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Chapter 3

With her messenger bag thrown over her shoulder and two take out dinners in a brown paper bag along with a bottle of Merlot, Angelina entered the apartment "Oh Luuuucy, I'm home!! And I brought us dinner to celebrate."

Angelina walked through the living room into the kitchen to set down the food and begin setting the table. As she turned around, she noticed that the dinner table was already set, for three people.

"Hey Sheridan, who's coming to dinner?" Angelina said with a chuckle. For some reason, that reminder her to return a video she rented the day before.
As Sheridan walked out of her bedroom, she noticed Angelina and the dinner and wine she brought home. "Oh sorry, didn't hear you come home. Just took a quick shower."

"Uh huh, I can see that. Let me guess. Tom's coming over tonight?" Angelina asked a bit bitchy and sarcastic.

"Angel, how come you don't like Tom? He's a nice guy. He's very sweet and loving towards me, and treats me better than anyone I ever dated."

"Oh I'm sure he does" Angelina mumbled. A little louder, she asked the fifty million dollar question, "So, have you two slept together yet?"

"Why is that SO important to you? You know, I'm not like you. I don't need or crave the physical contact like you do." Sheridan answered a bit perturbed at the conversation.

"I'm just wondering if it ever crossed your mind why Tom doesn't even try to have sex, or excuse me, make love to you yet."

Well Angelina had a point, Sheridan had wondered lately why they weren't taking their relationship to the next level. It had been six months since they were officially a couple. That seemed like a respectable amount of dating time to her. Unlike Angelina, who was a bit less reserved for Sheridan's taste.

"And by the way, you will crave it once you've had GREAT sex, trust me." Angel said with a wink while she opened up the wine. It was going to be a long night, especially if Tom was coming over and she wanted to try to enjoy some of the evening.

"So, I take it you talked to Tom about the contract we got in the mail. Must we need to hear his 'worldly advice' on this matter? He has about as much experience as we do."

"Angel, you forget, he's used to reading and dealing with contracts. I'm not saying that we have to do what Tom tells us, but its just another point of view to take into consideration. Let 's be honest, neither one of us has been in this situation before and we really don't know what the hell we are doing."

"I was thinking that may be we should run the contract by a lawyer or something? Ya know, just to be sure we don't sign over our first born by mistake," Angelina half joked.

"We can't afford that Angel, and you know it," Sheridan responded grateful to not be discussing Tom or her relationship anymore.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "Coming," Sheridan yelled.

"Oh goodie, let the party begin," Angel groaned as she took a sip of her wine.

"Hello Darlin' I brought us some comfort food," as he pulled out three cartons of Ben & Jerry's ice cream pints.

"You are going straight for sucking up, aren't you?" Sheridan giggled. "Well, I figured my first idea wouldn't be too reasonable so I went for her second best favorite thing. How mad is she?" he questioned.

"She'll get over it. Nevertheless, since I didn't tell her you were coming, we'll have to make due splitting the two dinners, three ways. Now that you brought dessert, that shouldn't be a problem." Sheridan prattled as she put the ice cream in the freezer and then added three dessertspoons to the table.

"Hello Tom," Angelina said cheerfully as she came from the kitchen carrying their dinners, almost too cheerfully with a fake smile.

"Good evening Angel. Have a good day at work?"

"You know, same shit, different day. Except for Sheridan's visit, that was a welcomed surprise. However, I have a feeling you are going to try and ruin that for me."

"Let no one tell you Angel, that you are not direct." Tom replied somewhat shocked at her nonchalant statement.

Sheridan poured herself a nice tall glass of wine and offered Tom some. "Yes please baby."

Angel just rolled her eyes thinking what she did so wrong in her life to have to be put through this torture. She giggled to herself.

"Was that a yes?" Sheridan asked Angelina. "Huh? Oh no, I'm fine… Thanks darlin'" Angel replied sweetly, mocking Tom.

As they began eating, it was quiet except for the stereo playing in the background. After about ten minutes, Sheridan thought if they got the business stuff out of the way early enough, she and Tom could have some alone time, so she began.

"Tom, what do you think of the contract they sent us?"

Tom shared Sheridan's plate, as Angelina grumbled that it was too sickening sweet for adults to act like this. Sucking in her cheeks and raising her eyebrows at them.

Tom had a hint of a smile on his face; he knew he could bug Angel in thirty seconds flat if he wanted too. "Well, first of all you are unknown and untried, you are a gamble."

"You mean We," Angelina corrected as she looked at him.

"Yes I do," as he fed Sheridan some more of the chicken. "I'm suspicious. Come on, you aren't?"

"A little," Sheridan answered for both her and Angelina.

Tom shook his head from side to side, "All the principals are in place, including some of the cast. It's unheard of in this town unless you are Spielberg. I might point out that you two started writing fan fiction about five dips."

Angelina stopped chewing for a second, "Hey, don't call them dips. They're adorable."

"Kevin isn't adorable, he's in his thirties, adorable is Nick."

Angelina closed her mouth abruptly then her lips made a little 'o'. Her reaction probably wouldn't have been so strong if Sheridan had made the comment but hearing it come from Tom just shocked her. "Oh and what do you call Kevin?"

"Hot… Just what Sheridan calls him," Tom was busying feeding the woman beside him and didn't notice Angelina mouth, "Told you so."

"Really Angel, Tom is just repeating what I say." Sheridan waved a fork at her other eating companion. "You stop reading what I write."

"Stop typing it at work and I will." Tom leaned closer to Sheridan. "She still loves me Angel. Kevin is her fantasy man. Everyone has one. Don't you?"

Taking a long sip of water, Angelina coughed into her hand. "Do you?"

"Stop it Angel, right now. Tom is here to help. I would like to get this over with so we can spend some time alone together."

"I can take a hint, so let's move on." Angelina listened as Tom started all over again.

"You have no experience as screenwriters so they either love your story or they can't afford to hire real ones. The fact that this is your first work and it's going straight to film without either of you having anything ever being in any type of media before worries me. You are going to have to read over the contract with a fine-tooth comb. Look for percentages and royalties, which means you are being paid on the backend of the project. You get a check every week, you're not working and getting paid at the end of the project."

Sheridan patted Tom's chest, "Breathe honey."

Tom took a deep breath and placed his napkin on the table. "This agency is a Packaging Agency. They represent writers and other film and television talents. They have actors, directors, and producers on staff, as well as writers. They can use any of them if they choose too. I can almost guarantee you they won't use any of them on this project."

"So why would they hire us?" Angelina shrugged.

"Either they think the story is going to be a huge hit, or they already have someone in mind to cast in the roles. I'm prone to number two since I did read your last story."

"Ha, Ha," Sheridan took a playful slap at him.

Angelina was more than interested in what Tom had to say now.

"What I'm thinking is that they have someone from their own stable to cast in the roles. Most likely, it will be unknowns who cannot act. What I don't understand is why they want you two to do the script editing?"

Sheridan pursed her lips together, "Maybe they want to stay true to the story line?"

Tom rolled his eyes at her, "Then I'm Brad Pitt."

Angelina choked on her pasta, "You aren't even in his league."

The hmmpf that Sheridan expelled told Angelina that she was a little miffed. "Well, we will go over the contract, the percentages, and the requests. If it isn't legit or smells fishy, we will ask for some time to think about it. We can bring the contract to you to read. If that's okay with you Tom." Angelina spoke but was staring at Sheridan. Angelina had offered the olive branch now she would need to see if Sheridan would take it.

"That sounds like a plan," Sheridan leaned forward and smiled. "Let's finish eating, I'm starved."

The three companions finished off the meal and Sheridan and Tom were left with just a small portion of wine left in the bottle.

Angelina knew Sheridan wanted some alone time with Tom. After dinner and more talking about the contracts and the meeting on Friday, Angelina disappeared into her bedroom finding something to occupy her thoughts. Her nerves were a bit frazzled thinking about the meeting.

Looking through her closet, Angelina thought back to what Tom had said. He did have a point; the girls were virgins in this industry. She needed to dress to impress and show whoever they were meeting, she meant business. She had always had an air of confidence around her, whether she knew exactly what she was doing or not. Angelina can play a good poker face when she needs to.

Pulling out a navy blue suit she bought at Ann Taylor, Angelina thought back to the first time she wore it. She was in Boston and was interviewing for the local PBS station, WGBH. Unfortunately, she had some personal issues to deal with, so she declined the offer. However, since she was offered the job, she always considered this her lucky suit.

The skirt was a mini, or as Sheridan would say Ally McBeal style, with a form fitting suit blazer. Depending on the weather, she might not need the jacket, so off she went to find a classic looking blouse. Since she was wearing the mini skirt, she wanted to find a more conservative looking shirt. As she searched, Angel noticed one of the cuffs on one of her blouses and realized they were monogrammed with Joey's initials. She pulled his shirt out, held it up to her nose, and inhaled deeply. "Nope, it has lost his scent," she sighed. Putting it aside on another rack, she continued her hunt for the blouse she wanted. It was quite plain, just a button up with an oval collar and wide cuffs.

As she walked around her bedroom, she went to find some nude colored nylons and a matching panty and bra set. Next, she pulled out her pearl jewelry set and inspected their condition. As she sat on her bed and looked around, she was content and felt ready for their big meeting. Then it hit her, shoes. She went back into her closet and found her navy blue shoes. It had been awhile since she wore them, so she put them on and began to walk in them.

Walking into the kitchen, Angelina went straight to the freezer. Her nerves were starting to eat at her and she needed comfort. Sheridan looked up at her from the couch with a raised eye, "Nice outfit you're wearing. Is this a new fashion trend?"

Angelina looked down at her attire and realized she was wearing her Victoria Secret's flannel shorts and baby tee with her blue spiked heels. "Nah, thought I would see how I looked dressed as a hooker. I'm not impressed." Angelina answered straight-faced and then they both busted out laughing.

"Nick would be impressed," Sheridan winked as Tom lay with his head in her lap. Sheridan's fingers twirling in his hair.

Tom snorted as he watched the boxing match that was playing on the television. "More like A.J. Wouldn't you say?"

Angelina walked to the back of the couch. "Ya know, most men who had the opportunity to sit with a beautiful green-eyed blond on the couch, would not be watching boxing."

Angelina giggled in her head when she heard Sheridan making a hissing noise.

Angel watched Tom turn on the couch slightly. "What would they watch, wrestling?"

Angelina smirked back; she would hang him yet. It wasn't that she didn't like Tom, he just seemed to set off her 'Gaydar' every time he was around her. He was always with men except when he was with Sheridan, but their relationship was more like brother and sister than girlfriend and boyfriend.

Tom sensed something was wrong and turned to look at Angelina, "I'm sorry. I was out of place earlier. I shouldn't tease either one of you about the Backstreet Boys, even though they haven't officially broken up." Tom was back peddling with Angelina, he had seen the look on her face and knew that she had figured something out.

Dropping back down on the couch, he tucked his head in Sheridan's lap and pulled her arm around him. Softly he stroked her arm with his fingertips as it rested around his chest. "I love you Sheridan," he whispered softly but not too softly, he wanted Angel to hear him.

"I love you too," she reached down and stroked his face with her free hand.

"You two make me sick," Angelina shook her spoon at them. "You really do."

"The only one that is going to be sick is you if you eat that entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup."

"Yes mom," Angelina popped the top on her ice cream as she walked away.

As she closed her bedroom door, she heard, "We love you Angel." She shook her head and hoped he wouldn't be there in the morning when she got up. Of course, luck was running her way, he had never been there before.

Flicking on the television and VCR, she jammed the "Orlando Homecoming," video in. "Thank God for really old stuff," as she crawled on her bed with a steno pad and began to write. She laughed hysterically as she watched Kevin dancing to "Nobody But You." "Fatima punk'd your ass along time ago my friend."

Angel stared at the story that they might have an opportunity to sell. She started to read it like she had never read it before and then began taking notes. In the morning over breakfast, she would go over her notes with Sheridan. The two worked together seamlessly most days. Putting her pad on the floor, she nodded off to sweet dreams laced with Nick Carter and hot sex.

Sheridan frowned as Tom snored. This evening had gone like all the rest. With him being fast asleep, she began to talk to herself as she flipped through the channels. "I bet Kevin wouldn't do this to a date… Well I guess we are beyond dating… If we are beyond dating, then where are we?"

Sheridan paused as Tom shifted on the couch. The television blared from an infomercial. "Does your man snore?" Sheridan snickered as Tom did exactly that. "End those awful nights ladies, get Snore-Away."

"I'd just like to have some sex, worn out men don't snore." Sheridan looked down at the body that was sprawled out on her and the couch. Tom was a very good-looking man. By far one of the handsomest men she had ever dated. Having bright blue eyes and a gorgeous thick head of blond hair, he was stunning. Again, her finger tickled a stray lock, enough to make him mumble.

Thinking back over the last few months, Sheridan didn't think there was anything she didn't know about the man. Tom had played football in high school and college. In high school he had played basketball as well. He would have been the dreamboat of any cheerleader for sure.

Sheridan changed the channel to VH1, maybe 'the dips,' as Tom referred to them, would be on. Suppressing her smile when two videos later, the 'naked one' was on. Her eyes followed Kevin's every move. Looking down at Tom, she felt a pang of guilt. It didn't last long as Kevin poured water over himself on the television. "Tom, it's time to go." Sheridan poked him, now she was irritated as well as frustrated and annoyed.

Tom didn't budge as Sheridan pulled her body out from underneath him and went back to her bedroom. Quietly, she shut the door, unsure and upset at how the evening went. Slipping into a satin poet's shirt, she slipped into her bed and closed her eyes. "Am I that undesirable to him? Is it me or is it him? I don't know, maybe Angel is right." Pulling her covers up, she fell asleep.

The next day went by faster than the day before as the two women nervously tossed 'What Ifs' at each other. The evening was spent the same way.

Sheridan was mellow compared to her roommate, the events of the night before still nagging at her. Tom never did wake up but when she had awoke in the morning, he had shown himself out. Grumpy was an understatement and then Angelina started asking questions.

"So how was last night?" her mouth quirked to the side as she read Sheridan's emotions.

"Is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly? Does my personality suck or something?"

Sheridan's reply to Angelina's question answered her question in more than one way. Nothing had happened between the two. Sheridan was upset obviously and now was questioning herself.

"You're beautiful darling. Hey, who wouldn't love a girl with a Chicago hair-style. Does Tom even know that you went to see Kevin in San Francisco?" Angelina took a seat at the table. They would be leaving for the meeting in one hour. They were dressed and ready to go. The plan was to get dressed, critique each other, and then wait for the clock to tick so they could leave for their first big meeting. Neither of them wanted to arrive early so that they looked overeager.

"No, what's the point of telling him. If I had, he would probably have wanted to go with me. I can't drool over my fantasy man with Tom sitting next to me."

Sheridan was waiting for Angel's smartass reply and of course she gave it to her. They both spoke similar words, "And what makes you think Tom wouldn't drool over his fantasy man?"

"Look you just need to come right out and ask him. Maybe he is just brain-dead or something." Angelina had enough of the game playing. If Sheridan wasn't going to ask him by the weekend then she would, up front, all at once, and out in the open.

Sheridan's hand flew up in the air, "What would I say? Are you ever going to sleep with me? Are you gay?" Sheridan paced the kitchen floor swing her arms back and forth.

"You need something else to occupy your mind. When we get back, why don't you work on that visual you were working on?"

"It fizzled, it's not hot enough. I can't do that short stuff. I want a story. I can't just have sex."

"See that's your problem, you're not getting any sex so it makes it harder to write about." Angelina couldn't hide the smirk, no matter how hard she tried.

"Thank you so much," Sheridan grabbed her car keys and stood by the door. "It's time to go."

"Yes dear," Angel dusted the crumbs off her lap and grabbed her purse.

The meeting was set at a time that was convenient for the Agent, not them. Now they were stuck in traffic. "Don't want to be early, we don't want to look desperate."

"Be quiet, we'll only be five minutes late." Sheridan cruised down the boulevard cutting off a red Cadillac with tinted windows. She shot the driver the bird when whoever was behind the glass honked their horn. "Asshole. Drives like an old woman."

Angelina entertained herself by playing the car's DJ. She needed some music to help psyche herself up. Blasting "Can't Hold Us Down" through the speakers, she sang along trying to keep her mind off of how nervous she really was.

Jamming on the brakes, they pulled into the parking lot and scooted out of the car. Angel tapped her watch as they both raced to the door of the building. Stopping short at the entrance, they did one last check of each other. "Let's go," she pulled the metal and glass door open.

Walking up to the grand reception desk, they felt insignificant as the woman behind the desk spoke on the phone. Patiently they waited for her to finish. The phone was placed back in the cradle abruptly. "Hello, I'm Sheridan Anderson. My partner, Angelina Lydon are here to see Gene Mullen."

The receptionist picked up the phone and called someone, informing whoever was on the other end that Gene's four o'clock was here. "One moment ladies."

As the two turned around, they were greeted by a rather average looking man.

"Hello Miss Anderson, Miss Lydon. Follow me and we will begin."





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