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Chapter 41

Nick wasn't in the mood to discuss his family situation on the set the day before so they set up an early luncheon meeting. Angel put a call in to her boss at the restaurant, Craig, to ask if they could use the private room in the back.

Friday morning, Brian, A.J., Kevin, Howie, and Johnny Wright were meeting Nick and Angel at Barefoot's Restaurant at 11AM before the Sundance crew needed to catch an afternoon flight to Utah.

Angel and Nick were the first to arrive. Angel wanted to visit with some of her co-workers whom she missed. They all gathered in the private room. Angel introduced Nick to Craig, James who was the bartender, and Kim, her friend and their server, as well as Tony, the short order cook. Kim was stunned to see Nick on Angel's arm. At first, she was speechless. Then Kim let out a squeal that startled everyone.

Nick smiled and said, "It's nice to meet you all."

Kim began chatting away making it difficult for anyone else to say anything. "I knew that was you!" Kim jumped up out of her seat, "Last week, I was waiting in line at Ralph's and I did my usual skimming through the rag magazines. I thought I saw you in People magazine golfing with Nick, but they didn't have your name and your hair was in cornrows. Wow! Talk about having your dreams come true Angel." Angel blushed realizing she never told Kim about dating Nick. "Now I see why you kept your boyfriend such a mystery." Kim winked at Nick, causing him to blush.

Craig interrupted, "So when will we see you working again Angel?"

"Well….um….I'm not sure Craig." Angel honestly didn't know what kind of free time she'd have while not on the set or what her hours would be on a regular basis. She looked over at Nick while shrugging her shoulders.

Nick chimed in, "Angel's schedule will probably slow down over the next month or so and get into a reliable routine where she'll know her hours better."

James always had a crush on Angelina and now he was turning green with jealousy seeing her with Nick. "How do you know so much about Angel's work schedule?"

Angel was taken back by James tone. Nick smirked knowing all too well James' behavior towards him. "Angel is not only my girlfriend," Nick wrapped his arm around Angel, pulling her closer to him; "She also works for our company."

Shocked, Kim began choking on the sip of water she'd just taken. "Jesus, we have some catching up to do girlfriend."

Angel smiled at her friend. "I couldn't tell you before because I was trying to keep it on the down low. In the excitement of it all, with your mouth, it would have been on Page Six faster than you can say Paris stars in another sex tape."

Everyone began laughing hysterically. Nick didn't realize what a joke Paris was to the non-celebrity world.

"What kind of company do you own?" Craig asked. He had no idea who Nick was or what he did for a living. Tony began laughing hard. "Ditzy's dating one of her music obsessions."

"You're in the music business?" Craig was shocked. He didn't know Angel wanted to work in the music industry. He thought she was looking to work in the filming industry.

Nick replied sheepishly, "Our company is in the entertainment industry, it involves more than music. I've also been known to do some acting."

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Craig's head, "Wait a minute," getting out of his chair he picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. "Honey, what's the name of the group Bella likes? Okay thanks."

Hanging up the phone, Craig turned towards Nick, "You're in that group the Backstreet Boys aren't you?"

Nodding his head, Nick replied, "Yup."

"Ah huh! I knew you looked familiar. You are on a couple of posters in my daughter's room."

Angelina leaned into Craig, "Your daughter has good taste."

Craig winked at Nick, "Oh, I'll win the 'Dad of the Year Award' if I can get an autograph from you and your bandmates. How about we exchange your luncheon tab for an autographed picture?"

"That won't be necessary; we would love to do it for free. I'll give it to Angel to bring in to you after we return from Sundance."

"That's very generous of you Nick. However, I must insist, lunch is on me."

Angel nudged Nick and with a wink to Craig, "Take it."

Meanwhile, the rest of the boys arrived and were escorted to the function room where the meeting was to take place. Angel introduced the staff to the boys and everyone settled in for the meeting.

Nick dreaded having to call a meeting to brief everyone on his family problems. None of the other boys have ever had to do this. Angel requested Kim to be their server since she trusted and knew her better than anyone else. If Kim happened to overhear anything said, it would stay in the room. As much as Kim could gossip, she also knew when to keep her mouth shut when it was serious.

After the meal was eaten; Nick told them about Jane's arrest and what, if any, they would say on the issue.

"Have you talked to your Mom since this happened?" Howie inquired. He never understood the dynamics of Nick's family. Out of all the boys, A.J. came from the broken home and if anyone would need help and support, it would be A.J. Howie's family was so close that it always made him wonder why Nick's was so different from his. Howie always reasoned it must have been the success and money that destroyed their family unit.

"Nope! And I don't plan to!" Nick was fuming mad still.

Angel dropped her head and began playing with her fingers. Howie caught her reaction and figured she already went down this road with Nick with no luck.

Kevin sat eerily quiet during the whole meeting. Even when Johnny was giving them all advice on how to handle it, especially Nick and Kevin who would be at a high profile event, Kevin kept his mouth silent.

As much as Brian felt sympathy for Nick, he couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going on with Kevin. "You alright Kev? You're awfully quiet," Brian spoke softly.

Smirking, Kevin answered, "Oh, I'm fine. Just thinking about this weekend and trying to figure out the best strategy to get the most out of it." Kevin's response caught a few stifled giggles around the table.

"I bet I can take one guess which strategy you would like to do first too." A.J. mumbled absent-mindedly.

There was a knock on the door then slowly it opened. Craig walked in, "I hope I'm not disturbing you guys but something just occurred to me as I was at the bar."

Brian and Johnny said, "No problem," simultaneously. Angel was quite puzzled as to why her boss would interrupt a meeting, even if she was in attendance.

"Angel, do you remember last month I told you about some men inquiring about you and asking the staff questions?"

Angel's eyes grew wide. She had forgotten about that. 'Uh…yeah…why?"

"Well, one of the men is sitting at the bar."

Nick jumped up out of his chair followed closely by Kevin and Johnny. Craig continued as they peered out the door. "I noticed he has a camera wrapped around him and he was looking around the restaurant, almost like he was surveying it or looking for someone, I'm not sure."

Johnny spoke up first, "He works for either Star or US magazine. I forget his name." Nick's fists clenched as he bit his lip mumbling, "Jesus, they don't quit, do they?"

"Calm down big guy. He wouldn't do anything to hurt Angel or anyone. He's just doing a job to get paid. He must have gotten a tip from someone." Johnny spoke as he returned to his seat.

Craig responded, "I checked his credit card when he paid for his lunch and the card belongs to a Rick Dunn."

Johnny turned towards Craig and Angel. "You said one of the men. How many others were there and how long ago?"

Angel answered, "Just two guys. Last month they came in asking about me."

Craig interrupted, "Actually Angel, there's been about 6 different people inquiring about your working status at the restaurant." Craig saw the terrified look in Angel's eyes.

Nick did too. He went back to his seat and wrapped his arm around her protectively. "Don't worry," he whispered.

Craig continued, "Angel, I've asked the staff to let me know if anyone asks about you specifically and they've been the ones to point them out to me. We've averaged one a week." Craig dropped his head to avoid making eye contact with her.

Johnny was good at reading body language, "What is it? Tell us everything. That is the only way we can protect her."

"I've noticed some people lounging outside, usually in the back of the restaurant and in the parking lot. A few of them match those who inquire about you."

No longer frightened, Angel jumped up out of her seat angrily, "What the hell? What do these people want? What are they looking for?"

Kevin noticed the look on Nick's face and knew he had nothing to comfort Angel or stop her worrying. "Angel, it's not as bad as it may look," Kevin began but Angel interrupted.

"It's not? Have you ever seen E Uncensored? Those people are vultures Kevin." Angel began pacing the floor, talking with her hands in the air, "They will stop at nothing to get what they want. They taunt people. They get in their way. They get nasty and in your face." Looking at Nick, her eyes grew watery, "I can't have people do that to me…" Turning towards Johnny, she finished, "Without making them get out of my space."

Johnny went to comfort her, "I know it's not fair what they get away with doing, but just remember the law is on their side most of the time. Don't do something you'll regret or you'll be pegged by the whole industry and together, they can make your life a living hell."

Nick finally found his voice and walked toward Angel, "He's right Angel. You need to let it go and walk away from them. They are like animals but trust me, you learn to ignore them and their words."

Brian offered some helpful advice, "Angel, you can always talk to Leigh if you'd like some advice. She's been dealing with them because of me and has learned to ignore them over the years."

Smiling for the first time since they began the meeting, she said her thanks to everyone. "I'll be fine. I just got pissed off hearing what Craig said. I'll deal with it," she spoke. Angel walked out of the room and straight to the bar.

Nick exchanged worried looks with the boys and Craig. Noticing where she was headed, Craig mumbled an "oh shit" as he went after her. Johnny followed too, but turned back to the room, "I'll go watch her. Sit here. Don't leave, stay out of sight." He ordered before turning back toward the bar.

Sitting beside her nemesis, Angel ordered a diet coke from James. He eyed her suspiciously wondering what the hell she was doing. James knew from Craig what was going on.

Rick Dunn smiled brightly seeing who sat beside him. "Hello," he said cheerfully to her.

Johnny was now sitting on the other side of Angel on another barstool.

"Hello," she said politely. She turned and noticed Johnny. Smiling at him, she turned toward Rick. "I hear you've been asking about me."

Rick's mouth dropped open in surprise. He never had someone be so bold as to approach him; normally they ignored him.

"Ah…I…..well….was wondering if you still worked here."

"Do I know you?" Angel questioned with a smile.

Smiling back at her, "I don't think so, but you may know my work."

"Oh really?" Sitting up straight on her stool, she noticed Nick peering out the doorway. 'Get your head back in there ya big bafoon' her mind was trying to send a message telepathically. It must have worked because Nick shut the door after he noticed Angelina looking at him. "What kind of work do you do?"

"I'm a photographer," Rick said with a twinkle in his eye as he realized who Johnny was. "Aren't you Johnny Wright? Manager of Justin Timberlake?"

Rolling her eyes, Angelina let out a laugh smothered by a cough when she felt Johnny pinch her. Johnny slowly turned toward the man, "Why yes, I am." Holding out his hand, the two men shook.

"This must be my lucky day," Rick muttered. Looking at Angel, "I thought you were involved with someone else." Jumping off his seat, Rick quickly gathered his belongings. "It was nice to meet you both. I just remembered I was due back at the office an hour ago."

Angel gave Johnny a strange look, "What was that all about?"

Laughing, Johnny replied, "Don't be surprised if you read about yourself next week being Justin Timberlake's reason for breaking up with Cameron. Or better yet, you and I are having a thing."

"Oh how cool," Angel laughed as she followed Johnny back to the room. They wanted to get the meeting finished so that Angel and Nick could take off for Utah.

Marybeth made the stop to pick up Sheridan. After Sheridan let her in and she followed Sheridan back to the bedroom, her eyes nearly fell out of her head. The closet doors and the armoire doors were open. Clothes were half falling off the hangers, dangling precariously. Clothes covered every square inch of the room from the dresser to the floor. On the bed sat six suitcases piled with so much stuff she didn't think any of them could be zipped closed. "Looks like Kevin is just going to catch the flight without you." Marybeth surveyed the scene as she heard Sheridan's phone ring next to the bed. Kevin's voice roared from the answering machine.

Sheridan squinted and shrugged her shoulders, "He's a little upset."

Now the phone call of desperation from Kevin made sense. He begged Marybeth that he would pay for an entire spa day out his pocket when they were in Utah if she could just haul ass over to Sheridan's apartment and get her ass in gear. Marybeth agreed to do it but he had to pay for all the ladies to go. 'A girly day,' Marybeth called it.

"FINE!" Kevin's tone wasn't directed towards her so she let it pass as he hung up on her.

Marybeth started to panic. 'Kevin is going to have a fit. What the hell would Angel do if she was here?' Suddenly a light bulb went off in her head.

"You need to get this mess down to two suitcases, right now." Marybeth demanded.

"I'm trying," Sheridan pouted at Marybeth.

Marybeth shook her head and left Sheridan standing in the room sorting through the items she had packed. Sheridan obviously wasn't taking Kevin very seriously since she continued to let both the telephone and her cell phone ring, nor was she trying that hard to make the flight. Flipping her cell phone on, Marybeth called Kevin.

"Yeah!" Kevin was now keyed up. They were never going to clear security and make the flight. Sheridan and Marybeth had to meet him at LAX in the next five minutes or they could forget this all together.

"You can forget her catching this flight. She is stalling, avoiding, and ignoring you. I think it might be that, 'I can't be with him because he's my boss' thing that I told you about. She is afraid to go in case something will happen between you."

"You're freaking kidding me?" Kevin balked back. He paced back and forth at the entrance of the airport. This wasn't a good placed to be seen all riled up, photographers were always at the airport.

Angel and Nick watched Kevin carefully. The couple looked as if they were attending a tennis match as their heads turned from left to right, over and over again.

Nick turned to Angel, "Are you going to call your roommate and straighten her out?"

Angel smirked, "Nope. For once, Sheridan needs to deal with her boss all on her own. Poor Marybeth. She has to endure the wrath of Kevin and she didn't do anything. She better let Sheridan have it."

Frustrated, Marybeth smart-mouthed back, "Oh well, it's that or the woman is trying to pack six suitcases to go to Timbuktu."

"Shyte," Kevin pinned his eyes shut. "Sorry Marybeth, I didn't mean to yell at you. It's not your fault."

"When you call, she listens, and then blows you off. You need to get her to understand that she needs to be there for all of us and the film. I know that isn't what you are thinking but we need her, we're a team." Marybeth spoke honestly.

Kevin tapped his foot on the ground. "Leave there after she picks up the phone and talks to me. Get here and get on this damn flight. Somebody has to be there to keep an eye on the nymphomaniacs, better known as Angel and Nick. I'll handle Sheridan."

"Are you sure?" Marybeth turned towards Sheridan's bedroom to make sure she wasn't listening.

"Yes, we need you there. You need to get some contacts; you can't work for Gene all your life."

"I like the way you think Kevin."

"Thanks," he disconnected the call.

Marybeth stood in the living room and waited for the telephone to ring. Since Sheridan didn't know where Marybeth had gone, she went out to the living room to find her.

As the telephone rang and the machine began to pick-up the call, Kevin's voice filled the room, "Sheridan, if you value your job and your paycheck, the ability to make the payments on that nice, red convertible, ya better pick up this phone because that will no longer be a possibility for you."

"Hello!" Sheridan grabbed for the phone and shouted as she answered it.

"What are you doing? We are late; we are missing our flight out!" Kevin's yelling traveled through the receiver of the telephone and all the way across the room.

"I'm having trouble packing," Sheridan gave Marybeth a muted smile.

Kevin thought about what she had said but more about what Marybeth had said. She is avoiding me, he concluded. "I'll be over to help you in just a few minutes. We'll figure it out together."

"No!" Sheridan yelled and dashed to the bedroom to clean up the mess. Not even realizing that she had just hung up on Kevin.

Kevin tucked his phone in his pocket and headed to the short-term parking. "Oh yes I am and we are going to work out these quirky, crazy little habits, and odd-ball thoughts you have. Six pieces of fucking luggage."

Marybeth never did say goodbye to Sheridan as she zoomed out of the parking lot and headed directly to LAX.

Getting into the truck he dialed Marybeth's cell. She answered as she was huffing into the airport. "I'm going to miss the plane."

"No, you won't. It's delayed for a half hour. I need to know what travel agency you used. I need to get another set of seats for tomorrow."

"I already did that. You"ll get an email with the e-ticket confirmation numbers to print out your boarding passes. Your flight is at 8 am sharp. I called Sheridan and told her to sit tight."

"She's tight alright," Kevin groaned.

"Oh, a little frustrated? That's okay. I told her you were coming over to re-pack for her and you were bringing dinner and a bottle of wine."

"Did she flip out on you?" Kevin started the engine.

"Yes I made it!" Marybeth squealed as she headed towards Nick and Angelina. Answering Kevin, Marybeth replied, "Yeah, she hung up on me. Get the wine and order the food once you get to her apartment. She might split out of town on all of us."

"Thanks," Kevin mumbled as he tooled out the parking lot and headed for the nearest liquor store.

An uneventful flight, a solid landing in Utah, and they were ready to play and do business.

"I told you to pack your winter socks that my parents gave you," Angel scolded Nick who hadn't stopped complaining how cold he was since the plane landed in Salt Lake City.

"At least I brought my leather jacket," he pouted.

"Yeah, and you are wearing the same damn pants as last night you dufus!" Angel couldn't believe him, "It's not like you don't have a whole closet full of them."

Marybeth sat there shaking her head. 'This is going to be a long, entertaining weekend, I can tell,' she said to herself.

Walking side by side from the taxi to the hotel, Nick started complaining again, "Damn, it's friggin' cold. Just a few days ago, we were in the Bahamas soaking up the sun, playing golf, and now we're wearing winter jackets!" His mind also recalled his encounter with Angel at the nightclub. Turning, he looked over at Angel. Inside the hotel lobby, Angel pulled off her hat, letting her hair hang down, and began shaking the snow off of her. She unzipped her jacket and began stretching, Nick groaned, "You are not allowed to remove any more clothing until after we reach our hotel room."

Angel noticed Nick was sporting a hard-on inside his jeans. 'Oh, I hope there's no one around to take pictures of 'Thor,' Angel giggled. Walking with some difficulty, Nick wandered over to the hotel's front desk with Marybeth and checked into the hotel.

Angel was staring around the hotel lobby, admiring it. She couldn't believe she was actually attending THE Sundance Film festival. Sheridan and Angelina had no idea that the boys had this planned for a while now. Angel was particularly surprised Nick kept it a secret as long as he had. The fact that Kevin was all for the girls attending confused her even more. There were more paparazzi at an event such as this than anywhere in LA. 'He must have an ulterior motive,' she reasoned.

Angelina was reading an itinerary of all the different gatherings going on around them when Nick wandered back over to her from the front desk. Leaning down close to her ear, he whispered, "C'mon troublemaker, time to get to our room." Nick held out his hand and helped pick up her bag as the bellhop put their luggage on a cart to bring up to their room.

Nick noticed Angel looking through the Sundance program they received. Standing in front of the elevators, he looked over her shoulder, pointing out things he wanted to go to.

Marybeth was checking out the itinerary as well wondering what she should do.

"When we get to the room, we'll have to map out our itinerary," Nick said as he tried to see the location of certain events in relation to the hotel. Angel couldn't believe how excited Nick was getting making his plans. Nick pulled the brochure from Angel's hand to get a better look.

"Oh man, we HAVE to see this premiere," Nick cried as they entered the elevator. Angel rolled her eyes and the bellhop couldn't help but smile.

Looking over Nick's shoulder, Angel could see the word "Butterfly." "What movie is it?"

"It's called the Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher." Pulling the catalogue away from his face, Nick wondered, "I wonder if Demi will be here with him?"

Angel shrugged her shoulders. She was lost in her own thoughts of possibly being in the company of movie stars. Marybeth's eyes lit up as well.

As they reached the floor, the bellhop led the way to their door, opened it up and wheeled in their luggage. After unloading Angel and Nick's luggage, he walked across the hall to Marybeth's room and deposited her luggage. She was just grateful her luggage arrived safely since she had just made it to the airport to catch the flight.

Looking around, Angel was in awe at their accommodations at The Chateaux on Silver Lake. The suite was almost as big as her entire apartment. Even in the Bahamas, the hotel they stayed in cost more than her share of rent for the entire month. "Good God, will you look at this place?"

Nick was sitting at the table, engrossed in the catalogue, making their plans. "Uh huh."

The living room had a huge stone fireplace that created a romantic ambiance. "Nick, this place must be costing you a fortune."

Nick looked up at Angel, "Will you stop worrying about money? This is being paid for by the production company, just like the trip to the Bahamas."

"What? How is that possible?"

Chuckling, Nick explained, "Easy. It's free P.R. We attend functions and write it off as a business expense. Our record company gets free PR, our manager gets our name out to the general public, the media outlets spread the news around about me, part of the group, the fans will see it and get them excited about upcoming events…it's a vicious cycle of PR that is seen as all positive. Not to mention, if we are interviewed, we can discuss upcoming projects."

"Wait a darn, root 'n tootin' minute Carter." A light bulb went off in Angel's head, "You mean to tell me that part of these trips are used as PR?"

"Of course. And this trip can help build you some connections with people in your field. Help you network for any future projects." Nick pushed his chair out from the table and went to stand beside Angel who looked like she was still in shock at the prospect of being used for PR purposes.

"Trust me Angel; this is just as good for you as it is for me and the group. But, I wanted to be here with you, to spend time with you, to have fun with you. These are so boring usually, but when I'm with you, I have lots more fun. I wouldn't have come if you didn't come with me."

Angel's lips had a little pout but looking into Nick's eyes, she realized he was being truthful. Nick continued, hoping to not upset her any more, "I wouldn't have gone to the Bahamas without you either. But we did have some fun, didn't we?" Nick questioned with a sly grin as he grinded his hips into Angel's pelvic.

Throwing her head back, she sighed. "That DJ booth was amazing. I hope no one noticed us though. Kevin wouldn't appreciate reading those headlines. 'Backstreet boy prefers the back door' or 'Reason 101 for wearing a miniskirt to a club with a thong,'" Angel started laughing.

Nick groaned as he felt himself harden thinking about their drunken excursion to the Dragon's Club in the luxury Paradise Hotel club. "Thongs are great for easy access." Nick breathed as he closed his eyes recalling the events in the DJ booth.

Angel had pulled out his throbbing cock and rubbed it as they kissed, battling tongues in each other's mouths. Running her other hand through Nick's hair, Angel had told Nick that she always wanted to have sex in a very public place. With Angel's hand-stroking Nick harder, Nick slipped two fingers into her wet folds, teasing her. Angel knew she was close to having an orgasm when she suddenly turned around and wiggled her ass into his growing erection. The two had had too much to drink and were so inebriated they weren't thinking straight. Bending her over slightly, Nick continued to torture her with his long fingers. Then, in one quick, simple movement, he pulled aside Angel's thong and quickly penetrated himself into her backside. Pulling her hips back to meet his thrusts, the two became in sync. Nick removed one of his hands and continued to rub Angel's clit. Angel was holding on to the console to help support herself as she felt a tingly sensation begin in her toes and run straight up her legs. As her knees began to buckle, Nick grabbed her. After a couple more thrusts, Angel turned her head to kiss Nick passionately as they both climaxed together. Nick thought they were quiet but Angel recalls screaming.

When the DJ returned, he was thoughtful enough to knock, thank goodness, or he would have seen quite a sight. "Is everything okay in here?" he questioned. Both Nick and Angel were sweaty and flushed after their orgasms. "It is now," Angel said in breathy voice. The DJ blushed as he realized what transpired in his booth. Nick reassured the man, "We didn't touch or sit on anything, I swear." Laughing, Nick grabbed Angel's hand and led her out of the booth to an open door that led to a balcony outside. Both needed to cool off before anyone else saw them.


Coming back from his thoughts, "Oh no, not the hiccups again," Nick moaned. "I'm sure there will be some pictures show up some where. Hopefully, none of when we had sex in the booth."

*hiccup* "Who was that guy that called your name when went out onto the balcony afterwards?"

"Some photographer. I have no idea who he was affiliated with though."

"Well, there will definitely be at least one after-sex picture then. Not that your fans won't tell by your hair anyways." Angel was lost in her thoughts as well. "I hadn't had a hangover like that in quite a while. God, you and your brilliant idea of me getting my hair done in cornrows the next day. That didn't help my headache, at all."

"Yeah, but you needed a vacation to help release all your stress." Nick winked at Angel as she gave him a look.


"Hold your breath and see if you can get rid of those." Nick walked over to Angel and began kissing her neck. "I want to unpack, change, and go sightseeing."

Marybeth came over to Nick and Angel's room after she unpacked. The three were just chillin' and mapping out their weekend. Angel kept staring at the door behind her. She told herself she wasn't going to get involved in Sheridan's affairs, but the suspense of not-knowing was killing her. Hoping to not sound too protective, Angel played it safe, "When is Kevin arriving since he missed his flight?"

"Kevin and Sheridan are flying into Utah tomorrow, together I hope." Marybeth mumbled as she watched Nick take an interest in the conversation.

"What the hell happened?" Angel cocked her head to the side, confused over what had screwed up this important trip.

"Sheridan was none too happy with the arrangements and coming here, you know that. It seems six pieces of luggage was the problem. She couldn't condense it down to two. When I left, Kevin was threatening her with the loss of her job if she didn't get it together."

"OH MY GOD!" Angel grabbed for her cell phone only to have Marybeth shake her head back and forth. "What?"

"Sheridan is having avoidance issues with this. She may have convinced herself that she can't sleep with Kevin but the rest of her is crying foul." Marybeth grinned at Angel. "Hey they're alone in LA for one night. Working it out, coming to terms with things, right?"

Now it was Angel's turn to beam, as her head slowly nodded up and down, "Ah, I see."

"Who does her packing anyway?" Marybeth snickered.

"I do the un-packing part the second time around. She seems to think that she's always going on some type of expedition where she won't be in touch with civilization for eons and she won't be able to get something if she needs it." Angel sighed. "I dunno?"

"I don't either. Who knows maybe by the time they get here it might push both of them together. This place is very romantic." Marybeth looked around the grand suite.

Nick was now standing next to Angel's chair, "Marybeth, ya want me to call A.J. for you, since it's romantic and all?" Nick's 'oomph' was silent as Angel's elbow connected with his stomach, intentionally.

Marybeth's laughter filled the hall, "A.J. is a big boy and he has to decide what he wants to do. That is half of his problem, all these years; everyone has made his decisions for him. Then he is not responsible when it goes wrong, because it wasn't his to begin with."

"Damn, she has him figured out," Angel mumbled as she returned to reviewing the itinerary as Nick moaned his way to the shower.

Thirty minutes later, and dressed in his warmer, winter socks, Nick and Angel walked around Park City, home of the Sundance Festival.

As the sun was setting, a photographer asked Nick if he would pose in front of the Mercedes Benz G Wagon. Angel began to step aside but the photographer asked her to stay. Nick kept on his sunglasses and army cap; he honestly didn't feel like getting his picture taken, but it was part of the job.

Seeing a crowd, the couple went into the Phillips Lounge to see what was going on. Nick ran into a few celebrities he knew and chit-chatted a while. Angel was starting to get hungry. Nick realized it too when he heard a loud grumble and Angel's face turned three shades of red.

Laughing, he took her hand and led her back to their hotel. Neither of them felt like going out and both wanted to get comfortable. After ordering room service, Nick and Angel took a long shower then changed into sweat suits.

After dinner, the couple wandered down to the hotel lobby and found out there was an X-Box display in the Motorola Lodge. Nick couldn't resist stopping by to check it out. It was there they ran into more people who talked them into going out to the Blender Sessions 5 nights of Music. The couple quickly went back to their hotel room to change into something a bit more appropriate.





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