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Chapter 46

The cab ride back to the hotel was silent. Sheridan busied herself by staring out the window since she wasn't going to the premiere. She was a little upset, she wanted to people watch and see all the stars.

Kevin stretched his legs and folded his arms over his chest. He stared at the back of the cab driver's head trying to figure out what his next move would be. Glancing at Sheridan and then back to the front of the cab, he started to curse at himself in his head. Dropping his head he focused on the floorboards, which in turn caused him to see Sheridan's shoes. Closing his eyes, he let out a little miff noise.

"What's wrong?" Sheridan asked innocently.

"Nothing," Kevin pushed himself up in the seat as the cab glided to the curb. "Just thinkin'." He finished the conversation in his head. "Thinking about what it is going to be like when we finally get together and you lose that petrified look from your face every time I raise my voice or look at you."

The trip up to their floor was slow and mundane, she didn't speak, he didn't speak. Stepping off the elevator, he waited for her to exit and then followed. Stopping at her door, she turned to find him staring at her. "I'm going to get my laptop and a few other things." She entered her room and shut the door.

Kevin shoved his door open out of frustration. He couldn't blow off the tension between them, sexual and otherwise. He started singing as he walked around his suite gathering up a few things he had left lying about. "Tell me why?" he crooned. Slipping off his suit coat, he hung it neatly on the hanger. Unbuttoning the cuffs on his white shirt, he rolled up his sleeves. The tie joined the suit coat on the hanger. After loosening the first two buttons on his shirt, he relaxed. He continued to sing until the knock at the door caused him stop. He chuckled as he called to her to come in.

"How did you know that it was me?" Sheridan questioned him while entering the room.

"I wasn't expecting anyone else," Kevin had to drop his head so he didn't laugh in her face. Some days Sheridan was just such a blonde.

"Oh," she stood with her arms full, not knowing where to put the things she had brought with her. Kevin had the entire table filled with files and papers.

"Set those on the bed," Kevin clicked the on button to his laptop.

Walking to the bed, she stopped and stared at it, and then she smiled. A very little smile, the kind you keep to yourself.

Kevin turned in the chair and cast a look her way. Sheridan seemed frozen as she stood by the bed. Kevin inhaled through clenched teeth. He wasn't quite sure what she was thinking, but he had an idea; he turned back to his computer when the bulk of what she was carrying landed on the bed with a flop noise.

"What do you want to do first?" Sheridan joined him at the small table.

Kevin slid stuff out of the way to make room for her laptop, right next to his, instead of across from his. Seeing how she was dressed bummed him out a little. The dress and shoes were gone, now she was wearing a pale blue sweatsuit. Sliding a chair next to his, he patted the seat of the chair. "Make yourself comfortable."

"Oh I did, I changed," Sheridan demurely sat in the chair.

Kevin smiled, "I should get a sweatsuit. My old one is worn out."

"Navy blue looks good on you," Sheridan booted up the laptop and missed Kevin's look of shock.

"I'll keep that in mind," Kevin angled a little closer to her.

Sheridan fidgeted in the seat; the feeling of wanting to jump on the man next to her was overwhelming. He smelled good, he looked fine, and the heat that was blowing off of him was keeping her warm.

"So Miss Anderson, let's begin with scheduling." Kevin's eyes twinkled when he looked at her. Sheridan's look turned sharp.

Sheridan felt like she had just been doused with a bucket of ice water. Now he was playing games with her. "Yes, lets," she stiffened her shoulders.

Clicking to the scheduling, she began. "You're flying back to Los Angeles on the 20th."

"We," Kevin interjected. The look Sheridan gave him, told him to be quiet until she finished.

"Brian has been filming some scenes while we were gone, you'll need to meet with John to review them." Sheridan glanced down the schedule, "You have RS slotted all over the place but I don't know what that stands for."

Kevin dropped his arm over the back of her chair, leaning in he looked at her laptop, which held his schedule along with everyone else's. Pointing to the screen he point out Nick and Brian itineraries. "So do they," he leaned in even closer so he could smell her hair. Glancing down, he frowned when he could only see a zipper, a closed one; the dress at dinner provided a much better view.

Sheridan leaned forward in her chair. She made it look like she couldn't see but the real problem was Kevin was too close for comfort. His breath passed over her neck and she wanted to scream.

Kevin followed her, he couldn't touch, but he could at least look and get as close as possible. "It stands for recording session. The new CD."

"Oh, I'm so excited about that. I can't wait until the new CD is released. I'll be the first in line to buy it."

He couldn't help it, he had to laugh; she had slipped into fan mode so fast, he had to laugh. The look of embarrassment was plastered all over her face. "I even get to sing on this one," he chuckled as he leaned away from her.

"Anyway," Sheridan's hackles went up since now he was picking on her.

"Mark the 26th off, we are making the announcement for the CD," leaning close again, he was enjoying this game. What upset him was the shriek from Sheridan that made him shrink back and frown at her. "Take it easy, geez you act like you're not going to be one of the first to hear it."

Sheridan swallowed hard, she felt like an idiot. "Sorry," she mumbled.

Kevin glanced down the schedule. He winced when his big scene was on the calendar. Sheridan caught the expression. "You know, since you hired us to do the script and we have the power to change things, I could change that scene for you."

Kevin leaned back in his chair. Lacing his fingers together, he placed them on the back of his head. "I am scared to death of that scene. I know it's acting but the set is going to be loaded with people and then people are going to see the film."

Sheridan smiled as Kevin grimaced, "The set will have only the people necessary to do the scene. I had John close the set so you wouldn't feel so uncomfortable."

Kevin's gaze went from the ceiling to Sheridan, "You did?"

"I could tell it was bothering you so I did the same for all of you," Sheridan finished reviewing the schedule with him, noticing, he was really focusing on getting the work done. They went over the charity business that needed to be addressed and set a meeting date for the board of directors. Sheridan sent an email quickly to the board members and noted she should follow up with a business letter. Expense reports for the charity, two of his businesses, and the films were all reviewed. She watched him type up a cab receipt for her and logged into the film company's expense account A serendipitous look crossed her face, the man could truly do anything that he wanted do. Kevin grinned at her and winked.

"That's not right," Sheridan balked at him.

"Works for me," he rest his chin on his hand and leaned a little closer. "I think were done for tonight."

"Good," Sheridan chirped as she pushed the top to the laptop down. "We have a busy day tomorrow. We both can get a good nights sleep." With that the woman zoomed out of the room like a hurricane.

Sheridan had taken off so fast out of his room; he was fit to be tied. He wanted some time with her. This time Kevin wasn't singing the words, 'Tell me why,' as his head slammed into the table, he was crying them. He was getting nowhere fast with the woman and it was killing him.

After taking a shower, Kevin paced the room trying to figure out how the hell he blew his date with Sheridan. "Try again tomorrow Richardson," he grumbled and fell face first on the mattress. After settling himself in bed, he closed his eyes and hoped for a good dream. He was having great one until his telephone rang at 1:30 in the morning.

"I have no money to bail you out," Kevin spoke with his eyes closed.

"I don't need to be bailed out! Dammit Kevin, what the hell is going on up there?" Johnny was screaming in his ear.

His eyes flew open and stared at the ceiling. "Um.. I… "

"If you're not alone, get rid of her and call me back!" Johnny barked at Kevin.

"I'm alone," Kevin groaned as the mental picture of Sheridan in that dress with those heels danced around in his head.

Johnny laughed, "Maybe tomorrow night. You need to find Nick."

"Very funny John. Why do I have to find Nick?"

"Because you went to dinner with him and Angel. You were seen escorting a very young blonde to the hotel. Nick and Angel had a fight at dinner."

"They did?" Kevin was still half asleep. "I don't remember that."

"Well that's what the paper is going to say tomorrow," Johnny snapped back. He continued to speak knowing that even though Kevin was half asleep, he would get the picture.

"Oh man, that little peckerhead. I'll find him and call you back."

"Call me in the morning!" Johnny slammed the telephone down on the table and went to bed. Enough was enough for the evening.

Sitting up and moving his legs over the side of the bed, Kevin scrubbed his hands over his face. "You're damn lucky Nick that I didn't score tonight." Tossing the first clothes on he could find in the dark, he walked down the hall. Heading to Sheridan's room, he began to knock. Sheridan wasn't answering. He was knocking louder and louder.

"Kevin?" Marybeth came down the hall. She was just getting in from her night out.

"Have you seen Nick and Angel? They fought tonight at the restaurant. The shit hit the fan in the rags. This is going to fuck everything up and I have to call Johnny in the morning." Kevin would do anything to hear her say she had seen the couple. He told her the details that Johnny had told him and also the rest of what he needed done.

"Well no, but since I'm dressed and you're not. I'll go look for them." Marybeth snickered as she walked away. Kevin didn't look too hot right now with his sweatpants skewed all the way around one of his legs and a sock was sticking out the bottom, just dragging along with him. The other sock was missing. His tee shirt was inside out and backwards, the tag sticking promptly out at the neckline. She didn't know how he even managed to put the pants on. She had a little heart and she felt sorry for him. There was no way she was going to make him go out and look for the missing couple so she volunteered herself for the job.

Kevin looked down, stepped on the sock, pulled it out, and picked it up. "Great," he moaned as made his way back to his bed. "Carter dies when I catch him," he sighed and smiled as he drifted back to sleep hoping to pick up his dream where he left off.

It was now 2AM and the bar was slowly emptying. A table full of empty beer bottles lingered in front of them. Marybeth walked in the door and noticed the cozy couple in the corner booth.

"Alright you two, time to go."

Nick looked up with bloodshot eyes, "Hey MB," he tried to get up, but stumbled. Grabbing the nearby table, he slowly steadied himself to stand up straight. Embracing Marybeth, he gave her a big, bear hug while slurring, "Where you been girlfriend?" Turning towards Angel, he continued his rant, "Look Angel, it's Marybeth!" taking a few steps back, he continued, "Come join us for a drink." Nick ended as he sat with a 'thump' back beside Angel in the booth.

Angel was just as giddy as Nick was, but she was smarter than him. She stayed sitting down. "Hey Marybeth, how was your date tonight?"

Nick's mouth dropped open wide, "WHA? Who you go out with?"

Marybeth had little doubt just how drunk Nick was now.

Angel leaned into Nick while patting his arm, "Don't worry sweetie. It was with a woman."

Nick nodded his head as if he now understood. While tipping his beer bottle back to take a swallow, he started choking. Angel tried helping by slapping his back and grabbed his arm to raise it above his head, "Breathe baby. You okay?"

After clearing his throat several times, "Yeah, I'm good." He looked over and gave Marybeth a sly look, "With a girl huh? Oh, A.J. would love that."

"Huh? Oh God NO! What is it with you people? Do all of you have dirty minds or something?" Marybeth stood up and began clearing the empties from the table and asked for two cokes and one shot of tequila from the waiter. She needed something to calm her nerves; she could tell this would take a while and she wasn't going to bed anytime soon.

Marybeth had run the entire scenario, of running into Kevin in the hotel hallway and the telephone call from Johnny Wright that Kevin had received, over in her head again. Johnny had received a call from some rag reporter who wanted to find out the scoop on Nick's new galpal. The reporter wondered if they were an item because he witnessed them fighting in the restaurant. In addition, he had a first hand account from a cab driver who drove the couple back to the hotel and confessed what they argued about: his family, his secretiveness, his jealousy, his insecurities, her family, her stubbornness, her jealousy, her insecurities.

"I heard you guys had a tiff back at the restaurant."

Two sets of eyes locked onto Marybeth's.

"How did you find out?" was all Nick said as he waved over to the waiter for another round. With a nod, the waiter went to get two more beers and a shot of tequila.

Angelina just glared; her eyes were glazed over, mostly from her drunkenness. "How the fuck do you know about that?"

"Kevin told me." Marybeth said as she slammed the shot glass on the table. "Thanks Nick. I'm gonna need this." Marybeth picked up the second shot glass and stared at it to avoid Angel's eyes.

"Kevin knows everything," Nick slurred his speech as he spoke.

"Well Kevin found out from Johnny when a reporter called him and told him you two had a fight at dinner and a long conversation in the cab."

Angel looked like she was going to be sick, "Shit, who is going to kill us first… Kevin or Johnny?"

"Definitely Kevin. Angel, you don't believe me when I tell you. There are people watching us when we least expect it. They blend in with the crowds; you'll never figure out who's a reporter. The paparazzi are easy to notice because they have a big fucking camera blocking their faces."

"Fucking great." Angelina mumbled as she picked up her coldest bottle of beer and chugged it down in one gulp.

"Easy there babe. You'll be sick if you start guzzling."

"Don't tell me what to do." Angel barked.

Nick shook his head and turned towards Marybeth. "She's not happy with me."

Marybeth nodded her head in agreement, "I can see that. How was the premiere?"

Angelina got up and slightly stumbled. Nick reached out to help her get steady, "Thanks. I'm gonna pee."

Nick picked up his beer and smirked, "It was an awesome flick. Ashton and Demi were there, I thought Angel was going to have a cow after meeting them."

Kevin asked Marybeth to find out what happened between Nick and Angelina so he could begin damage control if need be. Kevin was familiar with Nick's shortcomings when it came to relationships and he saw Nick falling back into his bad habits, making poor choices, and the lack of communication with his family situation.

Marybeth continued, "No Nick. I'm interested in how you and Angel behaved at the premiere. Did you fight there?

"HELL no. I may make stupid decisions but I think I'm smart enough to know a movie premiere would not be the best place to have a fight with my girlfriend."

"Just making sure Nick. Kevin wanted me to find out what happened so he can call Johnny back."

Nick gave her a disgusted look.

"Hey, don't shoot the messenger. I was all set to go to bed."

"I'm sorry Marybeth. You don't need to babysit us. I'll get us to bed safely and quietly." Nick said with a wink.

"Good deal. Tell Angelina I said goodnight."

"I will. I wonder what's taking her so long." Nick said with concern as he eyed the Ladies' bathroom door.

He decided he'd check on her himself. Knocking lightly on the door, he slowly pushed it open to reveal an empty foyer. "This is unusual. There's always a line for the women's bathroom." Starring at the clock on the wall, which now read 3AM, Nick muttered, "No wonder there is no one here."

"C'mon Angel, time to go," Nick slurred.

A tiny voice came from behind one of the stalls, "Nick? What the hell are you doing in here?"

"Making sure you don't fall asleep on the can. Let's go to our room baby. I'm tired."

Angel flushed the toilet and came out of the stall while pulling up her pants and trying to button and zip them. She washed her hands, turned to Nick and said, "Okay. Let's go."





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