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Chapter 43

"Yes or no?" Kevin openly invited her to stare at him. He was enjoying playing the tease, but then he always had.

"Ye… Ye…." Sheridan began to stutter and covered her face with one hand. This was too much. He knew she was attracted to him. She had written about her attraction to him in her fan fiction. Neither she nor Angel had lied about that.

Kevin grinned like a cat that was about to eat the canary. Leaning into her, he pulled her hand away. "Good, we're mutually attracted to other. Now are you afraid of me or afraid of a relationship?" Kevin held onto her hand as he felt her body stiffen.

"Both," Sheridan croaked.

"There's no need to be afraid of me," Kevin squeezed her hand.

'The smile he's wearing makes me think I'm playing with Satan here,' Sheridan was screaming in her head. Then she began to panic, she needed Angel to walk in the door and save her from this. She actually looked at the door, hoping someone would come through it. Sheridan rambled, "The background check… Tom…. "

"All necessary, the background check was business. Tossing it in your face was mean and I have already apologized for that many times and in many ways. Tom was a necessity as well; he was using you. I was brought up not to use women. The fact that he was using a woman that I was attracted to made me do things that I wouldn't normally do."

Sheridan tried to think as her foot bounced up down on the floor, "Being mean to Patrick?"

"I just don't like him, he's a player." Kevin refused to take his eyes off her, even though she was refusing to make eye contact with him.

Her head turned and their faces were merely inches apart. Talk about players, "What about what I like?"

Kevin's smile went from ear to ear, "I know what you like, you wrote it down."

Sheridan began to rise but Kevin wouldn't let go. She jerked twice and then became afraid. When Kevin saw her fear, he let go. Sheridan began to walk back and forth in front of the coffee table. "It won't happen again, I promise. I will make every flight on time."

Kevin licked his lips, "We have already established that. So let us get back to what we were talking about. I'm attracted to you and I don't mean just sexually. I like you and we get along very well. I want to be friends first."

"Friends?" Sheridan croaked back at him, now she really was confused. He had just told her that he was attracted to her, not just sexually either. Then there was the entire issue of Kevin being her boss, now he wants to be friends. "I don't think this is a good…"

"I think it's a wonderful idea and as your boss, this is what I want." Kevin tilted his head at her, "Lovers should be friends first. Don'tcha' think?" He was holding back a huge laugh as he watched all the emotions play out on her face. For once, he was grateful Angel wasn't here. There is no way she would have let him do this to her best friend.

Sheridan placed her finger by her ear and twirled it. "You're nuts."

"Maybe," Kevin shrugged and reached for his wine.

Sheridan paced some more, "I don't get it. As my employer, you are demanding that we be friends so that I might sleep with you?"

Kevin didn't like the way it sounded, it was definitely terminology that a lawyer would use for a big fat sexual harassment case against him. He needed to reword his statement to protect himself, not that he felt he needed too, but just in case. His self-confidence could be his downfall sometimes. "Let's do it this way. I'll give you the entire Utah trip to think about it. When we get back, you can tell me how you feel. While we are in Utah then we are strictly employer and employee. We'll work on the friend part too." Kevin laughed in his head as he watched her face almost slide to the floor, she definitely didn't see that one coming.

"I don't understand," Sheridan's face had bewilderment and fear colliding with each other all over it. "How will I know the difference?"

"I'll let you know. Okay, employee meeting over with; now we are back to friends." Kevin was getting too much pleasure from her bafflement.

"Wait a minute!" Sheridan stomped her barefoot into the carpeting. "I don't understand."

Standing up, he stepped right in front of her as she began to wear a path in the carpet again; she had to stop. He kissed her again but not as quickly. "You'll figure it out. Now let's go pack."

Sheridan tried to run right by him but it was too late as he stepped into her bedroom. Kevin let out a low whistle. "Damn woman, this is a mess."

Skirting around him, she grabbed the sleeping set off the floor and placed it on the dresser. "It's my mess!"

"I'll say! This is what our bus used to look like." Kevin bent to pick up the sandals. Hanging them off his finger, he stole a look at her, "It's snowing in Utah."

"No kidding," she grabbed them and stormed to the closet door. Opening the door, she tossed them in and shut it quickly.

"How many tapes do you have under here?" Kevin was on his hands and knees looking under her bed. "Nick told me Angel keeps hers under her bed." Kevin loved the fact that he had gotten into Sheridan's bedroom. He hadn't missed the quick grab for the silk and lace number that had been lying on the floor.

"Stop that," Sheridan dropped to the floor next to him. Lifting the dust-ruffle on the bed with him, she muttered, "Nothing but some of my shoes."

Reaching under, he pulled a box out then lifted the lid. "Oh I like these. When we go out, could you wear these?" Kevin actually held up the stiletto shoe made out of very sexy black leather.

"Give me those," Sheridan yanked them from his hand.

Kevin hid his merriment as his hand dived back under her bed. He liked Sheridan confused. She wasn't cold hearted, just clueless most of the time, and she hid behind a façade.

"I thought we were packing," she said as she grabbed another pair of shoes from him. She thought he was going to kiss her shoes, the way he was looking at them. These were her newest acquisition, a pair of Emilio Pucci stiletto thongs. She had bought them with her first paycheck from Kevin. Her parents would kill her if they ever found out that she paid over five hundred dollars for a pair of shoes, hell Angel would kill her too but not before she wore them. Sheridan laughed to herself at the thought.

Kevin wanted her to wear those shoes for him. They had four inch silver colored heels, the upper parts were made from metallic leather with metal a chain and crystal shapes on the top. "We need to find a dress for you that goes with those shoes."

Sheridan ignored him as she walked to the other side of the bed. The word 'we' seemed to be the word of the evening for the man. She waited for him to come out from under the bed with another pair of shoes. When he did, she whipped the top of the suitcase open, slamming him in the head with the lid. "Ooops," she feigned upset.

"Oww," Kevin rubbed his head as he dropped the shoebox under the bed. Now this was a new side to Sheridan

"Are we doing this as Employer and Employee or is this as friends?"

Kevin scratched his head as Sheridan completely emptied the third suitcase and placed it next to her dresser. She picked up two suitcases and set them by the door. "We're done."

"We'll that was easy. You should have done that today and we'd be in Utah already." Kevin stood up; he was disappointed this was ending so quickly. His eyes soaked up the contents of the room. This was the second time he had been in her bedroom and it lasted just a little bit longer then the first time. His words haunted him, 'clean lines and tight curves' as he watched her move to the door. They had the same taste in furniture but none of hers matched. It was of the same period but different tones, it wasn't working for him.

Sheridan went out her bedroom door and held it open. "I want to go to bed. You have me confused and I'm tired."

"Okay, I'll grab the couch, set your alarm for six. Our flight leaves at eight."

Sheridan's head turned slowly from side to side. Kevin laughed openly, she looked like a parrot. "The couch?"

"Oh yeah," Kevin leaned down to her. "My security company has been notified that I left this morning so I've got no one around to watch out for me. Not to mention, my luggage is in Utah. I'm not going home and chance you missing our flight again." Kevin emphasized the word 'again'.

"O," Sheridan blushed slightly. "You could sleep in Angel's room."

"Ewww, no," Kevin shook his head. "There might be Nick critters on the sheets."

"Ewww," Sheridan imitated him.

"That was mature."

Sheridan rolled her eyes; she was definitely getting cranky. "You could have my bed and I could sleep on the couch."

"Nope, the couch is fine." Kevin grabbed one of her pillows on the way out knowing she wouldn't say anything after what they had discussed. If he couldn't sleep with the woman, he could have the next best thing, the scent of her. "Night," he leaned forward and Sheridan backed up and shut the door.

"We'll work on it," Kevin whispered as he walked back to the living room and dropped on the couch. He grabbed the blanket that sat folded in the chair on his way. "I'm done playing teenage games with you Miss Anderson."

A hand reached out and slapped the offensive alarm that buzzed in the room. Slowly opening one eye, Angelina's pounding head resumed where she left off the night before; or rather, earlier this morning.

Nick's body slowly stirred and began turning towards Angel. As he stretched his arms, he struck Angel in the face as she began to sit up in bed.

"God, this is a sign I should stay right here!" she moaned as her head crashed back down on the pillow.

Feeling his fist connect with skin, Nick immediately jumped up. "Holy shit Angel, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

As Nick's head left his pillow, Angel dragged it on top of her head. Mumbling, "I know. I'm fine."

Nick slowly picked up the pillow, "I'm really sorry."

Turning her head to face him, "I know. Me too." Leaning down, Nick gave Angel a good morning kiss. Before anything sexual happened, Nick leaped out of bed, "C'mon we need to get ourselves dressed and ready to go. I told Andrew we'd meet him at the Seven Jeans Club around 8."

Rolling over, Angelina yawned, "Have fun. Tell Drew I said hello."

"Wha?" You're not going to come with me?" The pout on Nick's face was too much for Angel to resist, she'd give in every time.

"I'm not looking at you Nick. Your pout won't work on me today. I still have a headache from listening to that music last night."

"It wasn't that bad," Nick volleyed.

Pulling the pillow off her head; "Not that bad? Christ Nick, my ears were practically bleeding."

"I'll go get you some Advil and food then you'll feel better soon, okay?"

"I have Advil in my bag in the bathroom." Thinking for a moment, "Can we order room service too?" Angel said hopefully. The thought of food was very appealing.

Leaning down, Nick gave her another kiss, "Of course. Whatever you want babe."

Raising her eyebrows, Angel flirted back, "Whatever I want?"

Seeing the look in her eyes, Nick licked his lips, "Whatever you want."

"Hang on to that thought. I need to go to the bathroom," Angel said as she got out of bed.

"Ouch. Ouch," Angel said as she began walking to the bathroom.

"What's wrong with your feet?" Nick couldn't figure out why she was walking bow-legged. They didn't have sex last night that he could remember, 'Wow, I didn't think I was that drunk."

Angel yelled from behind the bathroom door, "Remind me not to wear those damn boots until they are broken in."

Nick laughed to himself, 'I would have remembered having sex.' Nick grabbed the phone and dialed room service. "Hey, at least you were close to my height."

Nick hung up the phone after ordering their breakfast. Walking over to Angel who slowly strode back to their bed, he pulled her in for a hug.

"Oh yeah. I should have stayed short so my face won't be in those damn pictures." Sitting back down on the bed, Angel admired her feet. "I think my toes are permanently pointed."

Nick looked at her toes but couldn't see what was wrong with them.

"Throw on some tennies. They'll be fine." Nick stood up and stretched again, without injuring Angel.

Angel began to walk towards the bathroom with her clothes but Nick stopped her. "Don't take a shower now. We'll take one later."

Angel's horrified face shut him up, "Or you can take it now. Hurry up before breakfast arrives. I'm not saving you any if you take too long."

Putting her hand on her hip and raising her eyebrow, Angel cried, "Since when do I take a while to take a shower?"

Scratching the back of his head, Nick knew he was just digging himself into a hole. "Nah, you don't. C'mon we'll take it together and be done in no time at all."

"You think taking a shower WITH me will make it go faster?" Angel said with a flirt in her eye.

Nick groaned. He hadn't thought about his libido getting in the way of their plans. "Nah, I'll control him. Let's just hurry up and get this done before food arrives. I want to go meet up with Andrew."

Angel didn't hear a word Nick had said as she was already in the shower, minding her own business.

Nick answered the ringing suite phone, 'Ello."

"Hi Nick. I just wanted to remind you and Angel to meet me in my room in a couple of hours. Kevin and Sheridan should be arriving then." Marybeth hated calling so early in the morning, never knowing if she would be interrupting anything.

"Okay. We're going to meet an old friend of mine, Andrew Keegan. We should be back around 11. Do you want to come with us?"

"No thanks. I have a meeting with the Project Manager for the Sundance Institute. I'll see you later," Marybeth replied

"Okay bye," Nick said as Angel came out of the bathroom dressed with her hair wrapped in a towel. "C'mere you," Nick said as he reached for her hand. "Thanks for coming with me."

"No need to thank me Nick. This is like a dream come true for me to be here at Sundance."

Shaking his head, Nick replied, "Not that. For getting ready to come and meet Drew with me. It means a lot." Leaning in, Nick planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Suddenly, the alarm clock went off beside the bed.

Both began laughing. "I guess you really wanted to make sure you woke up early huh Nick?" Angel ragged on him as he got up to turn it off. "Two alarm clocks PLUS a wake up call?"

Nick just gave her a pout, "Stop pickin' on me woman! It was just two alarm clocks. That was Marybeth on the phone!"

Sheridan's night was restless; she was so confused and unsure. Kevin, well Kevin was strategizing most of the night, he hadn't slept well either. Kevin heard the alarm clock go off in the back of the apartment. He thought it was strange, he never heard an alarm clock unless he had to.

Knocking on Sheridan's door, he entered without waiting for a response. Kevin's head went back at the sight in front of him. Sheridan was gaping as she stood in her camisole and tap pants. "I… Ah…," he couldn't talk but he couldn't pull his eyes off that body wrapped in the silk and lace. 'Lord have mercy,' his voice howled in his head. "I'm gonna take a shower, okay?" he garbled.

"Didn't your Mother teach you manners? You knock when a door is closed and wait for an answer!" Sheridan snarled as she covered herself with one hand, "Go ahead."

Kevin swallowed, "Uh… Ah… Good…" Kevin slammed the door shut. Now he would be even more lost today. The mental image would hang with him for a couple weeks at the rate he was going.

Sheridan fidgeted all the way to the airport. They checked her luggage and headed to the VIP section to wait. They boarded the plane last and waited for it to take off. As soon as they noticed they could use their equipment, they grabbed for the electronics. Kevin pulled out his palm pilot and Sheridan pulled out her laptop. She began to go over some scheduling for the movie. Kevin gave up working on his palm and put it in his carryon bag. He leaned over Sheridan's shoulder and watched her. Then she tapped a few keys and his personal and business schedule came on her screen. "What's that?"

"Your schedule," Sheridan leaned away from him only to have him lean closer. "You have some conflicts that I'm going to have to clear up."

"I do?" This was the first he had known about it. His head dipped down next to hers. "Damn, how did I do that?"

"I'll fix it." Sheridan shifted a few things and then reached into Kevin's carry-on and retrieved his Palm. Sheridan hit a switch and then pulled a cord from her laptop bag. Plugging one end into the palm, she then plugged the other into the laptop. Punching a few keys, she tried to turn her head to talk to him but couldn't. He was so close, she couldn't move.

"What are you doing?" Kevin pulled back.

"I'm updating your schedule in your palm." Sheridan tapped her fingernail on the side of the computer as she waited.

"You can do that?" Kevin was impressed.

Sheridan clicked away and then removed the equipment from the machine. She handed him his palm. "I just did."

"Oh," Kevin leaned back in his seat and checked his new schedule. "Hey, this is good." She shifted things around so that he wasn't running back and forth across town all week. "Thank you Miss Anderson," Kevin's lips curved.

"You are welcome Mr. Richardson," Sheridan fumed. He kept calling her different things. At breakfast, it was Sheridan, on the way to the airport it was buddy, now it was Miss Anderson.

After a smooth flight and touchdown, they landed in Salt Lake City. Making their way to baggage, Kevin grabbed Sheridan's hand in panic. He hated airports; fans always caught him at the airport. Since the 911 tragedy, they could no longer fly under alias names. Sheridan turned her face towards him. "Do you think they at least got my luggage and took it with them?"

"I'm sure Angel has your things Mr. Richardson," Sheridan grabbed one of her bags off the conveyer belt.

"My name is Kevin," he grinned at her and grabbed the other suitcase and Sheridan's free hand with the other.

"We need to figure out a better way to do this," Sheridan tried to pull her hand away from Kevin's grasp as he towed her out of the airport. A limo pulled up and the driver jumped out. He nodded at Kevin. Kevin dropped the bags on the curb and climbed in, dragging Sheridan with him.

"I need a nap when we get there," Kevin yawned and Sheridan just looked annoyed. She needed to talk to Angel. This was weird, but Angel would help her; she always did.

Kevin checked in but held onto Sheridan's bag. Sheridan wanted to bolt to her room; she needed to talk to Angel. "Just a minute Miss Anderson," Kevin snickered as he shoved his wallet back into his back pocket.

"I have a room," she tried again to remove her luggage from his grasp.

"We're not done yet. We need to get you settled in and then we have to meet up with Nick, Angel, and Marybeth." Kevin walked to the elevator. What choice did she have? He had both of her suitcases instead of letting a bellhop bring them up.

Sheridan focused on the elevator's carpeting. There were two other people with them and she was happy about that. She charged off the elevator when the door opened as Kevin smiled at the other two people and quickly exited.

"523," Kevin barked.

She jumped and then looked back him. "I have to use the ladies room."

"Oh, Okay," Kevin slid the card down lock, "Boy is that a lie." He followed her to the room she was supposed to share with Marybeth.

"Hello!" Kevin announced as he entered the room. Naturally, Nick and Angel were there with Marybeth. "We have arrived."

"You're looking light in the luggage department Kevin," Marybeth laughed.

"Very funny. Nick, where is my shit?" Kevin snapped.

Angel laughed as Nick eyed Kevin. "What shit?"

"My shit," Kevin glared at him.

"You have shit?" Nick elbowed Angel trying to get her to join in on the game. "He has shit."

Angel was more concerned about Sheridan blasting into the room and directly into the bathroom. Angel saw Nick recognize something in Kevin. Nick instantaneously headed for the suite door. "Let's go get your shit."

"Did you see that?" Marybeth asked Angel.

"Yeah, like mind control. I have to have Kevin teach me how to do that. Two brows arched and then Nick took off." Angel walked to the bathroom door. "They're gone."

"The man is psycho!" Sheridan yelled as she threw open the bathroom door.

"So how was dinner?" Angel jumped on her, causing Sheridan to fall on the bed. Angel ended up rolling off the bed and falling on the floor on the other side.

Propping her elbows on the bed she looked at Sheridan, who was very upset. "I'm waiting."

"Dinner was great, the flowers and the wine confused me… then he said we were employee and employer… That he was attracted to me… More than sex… Lovers should be friends first… I can think about it…. I'll let him know when we get back…"

Angel jumped on the bed where Sheridan had fallen, "WHAT?"

"I'm so confused; he gives me a headache," Sheridan put her hand over her eyes. "I need to sleep."

Marybeth and Angel eyed one another, both thinking about what Sheridan had just told them.

Angel shoved at Sheridan, "Tell me minute by minute everything that happened." The girl talk had begun.

Sheridan reiterated the entire story to Marybeth and Angel. The story was interrupted many times by, "He said that?" "You have got to be kidding…" It ended with Angel's final comment. "What the hell is he doing? He's being a player. I'll fix this."

"NO, don't!" Sheridan sat up in the bed. "Let me sort it out first."

Angle snorted, "That could take awhile."

Sheridan shot a look from hell at Angel. "I'll manage."

Marybeth looked at both of them. "You can't beat Kevin up Angel, he's bigger than you. He did not take advantage of her, it's quite the opposite. From what I just heard, Kevin just told Sheridan how he felt and where he wanted their relationship to go. It's called communication and that's pretty rare when it comes to men."

"I'm taking another shower since I can't nap," Sheridan settled both suitcases on the chest of drawers. Grabbing clothes, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Angel picked up the phone and called Nick. "Is he still there?"

Nick laughed, "Ah Yeah."

Kevin hovered by the telephone anticipating the beat-down he was going to get from Angel once the details were given to her.

Angel heard Sheridan singing in the shower, Kevin had definitely done a head number her. "Put him on."

Marybeth answered her cell. A.J. was on the other line and had been talking to Kevin who had just hung up on him. "What's goin' on?"

"Oh I think we're trying to get Sheridan to understand that Kevin likes her." Marybeth smiled as Angel's mouth ran a mile a minute reaming Kevin out for screwing with Sheridan's head.

"I didn't screw with her head. I was very honest," Kevin was not going to let Angel back him down for nothing. He had been playing by her rules and wasn't getting anywhere, now he would play by his rules and get what he wanted. His cell was ringing in his hand, it was Brian. This was a call he wasn't going to take now.

"You did to. You brought her dinner, wine, and flowers. Then you said you wanted to be friends. You know she is fragile right now."

"She isn't fragile, she's afraid. Tom burned her. He was her boss, and he was gay. Yes, I said I wanted to be friends but I have always felt that you should be friends before you become lovers." Kevin couldn't stand to be tied to the telephone, he usually paced when he was on the phone out of habit. He swung the cord on the phone to work off his irritation.

"How fast can you make friends with someone? Did you use that line on all of your one night stands in every city?" Angel hung up on him. She recalled an earlier conversation with Nick. The suite telephone rang again; Angel refused to pick it up. It rang and rang; she still wouldn't answer the telephone.

Sheridan didn't want to think, she just wanted to perk herself up a bit from the sleepless night she had had. Throwing on a little make-up she opened the door to a room of ringing telephones. Angel's cell was ringing and the suite telephone was ringing. Marybeth was on her cell phone and Sheridan's cell was ringing. Checking the number, it was her mother. She answered it and assured her mother that she had arrived safely in Utah. It took a little more effort than normal since her mother had called last night and she wasn't there. "I'm sorry Mom, I missed the plane. It happens sometimes. Yes Mom, Angel went ahead without me." Sheridan became annoyed as she looked at Angel who was grinning her ass off. "I don't need Angel to hold my hand all the time Mother!" Sheridan quickly apologized for yelling at her mother. The suite phone ringing in the background was driving her crazy; she pointed to Marybeth and then motioned her to answer it.

Marybeth went to the suite phone and said 'hello.' "Hold on," Marybeth was hysterical with laughter on the inside. Angel was talking to Nick and then Sheridan's mother, trying to calm Sheridan's parents down. Sheridan was getting upset and feeling defensive that her parents thought that Angel was her babysitter.

"Hey babe, what's going on?" A.J. laughed into Marybeth's telephone hearing all the commotion.

Marybeth rolled her eyes at the scene in front of her, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you…." The knocking on the suite door didn't seem to faze Sheridan or Angel as they were fighting with each other and with Sheridan's parents on the phone. Nick was still on Angel's cell from what she could tell.

"Hang on," Marybeth spoke to A.J. on her cell phone and Kevin on the suite telephone before walking over to the door and opened it, room service was here.

Finally, Sheridan hung up from her mother and looked at Angel. Angel held onto her telephone but wasn't really talking to the caller. Angel licked her lips and watched Marybeth push the food service cart in the door.

Once the door closed, Angel grabbed Sheridan's hand and led her to the bed. She set her cell down on the nightstand between the two beds and next to the suite telephone. "Look I just want you to make sure that you want to have a relationship with Kevin. Nick and I have been talking and he told me that Kevin could put a lot pressure on a girl if he wants her. I know that you can handle it but that is not what scares me."

Sheridan sat listening to Angel. Angel was her grounding force and her sounding board when life wasn't right.

"This will change everything. You would be together constantly. I know you like your privacy." Angel tired to give Sheridan some things to think about. She wanted them to get together but not just for a hook-up. Sheridan's self-esteem and self-worth would be devastated if that happened. Angel paused, "Like Nick said, you need to be sure this is what you want. You have written about Kevin for a long time. You feel you know him intimately. Nick likes you Sheridan and you know I love you, but Nick is afraid that because you think you know Kevin, that maybe when you finally…….. You know."

"You know what?" Sheridan looked at Angel.

"Have sex!" Marybeth interjected. She had told A.J. to listen and he was albeit cackling in her ear too.

"Oh," Sheridan turned three shades of red, "What about it?"

"Like I said, Nick thinks that maybe sex with Kevin wouldn't be like you thought it would be. That maybe Kevin would be a disappointment…"

"KAOS!!!" came blaring out of suite phone. It echoed out of Angel's cell phone. It also resonated down the hall of the hotel.


"OWWWW!" could be heard for three miles.

A door slammed loudly in the hall.

A.J.'s laughing made Marybeth move and move quickly as she hung up the suite telephone and then closed Angel's telephone, then snapped her cell closed. "Do you girls want to do lunch? The room service suddenly doesn't look that appealing." Marybeth didn't know what to say, but she didn't have to say much as Angel and Sheridan both grabbed their purses and Angel grabbed her shoes. She yelled for them to go. They ran into the elevator as they watched Kevin pound on Nick's door. "I WILL KILL YOU… YOU LITTLE…"

"I should stay and support him. He's my boyfriend." Angel blinked nervously back at the two women as she absently put her shoes on.

"Okay," Marybeth went to poke the floor button with her finger.

"Never mind," Angel gulped, "I think Kevin should cool down a little bit."

"Disappointment? I never thought of that," Sheridan mussed aloud. Her brows wrinkled as she contemplated the entire scenario.

Angel and Marybeth bit their lips to keep the laughter inside.





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