; one for yes, one for maybe, and one for 'no freaking way.'"

By the time they were finished, Sheridan was down to two bags and all the items that were removed from the luggage were now put away. They were finishing up finding a nice outfit for the interview tomorrow when the pizza came.

Angel answered the door, paid for the food and tip, and then slammed the door shut. They ate, talked, and drank wine. On their second bottle, they both were feeling a little silly, but were enjoying the feeling. The phone rang a few times but it went unanswered. One being Nick, one being Kevin, and once being Sheridan's mother who babbled until the beeper when off and then called back to finish what she was saying and yelled at the girls because the tape was too short.

"I'm so dreading going home and facing them. I was fired, me, Moi…"

Angel drained the bottle into her glass, "Maybe you won't have to. If you get this job tomorrow you can just tell them that you switched jobs."

"Well I'm going to bed. I can't think anymore. I need to sleep; I have to be up early. Say a prayer for me."

"I will," Angel held the phone in her hand until she heard Sheridan's door close. Hitting the pre-programmed telephone number on the portable, she waited for him to answer. "Hello, Nick," she purred into the phone.

Waking groggy and with a slight headache at seven, Sheridan took a long hot shower. Coffee, Tylenol, and a bagel put her back on her feet. After dressing carefully and putting on her make up, she peaked in Angel's room. Seeing the phone on the floor beside her bed, she knew Angel was up late talking to Nick. After wishing herself luck, she headed off to her meeting, interview, whatever they wanted to call it. On her way out the door, she grabbed Angel's can of pepper spray, "You never can be too safe," she mumbled as she walked to her car.

The directions Jacob had given her were very detailed and she was grateful for it. The road was long and twisty as she drove up the hillside. Glancing again at the structure and then down to the paper, her heart began to pound. The address was for a home, not a business. Her eyes went back to the house and studied it more carefully. It was a moderate home by L.A. standards but would be an exclusive home in an upscale neighborhood anywhere else. The outside had a neatly trimmed lawn and hedges. One hedge was so large you could barely see the yellow house. Checking her watch she noticed she was twenty minutes early, she wasn't sure if she wanted to go into a private home by herself. Picking her cell phone up from the seat, she dialed home to see if she might get Angel up.

A sleepy, "Hello," was whispered back at her.

"I'm scared."

Angel bolted right up in the bed. "What's wrong?"

"It's a house, not an office, and it's in a nice neighborhood, sort of posh but it doesn't look like anyone is around."

The sleep cleared quickly from Angel's head, this was L.A. and not home. "Listen, leave your cell on so I can hear when you go to the door."

Thinking about how that would look to her future employer, she hesitated, "That would be rude." Silently Sheridan sat in her car and Angel sat on the other end of the phone at home.

Angel was trying to think, but without coffee, it wasn't easy. "Give me the address, if you don't call me back in a half hour, I will call you."

"Did you know that abductions in L.A. are more common than anywhere else in the world? I read that in the paper." Sheridan was trying to calm her nerves by voicing her fears. "They send the women to a foreign country to be sex slaves."

"I don't need to hear that right now Sheridan," Angel pinched the bridge of her nose while she squeezed her eyes shut. "I already don't like this so don't say anything to add to it."

Sighing, Sheridan muttered, "Sorry."

From the window, he could see a very tense woman sitting in her car talking on her cell phone. He was now pacing and peaking out of the window, using the curtain as a type of camouflage. "What the hell is taking so long?" he complained to an empty house. A house that might not be so empty in time, if he could just get her to the door; it would be nice to have someone to talk to while he was working. The conversation that he had with his mother, Anne, about his plan, repeated in his head. "Are you sure you just aren't trying to play house?"

Kevin blew up at her and hung up. When he called back to apologize he told his mother that a friend, a good friend, needed a job.

"How many friends do you employ now Kevin?"

Again, his anger flared at her. "This is different," Kevin barked back at her.

Anne was unwavering at this point, she knew her son well enough. She had given birth to him. He was always responsible, always wanting to help friends, even if it wasn't the wisest idea at the time. "It's only different Kevin because you want to… have a relationship… with her." Relationship seemed to be the word of choice, however her son was the all around average American male and she knew what he really wanted. The problem was, when it's your son, you hope you raised him not to think that way. In the end, the male hormones and genetics usually overrode everything you had taught them. After raising three boys, she knew that to be the truth.

A sturdy rap on his door sent him flying to the other side of the room. Looking out the peephole, she had her bag pulled tightly against her and something in her hand. It didn't look like a cell phone though, it was rounder.

Looking once in the mirror, he looked good, very good in a pair of jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. The look fit him, and he was hoping she liked it as well.

Taking a very deep breath, he held it for a second, and then let it out slowly as he opened the door. "Good Morning!"

An arm shot out at him, the one holding something, and it went straight for his face. He grabbed her forearm as shock ran over her face as well as his. Kevin recognized the can of pepper spray immediately. "Don't spray me," Kevin turned his face to the side as he yanked on her arm and pulled her into the house. The door shoved closed with a foot. "Don't spray me, please!" Kevin was panicking, he heard that shit burned and he had a flight to catch. Not to mention that even though his neighborhood generally looked deserted, it wasn't and they never missed the goings on at each others' homes.

Sheridan's arm relaxed, the can was removed from her grip, and set on the small table next to the door. She stood staring at him, not saying a word.

Kevin waited but assumed that she was so shocked that she wasn't going to talk. "Look, this is on the up and up. I need an assistant, one who I trust. If I had asked you directly, you would have said no. Sometimes I get the impression that you don't like me." In his head, he was hoping that the good Lord didn't strike him dead for that mouth full of lies.

"You want me to work for you here and the movie?" Sheridan stood immobile.

Kevin couldn't get over the small pout on her face, sometimes she reminded him of a mystical fairy or one of those old fashion dolls. Her features were small and cute, her upturned nose, and oh those lips. "Ah yeah," was all that he could say, he was checking out the short black skirt that was showing a little more than a modest amount of leg.

Her hands wrung together, "I don't know, it doesn't seem right. The salary is good. Was that number just for me or for anyone who took the job?"

Kevin cleared his throat, "Anyone who took the job."

"Where's Jacob?" Sheridan looked around the room.

"Jacob told you this was a one on one meeting, didn't he?" Kevin mentally thought he would kill the man if he hadn't.

Sheridan looked around the house from her place in the foyer; the house was furnished with a mix of Mission and Art Deco items, except the huge black leather sofa that seemed to be the centerpiece of the living room. "Yes he did, but I thought he might be here. I liked him, he's very nice."

"Do you want to stand in my hallway all morning or would you like to come in so we can talk?" Kevin was now annoyed, Sheridan was acting like a frightened kitten.

"I'm sorry, I was just very anxious about this. I meet a guy who hires me for a guy I don't know. I was so stupid, I never asked for your name. Then I decide to drive to an address in a neighborhood that I don't know and it's a house that I blindly walk up to." Sheridan still stood locked in her place. Kevin's hand on her arm made her jump.

"Come on," Kevin led her to the kitchen where the aroma of coffee filled the air. Pouring her a cup, with milk and sugar he handed it to her. "So do you want the job?" He pulled a stool out from the breakfast bar and sat. Pulling the stool out next to him for her to sit, he gestured with a nod to her.

"I don't know if this is right. We have the movie… What are people going to say?" Sheridan sat on the stool next to him.

"Hell, I'm not worried about that. Wait until they find out Nick Carter has fallen in love and is off the market," Kevin laughed.

Sheridans turned her head to him; the words were out, "Seriously?"

"Oh yeah, Little Man is toast as far as the sweet Angel is concerned," Kevin smiled brightly.

"Sweet Angel? That is a new one," Sheridan smiled back. Once she could get over the fact that she was working for the man that she had an erotic dream about this morning, she would be okay. The thought that now she would see him day and night, lulled her thinking temporarily. "So what am I supposed to be doing for you and please tell me it's not being a gopher?"

"Well anything I need really. You are more organized than anyone I know. That night at the apartment, you straightened out all my paperwork perfectly. Jacob told me that you wouldn't reveal whom you are currently working for, so I know I can trust you. Anyone else would have shot their mouth off to get a job with that salary. You are usually on time."

Turning her head to the side, she gave him a coy smile, "Sometimes I run on Backstreet Time but I have a feeling my new boss won't mind."

"Welcome aboard," Kevin reached out to hug her.

Sheridan pulled away, "No, no, no, not appropriate. Remember no relations with the employees."

Kevin's face went blank and then red from shame, "Sometimes I just don't know when to close my mouth."

"Why? It usually takes you so long to get the words out," Sheridan's hand flew to her mouth. Did that really come out of her? "Fan moment," she meekly added.

By the look on her face, she had missed what he was trying to imply by a mile. In a way, he was glad that Sheridan was a typical ditzy blonde, at least that is how he thought of her. "I'm sure you will have some of those now and then. Now let's show you around. I have an office for you just outside my studio. It was originally a library and I converted it when I moved in."

Kevin took her on a tour of the house, showing her every nook and cranny except one closed door. Kevin pushed open the door and smiled, "I saw yours, now you can see mine."

Glimpsing into the room, the old-fashioned sleigh bed dominated the room. The dressers were all antique and matched. Oh how she longed to have matching dressers.

A smile played on his lips, "No snooping."

Sheridan huffed just as her cell phone rang, "Oh I forgot to call Angel."

"So that's who you were talking to out in the car." Kevin grabbed the cell phone and answered it for her. "Miss Anderson's line, can I help you?"

Angel frowned at the phone as Nick paced and then dialed a number into his cell phone. "I can't believe she hasn't called. I'm calling Kevin." Nick punched the number quickly.

Kevin heard every word Nick said and dashed into his bedroom. Picking up the phone that sat on the nightstand he handed it to Sheridan. "Answer it," he whispered.

"Is this Kevin?" Angel spoke into the phone.

"Kevin who?" Kevin changed his voice as his house phone rang.

"Richardson residence," Sheridan giggled.

"Sheridan?" Nick questioned.

"Yes," she laughed.

"What the hell are you doing at Kevin's?"

"Kevin is my new boss," Sheridan smiled as Kevin leaned on the doorframe and she leaned on the wall.

"You shittin' me?" Nick laughed. "That dude is a dawg, it worked."

"What?" Sheridan could barely make out what Nick was saying he was laughing so hard.

"Ow," Nick yelled and ducked as Angelina slapped him.

"Hello Kevin, nice move, talk to you later." Angel hung up the phone. Turning to Nick she waited, somebody had some explaining to do.

Both phones were disconnected simultaneously. "I couldn't hear Nick he was laughing so hard."

"Thank God," Kevin whispered under his breath. Speaking up he said, "Come on, I'll show you to our offices."

"You want me to work today?" Sheridan questioned.

Kevin rolled his eyes, "Well it's not like you have a job to go to. How about we just get some things organized?"

"You're flight leaves at three for Lexington right?"

"Yes," Kevin walked to the opposite side of the house with Sheridan following him. "See, you already knew that. We can drop all the pretences and just get to work."

"This entire situation is pretentious," Sheridan quipped.

"Ya know, I'm used to mouth from Angel, not you."


"Yeah I know, fan moment." Kevin laughed as he pulled the double doors open.

"Oh wow," Sheridan gasped. "You would never know all this was in here."

"That's the point. There's your desk, my office is in there. Set up your desk the way you like it and then show me where you are going to put things."

"Are you going to snoop?"

"Probably," he laughed.

"Thanks for the heads up," Sheridan laughed as he went into his office and shut the door. Sitting down, she was grinning from ear to ear. So many things were rushing around her head, even a secret little sex fantasy about secretary and boss. She let it go and then began to settle in.

The time went quickly as they worked to gain some organization. Kevin called a halt to the work a half hour before he was to leave for the airport. "Okay, here are the keys to the house, the alarm codes, and all my phone numbers."

"I have all your phone numbers," Sheridan held onto the keys.

"Not all of them. I have to call a cab." Kevin headed to the phone.

"Wait, I'll take you and then I'll head home. I have to pick up some things for dinner for Angel and I. She didn't want to grocery shop, since we were leaving." Okay, one little white lie to the new boss won't send me to hell.

"Okay," Kevin hauled his bags out to her car. Frowning as he got into the small tin can of a car.

Sheridan was a little perturbed at his dislike for her car, "You could have called a cab."

"Until you buy a new car, I will." Kevin threw an empty Burger King bag into the backseat.

"I can't afford a new car," Sheridan frowned.

"With what I'm paying you, yes you can. When we get back into town, you're buying a new car." Kevin gripped the dashboard as the car made an unholy sound at the light; it scared the hell out of him.

"It needs some work," Sheridan laughed as she pulled up to the unloading zone at LAX. "Shouldn't Carlos or someone be with you?"

"I'm fine," Kevin pulled his bags out of the back seat. He didn't know what possessed him to do it but he leaned into the car and planted a quick kiss on her cheek. "See you when I get back."

Sheridan was sitting in the unloading zone, looking in the rearview mirror where Kevin had just kissed her. A horn honking brought her back to reality. "Oh my God," I've worked for the man for less than a day and he kissed me." Turning the car over, she groaned, "It's going to be a long Christmas vacation."

Back at the apartment, Angel was still seething.

She had been beyond worried about Sheridan. After Angel talked to Sheridan on her cell phone the first time, she had called Nick immediately. He could tell she was a nervous wreck and went over to comfort her. He was planning on spending the night anyways since they would all be leaving in the morning. He just came earlier than expected.

"You knew? Nick, please tell me you didn't know about this idiotic plan of his?" Angel begged after she hung up on Kevin.

"Angel, please calm down. I didn't tell you anything because I didn't know all the details. I suspected Kevin was up to something, but I didn't know the entire plan."

"That bastard," Angel mumbled.

"I'm sorry you got all upset and worried," Nick pulled Angel into a hug as he stroked her hair, trying to calm her down. "If I had known how upset you would be, I would have talked to Kevin."

"He's insane!"

"He can be."

"He's a control freak."

"He is."

"He's going to drive me insane calling, looking for her."

"Probably. Just think; he may be over here almost as much as I am."

Angel raised her head off Nick's shoulder and looked him in the eye. "Oh good God, what have I done to deserve this?"

Laughing, Nick reassured his girlfriend, "That's okay. You can stay over my place more often." Leaning down, he softly kissed Angel's lips. His gentleness was replaced quickly as he bit her lower lip, causing Angel to moan. Relaxing into his embrace, Angel began to respond to Nick's seduction, intensifying the urgency as she search out his tongue for a dual.

Her hands began massaging his scalp and she played with his hair. Nick's hands roamed over Angel's body, drawing more moans from within. Breaking apart breathless, Angel looked up into Nick's sparkling blue eyes and said, "We should probably go to my room."

Nick nodded his head in agreement, as he picked her up, walked into her room, and shut the door with his foot.

A couple of hours later, Sheridan returned home to see Angel and Nick's luggage by the front door. The apartment was eerily quiet. Sheridan went into the kitchen to see what was left to eat. "Nothing," she muttered.

As she walked back to the living room, Sheridan noticed Angel's bedroom door closed. "Great. They'll both have the 'just been fucked' look and I'll still be the same." Sheridan mumbled. "I'm totally finding a boy toy when I'm home."

After a minute, Sheridan's stomach growled. "Great. Not only am I talking to myself, I'm hungry too. That's it." Sheridan raced off the couch and went straight for Angel's door. She began to pound on her door, "Okay love birds, enough for now. You need food to replenish your energy. I'm hungry."





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