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Chapter 48

"What the hell is the matter with him?" Sheridan hissed towards Angel and Marybeth in a crowded bathroom. After storming out of the elevator, Sheridan made a beeline to the nearest place she could get away from Kevin without him following her.

"You seem a little tense Sheridan. What's been going on this week with you two? Are you alright?" Angel asked concerned, since she hadn't seen her friend in a couple of days.

"Not like you'd know. You haven't been around." Sheridan snapped. "And your flirting with Kevin is inappropriate too!" Standing now with her arms folded in front of her, a pout formed on Sheridan's lips as she told Angel she wasn't happy with the way she was behaving.

Shock and hurt registered on Angel's face.

Marybeth needed to intervene before another incident at Sundance was caught on film by the paparazzi. "Sheridan, you know Angel has been busy maintaining appearances these past few days, just like you have been busy with meetings and networking."

Admitting defeat, Sheridan's shoulders slouched forward and her head hung low. "I know. But her job seems like it's been more fun than mine and not as stressful."

Still feeling the sting from her words, Angel retaliated, "I've been doing exactly what I was supposed to. You're the one who took the job working for Kevin as his assistant so deal with it. I'm sick and tired of hearing you complain." With that statement, Angel thundered out of the restroom to catch up with the guys.

Sheridan turned towards Marybeth who now had put her arm around her shoulders and was providing Sheridan with some comfort. "She's just cranky. She's had too much alcohol these past few days and not enough sleep."

Sighing, Sheridan whispered, "That may be true Marybeth, but Angel's right. I have been complaining about one thing or another when it comes to dealing with my relationship with Kevin. He confuses me and I don't know how to respond." Feeling tears building up, Sheridan's mind began to swirl, "I should look into therapy when we get back to LA. Lord knows, it couldn't hurt with everything I've been through this past year."

Marybeth gave her a reassuring hug. "Come on, let's go get something to eat and forget about him."

"Yeah," shrugged out of the hug. Sheridan quickly wiped her eyes and blinked back the remaining tears.

Angel tried to shake off the feeling of anger running through her. She mentally began thinking about what day of the month it was, which helped explain to herself why she was so impatient with her friend. It also explained Sheridan's cranky mood as well.

Nick saw his girlfriend's face and wondered what happened. He met her halfway and pulled her aside.

"It's nothing. I'm just tired and don't want to deal with Sheridan's whining." Angel didn't feel like talking about what happened in the bathroom so she changed the subject, "Is Kevin really drinking alcohol out of that thing?"

"Yes. Something's got into him. He's not been acting like himself."

Angel mumbled, "I wonder what his plan is." She tried in vain to figure out what Kevin's plan would be.

"I haven't got the faintest idea," Nick replied. When he felt eyes on him, he turned towards Angel who was raising her eyebrow at him. "I swear Angel, this time, I don't have a clue."

Kevin ran into some friends, Shannon Elizabeth and Joe Reitman, when the elevator reached the lobby. He stopped to chit-chat with them but had lost his group of friends until he spotted Nick and Angel talking in the hallway. "There y'are little man. Where you been?"

As Kevin approached them, Angel whispered to Nick, "Do you know how much alcohol he's consumed?"

"Nope," Nick replied, "But I'm sure we'll find out as the night goes on and he drinks more." Nick hadn't seen Kevin bombed in quite some time. It could very interesting and useful for the future.

'Oh goodie… One more thing for Sheridan to complain about. Lucky me,' Angel mentally said to herself.

Nick noticed the sad expression on his girlfriend's face. He would ask her about it as soon as Kevin disappeared.

"Time to go to work kids," was all that Kevin said as he walked between the couple and grabbed each of them by the arm and walked. "Nick, how did the taping with Access Hollywood go this morning?"

Nick began chewing the inside of his cheek, "As good as can be expected I guess."

Kevin was going to drill him. It would be a perverse diversion instead of wondering where the hell Sheridan and Marybeth went off to. "What did they ask you? What did you say?"

Nick wasn't in the best of moods, and he felt being grilled by Kevin was unnecessary. "Can't you just wait to see it like everyone else?"

Surprise registered on Kevin's face. "I was just wondering how you were doing Nick. I don't care what you answered."

Nick's head cocked to the side and glared at Kevin, "Well then, why don't you ask that instead of wanting a full transcript?"

'When the hell did this kid grow up?' Kevin thought. 'He never used to do that shit to me.' "Hey look Nick, I'm sorry man. I didn't mean to go parental on you." Kevin pulled Nick towards his body and kissed the top of his head. "Sorry dude. It won't happen again."

Peering out the bathroom door, Sheridan did a quick glance to the right, then to left before proceeding out with caution. She saw the trio walking down the hallway towards the party. Kevin's arm draped over Nick's shoulder. Marybeth and Sheridan made their way out of the bathroom and headed towards the food.

Meanwhile, the couple needed a few minutes to refocus their energy. Nick sensed something was off with Angel and needed to make sure she was alright. The last thing he needed was her taking off and leaving him behind. Telling Kevin they would be back in half an hour, Nick and Angel avoided the camera flashes while trying to regroup themselves.

"How can you be 'on' all the time Nick? This is so much harder than I thought it would be." Angel cried as she felt tears building. The cameras had finally stopped following them.

"C'mere baby. I'm sorry if this is getting to be too much."

The couple had attended more than thirteen events since they arrived with not much time for privacy.

Pouting, Angel replied, "You didn't even tell me about Access Hollywood!"

Feeling a knot brewing in the pit of his stomach, Nick answered cautiously. "Well, they asked about my family - mostly my brother and mother. Then they asked about me and the boys. We wrapped the interview up with discussing my personal life with the woman who I seemed to be photographed an awful lot with." Nick gave her a cheesy grin hoping to soften the reality of what his words really meant.

Her eyes grew with each passing second waiting for Nick to elaborate. "And?"

"So now the speculation is over with. I told them that you and I are a serious couple and that's all they will know. Oh, I did clarify that we were not living together." Nick was proud he remembered to mention that. He didn't want to find Bridie and Shamus Lydon banging on his front door any time soon.

Angel's mouth hung open for quite some time as she digested what Nick just confessed. "You told them? Oh my God, you told them you were in a serious relationship? Johnny's going to have a fit when he hears this." Angel started pacing in the carpeted room the couple locked themselves in.

"Angel, Johnny's the one who helped advise me what to say and what not to say. He's fine with it. He thinks that it will help keep the media off any track they hear about the movie. Now the focus will be on my family issues, which I hate but what can I do, you and me, and finally me recording with the boys again."

Giving Nick an apologetic smile, Angel hugged him tightly. They held each other for a few minutes in silence. "This is nice," Angel said softly.

Nick nodded his head in agreement. His mind was brewing up all different types of scenarios that could happen after this show airs. He was holding on for dear-life so Angelina wouldn't sprint out the front door and out of his life. Nick had no idea how much interest one person would have once they viewed Access Hollywood.

"Tomorrow, I promise will be a relaxing day lounging around your apartment doing laundry, okay?" Nick still needed to finish getting ready for Angel's birthday but he needed reassurance right now that she wasn't going to hide herself away like she did once before.

Angel had forgotten they would be leaving Utah the next day and was a bit apprehensive about going back to her apartment where Sheridan would be. She was mad at her and didn't want to face her anytime soon. It was bad enough they were all going out this evening and she had no choice.

Nick felt Angel tense up which only made his heart race even faster.

"Um… Nick. Would you mind if we did it at your place instead?" Angel was giving Nick her best puppy eye, pout face.

Relief washed over him like a tidal wave. Picking Angel up, he spun her around yelling, "YES!"

"Yes, you mind?" Angel questioned becoming dizzy as well as confused.

"I mean, NO!" he shouted, "I don't mind at all. We'll stay at my place. All day." Mentally Nick was still working out his birthday plans for Angel. She may want to do wash at his place but he would simply tell her they shut off his water for repairs and they would have to go to the apartment.

Angel had noticed Nick was acting particularly weirder than normal today. As she was about to question him, Kevin barged into the 'private' function room Nick and Angel disappeared into.

"There y'all are. What's been taking you guys so long? It's not like you haven't seen each other in years. C'mon…'s time to pah-rtay."

The trio entered Sean John's party and met up with Marybeth and Sheridan, who were seated in a booth already. Nick felt like celebrating as well and went straight to the bar getting drinks. Angel didn't want to go sit, so she joined Nick at the bar. There, they ran into Rob Thomas and his wife, Marisol.

"Please, come join us," Rob motioned to a table for four.

Kevin looked back over his shoulder to see that he misplaced Nick and Angel again. Turning back to his table, he muttered, "At least they're at the party now."

Marybeth and Sheridan stared at the foursome talking and laughing. Suddenly, as the party had a "quiet" moment, Sheridan caught the distinctive sound of Angel's snorting, but it sounded two-dimensional. Then a loud roar came from Nick and Rob as they realized their girls both snorted when laughing. This caught the attention of a photographer. Not giving a rat's ass, Angel smiled pretty for the camera, while canoodling with Nick.

Sheridan continued to watch in amazement.

Kevin was becoming more annoyed by each passing second. "Would you like me to take a picture Sheridan? It lasts longer - or so Angel told me." Kevin began laughing thinking back to that meeting. As he emptied his second drink, he steadied himself to get a third. Marybeth noticed Kevin's demeanor and offered to go to the bar to get him a refill.

"Or he could just wait for the waitress to come by this way?" Sheridan hissed.

Kevin gave her a lop-sided grin, "What's the matter Sheridan?"

"You are getting hammered, that is what is the matter with me. Angel and Nick have done nothing but appearances and now you're getting drunk too." Sheridan fired the words from her mouth. She was pissed, but what made her feel even worse was she knew that her anger towards Angel wasn't justified.

Kevin cocked his head towards Sheridan and his eyebrows rose. "Maybe Missy, once in awhile, I like to get drunk too. I don't know what is wrong with you but sheath the claws. I'm not in the mood." Kevin had let her know he wasn't happy with the way she was acting. He wasn't happy either. Stepping to the bar, his plan to spend time with Sheridan alone earlier this morning backfired on him. Tonight she was in a rotten mood and he was tense. "Make it a double," he nodded to the bartender as he turned around and looked back to where he had come from.

Sheridan sat digging her nails into the cushion of the booth. "I'm losing my mind. My roommate is mentally torturing me. She is having a hell of a lot more fun on this trip than I am. I'm being tortured by my boss…"

"You mean friend," Marybeth whispered as she tried to get Sheridan to calm down. It didn't work as Sheridan's lips formed a solid line. A waitress delivered a glass of wine for each of them. Marybeth leaned up to the server and whispered something.

Sheridan kept her mouth shut until the waitress left. "My friend, my boss, who knows maybe my lover… But damn it's too much pressure."

"What pressure?" Marybeth eyed Sheridan as her cell phone rang. She would have to call whoever it was back.

"All of this, I hate it. I'm trying to be perfect. I'm working for him," Sheridan growled.

"Stop trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect." Marybeth stole a glance towards the bar to see Kevin openly staring at them. "As far as Kevin goes, he told you what he wanted. It's your decision."

"It's not supposed to be my decision. He's the leading man," Sheridan let a breath out as her shoulders sank into the cushions causing Marybeth to dissolve into hysterical fits of laughter. "Stop laughing at me."

"I'm sorry he's not playing the bodice-ripper role that you have written so much about. Does it suck that he actually is giving you a choice?" Marybeth slapped the table with her hands in complete enjoyment of what she had just learned. Sheridan wanted Kevin to be the romantic strong-willed dominate male of her fantasies. Instead, he was just Kevin Richardson from Kentucky. "Look you couldn't handle a man like that. You had a glimpse of that when we were getting on the elevator. For crying out loud, you jumped two feet off the ground when he yelled."

Sheridan tossed her head back onto the booth with a thump. "I'm confused. I want him, I really want him. It has been so long since I have…"

"Since what?" Kevin slid next to her in the booth. He had grabbed the waitress's tray and told her to go get a few more. Sliding the tray on the table, he smiled. He dropped an arm around Sheridan. "Since what?" he repeated.

Sheridan's face turned red and she grabbed a shot. She politely replaced the shot glass on the tray after gulping the liquid. She coughed and sputtered, her eyes watered.

"You should've used the lime and salt," Kevin laughed as he dabbed the tears from her eyes with a napkin.

"I think my insides are on fire," Sheridan wheezed as he leaned in closer.

"Give it a minute. It'll go away," Marybeth giggled. 'Well not what is really causing the fire, but the tequila you just inhaled will' she laughed in her head.

Angel heard Marybeth laughing from across the room. She watched Sheridan pound down a shot and it shocked her. When she saw the server drop off an entire tray of shots to the threesome, she elbowed Nick and pointed.

Nick was the first one up as he quickly told Rob that he would be in contact with him over the soundtrack. Angel grabbed Nick's hand and they cut across the floor space as if rockets were up their asses.

"What are you doing guys?" Angel shoved Kevin further into the booth, which in turn shoved Kevin into Sheridan. Nick went to Marybeth's side.

"My three favorite girls. I'm a lucky man Carter."

"You're plastered Kevin," Nick laughed.

"Not yet, but I'm workin' on it." Kevin pushed a shot in front of everyone. Marybeth did hers, so did Angel, Nick, and Kevin. Sheridan grinned, "I did one, and all of you need to catch up."

Kevin's hand drifted to the back of the booth. His arm rested across the top around Sheridan's shoulder. "Do we have any secrets between each other?"

Angel shoved a shot glass in Kevin's hand. "Drink more, we'll find out."

"To you, sweet Angel," Kevin snickered and downed the shot. Reaching for his flask, he offered it to Sheridan. Her meek "I'll pass," landed on his heart and he took a long swig. Getting her drunk wasn't going to work if she didn't drink.

Angel snatched the flask from Kevin and took a swig. She coughed and looked at Nick. "Jack straight."

"Gimme dat back," Kevin retrieved his flask and secured it back in his pocket.

"Excuse me Nick," Marybeth indicated she wanted out of the booth as she began to slide towards the opening.

Angel fretted for two seconds and followed Marybeth.

Sheridan started to move but Kevin didn't budge. "You don't have to go; you just want to be with them. Sit this one out."

Nick snickered as Sheridan shifted uncomfortably in the seat. "I think she does have to go." Nick shook his shaggy blonde head.

"Sorry," Kevin mumbled and let her out. "Damn sweet ass," Kevin watched her walk towards the restroom.

"Your strategic planning for the evening has failed Commander. You will not get first-mate Sheridan drunk, as per Officer Angelina," Nick snorted.

"First mate or is it first mating," Kevin hee-hawed a little too loud. The cameras turned towards Kevin and Nick. They sat, caught with a table full of shots and just the two of them sitting in the booth. "Fuck," Kevin groaned.

"When they come back, let's head over to Arquette's party. I hear it's slammin'" Nick leaned in but not too close. From past experience, that's how rumors started about him and Kevin having a sexual relationship. Every time he heard the rumors it ooged him out, Kevin would just go postal about the shit.

"What and waste these shots?" Kevin balked and did two more.

"Great," Nick groaned quietly. Nick began to slowly push the tray as far away from Kevin as he could. He was hoping that the tray would fall off the table, anything. Rob stopped at the table to say good-bye with Marisol and Kevin offered a toast to the soundtrack. Nick refused saying he had enough, the shots would be gone after this toast.

Sheridan dabbed at her eyes with a tissue. "Angel, I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you anymore. I'm frustrated and stressed and I was blaming you for it."

Angel crossed her arms, not sure if she was ready to accept the apology or not. They fought like classic sisters most days.

"Did you know that Kevin barged in on Sheridan this morning? She wasn't even dressed yet!"

"Oh really?" Angel's jaw clamped shut and she began to purse her lips.

Sheridan tossed the tissue in the garbage can. "I was so embarrassed; he had to change clothes before he left."

"Oh really?" Angel's voice repeated but rose two octaves.

"I spilled coffee all over his shirt. He came flying through the door and I lost the grip on my coffee cup because he startled me. The coffee landed all over the front of his shirt. I tried to help him clean-up but it just made matters worse." Sheridan's voice became shrill as her nerves escalated trying to explain what had happened. She launched into how she had agitated Kevin as she tried to wipe off the coffee.

Angel turned to Marybeth and grinned, "What's with the tray of shots?" Sidetracking Sheridan would be a good thing right now.

"I have no idea," Marybeth grinned back. Both of them thinking the same thing, Kevin was trying to get Sheridan drunk or at least to loosen her up to his advances.

The two of them stood smirking at each other as they stood in the powder room.
"That tequila nearly killed me; this is why I only drink wine." Sheridan being obtuse over what Marybeth and Angel were implying.

Marybeth's cell rang again and this time she answered it. "Hi A.J." she leaned on the wall. "No we're in the ladies room talking." Marybeth's laughter was followed by a series of 'yes, no, and uh-huh's'. Flipping the phone closed after a five-minute conversation, she watched the roommates hug. "All is forgiven?" she questioned them.

"Yes, I'm stressed out over having to give my boss his answer," Sheridan's lips twisted as her nose scrunched up. "I was taking it out on her."

"She just needs to get laid," Angel snorted.

Pounding on the bathroom door caused all of them to jump. "Come on, what are you ladies doin' in there?" The words may have been slurred, but there was no doubt who was on the other side of the door and it wasn't Nick.

The three women exited the restroom and stood in front of him like soldiers. Nick's shoulders started to shake as he looked at Angel. She truly was stunned that Kevin banged on the door. "Good job Commander. You have achieved your mission of rescuing the fine ladies from the john."

Kevin handed coats to Sheridan and Marybeth and began to walk away.

"Are we leaving?" Sheridan slid her coat on.

"So says the Commander," Nick leaned down to Angel. "We have to watch him. He's really drunk. If someone pisses him off, there could be a fight."

Angel rolled her eyes; Nick could be a drama queen some days.

Walking down the street to the Play Station 2 Lodge, the group entered to a flurry of flash bulbs. Kevin grabbed Sheridan's hand and reined her to his side. "Smile pretty," he winked at her as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

Angel was cheering in her head, finally something to take the heat off her and Nick. Then Kevin did the same to Marybeth. Angel had to check herself from doing a happy dance.

David Arquette was hosting a karaoke party that was in full swing inside the lodge. After finding a table, the five of them sat and watched as they drank more than a few drinks. Marybeth's phone vibrated obsessively on the table. To Marybeth's horror, Kevin grabbed the phone and answered. "Listen Bone, leave the woman alone. We're trying to get drunk here." Only about every other word was intelligible coming out of Kevin's mouth. Kevin slapped the phone shut and looked at Marybeth. "Hesss gone now."

When the phone rang again, she grabbed it and walked away. "We're watching him. Yes A.J. I know it is not like him. Yes, something is bothering him. I think it's the tiny blonde sitting next to him. No, nothing has happened yet with the two of them. We'll make sure he's okay. Love you too." Marybeth closed the phone and then stared at it for the longest time. A.J. had said, "I love you," to her and she had returned it. Distinct voices pulled her eyes from the phone to the stage. Then she started to laugh as she made her way back to Kevin and Sheridan who sat at the table.

Angel and Nick were on stage hamming it up of for the crowd. When they started to sing Purple Rain, she snickered. They looked cute together and seemed to be having a genuine good time. The press was at a minimum with only hired photographers in the lodge. They laughed and played on stage with each other and the crowd.

Kevin coaxed Nick to do another song and he refused. Sheridan's laugh echoed through the room when Angel began to sing "Hello" by Lionel Ritchie. "I wish I had this on tape."

Nick and Angel rejoined the table with a thunderous applause.

"Good job, my turn." Kevin stood up, more like a wobble.

Nick steadied him, "You don't want to sing." Nick was trying to get Kevin not to do something that he would regret later. After two songs, Kevin took the stage.

"Dawg, you're wasted. Don't do this." Nick's hand was shoved away by Kevin.

Angel snorted while Marybeth sat with her mouth hanging open. Nick wanted to crawl under the table and hide. He knew this wouldn't be good, but didn't realize to what extent it would make his ears bleed. Sheridan sat with her head slightly tilted to the side. She was listening even if Kevin was making it difficult not to laugh.

"Man of Constant Sorrow wasn't meant for this crowd," Angel winced in between trying to hide her laughter. She put her hand on Nick's back and rubbed his shoulder's back and forth trying to comfort him.

"Wait until they catch wind of the original artist. Saggy Bottom Boys," Marybeth giggled. She called A.J. just so he could listen in.

"He sounds like a blood hound in heat," A.J. cackled on the telephone after listening for a minute.

"Aw Christ," Nick groaned loudly. "He is so wasted. We have to get him out of here."

Sheridan tried not to laugh, but in the end she had begun to giggle along. Kevin was so drunk that every time he leaned over the audience they would put their hands up in case he pitched off the stage into the crowd. The audience applauded sparingly and Kevin took his seat obviously to the cool review.

"I think we should go," Sheridan stood up.

"Not yet," Kevin fired down two more shots before he stood up.

"Man," Nick shook his head.

Angel and Marybeth stood up and put their coats on. The only way that Kevin would leave was if all of them left at the same time.

Exiting the door Kevin swung an arm over Nick's shoulder. "Ya know… I'm a lit-tle drunk."

"Ya think?" Nick laughed as Kevin's weight shifted onto him. The gay voice that Kevin did drove Nick nuts. Now the real task began, getting Kevin back to the hotel without anyone catching him on film. He wouldn't leave Kevin vulnerable in a situation like this. Kevin had covered for him too many times in the past. Grabbing a cab, he poured his older brother into the vehicle. The ladies followed in another cab. It would be impossible for all of them to fit into one car with Kevin's body sprawled out in the backseat.

Sheridan and Marybeth entered the hotel first making sure that no press was around. Sheridan ran out to the cab as Angel and Marybeth held the elevator. "Come on," Sheridan grabbed the door handle on the cab and pulled the door open. She helped Nick with a very drunk Kevin.

Nick grunted, "The last two shots kicked in," as they exited the elevator to their floor.

"Zat right," Kevin floundered in the hallway like a fish out of water. His arms wind-milled as he tried to stay upright. Finally, he gave up and let his body sag when they opened his hotel room.

"Shit not yet." Sweat ran down the side of Nick's face as he tried to stop Kevin from falling on top of Sheridan.

"Datz good," as Kevin pitched towards the bed dragging Sheridan.

"Aaack," Sheridan tried to pull back only to have Kevin pull harder.

Nick was pulled up on his toes to stop Kevin's weight.

Angel had to cover her mouth to stop herself from screaming with laughter. Sheridan was being whipped around like a rag doll. "Kevin stand still!"

"'Kay," he dropped his eyes to the floor.

Nick let out a sigh of relief, "From now on, she is always going with us. Come on Commander Kevin, time for bed."

"Bed good," Kevin slurred. Turning his head he tried to focus on Sheridan. He tried to smile but it looked more like a drool. "Bed She- She - Sher you."

Nick closed his eyes and wished he could punch Kevin in the face with no repercussions. "Shut up!" Nick gave Kevin a push.

With a poof, Kevin landed on the bed. "Bed good."

"A man of few words," Angel stepped towards the bed.

"I'm outta here," Nick walked out the door leaving Kevin.

Angel and Marybeth exchanged evil grins as Sheridan leaned down to tug off Kevin's boots with no success. She straddled Kevin's leg and began to pull on the boot.

Marybeth and Angel snickered even more.

Turning her body around, Sheridan now faced the door while straddling Kevin's leg.

"We can't leave him like this," Sheridan grumbled as she tried in vain to remove the boot. They continued to harass her, "Will you help me please?"

Kevin's other leg moved swiftly, his foot landed on Sheridan's ass, and he shoved. "Howze Zat?" Kevin laughed.

Sheridan yelled as the boot and her body flew across the room. Landing with a thump, she sat dazed for a minute. "You jerk!"

Nick heard the thud and the yell and jogged back in the room. Marybeth and Angel were struggling to stand up while laughing uncontrollably. Nick then noticed Sheridan struggling to get up off the floor. Reaching down, he helped her up. "What the hell happen?"

Marybeth elbowed Angelina as they watched Sheridan turn in a circle trying to see her own backside and wipe Kevin's boot print off her butt.

Sheridan whirled around and flung the boot to the floor. Storming to the bed, she glared at Kevin. "I should leave you like this!"

Kevin couldn't talk as he tried to stand up. Damn, Sheridan was pissed. He wobbled in every direction. "Out!" He unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his fly. Hooking his thumbs in his boxers he looked down and realized his other boot was still on. "Fuck!" Kevin growled and tried to bend down to his foot. His entire body swung left and he slammed into the nightstand. Ricocheting off the nightstand, he slammed into the floor.

Angelina couldn't hold back, she yanked out her cell and pointed at Kevin as he lay on the floor moaning. His pants around his knees and one boot off; this picture would be priceless. All the shit he had flung at her when they first started, this would even the score. Focusing she blinked when she saw only darkness through the lens.

"Put it away," Nick closed it for her and took it away. He jammed the phone in his coat pocket for safekeeping.

"Nick!" Angel fought to get the phone back. He blocked her every attempt to regain possession.

"No, Ya ain't doin' that to him." With his hand over his pocket to keep the phone, he stood over Kevin.

By now, Sheridan was kneeling next to Kevin on the other side.

Picking his head up slightly, Kevin rolled his head and it ended up in her lap.

"Are you okay?" Sheridan cooed as her fingers fluttered over his face.

Kevin looked at the porcelain face, with beautiful green eyes. Her upturned nose wrinkled at him. "Uh-huh" he mumbled as he tried to raise his hand to touch her.

Nick glared at him; Kevin was wearing a goofy grin. "Are you okay man?" Nick grabbed Kevin by the waist and hoisted him up on the bed. By the face Kevin was wearing he was about to make a move on Sheridan that would end up embarrassing both of them. He debated if he should let him make an idiot of himself or not. Looking at Sheridan he figured he couldn't do that to her or Kevin. "You need to leave now ladies." Nick commanded.

Sheridan stood but she wasn't sure what to do, she froze. For one split second, she felt a connection with Kevin. It wasn't a connection of boss and employee nor was it friends. It was a connection on an emotional level, one of lovers. Her heart thumped in her chest as she slowly backed out of the room. She dashed down to her room and slammed the suite door.

"Oh brother," Marybeth moaned as she left to check on Sheridan yelling down the corridor, "I'm tired of playing den mother to you people. I have a life." When her phone rang, she grinned. "Hello A.J. I need a life."

"I want my phone back." Angelina crossed her arms as she stared at Nick. She wasn't moving.

"You betta watch out, she wants me Nicky," Kevin laughed.

"That's it," Angel huffed out the door. There were certain things that even photos weren't worth. "I'll check on Louise and our Den Mother. You deal with him."





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