A Collaboration between Bron and Suzie

Chapter 36

Slowly lifting her head off the pillow, she moaned as she thought her head felt like a ton of bricks. Realizing the moan was too loud and made her head hurt even more, she covered her ears. Ever so slowly, she opened up her eyes to see the sun was shining. Looking over at her clock that read 2:30PM, a whispered, "shit" escaped her lips.

Turning to lie on her back, she stared up at the ceiling trying to remember what the hell happened the night before. Panic took over as she slowly held up the covers on her bed to see herself. 'Whew, dressed,' she thought. She surveyed her bedroom to see if anything looked out of the ordinary, or rather, didn't belong to her. 'Nothing,' she thought as she lay back down to think.

A soft knock interrupted her thoughts. With a hoarse, "Come in," Sheridan slowly sat back up and used her headboard for support.

Marybeth poked her head in, "Hey, you're awake! How are you feeling?"

Sheridan tried to smile, but it hurt, "Like shit. How are you?"

"I feel great. Angel's bed is very comfortable." Marybeth walked into Sheridan's bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I slept like I was in a cloud. I need to find out where she got her feather bed."

"So, how badly did I make an ass out of myself last night?"

"You weren't that bad. There were others who were worse."

"Oh really? Anyone I know?" Sheridan secretly hoped someone else in their party got bombed and she wouldn't be the only casualty.

"No, you didn't know them. But you were very friendly towards them, as if you did know them." Marybeth wasn't ready to prompt Sheridan's memory on passing out when Kevin kissed her.

Sheridan moaned again as she slid back down to lie horizontal.

"Angel called and walked me through making your coffee; it should be ready in a few minutes. Here's a glass of water and some aspirin." Marybeth very carefully held it out for Sheridan to take, but her hand was still rather shaky. "I wasn't sure if your stomach could handle any food. Angel told me to make you some toast."

Sheridan smiled, "Thanks……for everything."

"Anytime. Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah, I've had my quota for the new year with the porcelain goddess." Sheridan slowly sipped her water. "Did Angel say when she was coming home?"

"No, she had just woken up about an hour ago and wasn't planning on moving too much today."

Sheridan's eyes grew wide, "She slept until 1:30? In the afternoon?"

"Well, apparently she didn't go home as early as we did. She and Nick were out 'til 6 this morning. They waited for the sun to rise on the beach. She recommends renting a stretch Hummer too." Marybeth began laughing recalling her phone conversation.

"Oh God, I may throw up again hearing about those two love birds."

"Nymphomaniacs is more like it," Marybeth choked out.

Grabbing her pillow on both sides of her head, Sheridan covered her ears, "I don't want to know anymore."

Marybeth got up off the bed and walked to the door, "C'mon lush, your coffee is ready and I'll have the toast done in a few."

Putting down her now empty glass, Sheridan slowly started to get up out of bed. "Okay, I'm on my way."

Just as the bathroom door shut, the phone rang. Marybeth grabbed the phone as she tossed in two slices of rye bread. "Hello?"

Kevin wasn't sure which girl answered the phone so he decided to say, "Hello, is Sheridan home?"

"May I ask who is calling?" Right away, Kevin knew who it was.

"Hi Marybeth, its Kevin. How are you doing today?"

"I'm doing great. Sheridan is slowly coming back from the dead. She's got a bit of a hangover this morning." A small laugh escaped her; they all knew Sheridan would have a very big hangover this morning.

Kevin rubbed his hand over his face, "Its 3 o'clock in the afternoon. She missed the morning and most of the afternoon."

Sheridan walked out of the bathroom feeling a little more human after brushing her hair, teeth, and gargling. As she tied her bathrobe closed she overheard Marybeth, "Kevin, hold on, here she comes," and suddenly Sheridan felt a knot in her stomach.

Her head was pounding a little less as she hesitantly reached for the telephone. "Hello and please don't yell; that is all I ask."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk… I tried to warn you, didn't I?" Kevin couldn't help but harass her just a little bit. The guys harassed the shit out of him when Sheridan literally dissolved in his arms and slid to the floor.

"I'm sorry," Sheridan wrapped her fingers around a steaming mug of coffee. "I don't know what happened to me. I'm just a wild and crazy girl." Sheridan had hoped to let this be nothing more than a fleeting memory very soon.

"It was very sweet the way you melted in my arms. But when you hit the floor, you shook me up a bit." Kevin wasn't going to let it go. Angel had ruined his plans of a night of getting to know the woman on the other end of the phone. Marybeth and Nick helped run interference also. He had yet to call A.J. and yell at him for volunteering to take Sheridan home when he had offered to do the same and was told by Angel that it wasn't a good idea. If A.J. had kept his trap shut, he might have had the chance to get to know the woman a little better. Angel snorted at his suggestions, "She's drunk, she wouldn't know you from Brad Pitt right now."

The loud groan on the other end of the phone led him to believe that Sheridan was now properly embarrassed. "So how are you feeling this morning, I mean this afternoon?" Kevin questioned.

"Other than a terrible headache, an upset stomach, and feeling like an ass, I'm fine." Sheridan paused as she waited for him to say something, anything. "I really want to crawl in a hole and die right now."

Kevin knew when enough was enough, "Umm… Well you can't do that because we have to much work to do. We have to get this office turned around and organized in one day. We're all needed on the set the day after tomorrow."

The conversation was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. She couldn't recall what she had done last night and she wanted to know. "I'll be fine by tomorrow. I know we have a big day."

Kevin really wanted to lash out at her for her behavior but then she had tossed the infamous New Year's video back in his face last night, so not saying a word would be best. He wasn't angry that she did get so plastered; he was angry because he felt deprived of her company. He didn't get to dance with her, but that was his own fault since he was the one who sat at the table and let her dance with other men. "Alright, I'll let you go and I'll see you tomorrow at 8 sharp."

Sheridan dropped the toast she had just picked up off the plate. "In the morning?"

A chuckle rang in her ear. "Yes, 8 in the morning. I expect you to be on time. I know that you are perpetually late but you really need to get up a little earlier. Bye-bye."

Sheridan hung up and set the phone down on the table.

Marybeth only heard half of the conversation but Sheridan wasn't looking to well. "What's wrong? I mean besides the hangover."

"I start work at 8 in the morning… sharp. Isn't he the one that likes to sleep so much?" Sheridan rubbed her temple with fingers.

"A.J. said that Kevin is a butt-buster, he can be a royal pain some times."

"Oh God, what did I get myself into?" Sheridan rested her head on her arms that were folded on the table. "I know that he is never going to let me live this down."

"A.J. says that he will if you just let it go. Kevin knows when to stop. He said you should be worried about Nick not Kevin." Marybeth poured another cup of coffee.

Rolling her head to the side, Sheridan looked at Marybeth. "When did you and A.J. get so close?"

Marybeth smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Last night we sat up and talked here, after he dumped you in bed."

"A.J. put me to bed?" Sheridan was now mortified. The only thing that could have been worse were if it had been Kevin.

"Howie helped," Marybeth giggled as Sheridan's eyes became huge. "You were dead weight. Kevin had to carry you out of the club to the limo."

Small whimpers came from Sheridan as she lay with her head on her arms again, her face back down. "I will never drink again."

"Sure you will, but you need to not let Kevin get you so riled up that you get yourself so drunk." Marybeth added some more sage advice. "You two are at odds most days. Why do you think that is?"

Dragging herself from the chair, she stood up. "Easy, he doesn't like me, he doesn't like what I do. He thinks I'm a ditzy blonde who got lucky. He doesn't understand the hard work that goes into what Angel and I do."

"Hmm, interesting take on that," Marybeth wasn't going too much further, Angel was right, Sheridan just didn't get it and she wasn't ready too.

"What do you think it is?" Sheridan wrinkled up her nose.

Marybeth stifled her giggle as she saw Sheridan's expression. Since she had become close to Kevin, he confided in her a little that he often referred to this very same expression as Sheridan's fairy face. All she needed was a pair of wings and she would look like a wood sprite from a fairy tale book. "That's probably it," Marybeth hid the grin and the knowledge.

"Terrific, just terrific. I'll tell you what, why don't we do some shopping? I need to get some things for my new office."

"I would like that, A.J. and I are going to dinner later and he wanted you to join us if you were up to it. Howie and Leigh might kick along too."

"I'd feel like a third wheel. Let's do some shopping and then I'll see how I feel. Right now, I need some fresh air. I'm going to go shower and we'll go. I see you beat me in the race to get ready this morning."

"I didn't drink," Marybeth hinted with delight. She hadn't felt this good in a very long time. A.J. stayed for over two hours and they just sat and talked the entire time.

"Whoopee for you," Sheridan dragged herself to the bathroom for a hot shower.

Marybeth smiled as she rehashed the conversations she and A.J. had the night before, in her head. She had learned more in those two hours about his personality and feelings than she had the entire time they had worked together.

Crawling back into bed with two cups of coffee, Angel nudged Nick with her elbow, "Wake up sleepyhead, or you'll never be able to get back to sleep tonight."

Rolling over to face Angel, he grinned, "If you stay over tonight, you can help wear me out and I'll have no problem sleeping."

"Ah huh. Here's some coffee to help get you started."

Nick sat up and took the cup of hot liquid from Angel's hand, "Thanks." After taking a sip, he carefully put the cup down on his bedside table and waited for Angel to do the same. Once her hands were free, he grabbed her and pulled her down towards his body. "I don't believe I've thanked you for a wonderful New Years Eve."

"Yes you did, this morn…" Angel was cut off by Nick's lips pressed against hers. "Never mind, no you didn't." Angel said as she wrapped her arms around Nick's neck and continued her own sweet assault on his mouth.

Suddenly, Nick's phone began to ring causing him to swear under his breathe, or at least he thought so, "This better be important."

"Well good afternoon to you too Little Man. Is that anyway to answer your phone?"

"Good Morning Kevin. Yes it is when I haven't been awake too long."

"What the hell is wrong with everyone today? Everyone slept the morning away!" Kevin all but yelled, letting Angel hear his every word, unsolicited. She tried to take a sip of her coffee but her shoulders were shaking trying to hold in the laughter. Whispering to Nick, Angel said, "He must have just called Sheridan. Marybeth went to wake her up not too long ago." Nick smirked shaking his head.

"Oh, Angel and I were up this morning early."

"Really?" Kevin asked half-heartedly.

"Okay, so we didn't exactly go to bed until after 7 this morning, but we still did early morning stuff," Nick said with a wink.

Scrubbing his hand over his face, Kevin didn't want to think about what their "morning stuff" consisted of.

After Sheridan passed out, Kevin decided he needed to call it a night and not put more pressure on the situation. Leigh and Howie joined him at a bar close to the Concorde Club after depositing a wiped out Sheridan in the limo. He was still battling his demons from last night and wanting to take home one of the women who talked to him at the bar. He found her attractive and quite intelligent, but he didn't want to have a one-night stand. He was getting too old for that, but he really wanted to get laid, in the worst way.

"Kevin?" Nick repeated.

"Yeah, um sorry…listen, I just wanted to make sure you were all set for the location of our meeting on Saturday at 9 AM." Kevin sounded very somber.

"I got it Kev."

"Okay, enjoy the day you two. I'll see you guys later. Bye."

Nick clicked the phone off and looked at Angel with a questionable look. "That was strange."

"What was so strange about Kevin checking up on you? Isn't that his style?" Angel chuckled, but then turned serious when Nick wasn't laughing.

"No, his attitude was very….I don't know…off." Nick said as he carefully took another sip of his coffee. Not wanting to think about Kevin, Nick changed his attitude, "So, how about you and I go get something to eat. I'm starving."

"What would you like? There are pancakes, eggs, bacon, or we could do lunch and dinner foods like pasta, steak and potatoes…"

Nick cut in, "I'm starving! Let's make pancakes and eggs, they won't take as long."

Angel laughed at him, "Okay fine. Geez, you're grumpy when you're hungry."

Angel got out of bed and put on one of Nick's t-shirts. As Angel padded her almost naked body out of the bedroom, Nick lowered his head back on the pillow with his hands covering his eyes. 'Stop thinking about her body or you'll never eat soon,' he mentally chastised himself.

"Hey Angel," Nick called out.


"Will you help me run some of my lines after breakfast?"

A smile grew on Angel's face, "Of course babe. Anytime." 'Not that I don't know them by heart myself,' she thought. Angel fussed with breakfast and put a phone call into to Sheridan.

Sheridan stopped at a stationary store and picked up a ream of high quality paper in a nice tone of gray to use as stationary for Kevin. She could always make up her own letterhead if he didn't have any preprinted. Marybeth shopped as well picking up some things for her own office. Checking her watch after her stomach grumbled, she looked at Marybeth, "I'm hungry. How about you?"

Marybeth waited for the clerk to bag her purchases. "Why don't you wait and go out to dinner with us?"

Sheridan shook her head no. "Honestly, I really would love to but I would feel uncomfortable being by myself. I have one more stop to make at Staples. Do you want to go with me or do you want me to drop you off?"

Marybeth debated, she really wanted to go home and shower. "If you could drop me off, I would appreciate it. I need to shower and change."

"No problem. Come on let's go, I drive right by your place to get to Staples anyway. I'll catch dinner at the Beverly Center. Maybe I'll do a movie or something." Sheridan headed for the car, hiding her mood from Marybeth. Lately with Angel spending all her time with Nick, she felt on the outs and a little lonely. After dropping Marybeth off and wishing her a good time, she started to think of a place to eat at the Beverly Center.

Arriving at Staples, she went down the list that she had jotted down before Christmas when she was at Kevin's. Kevin had the furniture to handle the office just none of the supplies. He had given her a credit card to use for any of the purchases that she made for the office. They would go over the charges when the bill came in. Pushing the cart up and down the aisles, she loaded up on paper, folders, and hanging file folders. Whiteout, pens, and such were next on her list. A few steno-pads and a new rolodex were on the top of her list. After over an hour in the store, Sheridan made her way to the checkout and almost fell out of her sneakers when the cashier told her the total was over five hundred dollars. Whipping out the credit card she smiled, "Here you go."

The woman looked at the card twice and then at Sheridan. "You don't look like a Kevin."

'Oh no,' Sheridan screamed in her head. What was she going to do if they didn't take the card. She knew her card would be over the limit if she made the purchase. "That's my employer's card. We're setting up a new office."

"Oh," the cashier smiled and swiped the card.

Sheridan exhaled quietly but said a silent prayer to the man upstairs for getting her out of this. Sheridan signed her name on the slip to avoid any problems and they took her driver's license number. Thanking the woman, she was happy to make her way to her car. Loading everything in the car, she finally was on her way to a quiet dinner by herself. Her cellphone jingled in the bottom of her purse, she couldn't reach it in time so the call went to voicemail. Pulling into a parking spot at the Beverly Center, she walked around for a while and then settled in at the California Cafe for a light dinner. She didn't want anything spicy or hot to upset her stomach, she was still paying the price.

After ordering her dinner, she dug through her purse for her cellphone and checked her voicemail. The last call was from Kevin who was looking for her, since she didn't answer the telephone at the apartment. He had tried Angel's cell and she wasn't with them either. His last call was to Marybeth who had told him she was out shopping for the office. Of course he felt it necessary to reiterate all of this to her in his voicemail.

"Hey, funny seeing you here," a voice broke her quiet interlude.

Sheridan raised her head to see Tom standing next to her table. Closing her eyes, she bit her bottom lip. It still hurt to see him. All the lies and the baloney that he fed her and she believed every bit of it.

"Mind if I sit down?" his hand began to slide the chair out to take a seat.

"Actually I do, please just leave me alone. You have hurt me enough." Sheridan spoke but her voice was shaky.

"I didn't do it on purpose," Tom began to sit down across from her. "We need to talk. I haven't been able to talk to you. I can't get beyond your little army of new found friends."

With her order being delivered to her table, she demurely opened her napkin and placed it on her lap. She refused to acknowledge him even though all she wanted to do was get up and run away.

"Sheridan, I want us to talk about this." Tom leaned forward and placed his hand on hers.

Yanking her hand from his grasp, she just about exploded. "Do not ever touch me again. We are over, through, kaput, done, good-bye, and gone."

Tom sat back in the chair, without a word he folded his hands together very neatly. "We could have made a go at it, if it weren't for Angel."

Sheridan's teeth crunched down on the spring roll, she wasn't going to dignify the comment with an answer. Her friend was sticking up for her.

"She's always been a busy body, she never left us alone." Tom leaned forward with his elbows on the arms of the chair his hands clasped together still. "Then she dragged the boyfriend into it."

That took the cake, Nick had done nothing that she was aware of. "Nick didn't do anything to you so leave him out of this. This is between you and I. You are just angry that my friends helped me see you for what you really are. An A-1 first class asshole."

Tom chuckled, Sheridan cursing was definitely not a good sign, "Not Nick you airhead, your boyfriend, Kevin."

Sheridan slammed her fork so hard onto the plate that salad flew in all directions. "He isn't my boyfriend."

Resting his chin in the palm of his hand, Tom leaned closer so he could whisper. "Oh he isn't, is he? Then tell me why he muscled me into firing you."

"He what?" Sheridan stopped for a moment, her bubble burst.

"You heard me. He hired a guy to tail me and take pictures of me with some of my… friends. Then he said I was stringing you along and that I had to fire you. Do you really think that I would ever fire you?" With his free hand, he whisked a few blonde strands out of her face. "I still love you baby, I didn't want to hurt you. I think we can still make a go at it, if you want too. I'm still confused and I wanted you to help me work through all of this."

The information was registering a 7 on Sheridan's personal Richter scale. Kevin had me fired kept looping through her brain. The second set of words hit Sheridan emotional and psychologically as well. "I have to go," Sheridan threw money on the table and ran out of the small café.

"Baby, come on…" Tom charged after her only to lose her in the post holiday shopping crowd. "Damn it!" Tom shouted as he looked around.

Sheridan needed a place to think that was devoid of anything familiar. She hastily bought a ticket to a show and charged into the darkened theater. Going to the top, back corner she sat and watched Julia Robert's face flicker on the screen. The movie Mona Lisa Smile began playing as she sat quietly by herself. Sheridan reviewed Tom's conversation mentally. The implication that Kevin had strong-armed him into firing her was starting to make sense. Not too soon after her firing, she landed the interview, and she ended up working for Kevin. The biggest question that plagued her mind was why. Why would Kevin do any of these things? She was confused and still unsettled when the movie ended and she headed for her car.

Driving to her apartment seemed like a mindless task as well as falling into bed. Tomorrow would come and she would have her answers. She would confront Kevin about everything that Tom had said and get the facts. She had decided that she would even call Tom at work and see if he would back up what he had said.

The alarm blaring at 6:30 in the morning was awful. "This sucks," Sheridan tossed the sheet and blankets back. "I'm changing my hours when he is out of town. We're going to talk about a few things today Mr. Kevin Richardson." Showered, dressed, and coffee in hand, she headed to work wearing jeans and t-shirt. "This is way too early to be going to work."

Sitting in her car, she turned the key and nothing happened. "Not funny," she turned the key backwards and waited a few seconds. Turning it forward, still nothing, the engine wasn't turning over. Placing her head on the steering wheel, she waited and then tried again. "Dammit, not today!" A knocking noise on her side window almost made her jump out of her skin. Sighing with relief she opened the door since the electric windows wouldn't roll down. "Patrick, can you help me? It won't start."

"No problem," Patrick motioned her to get back in the car and pop the hood release.

Sheridan watched him from the slight crack the hood had made and then heard him yell. "Try it now!" Turning the key, it started.

Patrick slammed the hood shut and shook his head at her as he walked to her car door. "Engines need maintenance Sheridan. This old clunker needs a tune up and some work done on her."

"I know I just haven't had time. Today is the first day at my new job. I owe you one."

"Dinner one night this week?" he gave her a cocky smile.

"I don't cook," Sheridan complained. In her head she was thinking, why are guys always trying to make dates over the little things they help you out with.

"We'll go out, dutch," he winked and walked away.

"Well, now that is a first," she spoke to herself in the car. Hitting the button, she rolled the window down. "It's a deal!" she shouted back.

"No, it's a date!" Patrick shouted as he made his way back inside the building.

Trying to get their bodies back on a regular sleeping schedule, Angel had set Nick's alarm to wake up at 7 AM.

"What the hell is that?" Nick mumbled.

"C'mon sleepyhead. Let's get this day started. I need to go to The Beverly Center and pick up a few things. Come with me?" Angel said with a pout thinking he probably wouldn't want to go shopping.

"Angel, you do realize that the stores don't open until 10 right?" Nick questioned as he rolled over to pull Angel back into his embrace.

"Yes, but I need to eat, go workout, then take a shower."

Nick looked at her with puppy eyes, "You aren't expecting me to go workout with you, are you?"

"Of course not. I'm just going to go for a jog around the neighborhood. I'll be back in about 30 minutes."

Nick twinged at the thought. "Do you think that's a good idea Angel? I mean, what if someone is out there waiting for a beautiful woman to jog on by before he grabs you."

"Ohmigod Nick, you watch too much TV. I'll be fine. I can defend myself you know."

Holding her close in his embrace, he whispered into her ear, "Of course I know you can."

Turning around in his arms, she questioned, "What's gotten into you? I've jogged in your neighborhood before. What's wrong?"

Nick realized he was being overly cautious and making something out of nothing. "Nevermind. I'm being silly. Enjoy your jog. I'll be ready when you get back."

She planted a kiss on Nick then hopped into the bathroom to change into her workout clothes.

Zipping out of the parking lot, Sheridan hit the freeway to jump over to a short cut to Kevin's house. The car backfired once as she slowed down to make the turn into Kevin's driveway. Several people seemed to be out early this morning and they stared at her. She really wasn't surprised when Kevin was standing at the door waiting for her. "You have got to get rid of that car or get it fixed. That thing sounds like it belongs in Compton."

Shrugging her shoulders, she kvetched a little. "At least it's paid for."

"Oh, well by the shape it's in, I would hope so."

Sheridan pointed back to the car, "There are things in there that need to be brought in."

"Yes Ma'am," Kevin stuffed his feet into his sneakers and wondered if Sheridan was like this every morning. Two trips to the car and he dumped the entire contents of supplies on her desk.

"Gee I hope I didn't need to use my desk in the next few minutes," she was syrupy sweet when she said it, but people who knew her would know that this wasn't a good thing.

"What is your problem this morning? Are you still carrying around your hangover from New Years?" Kevin wasn't going to take attitude from Sheridan or anyone else this early in the morning.

"No, not at all. I ran into Tom yesterday while I was out having dinner… " Sheridan turned and looked over her shoulder to see Kevin's eyes narrow to little slits and his lips pucker up.

"What did that asshole want? Did he try and fill your head with nonsense again?" Kevin leaned on the credenza and wished he had repeated his attempts to find Sheridan yesterday when he couldn't.

Ripping the plastic covering off the box files, she thought about what she was going to say. She had rehearsed it in her head over and over again last night since she had come home from the movies. "He told me that you had him followed and photographed with his friends. I would assume in my dippy little blonde head that they were male friends and that you used that to have him fire me."

Kevin smiled, "Oh yeah that. I did do that, the guy is a scum. Yeah it was guys."

Sheridan's mouth opened slowly, Kevin had just admitted that he did do what Tom had said. By the looks of it, he seemed pretty damn proud of himself.

"You're a jerk! Why would you do that?" Sheridan fumed but was still acting like a lady.

Kevin walked closer and she backed up, falling into the seat of her chair. Leaning down he frowned at her, "Very simple blondie, he was using you as a cover. He was stringing you along and that ain't right in my world. You don't lead women on with false pretenses and use them for your needs. He's gay and can't let his family find out. You were his beard babe. The fact that I like you on top of it, just made matters worse in my mind."

Between being blown away by the way Kevin was acting and the way he was speaking, she couldn't figure out what to say next. "It still doesn't make it right. What do you mean you like me? Like, as in a person?"

Kevin's eyes closed for a millimeter of time, his eyebrows shot up. 'What a dip,' he groaned in his head. 'This is never going to work; sometimes she has the IQ of a cue ball.' Angel's words 'Sheridan is not ready; you need to wait and let it happen' barked in his ear. "Yes Sheridan, believe it or not, I like you as a person."

"Even though I wrote… um parts… of the movie," Sheridan blinked, if Kevin was going to be her boss on both counts, she had to make sure that they could work together without him holding any resentment towards her.

"Yes, even though you wrote my parts," Kevin chuckled.

"I didn't write all of them, Angel did some," Sheridan quickly defended herself out of embarrassment.

"As long as you wrote the good ones, who cares," Kevin grabbed a stack of folders and began writing on the tabs. "Let's get this place set up so that either of us can just walk into either office and get work done."

They worked together and chatted about the filming starting the next day. Both of them were excited over the real work starting to take shape. By lunchtime, they were both at ease with each other. Kevin sat Indian style on the floor wondering how in the world he had acquired so much paper work. Sheridan's mind was swimming with all the different things that Kevin had ventured into business wise. She had one drawer alone for investments, one for the studio, one for his foundation, and one for his business venture with his friend Keith. "I think we need another filing cabinet," Sheridan looked at the pile at her feet.

"Nah, I have some space in my office. I'll keep the movie stuff and my Backstreet stuff in there."

"Where do we put the rest of this?" Sheridan's eyes swept the room. There were piles of files everywhere.

"Let's think about it after lunch, I'm starved," Kevin stood up and hesitated. "Yo, Sheridan lunch," he waved his hand in front of her face.

Scrunching her nose, she looked back at him. "Angel wasn't home; I don't have a lunch made. I need to run out and grab something."

Kevin laughed, it had to be one of the funniest things he had heard come out of her. "It's a good thing our offices are in my house, because I have this thing called a kit-chen. Do you know what that is?"

"Very funny," Sheridan pouted back knowing he was only teasing.

"Come on, we can grab a sandwich. After that, we'll finish up this mess and get the computer set up."

"A computer? My very own computer that I can play with?."

"Yes but for work, not writing," he grabbed bread from the cupboard. "I figure we could get all the finances inputted over time. Right now we can just plug away at it."

"Does it have a word processor? Is it new?" Sheridan was delighted. She had only seen one in his office.

"Yes, and Yes," Kevin stood with a knife in his hand. "Mayo or Mustard?"

"Do you have any ketchup?" she smiled.

"Ketchup and boloney coming up. The only other person I know that would eat that would be Nick."

"I'm not Nick," Sheridan bent over to pick up the napkin she had dropped.

"Oh… no doubt about that," Kevin hissed under his breath and began to fantasize a little as he watched her sweet little ass in front of him, "You are definitely not Nick."

"What are you staring at?" Sheridan looked behind her.

"Oh, a bird in the window," Kevin covered his own ass but laughed inside.

"Ohhh, what kind?" Sheridan turned to peer out the window.

"Ehhh, I'm not sure," Kevin shook his head.

After lunch they sorted the rest of the files. Sitting down next to each other they began to make a list of what they wanted computerized. Sheridan showed him a few things about the computer that he didn't even know about.

"Very cool," Kevin watched as she shifted closer to him. His hand brushed against her ribs as he leaned back in the executive chair and reached around her. He didn't say a word but the results were right there for him to see. Sheridan's chest was giving him a stand up salute or rather her nipples were. He smiled, totally satisfied by the reaction. It would placate him for a while until he could figure out what move he was going to make next.

Kevin left her to do some work as he worked over his lines. Before he knew it, it was time for her to leave and he really just wanted her to stay. "I'm making chicken on the grill. Do you want to stay?"

"Oh, um, I don't know if Angel is coming home. I suppose I should call and find out."

"Why, she seems to be spending all her time with Carter?" Kevin knew it was a little childish but if she stayed they could talk more. He had found out that her dad was a pro-wrestler and that Sheridan seemed to get her sweetness from her mom.

"Okay but I'll do the dishes," Sheridan went back to work. "Call me when it's ready. I'm almost done putting in the financials for the foundation."

"Seriously?" Kevin peaked around the monitor. "Dang, you are good."

"I thought that is why you hired me?" Sheridan posed the question to him.

"Well, yeah but, you know… I'll get dinner ready." Kevin split out of the office like his pants were on fire. 'Close call Kevin, you need to start thinking with the right head,' he swore under his breath at his own carelessness.

"You are a sneaky man, Kevin Richardson." Sheridan worked until she heard her name called. She saved the work and closed down the computer. Coming out to the patio, she sat at the beautiful wrought iron table. The table was set comfortably, nothing romantic or anything. "This smells wonderful," Sheridan pushed her fork into a roasted potato.

"Of course it is; I can cook. If I didn't, I would be living on Chef Boyardee and Mac-n-Cheese."

"Brian would be happy," Sheridan waved off the wine Kevin was pouring. "Please, it will be a long time before I drink."

Kevin wondered if she would partake or not, "What would you like?"

"Do you have any milk?"

Laughing all the way to the kitchen and back, he presented her with a very large and cold glass of milk. "Your milk," he placed the glass in front of her.

More movie talk and financial talk followed dinner. They never got back on the subject of her, no matter how hard Kevin tried to steer the conversation in that direction. Walking her out to the car, he backed up and squinted his eyes as she turned the car over. It sounded like an off balance washing machine. "From now on, when you have to pick me up, come here and get my Benz. That car scares me. The key is on your key ring."

Sheridan shouted above the roar of the engine, if you could call it that. "Patrick said it needed some work. I'll talk to him on our date this week about it." Slamming the car in reverse, she pulled out of the driveway.

"Date? Date? What fucking date?" Kevin stood in his driveway staring at the license plate on the beat up Ford as it drove down through his secluded neighborhood. "You can buy a new car then you don't need a fucking date with Patrick." Dashing into the house, he dialed the phone. "NICK! NICK! NICKY! If you're there, pick up the damn phone!"





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