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Chapter 44

"Let's go to Grappa's. I heard Jennifer Aniston ate there!" Sheridan squealed as the ladies walked around Park City, Utah.

"We can go to Grappa's tonight if you'd like; they don't open until 5. I can call later to make a reservation." Angel said proudly as she strutted down Royal Street. She spent many hours researching the pop culture of Sundance. Most importantly, she knew where to eat and how to make the connection to get in the door.

Sheridan mulled it over, "Yeah, why don't we all go out to dinner tonight with the boys, if they are still alive and in one piece. I don't want to be alone with Kevin right now, he really has me confused."

"Unfortunately, I can't," Marybeth chimed in. "I have a date."

Angel and Sheridan immediately stopped walking; blocking the sidewalk, with their mouths wide open in shock.

"With who?" "Is A.J. coming?" they both asked simultaneously.

Marybeth laughed at them, "No. It's not a date-date. Just a dinner date; with a project manager, who by the way is a woman!"

"Oh, I bet A.J. would love that visual," Angel said with a smirk.

Looking horrified, Marybeth exclaimed, "I don't swing both ways!"

Laughing, Angel locked her arms with Marybeth on her left and Sheridan on her right. "You better not pull a Laverne and Shirley or I'll kill you." Sheridan mumbled. Her eyes darted around the street crowed with people.

"Shit, you got me," Angel replied with a pout. Marybeth wasn't quite sure what they were talking about but then, "What are you…" just as she was about to finish her question, Angel let go of Sheridan's arm and started skipping, pulling Marybeth along with her.

Sheridan was bowled over with laughter watching Marybeth try and keep up with Angel as she dragged her down the sidewalk singing, ""1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8." Suddenly, they stopped. "Schlemile, Schlemozzle, Hausenfeffer Incorporated." Marybeth looked back at Sheridan and mouthed the words, "Help me!"

"I'm just messing with you," Angel started laughing.

Sheridan slowly walked down to join them. She looked across the street and noticed Demi and Ashton walking, holding hands, "Holy shit," she mumbled. "Look at those two."

Casually, Angel raised her head up and over her shoulder and then turned it quickly sideways, as if she was trying to crack her neck. "Hot damn. She's really short."

Sheridan began walking away from Angel shaking her head, mumbling, "Good God. Of all the things you'd notice…"

Marybeth was somewhat star struck, staring at the couple. Angel nudged her elbow, "C'mon. Let's get her something to eat. She's getting cranky."

The girls walked further along until Angel recognized a building. "Let's grab a bite to eat at the Corner Café at the Yarrow Hotel. It is cozy and casual." Which was good since Angel was in her pink sweat suit.

"Works for me," Marybeth said as the girls walked into the hotel. As she held the door open Faye Dunaway walked past her. Marybeth froze staring in amazement.

"How long have you lived in Los Angeles?" Angel questioned her.

"Ten Years. Why?" Marybeth questioned Angel.

"Because you have been mesmerized with each passing celebrity." Angel was laughing as she strolled into the hotel lobby. She wondered what Marybeth had thought when she had first met Backstreet.

Shrugging her shoulders at Angel, both Marybeth and Sheridan followed Angel inside.

"I love the log cabin look," Angel signed. Twirling around, she noticed the half logs that outlined the windows and doorways. As they walked though the lobby, the pine front desk shined in contrast to the stucco walls. The wrought iron tables and barrel ceiling in the lobby gave the place character.

Sheridan was already making notes in her head, "I know. Isn't it wonderful? And look at the stone columns. And this fieldstone floor. It's perfect for a visual."

The girls walked into the restaurant and sat down. The light wooden oak tables matched the frames of the chairs. Angel was engrossed with a decorative flower wreath over the brick fireplace. The marble flooring matched the mauve and green decorative seat backs while the front was all mauve.

Peeling off the green napkins that graced the tables, the girls opened up their menus.

Coming out of deep thought, Angel asked concerned, "Do you think Nick and Kevin are still going at it?" Biting her bottom lip looking directly at Sheridan, "Maybe I should call and check?"

Staring back, Sheridan wasn't too sure what Angel should do so she shrugged her shoulders. She really didn't want to know.

"You're a big help. Marybeth, what do you think?" Angel asked exasperated.

"Why don't you text message Nick to make sure all is okay?" Marybeth replied just as confused as Sheridan did.

"After we eat, let's give them more time." Angel motioned the waitress over.

After choosing burgers and salads, the waitress brought over their drinks. Raising her Chardonnay, Angel proposed a toast to the girls and their stay at Sundance. "To us; further connections, better jobs, better pay, and better men."

"Here. Here," Marybeth responded.

Sheridan grumbled, "I still don't want to be here. Why did he have to come too?"

Angel and Marybeth laughed at her.

"Because he's our boss and your boss two times over," Angel snickered. "Not to mention that little attraction thing you two have going on."

"He's not my boss, technically," Marybeth corrected Angel. "But I like Kevin."

"Well I'm so irritated at him. I don't like being put on the spot. I don't like being confused all the time. Friend-boss-friend-boss-friend-boss."

"Wait until you add lover in there too," Marybeth gave her a dry smile.

Sheridan blew a wisp of hair out her face, "That is going to be a long way off, if at all, that I promise you."

Angel nodded in agreement; at least Sheridan was beginning to think clearly. She wanted them to get together but she didn't want Sheridan to be a conquest for Kevin. There had been many evenings when their relationship was a topic of discussion between her and Nick.

The three friends were on their second glass of wine when Angel decided it was now time to contact Nick. Pulling out her cell phone, she sent Nick a message. Placing the phone on the table, Angel proceeded to eat the food that had just been set before them.

Suddenly, the vibrating of Angel's cell phone on the table let her know she had a message. Picking up the phone, she smirked while reading the message.

Sheridan subconsciously grabbed the table and was leaning forward waiting to hear what the message said. Angel was furiously typing away while grinning. Picking up her wine glass, she carefully took a sip. Slowly placing her glass back down on the table, her phone vibrated again, Angel smiled.

Sheridan's knuckles were turning white from gripping the table. She looked over at Marybeth who was looking back and forth between Sheridan and Angel waiting to find out what was going on. Sheridan's self-assurance was slowly dissolving into panic.

Angel began typing back. Glancing at Sheridan, Angel began smirking, then went back to typing on her cell phone.

"Oh for the love of God, will you tell us what the hell happened after we left? Is everyone alright? What are you SMILING ABOUT?" Sheridan's voice slowly grew louder and louder with each passing question. As soon as she finished her tirade, the waitress stopped at the table.

"Is everything alright Ma'am?" the waitress asked cautiously.

Embarrassed, Sheridan mumbled, "Oh yes, I'm fine."

Marybeth hid her smile as she took a sip of her wine. Angel didn't dare say anything either. She knew Sheridan was about to go ballistic, not necessarily at her, but she was just so tense about her situation and her relationship with Kevin.

As Angel swallowed the bite of food she used to camouflage her smile, she casually answered, "We have dinner reservations at 6 PM at Grappa's. Kevin said to wear a dress."

"HE WHAT?" Sheridan's eyes bugged out of her head as she dropped her fork full of fries. The waitress steered away from their table instead of towards it this time.

Sitting completely still, Angel spoke just above a whisper, "And he prefers the black leather stiletto shoes." Angel kept her head down as her shoulders began to shake from laughter. Angel's words shocked Marybeth, causing her to spray wine all over Sheridan as she began choking from laughter. "I think he meant that as a friend and not your boss."

"This day is not going to get any better, I can tell." Sheridan muttered as she left the table in a huff to the bathroom.

A young attendant in the powder room assisted Sheridan with some seltzer water to wipe the wine off her blouse. Once cleaned off, Sheridan sighed as she stepped closer to the mirror. She was still staring at the mirror when her friends joined her. "I need a spiritual lift to get me through this weekend. If I don't, I'm going to catch the next flight home. I can't handle all this pressure."

Angel sat in the padded chair. "Me too. We aren't going to get through tonight and tomorrow if we don't pump ourselves up. You're not going home, this is business."

Flipping her cell-phone open, Marybeth dashed out of the bathroom. Both of them waited to see if she was going to come back. When they figured out she wasn't going to, they returned to their table to find her smiling and waiting for them.

"You could have told us you were coming back here," Sheridan stirred the food around on her plate, no longer hungry.

"I think we should go now," Marybeth grabbed the signed receipt as Angel polished off her burger.

"Geez, you could let us finish," Angel grumbled as she snagged a fry from her plate. Marybeth rushed them out the door. A cab pulled up and Marybeth pushed the other two in, not waiting for the driver to assist them.

"What the hell has gotten into you?" Angel sat scrunched between the other two other women.

Marybeth gave the address, "I had a brainstorm."

"Care to fill us in," Sheridan tried to make herself comfortable as the three of them maneuvered for some personal space.

"You'll see; it's a surprise," Marybeth was giddy. She had called Kevin quickly so that he could pay up on his promise for a day of beauty, which had now turned into a half day of spa treatment.

"Is she wearing a dress?" Kevin shot an olive at Nick as they stood in the Motorola Lodge.

"How the hell would I know?" Marybeth hung up on him. She stopped and looked at the telephone, not believing what she had done. The idea of calling him back to apologize had been snuffed out by the return of Angel and Sheridan to the table.

The car ride was short as they pulled up in front of the Westgate resort.

"What are we doing here?" Angel stared at the beautiful resort.

"Ladies, you are going to knock them dead at that premiere tonight. We have to be back at the hotel so you can meet up with Kevin and Nick by 6:00 at Grappa's and I can make my dinner date. We need time to rest and relax."

"Don't make me late Marybeth, Kevin will kill me!" Sheridan grappled with the logistics of being at the Papillion Salon's counter and ushered right in.

"I think you know more people than we do," Angel giggled as they headed for great massages and body wraps.

"Hair and make up included," Marybeth calmed Sheridan down. The woman looked like she was going to hyperventilate on her.

Angel grabbed Sheridan's hand, "Come on you wussy. Big bad Kevin will like this. All you have to do is wear those shoes." They changed and met up in a room that had been set up purely for girlfriend time. Sheridan let them chit-chat as Marybeth and Angel chose the therapies they wanted.

Angel read down the list, "Hell, I'm going to detox my body. I'll take the Detoxify package with the herbal detoxifying wrap, aromatherapy salt glow, and Swedish massage." The woman wrote down her request. "Wait a minute, who is paying for this?" Angel stopped the woman from writing.

"Oh, Kevin is, he owes me," Marybeth's face puckered as she watched Sheridan's nerves come back to the forefront.

"Hell, in that case, let me look at this again." Angel's hand moved over the service list.

"Angel!" Sheridan frowned at her.

"Okay, okay. Just the package. Hair and makeup too," Angel cast a glance toward Sheridan to see if she approved.

"What about you Miss?" as the somber looking woman turned to Marybeth and awaited her request.

Quietly Marybeth pointed to the service list to pick out what she wanted for herself and didn't defer to Sheridan for approval either.

The woman consultant looked at Sheridan and Sheridan backed away.

"Let me chose for you. You look very stressed and anxious," the woman behind the counter gently said.

"I am," Sheridan nodded.

"For you, I think a Mountain Stone massage, followed by a Sugar and Spice Honey Mango Body wrap, then your hair and makeup. It will do you a world of good." The consultant smiled back at Sheridan.

Sheridan was going to blindly follow the woman's instructions.

Angel muttered to Marybeth, "Figures she chose the most expensive package. She's no fool." Marybeth nodded her head in agreement.

Marybeth remarked, "Since she'll be in there for 180 minutes, add a facial, manicure and pedicure for us too," pointing to herself and Angel.

Angel stuck her tongue out at Sheridan who returned a sneer at her. "Hey Sheridan, Kevin may want to eat you if he hears you've been in a sugar and spice with honey and mango body wrap." Angel laughed as she stood up to follower her attendant.

Sheridan's face turned two shades of red from embarrassment. "Get me away from my best friend Thelma here and I will be very happy."

"Let's begin," the women were ushered away to private rooms.

Sheridan's edginess began to drift away with the massage. She tried to think about nothing other than the film and the success of the film. However, Kevin kept creeping into her thoughts. The warms stones seem to draw the tension from her body, her mind relaxed, and then Kevin would pop up in her brain again.

"You are very tense," the therapist relayed what she could feel in the woman's muscles.

"I know. I'm just confused about a situation I'm in." Sheridan wanted to talk but she needed another view, a non-biased view. She just wasn't sure if this was appropriate behavior in a salon or not. Her last visit to a spa had been a complete bomb. She shivered, she didn't want to think about Tom either.

"It's showing throughout your body. You need to relax and make your decisions when you are calm, then you will make the right decisions."

"I haven't been calm since I took over two new jobs, for which I share the same superior for both. Now my boss wants a relationship. He wants to be friends and see where it goes."

The woman didn't comment but listened instead.

"I like him very much, I'm attracted to him. We do get along most days. He thinks we should be friends before we become lovers."

"It's always good to get to know someone first," The woman removed the rocks and began the wrap.

"I feel like I could go to sleep."

"You are more than welcome to if you would like. You're not expected in the hair salon for ninety minutes."

Sheridan closed her eyes, "This feels so good."

The woman said nothing as she continued to apply the wrap. Since her customer was sleeping and she had nothing else to do, she tossed in a pedicure for the little blonde, with bright red nail polish.

Sheridan was shook gently and then became upset as she understood she had fallen asleep. "I'm so sorry. I must have drifted off."

"That's fine. It shows you were relaxed, that is part of my job." The woman sent her to rinse off and showed her to the hair salon.

She didn't see Angel or Marybeth. "They didn't leave me, did they?"

"No, No, they are in another part of the salon." Three people popped up next to the woman. "She'll need a trim and style. Make up as well. What are you wearing tonight?"

"Black," Sheridan smiled. "I think. I might have to stop at the shop downstairs that I saw as my friends dragged me up here. I need a dress to go with a certain pair of shoes."

"Ah yes. Play up her eyes, she has gorgeous green eyes." The woman then walked away.

"Wait," Sheridan sat up. "Thanks for listening. I hope I can come here again."

"Of course you will, my name is Marina." The woman tucked a card in Sheridan's hand.

Clasping the card, Sheridan nodded. "Thank you Marina."

Angel was chatting away with her masseuse. Suddenly, her cell rang but she took the call anyway. "Hmmm, hello."

"Tell me you are not having fun without me?" Nick snickered as he watched Kevin become disenchanted with the "Got Steamers?" crowd and began ragging on Nick to move on. Nick needed to check in at the Seven Jean's club for his photo op in ten minutes anyways. First, he wanted to check on his girl.

"Are you two okay?" Angel rolled her eyes when a particular spot was touched and groaned out loud.

Nick looked at Kevin funny. Now Kevin was listening. "You are getting a massage from a lady right? I've heard that kind of noise before but that was because I did it."

"Yes Nick and I'm almost done. My body will be exfoliated, re-hydrated, and absolutely glowing. Then I'm off to have a pedi….Ohhhhhh…" Angel groaned again.

"I think we should cut this conversation short, it's bugging me," Nick tried to get some room since it now looked like he'd grown a second head, named Kevin. "Kevin, back-off!" Nick pulled the telephone away.

"I'm paying for it," Kevin grumped back at Nick.

"Well now I can't wait until later. Your skin is going to look beautiful and feel so good sliding next to mine."

"OH God," Kevin walked away.

Angel snorted and then whispered into the telephone so the masseuse couldn't hear her. "Hey Nick, tell Kevin they wrapped Sheridan up in honey and mango, she is lickable." Angel hung up. Not a minute later, her cell phone rang. She checked the number; it was Kevin for sure. She ignored the call.

Marybeth just relaxed, she didn't have a care in the world. She didn't think about the project, A.J. or anything else. Tonight had to be a success for her, she needed to impress this woman in order to open doors for herself. The film industry could be a man's world unless you had the right contacts. Kevin seemed to be driving her to do this. His words re-iterated in her head. "You can't work for Gene forever."

Like clockwork, all three girls were all standing at the front door of the resort, admiring each other as they waited for the cab to take them back to the hotel to change. Angel and Nick had cooked up a plan to meet at Grappa's so that both men could be surprised. "What's in the box Sheridan?" Angel checked out the designer box in the bag Sheridan was holding.

"Nothing, just a dress."

"Oh, I see," Marybeth winked. "Would that dress match those leather stilettos that Kevin was asking about?"

"Yes," Sheridan smiled back. "I think Mr. Richardson will be pleasantly surprised."

"Is this evening going to be a Kevin and Sheridan night?" Angel wondered what the hell had happened during the massage. Did Sheridan reach a monumental decision without discussing it with her first?

"I haven't decided if there will be a Kevin and Sheridan. Believe it or not ladies, I have a brain and I'm the engineer on this train."

Angel dropped her head not wanting to laugh out loud. In her head, she was screaming hysterically over the analogy. 'We'll see who is going to drive that train.'





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